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Full text of "Catalogue of British & American book-plates (ex libris) collected by the late Sir Augustus Wollaston Franks.."

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1 f64 

Catalogue of Exi 
keh an<i American 
DO k-platee. . . 




Ig^ 3j£uLA^*^'lKJL4.'<.f>M. « OUx^OiX' \ I iQ 


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Bttttsb anb Emetican 




Sir AugustusWollaston Franks, k.c.b., etc. 

^ ^ ^ 








nr*H£ immense collection of British and American Book-plates (£x-Libris) 
formed during tiie last twenty years of his life by that famous antiquary, 
Sir Augustus Wollaston Franks, K.C.B., F.R.S., P.S.A., Litt.D., the late 
Keeper of British and Mediaeval Antiquities in the British Museum, had its 
origin in his friendship with the Hon. John Leicester Warren (afterwards Lord 
De Tabley), whose well-known <' Gruide to the Study of Book-plates " is said 
to have first inspired Sir Wollaston with the zeal and enthusiasm which he 
afterwards threw into the pursuit and study of £x-Libris. He soon outstripped 
all his contemporaries both in the extent and importance of his acquisitions, 
chief among which may be reckoned several private collections (including that 
of Lord De Tabley himself), which he secured en bloc. He thus obtained 
many duplicate examples of even veiy rare plates, so that apart from the 
magnificent collection of upwards of 34,000 different plates which is now, 
in accordance with the terms of his will, preserved in the British Museum 
(Dept. of Prints and Drawings), there remains a vast surplus of valuable 
plates not required for the National Library. This duplicate collection, 
perhaps second in extent and importance only to its original, has been pur- 
chased by us direct from the residuary legatee, and is now catalogued and 
offered for sale at the prices affixed. The arrangement follows the lines of the 
monumental << Catalogue of the Franks Collection in the B.M.,*' prepared by 
Mr. £. R. J. Grambier Howe, F.S.A., which has been recently published by 
the Trustees, in three volumes, royal 8vo, and the classification of *' styles 
adopted in that work has also been generally followed. A few notes and 
references to reproductions of plates in well-known works have been 
occasionally added. A large number of comparatively less important plates 
(chiefly plain armorials of the i8th and 19th centuries), remain uncatalogued, 
but enquiries for any particular examples that may be desired will be carefully 
looked up and the plates can very probably be supplied. It should be added 
that most of the plates bear on the back the stamps *< B ^ M '* and ** Dupl.'* 



* * % 



(^Franks Collection)^ 

29, New Bond Street, London, W. 

TeUgraphie Address :'^'' ELLS C RUT, LONDON:' 

1 ABBOT (Wm.). FeUow of St. John's CoU. Camb. [Probably by 

William Stephens of Cambridge.'] Chippendale ArmoriaL 35. 6d. 

2 [ABBOTT. Baron Tenterden.] Armorial, is. 6d, 

3 ABBOTT (John). Gullan sculp. London. Armorial, is. 6d, 

4 ABBOTT (Thomas). Armorial, is. 6d. 

5 ABDY (Sir Anthony Thomas), Bart. Chippendale ArmoriaL 

3s. 6d. 

6 ABDY (Sir Robert), Bart, of Albjois in Essex. Jacobean ArmoriaL 

Damaged, 4s. 6d. 

7 ABDY (Stotherd), M.A., CoopersaiL Chippendale ArmoriaL 3s. 6d 

8 ABDY (T. N.). Wreath and ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

9 ABDY (Sir Wm.), Bart., Chobham Place. Festoon ArmoriaL 25. 

10 ABERCROMBY OF TULLIBODY. Early ArmoriaL 5s. 6d. 

11 ABERCROMBY (The Honble. Alexander), one of the Lords of 

Council and Session and Lord Commissioner of Justiciary. 1792. 
Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 6d. 

12 ABERCROMBY (James), Esqr. Jacobean ArmoriaL 2s. 6d. 

13 ABERCROMBY (Sir Robert), K.B. (Fought in America during 

War of Independence.) • ArmoriaL 35. 6d. 

ABERGAVENNY (Lord), see Nevill. 

14 [ABLETT.] AusUn. Armorial PictoriaL 3s. 

Austin, the engraver, was one of Bewick's pupils. 

15 [ACHERLEY (John Hawksey).] ArmoriaL 2s. 6d 

16 [ACHESON], The Right Honourable Lord Gosford of Gosford 

Castle in the County of Armagh and Kingdom of Ireland. ArmoriaL 
3s. 6d. 

17 ACHESON (The Right Honble. Sir Archibald), Bart, of Market 

Hill, County of Armagh and Kingdom oi Ireland. Chippendale 
Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

iS ACKLOM (George). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 6d. 

19 ACLAND. ArmoriaL is. 6d. 

2 ElliSy 29 New Bond Street, W. 

20 ACLAND (ik[enrietta] A[nn]). Pictorial. 3s. 

21 ACTON (Oliver), Gent. Early Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

22 [ACTON, Co. Salop.] Jacobean Armorial. Fine large plate. 8s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Litfris Jl., v. 7, p. 60. 

23 [ACTON.] Jacobean Armorial. 25. 6d, 

24 [ADAIR (Diana), wife of Charles Clavering]. Cypher. 2s. 6d, 

25 ADAIR (Wm. Robt.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. - - 

26 TAD AM (Sir Frederick), Fought at Waterloo.] Armorial within a 

frame, is. 6d, 

27 ADAMS (Henry). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

28 APAMS (Richard Newton), D.D. Armorial, is. 6rf. 

29 ADAMS (Shute). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

30 ADAMS (Thomas). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

31 ADDAMS (Thomas). E. Libris Thomae Addams, M.D., Coll. Med., 

Lond. Soc. Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 

32 ADLERCRON (John). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 

33 AFFLECK (James). Engraved label. 2s. 6d. 

34 AGNEW (Mr.), of Dalreagle. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

35 AGNEW (James), Esq. Chippendale Armorial. [Attributed to 

Maverick.] ? A modem re-tmpression, $s. 
See AUeHf American Bookplates, No. 9. 

36 AHMUTY (Thomas). Festoon Armorial. 24. 

37 AIDE (Hamilton). By Harry Soane. Armorial, is. 6d. 

Reproduced 'in Castle, p. x8x. 

38 AINSWORTH (W. Harrison). Armorial, js. 6d. 

39 AITKENS (Charles H.), Coll. Trin., Oxon. Armorial spade shield, 


40 [AITKIN.] Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

41 AKERMAN (John Yonge), F.S.A., Peckham. Crest. 2s. 

42 Another state. " Peckham " omitted. 2s. 

43 ALCHORNE (Stanesby) Tower of London. Wreath and ribbon 

Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

ALBEMARLE (Countess of), see Keppel. 

44 ALCOCK (Rev. John). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 
ALDBOROUGH (Earl of), see Stratford. 

45 ALDERSEY (William), Esq. Wreath and ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

46 ALDERSON (Joseph), A.M. e Coll. iEni, Nasi. Qxonae. Crest 

within a wreath. 3s. 

47 ALDIS (Sir Charles), Surgeon and Antiquary. Armorial, is. 

48 ALDIS (C. J. B.), M.D. Cantab. Armorial, is. 6d. 

49 ALDRIDGE (John). Crest. 2s. 

50 ALDRIDGE (Richard). Wreath and ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

51 ALD WORTH (John), of Standlake. in the County of Berks, Esq. 

Early Armorial. 6s. 6d. 

52 ALEXANDER (William). Chippendale Armorial, ss. 6d. 

53 ALEXANDER (William), Girtin sc. Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 6d. 

Bookplates {Franks Collection). 3 

54 ALEXANDER (Wm.). M.D. Festoon Armorial. 35. 6d. 

55 [ALLAN.] Chippendale Pictorial Armorial, with musical acces- 
sories. 45. 6a. 

56 ALLAN (George), Darlington. /. Bailey ft. 1780. Pictorial 

Armorial. 5 s. 

Reproduoed in Ex LSMs Jl.^ vol. x., p. 36. 

57 Another state, with outer frame added. 5s. 

58 ALLARDES (James). Armorial Spade Shield. 25. 

59 ALLEN (Charles). Festoon Armorial, ^s, 

60 ALLEN (Rev. John). This Book was given by the Reverend John 
Allen, Rector of Eastwick, to his Successors in that Rectory^ 
1765. 4s. 

61 ALLEN (Josiah), Birmingham. Pictorial Crest. Damaged. 25. 6d. 

62 ALLEN (T.), F.S.A. Armorial. 15. 

63 ALLEN (William), Esq. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 

64 ALLHUSEN (Christian). Armorial, is. 6d. 

65 ALLNUTT (John), Clapham Common. Crest. Very pretty. 35. 

66 ALLNUTT (Thomas). Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

67 ALSTON (Rev. E. E.). SmelHe. Armorial, is. 

The only plate known by this engraver. 

ALTYR (Laird of), see Cumming. 

68 AMBLER (Charles), Esq., Lincoln's Inn. Chippendale Armorial. 
3s. 6d. 

69 AMCOTTS (Vincent), of Harrington in Com. Lincolne, Esq. Early 
Armorial. 7s. 

70 AMES, of Norfolke. Jacobean Pictorial Armorial. 85. 6d, 

71 AMES [Levi]. Johnson sc. Armorial. 25. 

72 AMHURST (W. G. T. Tyssen). Armorial. 2s. 

73 AMIEL (W. Eardley), Esq., R.N. Armorial. 25. 

74 AMYOT (Thomas), [Shakespearian scholar]. Armorial. 2s. 

75 ANBUREY (Thomas). Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. 5s. 6d. 
4 ANCRAM (Earl of), see Kerr. 

76 ANDERSON. 18—. Pictorial, ss. 6d. 

77 ANDERSON (A. T.). Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

78 ANDERSON (James), Esq. Armorial. 2s. 

79 ANDERSON (Jas. C). [Woodcut attributed to Thomas Bewich.J 

Landscape. 45. 6d. 

80 ANDERSON (John). Landscape Pictorial. 6s. 

81 ANDERSON (Jno., Jun.). [Woodcut by Bewick.] Pictorial. 6s. 

ReproduoDd in CtuUe, p. 147. 

82 ANDERSON (Mr. Patrick). Jacobean Armorial. 7s. 6d. 

83 ANDERSON (Thos.). Armorial. 15. 6d. 

84 ANDREWS (Robert), of the Inner Temple Gent. Jacobean 

Armorial. $s.6d. 

85 ANDREWS (Townsend), LL.B. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

86 ANDREWS (Wm.). Wreath and ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

87 A different plate, 25. 

88 ANGUISH. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 
ANKERVILLE (Lord), see Ross. 

89 [ANNESLEY.] Viscount Valentia. Armorial with supporters 

25. 6d. 

go [ANNESLEY, Viscount Valentia.] Crest and Coronet. $$, 

91 ANNESLEY (The Honble. George). Armorial Spade, with sup- 

porters. 3s. 6d. 

92 ANNINGSON (Bushell). Chippendale Armorial Trophy. 55. 

Watermark oa paper, 1838. 

93 ANSELL [(Jno.), Brentfd.]. Early Jacobean Armorial. 5s, 

94 ANSELL (Thomas). Armorial, is, 6d, 

95 ANSON (Thomas), Esq., Shugborough. Yates sculp. Pictorial 

Armorial. 55. 

Copied firom Sir Foster Cunliffe's plate. 

96 The same. Printed in red. 6s. 

97 The same. Outer border added. 5 s. 

98 ANSON (Thomas), Esq. Shugborough. Crest. $s. 6d. 

99 [ANSON (A. M.).] Pictorial Cypher. 4s. 

00 ANSTEY (Chr.), S.T.P. Early Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

01 ANSTEY (Rev. Chr.), A.M. Armorial. 25. 

02 ANSTEY (Chr.), Esq. [Author of the " New Bath Guide."] 
Festoon Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

03 ANSTEY (John), Esq. Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d. 

04 ANSTRUTHER (Sr. John) of that ilk Baronet. Early Armorial. 
25. 6d. 

05 ANSTRUTHER OF ANSTRUTHER (Sr. John). Bart. Jacobean 
Armorial. 4s. 6^. 

06 ANSTRUTHER (Sir John Carmichael), Baronet. Engd. by W. <S- 
D. Lizars, Edinbh. Armorial, ss. 

ANTRIM (Earl of), see MacDonnell. 

07 ANTROBUS (Sir Edmund). Armorial. 2s. 

08 APPLETON (John Reed). Armorial, is. 

09 F.S.A. Armorial, is. 

10 APPLEYARD (Robt.). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

11 APTHORP (East), A.M. Cambridge.. 1761. Chippendale Ar- 
morial. 1 25. 

See AlUn, Americmn Bookplates^ p. 165. 

12 APTHORP (Ste.), Coll. Regal. Cant. Soc. Jacobean Armorial. 
3s. 6i, 

13 ARABIN (John). Jacobean Armorial. 35. 6d. 

14 ARABIN (Richard). Armorial. 2s. 

15 ARBUTHNOT (Robert). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

16 ARBUTHNOT (William). W. 6- D. Lizars sculp. Armorial. 
IS. 6d. 

117' ARBUTHNOTT (Archibald ). Jacobean Mock Armorial. 6s. 

Bookplates (Franks Collection). 

1 8 ARCEDECKNE (Andrew), Glevering Hall. Armorial. 2s. 

19 ARCHBOLD (J.). Bewick. Landscape. 7s. 6d. 

20 ARCHDEACON (S.). W. S[tephens]. Chippendale Armorial. 
8s. 6d. 

See Allen, American Bookplates^ p. 165. 

21 ARDEN (John). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

22 ARDEN (John). Armorial, is. 

23 ARESKINE (Charles), of Alva, Esqr.. Ld. Justice Clerk. Jaco- 
bean Armorial. 6s. 

24 ARESKINE (Charles), of Alva, Esqr., Lord Justice Clerk. Chip- 
pendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., vol. xii., p. 145. 

25 ARIS (Simon), of the Inner Temple, Esqr., Jacobean Armorial. 

26 ARKWRIGHT (Richd.). Crest in a Garter. 5s. 
2y ARMITAGE. ArmoriaL 2s. 6d. 

28 ARMITAGE (Mr.). Pictorial. 6s. 

29 ARMITAGE (T.). Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 6d. 

30 ARMSTRONG (John Warneford). Chippendale Armorial Trophy. 
6s. 6d. 

31 ARMSTRONG (John Warneford). Trophy ArmoriaL 2s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 7, p. 96. 

32 ARMSTRONG (Thomas). Armorial Spade Shield on a Mantle. 
2s. 6d. 

33 ARNOLD (C. T.). Ex Libris Caroli Thomae Arnold. T. G. 
J[ackson], 1880. C. W. S[herborn]. Pictorial, with Crest. 
I2S. 6d. 

34 ARNOLD (Geo.), Esq., one of the Gentlemen of his Majesty's Most 

Honorable Privy Chamber. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 

2s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 9, p. xo8. 

35 Another plate. Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

36 ARNOLD (George), Esq. 1806. Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d. 

n ARNOLD (Matthew). Armorial. 8s. 6rf. 

1% ARNOLD (Thomas), M.D. Chippendale Armorial, ^s. 

39 ARTHINGTON (Thomas), Esq., Arthington, Yorkshire. Chip- 
pendale Armorial. 3s. 

40 ARUNDELL (Lord) of Wardour. Pr anker sculpt. Armorial, 
with supporters. 2s. 6d. 

41 [ASGILL.] Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

42 ASH (John), M.D. Armorial Spade Shield, in an oval frame. 
2s. 6d. 

ASHBROOK (Viscount), see Flower. 

ASHBURTON (Lady), see Dunning. 

143 ASHBY (George), of St. John's, Cambridge. Jacobean Armorial. 

4s. 6d. 

144 ASHBY (Shukbrugh). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

145 ASHBY (Thos.). Chippendale Armorial 3s. 6d. 

6 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

146 ASHE (Lieu. Col. Willm. Wellesley), Ashfield, Co. Meath. Armo- 

risil« 2s * 

147 [ASHHURST.] Armorial, with initials W. H. A. 2s. 

148 ASHPITEL (W. H.). Armorial, is, 6d. 

149 ASHWELL (Charles), of Grenada. Armorial Spade Shield. 5s. 

See AJlen, American BookplateSt No. 34. ^ 

150 ASSELIN (Jacob). Early Cypher Plate. 3s. 6d, 

•151 ASTELL (William Thornton). Festoon Armorial, as. 6d. 

152 ASTLEY (Hen. Nichs.)* Armorial Spade Shield. 25. 6d. 

153 ASTLEY (Jacob), Armiger of Melton Constable. Jacobean 

Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

154 ASTLEY (Richard). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

155 [ASTLEY.] Bath, June 3, 1747. Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

156 ASTON (Heny), Esq. Mordecai sculp. Pictorial ArmoriaL 

105. 6d. 

157 ASTON (The Honble. and Revd. William). Jacobean Armorial. 


158 ATCHERLEY (David Francis). Armorial. 2s. 

159 ATCHESON (Nat.). Armorial Spade Shield in a Garter. 25. 6d. 

160 ATHAWES (John). Armorial. 15. 

161 ATHERLEY (Arthur). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6i. 
ATHOLL (Duke of), see Murray. 

162 ATKINS (Robert). Armorial. 2s. 6i. 

163 ATKINSON (Buddie). [Woodcut by Thomas Bewick.] Pictorial. 

25. 6d. 

164 ATKINSON (H. W.). Mint. Armorial. 2s. 

165 ATKINSON [(James), Surgeon, York]. Festoon Crest. 2s. 6d. 

166 ATTWOOD (Thos.), M.D. Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

167 ATWOOD (Harry); Pictorial Chippendale Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

See AlUn, Ameriean PlaUtf p. 167. 

168 AXJBERT (Alexander). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

169 [AUBREY.] Broom Hall, Oswestry. Bowley, Salop. Armorial. 

1 70 AULD (William). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 

171 AUSTEN (Henry Edmund), ^halford, Surrey. Chippendale 

Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

172 AUSTEN (John), Esq. Chippendale Armorial. Name cut off. 2s. 

173 AUSTEN (Robert), Mid. Temple. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

174 AUSTEN (Robert). Pictorial Armorial. 25. 

175 AXTELL(Wm.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. Damaged. 2s.(yd. 
AYLESFORD (Earl of), see Finch. 

176 AYLMER (The Right Honble. Henry, Lord). Armorial. Damaged. 

3s. 6d. 

177 AYLMER (Honble. John). Chippendale Armorial. .'.25. 6d. 

178 AYLMER (Thos.), Middle Temple. Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., vol. xii, p. 144. 

179 AYLOFFE (Sr. Joseph), Bart. Jacobean Armorial $s. 

.'BookpkUes {Franks Collection). 7 

180 AYLOFFE (Sir Joseph). Bibliotheca Dom. Jos^i Ayloffe 

Baronet ti. Seal Armorial, is. 6di 

181 AYLORDE (Henry), F.S.A. [By W. BeU Scott.] Pictorial 

Armorial. 35. 6d, 

Reproduced in Castle, p. 203. 

182 AYLORDE (Henry), F.S.A. Vesica Armorial. 15. 6rf. 

183 [AYSCOUGH (Thos.)]. Festoon Cypher. 25. 6d. 

184 [AYTON (William).] Edwards inv. Hall sculp. Pictorial Armo- 

rial. Proof before inscription, with mare;in, A charming plate, 

l/. IS. 

A trimmed copy reproduced m Ex Libris J I., v. 13, p. 136. 

185 AYTON (Willm.). Pictorial Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

186 A (R. T.). Crest (a Squirrel) and Cypher. 2s. 6d. 

187 BABBAGE (Benjamin). Wreath and Ribbon, with Cjrpher. 4s. 6d, 

188 BACKHOUSE (John Church), Blackwell. Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

189 BACKHOUSE (W.), M.A. Chippendale Armorial. los. 6d. 

See AUen^ American Plates, p. 167. 

190 BACON (A.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

191 BACKHOUSE (Ja.). Chippendale Armorial. Damaged. 4s. 6i. 

192 BACON (John Thomas). Festoon Bookpile Armorial. Name cut 

off. ^s. 6d. 

193 BACON (Thomas). Armorial Shield in a beaded oval. 2s. 

194 BADHAM (Car.), M.A., e Coll. Pemb. Oxon. Armorial. 2s. 

A celebrated Ph3^ciaii, and Professor at Glasgow University. 

195 BAGGE (C. E.), M.D. Levi sculp. Chippendale Armorial. 

ys. 6d. 

196 BAGNALL (Rev. Gibbons). Festoon Armorial. $s. 6d. 

197 BAGNALL (John), of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and of ye Inner 

Temple, London. Jacobean Armorial, ys. 6d. 

198 BAGSHAW (Richard). Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 

199 BAGSHAWE (W. H. G.). Crest, is. 

200 BAIJER (John Otto), Esq. Chippendale with Crest. $s. 6d. 

201 BAILEY. Unus ex libris Gulielmi Bailey, Trin. Col. Dub. 1823 

2S. 6d. 

Reproduced in Castte, p. 153. 

202 BAILLIE (John). Early Jacobean Armorial los. 6d, 

203 BAILLIE (Peter). G. Johnson sc. Bristol. Armorial Shield in a 

Garter. 2s. 

204 BAILLIE (W. E.). S.M.B. [i8]93. Pictorial Library Interior 


205 BAILY (T. Farmer), Hall Place, Tunbridge. Crest, is. 

206 BAILYE (Revd. Hugh), A.M., Hanbury, Staffordshire. Pictorial. 

IDS. 6d. 

Reproduood in Ex Libris JL, vol. x., p. 137. 

207 BAINBRIDGE (G. C). Hewitt, Pictorial. 7s. 6d, 

Reproduced in Castle, p. 149. 

008 BAIRD (William), of Auchmedden, Esqr. Jacobean Armorial, 
los. 6d. 

.\.,. (I,i».i SIrea, W. 

?,■..'.. ^'ji.l.l ■,!" ii \Liutlc. 

Bookplates (Franks Collection), 9 

241 BANNER (Richard), Esq. Early Armorial. 45. 6d, 

242 Another plate. Early Armorial. 45. 6d. 

243 BANNER (Th. P.). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

244 BANNERMAN (Charles), Advt. Abdn. Armorial. Printed in 

blue. 2S, 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 13, p. 22. 

24s [BANNERMAN]. Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

246 BARATTY (John Pool). Armorial Spade Shield, on a mantle. 

2s, 6d: 

247 BARATTY (Maria). Armorial Lozenge. 3s. 

248 BARATTY (Simon). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

249 BARBER (J.). [By Bewick.] Pictorial, los. 

250 BARBER (T.) ^iX.ap\aLos Norfolciensis. Chippendale Armorial. 

3s. 6d. 

251 BARCHARD (Francis). Armorial. 25. 

252 BARCLAY (George). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. $s, 

253 BARD (William). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d, 
BARHAM (Lord), see Middleton. 

254 BARING (Francis Thornhill). Metcalf sc, Pall Mall. Armorial. 

IS. 6d. 

25s BARKER (F. H.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

256 BARKER (Henry), Esq. Jacobean Armorial. 45. 6d. 

257 BARKER (Sr. John), Bart. Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

258 BARKER (Peter). Armorial Spade Shield. $s. 

259 BARKER (R.), A.M., Queen's Coll., Cam. Chippendale Armorial. 


260 BARKLY (Justina D.). Armorial Lozenge. 45. 

261 BARLOW. Chippendale Armorial. Printed in blue. 55. 

262 BARLOW (Carolus), Coll. Eman. Jacobean Armorial. Fine. i6s. 

263 BARLOW (Charles), Esq., of Emanuel Colledge, Cambridge. 

^73-' Jacobean Armorial. 12s. 6d. 

264 A smaller plate. 105. 6d. 

The three plates above are leproduoed in Ex Libris Jl., v. 9, pp. X59-X6X. 

265 BARLOW (Sir George Hilaro). W. Alexander sc. Armorial with 

supporters. 2s. 

266 BARLOW (James). Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

267 BARLOW (John). Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

;268 BARLOW (T. & E.). Chippendale Armorial. 7s. 6d. 

269 BARNARDISTON (Sr. Samuel), of Kedington in ye County of 

Suffolk, Bart. 1728. Early Armorial. 105. 6d 

270 BARNES (George), B.D., Archdeacon of Bombay. Armorial 

25. 6d. 

271 BARNES (Robert Seaman). /. Porter sc. Armorial. 2s. 
'272 BARNES (William), Jacobean Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

273 BARNES (William EngUsh). Armorial Shield in a Garter. 25.64; 

274 BARNETT (Ben). Armorial. 25. 

to Ellis, 29 New Boni Street^ Wi 

27s BARNETT (Robert). HowitL Pictorial Armorial. 15s. 

276 [BARNWELL.] Festoon Armorial. 45. 

277 BARNWELL (Charles). Early Jacobean ArmoriaL js. 6d. 

278 The same plate, with the words " Esq., Mileham, Norfolk," 

added to inscription. 7s, 6d, 

27^ [BARNWELL (Charles).] Early Jacobean ArmoriaL 2s. 6d. 

280 BARNWELL (F. H.); M.A. Early Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

28 1 BARNWELL (Frederick Henry Tumor). A.M., F.S.A., F.R.S. 
Large Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

282 BARON (Oliver), Inner Temple. Chippendale Armorial. 6^?. 

283 BARR (Wm.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 

284 BARRAS (Henry). Armorial. 2s 

285 BARRE (The Rt. Honble. Isaac). Festoon Armorial. 25. 6i. 

286 BARRETT (J. B.). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

287 BARRETT (John). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

c 288 BARRETT (Thomas), of Lee, Esq. Jacobean Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

289 BARRINGTON (George). Armorial Spade Shield. 5s. 

290 BARRINGTON (Honble. Mrs. Russell). Armorial Lozenge. 35. 

291 BARRINGTON (The Honble. Shute), LL.D., Lord Bishop of 

Durham. Armorial. 35. 

292 BARROW (Sir Henry Page-Turner), Bart., British Legation, 

Brussels. Armorial. 35. 6d. 

293 BARROW (Francis). Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

294 BARROW (John). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

295 BARROW (Thos. Willm.). Armorial. 4s. 

296 BARROW (Rev. W.), LL.D., Academy, Soho Square. Thorn" 

thwaite sculp. 1789. Festoon Armorial. First State. 7s. 6d. 
Reproduced in Ex Ubris Jt,, vol. zii, p. 39. 

297 LL.D., S.A.S. 1789. Same plate with altered inscription, 6sm 

Reproduced in Castie, p. 105. 

298 BARROWBY (WilUam), M.D. Early Armorial. 6s. 

299 BARRY (H.). 17—. Pictorial. 7s. 6d. 

300 BARRY (James R.). Johnson sc, Bristol. Crest. 2s. 

301 BARTHOLOMEW (Leonard), of Oxen Hoath, in Kent. Jacobean 

Armorial. 75. 6d. 

302 BARTLETT (Thos.). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

303 BARTON (Henry). Chippendale Armorial, modem. 3s. 

304 BARTON (Richard). Arma Ricardi Barton. Seal Armorial. 25, 

305 BARTON (Thos.). Pictorial Crest. 5s. 

306 BARTON (William), London. Vesica. 15. 6d. 

307 BARTTELOT (Walr.), at Stopham. near Pett worth, Sussex. 

Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

L— — ■ 308 BARWELL (Richard), Esq., Stansted, Sussex. Festoon ArmoriaL 

35. 6d, 

•309 BARWELL (Thos. Smith). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 4s. 
K. -. 310 BARWICK |Wm.) Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 


Bookplates (Franks Collection). it 

311 BASIL (William), Esq. Jacobean Armorial. 35. 6d. 

512 BASKERFEILD (Thos.). F.A.S. Landscape Pictorial. 45. 6d, 

313 BASSET (Thomas). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 

314 BASTARD (John PoUexfen). Armorial. 2s. 

31 5 BATCHELLER (Paul). A.M. Early Armorial. $8. 

316 BATE (Thomas Richard). Armorial. 2s. 

317 BATEMAN. Chippendale Armorial. 2s, 6d, 

318 BATEMAN (James). Esq. Jacobean Armorial. $s, 6d. 

319 BATEMAN (John). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6i. 

320 BATEMAN (Wm.). F.A.S., of Middleton by Yolgrave, in the 

County of Derby. Bookpile Armorial. 45. 

321 [BATEMAN.] Pictorial Armorial. 35. 6d. 
BATH (Marquess of), see Thynne. 

322 BATH (Robert). Festoon Armorial. 25. 

323 BATHURST (The Right Honble. Charles), Lydney Park. Ar- 

morial. 15. 

324 BATTELL (William). Armorial. 25. 

325 BATTERSBY (A. G. Harford). Armorial. 2s, 6d, 

326 BATTINE (William). Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d 

327 BATTISHILL (Jonathan). [Musical Composer]. Mordecai sculp 

Armorial Spade Shield. 55. 

328 BATTYE (George). Armorial. Stamped in gold. 2s, 

329 BATY (Thomas Jack). Armorial, is. 6d. 

330 BAVERSTOCK (James Hinton). F.S.A. Armorial. 2s. 

331 BAX (John). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. $s. 

332 BAXTER (Alexander). Armorial Spade Shieldi Woodeut, 2s.6d. 

333 BAYLES (Philip). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 

334 BAYLEY (Anselm). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 


335 BAYLEY (Henry Vincent). Armmal Spade Shield. 2s. 

336 BAYLEY (William). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 


$$7 BAYLY (Benj. Neale), Esqr. Chippendale ArmoriaL 5s. 6d» 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v(d. z, p. 38. 

338 BAYLY (Charles). Armorial. 2s. 

339 BAYLY (Edward). Esq. Chippendale Armorial With musica 

instruments* 85. 6d. 

340 BAYLY (John). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 

341 BAYLY (Nathaniel). Chippendale Armorial* 35. 6d, 

342 [BAYLY.] Large Chippendale Armorial. 105. 

343 BAYNTUN (Wm.), of Grays Inn. Esq. Chippendale ArmoriaU 


Repcoducad ia Ex LUris Jk^ ▼< 13, p. 33. 

344 BEACH (Thomas). Chippendale Armorial* 35. 6d 

345 BEADNELL (George). Arma Georgii Beadnell. Seal ArmoriaU 

25. 6^. 

346 BEAMES (John). Armorial, is. 

t -. 

12 ElUs, 29 New Bond Street, Wz 

347 BEARDMORE (Arthur). Pictorial ArmoriaL 7s, 6d, 

348 BEAUCHAMP (Christopher).' Esq. Wreath and Ribbon Armo- 
rial. 3s. 

349 Armorial Arms in a Garter. 15. 6d, 

350 BEAUCLERCK (The Rt. Honourable Lord James). Early Jaco- 
bean Armorial. 85. 6d. 

35 1 [BEAUCLERCK (Lord James) Bishop of Hereford.] Chippendale 
Armorial. 6s» 

352 [BEAUCLERK (William, Duke of St. Albans.] Armorial. 2s. 6rf, 

353 BEAUCLERK (Heny). Michell, Bond Strt. Armorial Spade 
Shield. 25. 6d. 

354 [BEAUCLERK.] Chippendale Armorial, with supporters. 3s, 
BEAUFORT (Duchess of), see Somerset. 

355 BEAUFORT (Revd. D. A.). Pictorial Chippendale Armorial, 
with books, etc. $s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl,, vol. xi, p. zg. 

356 BEAUFORT (Revd. Daniel Augustus), LL.D. 5. Neele, Sc. 

Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d. 

Reproduced in Castle^ p. 1x3. 

357 BEAUFOY (I. H.). V. Woodthorpe sc. Armorial Spade Shield. 
IS. 6d. 

358 BEAUMONT (Henry), of Whitley Hall, Yorkshire. Chippendale 
Armorial. Damaged, s^. 

359 [BEAUMONT.] Chippendale Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

360 BEAUVOIR (Osmund). [Stephens ?] Chippendale Armorial. 
4S. 6d, 

361 BEAZLEY (Isaac John). Chippendale Armorial, ^s. 6d. 

362 BEBB (John). Armorial. 2s. 

363 BECHER (John Thomas). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 

364 BECHER (The Revd. Michl.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 4s. 

365 BECK (Edward), M.D., Cantab. Armorial. Printed in blue. 2s, 
$66 BECK (Henry). Armorial. 2s. 6ii. 

367 B[ECK] (R.). Early Jacobean Monogram Plate. Fine. 8s. 6d, 

368 BECKFORD (Eras. Love). Armorial. 2s. 

369 [BECKINGHAM.] Chippendalie Armorial. 55. 

370 BECKINGHAM (Rev. Charles). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 6d, 

371 BECKWITH (Josiah), Gent., F.A.S., Rotherham, Yorkshire. 

Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 4s. 

372 BECKWITH (Samuel). Festoon Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

373 BECKWITH (Thos.), of York, Painter and F.A.S. Armorial on a 

Mantle. los. 

BEDFORD (Duke and Duchess of), see Russell. 
- - - 374 BEDFORD (Charles), Doctor's Commons. Neale sculpt, is. 6d. 
v' 375 BEDFORD <Cha8.). Chippendale Crest. . 4s. 6d. 

376 BEDFORD (Grosv.). Chippendale Crest. $5. . 

377 BEDFORD (James), M.S.P. Chippendale Armorial Shield on a 

Mantle. 45 

Bookplates {Franks CoUectian), 13 

378 BEDFORD (WiUm.). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

379 BEECROFT (Thomas). Pictorial Arm6rial. Printed in red 
Torn. 4s. 

380' BEETSON (Thomas G.). Late Jacobean Armorial. 45. 6d. 

381 BEEVOR (Sir Thos.), Bart. Armorial, is, 6d, 

382 BEILBY (R.). Nov Cas. Sup. Tin. Ob. 19 Aug. i8— . i?. 
B[eilby] sculp. Pictorial. 8s. 6d. 

Beilby was Bewick's master and partner. 

383 BEILBY (Samuel). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

384 BEILBY (WUIiam). Armorial Spade Shield on Clouds, is. 6d 

385 BELCHIER (William). Chippendale Armorial Shield on a 

Mantle. 8s. 6d. 

K^86 BELFOUR (John). Chippendale Armorial. 3s 

387 BELGRAVE (T.) Grafton Street, Soho. Chippendale Armorial 

with oval shield. 5s. 

388 Chippendale Armorial. Large Plate. Name written over 


BELHEAVEN (Viscount), see Hamilton. 

389 BELL (Beaupraei) De Beaupre-Hall in Com. Norfolc. Jacobean 

Armorial, ys. 6d. 

390 BELL (Henry Nugent), 10 Adelphi Terrace, London. Mutlow 

sculpt. Large Armorial. 2s. 6a. 

391 BELL (James C. C). Silvester sc. Pictorial Armorial. 35. 

392 BELL (Mrs.). Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

393 BELL (Peter). Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

394 BELL (Richd.), Hull. Chippendale Armorial Pictorial, with books, 
8s. 6d. 

395 BELL (Robert). Crest on a Scroll. 3s. 

396 BELL (Thos.). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

397 BELL (Thomas). 1797. [Woodcut by Bewick.] Pictorial. 2s. 6A 

398 BELL (Thomas), M.D. Festoon Crest. 3s. 6d. 

399 BELL (Vernon), M.D. Armorial, with decoration, is. 6d. 

400 BELL (William), Ulcomb, Kent. Chippendale Armorial. $s. 

401 BELL (Willm.). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

402 [BELL.] Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 
40 J [BELL.] Woolsington, Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

404 BELLAMY (Daniel). E Libris Danielis Bellamy, Coll. Trin. 
Cant. Jacobean Armorial Pictorial. First State, js. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl.f v. 6, p. 47. 

405 [BELLAMY.] Anonymous. Armorial. Injured, $s. 

406 BELOE (William), F.S.A. Crest, ss. 

407 BELT (William John), Bossall Hall. Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

408 BENDYSH (Richard). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

409 BENETT (John), Junr., of Pythouse. Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

410 BENGOUGH (James), of ye Inner Temple, London, Gent. I702» 
Early Armorial. los. 

Reproduced in HamUtoHf p. 87. 


Ems, a9 N^ ^.^. 



4n BENING (W.). 63.Vppeo^'';£^'^^2rM^°^'''- 
4.2 BENNET(R. H. AAt»*';V«, '"• ,rre<I- **' ^' 

414 ^ — The same plate. T^^^tete ^ 

4XS The same plate, wit^^- '^j^.^^;^^';*- 


. 6d. 



Printed in red. 


417 BENNETT (George). Wreath 

418 BENSON (E. B.). Wreath and Ribilk .^^ 

419 BENSON (Martin). Armorial Spade S^ 

420 BENTHALL. Sig. Francisci de BentA 
Seal Armorial. 15. 


. 6d. 

)pendale .yuKft 




421 BENTHAM (Edward). Pictorial Armorial. 

422 BENTHAM (WilUam). Lincolns Inn. W, She^-- „ . 

torial Armorial. 7s. 6i. \ ^°^% 

Reproduced in Fincham, p. 96. A ht Ol tn^ 

423 BENTINCK (John). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6^^ Shield-il. I25. 

424 [BENTINCK.] The Right Honble. WilUam Earl of , ,^ 

Viscount Woodstock and Baron of Cirencester, Knig?P®^^^^® 
most Noble Order of the Garter. 1704. Early Armoril 

425 [BENTINCK, Duke of Portland.] Crest and Coronet. 2i. 



426 BENTLEY (I.), Birch House. Armorial, is. 6d, 



427 BENYON (Richard). Esq., Englefield House, Reading, Be 

Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

428 BERDMORE (Scrope), S.T.P., Coll. Mert. Custos. 1790. 

morial Spade Shield. 25. 

429 ' A different plate. 25. 

430 BERENGER (Richard). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 

431 [BERENS.] Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

Reproduced Ex Libris Jl., v. 6, p. 20. 




432 BERESFORD (The Honble. John). Chippendale Armorial. 

433 BERINGTON (Thomas). Armorial. 2s. 

434 BERKELEY (The Right Honourable Augustus, Earl of), Spring 

Gardens, London. Armorial, with supporters^ 35. 

435 BERKELEY (H. R.). Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

436 BERKLEY (Samuel). W. Stephens sculpt. Jacobean Armorial 

Shield on a mantle. 125. 6d. 

BERKSHIRE (Earl of), see Howard. 

437 [BERMINGHAM, Earl of Louth.] Armorial. 4s. 

438 BERNARD (Honble. and Rev. Richard Boyle). Armorial. 25. 6d, 

439 BERNARD (William Henry). . Chippendale ArmoriaU 45. 

440 BERNEY (Elizabeth), Relict, Bracon Ash, Norfolk. Armorial 

Lozenge. 45. 6d. 

441 BERNEY (Thomas), Esq., Bracon Ash, Norfolk. Festoon Armorial* 


442 BERRY (Mary). Sr, H. Englefield Invt. Pictorial. 8s. 6d, 

Bookplates {Franks Collection): 15 

443 BERRY (Robert). Armorial Spade Shield in an oval frame 

pendant from a ribbon. 2s. 6d. 

444 BERTIE (The Honble. Charles), Esq. Early Armorial. 12s. 

445 BERTIE (The Honble. Charles), Esq., of Uffington, in the County 

of Lincoln. Early Armorial. 145. 

446 BERTIE (The Honble. James). Esq., of Stanwell, in Com. Middx., 

Second Son to James late Earfe of Abingdon. 1702. Early 
Armorial. 105. 6d, 

447 BERTIE (Peregrine), Esq. G. Davis sculp. Jacobean Armorial. 

Fine* 4/. los. 

Reproduced in Gambier Howe, v. I, p. 83. 

448 BERTIE (The Honble. Peregrine). Festoon Armorial. A 

charming plate, 45. 6d, 

449 BERTLES (W. B.). Festoon Armorial. 35. 
BERWICK (Lord), see Hill. 
BESSBOROUGH (Countess of), see Ponsonby. 

450 BEST (Honble. F. B.). Armcnial. 15. 6d, 

45 1 BESSONNET (Rev. Frans.), LL.D. Festoon Armorial 35. 6d, 

452 BEST (Head Pottinger). Pictorial Armorial. 3s. 

45 3 BEST (Head Pottinger), Esq., co. Berks. Armorial. 25. 

454 BETHAM (Rev. W.) Stonham. Pictorial. 5s. 

•455 BETHAM (Sir William), F.S.A., S.R.I. A., etc. Ulster, etc. Ar« 
morial. 15. 

456 BETTESWORTH (Thomas). W. H, Toms sc Chippendale 

Armorial. 6s, 6d, 

457 BETTESWORTH (Willm. Augs.). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

458 BETTS (George), of Wortham in Suffolk. Jacobean Armorial 

Shield on a mantle. 6s. 

459 BE VAN (Thos. Fredc). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 6d. 
•460 BEVER (Thos.), LL.D. Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

461 BEVER (Thomas), LL.D. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, ss. 

462 BEW. Manchester. Chippendale Crest. 45. 6d. 

463 BEWICKE (Calverley). Jacobean Armorial. 75. 6d. 

464 [BICKERTON.] Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d, 

465 BICKERSTAFF (H.), Lancashire. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial 


466 [BICKERSTETH.] Henry Lord Langdale, M.R. , 37, South Street. 

Armorial. 15. 6d. 

467 BICKERTON (Henry). Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

468 BICKERTON (Sir Richard), Bart, and K.C Armorial with 

supporters. 4s, 

469 BIDDULPH (Thomas). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. Printed 

in brown. 4s. 6d. 

'470 BIDWELL (George), M.A., Rector of Stanton All Saints', Saint 
John Baptist. Suffolk. Armorial, ts. 6d. 

471 BIGGE (Chas. William). Armorial Spade Shield in a frame. 
25. 6d. 

i6 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

472 BIGGE (Thomas). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d, 

473 BIGGS (Thomas). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6i. 

474 BIGSBY (The Bailli Robert), LL.D., Knight Grand Cross of St. 
John of Jerusalem and Registrar and Secretary of the English 
Langue. Armorial Shield on a Maltese Cross. 3s. 6d. 

47 S BINCKES (Thos.). Chippendale Armorial. Slightly injured. 
25. 6d, 

476 BINDLEY (James). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

477 BINDLEY (James), Esqr., M.A., F.S.A., Stamp Office, London. 
Festoon Armorial. 4s. 

— 478 BINGHAM (Sir Charles), Bart. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

479 BINSTEED (Thos.). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

480 BIRCH (George). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 35. 6d, 

481 BIRCH (Jame9). E Libris Jacobi Birch. Early Jacobean 
Armorial. 6s. 

482 BIRCH (John Peploe), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

483 BIRCH (Richd.). Strongitharm sc. Festoon ArmoriaL 35. 

484 BIRCH (Samuel). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

485 BIRCH (Thomas). Jacobean Pictorial Armorial. 35. 6d. 

^ 486 BIRCH (Wyrley). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s, 6d. 

^87 BIRD (Charles John), A.M. and F.A.S., Mag. Coll., Cambridge. 
J. Wallis sc. Armorial, is. 6d, 

488 BIRD (John). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 

489 [BIRD.] Hobday sc. Armorial. 2s. 

490 BIRNIE OF BROOMHILL. Ard, Burden sculp. Jacobean 

Pictorial Armorial. 5 s. 6d. 

Reproduced by Hardy, p. 53, who says of this plate : " The only instance that I call to 
mind of the introducti(ni of figiiies at all into the decoration of a Scotch book-plate- 
two ministers of the Kirk kneeling at their desks." 

491 BISHOP (Caroline). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial Lozenge. 3s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 6, p. 143. 

492 BISHOP (The Rev. Chas.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

493 BISHOP (Saml. Willson). Chippendale Armorial, ^s. 6d. 

494 BISHOP (Will.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

c -- 495 BISSET (R. L.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 
'496 BLACK (William), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

497 BLACK ALL (Theo.). Jacobean Armorial. Name defective. 3s. 

498 BLACK ALL (Tho.), of Haseley, Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 6d. 

: 499 BLACKBORNE (Levett), of Lincoln's Inn, Esqr. Chippendale 

Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

500 BLACKBURN (John). Armorial, is. 6d. 

501 BLACKBURNE (John), Esq. Orford. /. K. Shcrwin fecit. 
Pictorial Armorial. 5s. 

502 BLACKBURNE (Wm.) M.D. Landscape Pictorial Armorial. 55. 

503 BLACKETT (Dr.). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 
.504 BLACKETT (J. E.), Newcastle. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 64. 
505 BLACKMAN. Lyme. Early Jacobean Armorial. 7s, 6d. 

Bookplates (Franks CoUectian). 17 

506 BLACKMORE (Thos.). Esqr. Chippendale Mantle Armorial. 4s. 

507 BLACKSTONE (C). Mountaine sc, [I7]53. Chippendale Ar- 

morial. 7s, 
An interesting plate. The date is only to be found by careful examination of the plate, 
the engraver naving deliberately concealed it. 

— L 508 BLACKSTONE (F.). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d, 

.. - 509 BLACKSTONE (William). [Author of the " Commentaries on the 
Laws of England "]. Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 8, p. 59. 

510 Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 

511 BLACKWELL (Sr. Lambert), Bart. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

512 Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

513 BLAIR (Hugh), Esq. Chippendale Armorial. A modern im- 

pression. 2S. 

514 BLAIR (Pat.), M.D., Cork. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

515 BLAKE (Edward F.), Esqr., Frenchfort. Festoon Armorial. 

Damaged, 2s. 

516 BLAKE. E Libris George Baty Blake, Boston. Modem Ar- 

morial. 15. 

517 BLAKE (The ReT. John). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

518 BLAKE (Patrick). Foster sculp. Fetter Lane, Chippendale 

Armorial. 6s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl,, vol. x, p. 6. 

519 BLAKE OF SOMERSET. Chippendale Armorial Trophy. A 

reprint, is. 6d. 

520 BLAKEWAY (Joshua), Lythwood. Begbie, Duke's Court, St. 

Martin's Lane, Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

$21 BLAND (Robt.), M.D., S.A.S. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 35. 
522 M.D., S.S.A. Another plate. 35. 

523 BLANDY (John). 1791. Festoon Armorial. 35. 

524 BLANE (Gilbert), M.D. [Physician, 1749-1834.] Armorial. 25. 

524a BLANSHARD (Wilkinson), M.D. , St. James's Place. Chippen- 
dale Armorial. 35. 6<f, 

525 BLAXLAND (John), Gent. Jacobean Armorial. Slightly defec- 

tive. 45. 6d, 

— 526 BLAYD6 (Thomas). Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

527 A smaller plate. 15. 6d. 

BLESSINGTON, Countess of. See Gardiner. 

— — 528 BLISS (Philip), Univ. Registrar Oxon. Late Chippendale Ar- 
morial. 25. 6d. 

— 529 BLISS (Philip). Armorial, is. 6d. 

530 BLOFELD (Thomas Calthorpe), Hoveton House, Norfolk. 

Armorial. 25. 

531 BLOMFIELD (Charles James), D.D., Bishop of Chester [after- 
wards Bp. of London]. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

532 BLOMEFIELD (Francis), Rector of Fersfield in Norfolk, 1736. 
W, H. Toms sculp. 6s. 

i8 ElUs, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

533 BLOOMFIELD (Robert), 1813.. IV. Jackson sc. Gutter Lane, 

Cheapside, Mock Heraldic. 185. 
Bloomfield was the author of "The Fanner's Boy," and this interesting plate amusingly 
illustrates his interests in literature and rural pursuits. Reproduced in Hardy, p. 164. 

534 BLOSSET (Robert Henry). Armorial. 2s. 

535 [BLOUNT.] Early Armorial. 55. 

536 BLOUNT (George). Armorial. 25. 

537 BLOUNT (John). Large Festoon Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

538 BLOUNT (Walter). Taylor, Worces., sculp., 1757. Chippendale 

Armorial. Cut into. 45. 6d. 

Reproduced in Hamilton, p. 92. 

539 BLUNT (Sir Chas. Wm.). Bart. Armorial Spade Shield. 15. 6d, 

540 BLUNT (Walter). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

541 BLYTH (Thomas), M.A., F.A.S. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, 

25. 6d, 

542 BODDAM (Charles), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

543 BODDAM (Charles). Festoon Armorial. 35. 

544 BODDINGTON (Gracilla). Pictorial. Very pretty. 7s. 6d. 

545 BODDINGTON (Thomas). Armorial Spade Shield, without scroll. 

25. 6d. 

546 [BODDINGTON.] Jacobean Armorial. 45. 6d. 

547 [BOEVEY (Crawley), Bart.] Armorial. 25. 

548 BOGLE (A.). Crest and Cjrpher. 25. 6d. 

549 BOHUN (Rev. I. F. B.), A.M. Armorial Spade Shield. 25. 

550 BOISSIER. Armorial Spade Shield. 25. 

551 BOLDERO (William), A.M., Rector of Woodford, Essex. V. 

Woodthorpe sc. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 35. 

552 BOLLAND (William), Middle Temple. Armorial Spad© Shield. 


553 The Honble. Baron Bolland. Armorial, ss. 

William, created Baron Bolland, was the bibliophile designated *' Hortensius " by Dibdin. 

554 BOLTON (Alexander). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

555 BOLTON (Willm.). Festoon Crest. 25. 6d. 

556 BOLTON (W. G.). Festoon Crest. 25. 

557 BOLTS (Mr. Willm.). Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

558 BONAR (Thomson), Esqr., Camden Place. Armorial. 15. 

559 BOND (Essex Henry). Festoon Armorial. Fine. 45. 

560 BOND (George). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

561 BOND (George), Middle Temple. Terry sculp Large Festoon 

Armorial. 45. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl.y v. 13, p. 32. 

562 [BONFOY.] Jacobean Armorial. 45. 

563 BONHAM (Henry). Armorial Spade Shield. 15. 6d. 

564 BOONE (Charles), Esqr. Chippendale^ Armorial. 45. 6i. 

565 BOONE (Thomas). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

566 BOOTH (Edwd. I.). Armorial, with verses regarding borrowing. 


Bookplates {Franks CoUecHoh). 19 

567 [BOOTH, 4th Baron Delamere.] Chippendale Annorial. 4s. 

568 BOOTH (Thomas). Pictorial Armorial. 55. 

569 BOOTH (W. C). Twemlow Hall. Cheshire. Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

570 [BOOTHBY.] Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 
BORINGDON (Lord). See Parker. 

571 BORLASE (John). Jacobean ArmoriaL 55. 6d. 

ReproiduoM in Ex Libris Jl., vol. xii, p. Z03. 

572 BORLASE (Wm.) Rector of Lugdvan, F.R.S. [Author of " Anti- 

quities of Cornwall "]. Chippendale Armorial. 7s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Lvorts Jl., vol. xii, p. 163. 

573 [BORLASE.] Jacobean Armorial. 6s, 

Refvoduced in Ex Libris JL, voL xii^ p. X05. 

574 BORRETT(Thos.), Esq., Shoreham. Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

575 BORTHWICK (John), Crookston. C. Thomson sc, {Cross), Edinr. 

Armorial with supporters. 25. 6d, 

576 BOSANQUET (Chas.) [Merchant and Writer on Economics.] 

Armonal. 25. 

577 BOSANQUET (David), 1739. Jacobean ArmoriaL Corner iw 

jured. 85. 6d, 

578 BOSANQUET (Henry), Lincoln's Inn. Michell, Bond Street. 

15. 6d. 

579 BOSANQUET (L B.), Lincoln's Inn [afterwards Judge]. Circa 

1795. Armorial. 2s. 

580 BOSANQUET (M. W.), Bloomsbury Square. 25. 

581 BOSANQUET (Samuel). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

582 BOSCAWEN (Edwd. Hugh) [M.P. for Truro, d. 1774]. Foster 

sculp,. Fetter Lane. Chippendale Armorial. ^45. 6d. 

583 BOSTOCK (Charles), LL.D., Waverley Abbey. Armorial Spade 

Shield. 25. 

BOSTON (Lord). See Irby. 

584 BOSWORTH (John). Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

585 [BOTELER (William), F.S.A.], Eastry Church. Barlow sculp. 

Pictorial. Armorial. 45. 6d, 

Reproduced in Castle^ p. 145. 

586 BOTFIELD (Beriah) [Bibliographer]. Armorial. 15. 6d. 

587 BOUCHIER (Barton). Lucas sc, Ashn, Wreath and Ribbon 

Armorial. 35. 6d, 

588 BOUCHER (The Rev. Jonathan). A.M. [friend of George Washing- 

ton]. Armorial Spade Shield. 55. 

589 Jonan. Boucher. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 55. 

' See AUeHt American Bookplates^ p. 175. 

590 BOULLIER. Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d, 

591 BOULT (Richd.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

592 BOURCHIER (Jno.), Esqr., 1739. Early Jacobean Armorial. 

35. 6d. 

593 BOURCHIER (Thos.), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield. 25. 

594 BOURDILLON (E. G.). Armorial, with decorations. 25. 6d, 

20 ElUs^ 29 New Band Street^ W. 

595 [BOURKE}. Derxnot, Earl of Mayo, i888. Curwen, Dublin. 

Armorial. $s. 6d, 

Reproduced in HamdUon, p. 1x7. 

596 [BOURKE]. Geraldine [Countess of] Mayo, 1887. Festoon 

engraved label. 25. 

597 BOURKE (Edmund), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield. 25. 

598 [BOUVERIE, Viscount], Folkestone. Armorial Spade Shield, 

with supporters. 25. 6d, 

599 [BOUVERIE.] Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

600 BOVILL (William), Middle Temple [Judge]. Armorial, is 6d. 

601 BO WEN (William). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d, 

602 BOWEN (Thomas). Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

603 BOWER (Henry). Merrifield. Armorial, is. 6d. 

604 BOWES. Armorial Spade Shield. 2Si 6d, 

605 BOWKER (James). /. 6* /. Neele sc. Architectural. 5s. 

606 BOWLE (Joh.). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d, 

607 BOWLES (Captain). R.N. Armorial. 15. 

608 BOWLES (Henry). R. M[ountaine\ sculp, Chippendale Armorial. 

65. 6(f. 

609 BOWLES (Henry Caring ton). Large Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 

3s. 6d, 

610 BOWLES (Rev. Mr.). Chippendale Pictorial Armorial, with 

cupids. 4s. 6d, 

611 BOWLES (St. George). 1773. Printed label. $s. 

612 BOWMAN Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 35. 

613 BOWMAN (Joseph). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

614 BOWYER (Francis), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

615 [BOWYER (George).] Hughes fecit. Wreath and Ribbon 

Armorial. 25. 

616 [BOWYER (Sir George).] Armorial, is. 6d, 

617 BOWYER (Sr. John), of Knipersly, in ye County of Stafford, 

Bamt. Early Armorial. Very fine, i8s, 

618 BOYD (George Augustus), Esq., Middleton Park, Co. Westmeath. 

Seal Armorial, is. 6d, 

619 BOYD (Hugh), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. Cut, 2S. 6d. 

620 BOYD (Juliana). E Libris Julianae Boyd. J,H,Le Keux sculp. 

Seal Armorial Lozenge. 2s. 6d, 

62 1 [BOYLE, Charles, Earl of Orrery, d. 1 73 1 .] CO., E.O. Armorial. 

[Attributed to G. Vertue.J 4s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 7, p. S7« 

622 [BOYLE, John, Earl of Orrery, d. 1753.] J*0. Armorial. 

[Attributed to G. Vertue.] 2s. 6rf. 

62 3 A different plate. Quartering the arms of his wife. [Attri- 

huted to Vertue.] 2s, 6d, 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., vol. 7, pp. 57-S. 

624 [BOYLE, Earl of] Cork and Orrery. Chippendale Armorial, with 
supporters. 2s. 6d, 

Bookplates (Franks Collection), 2i 

625 [BOYLE], Viscount Dunga^van. Fahey sculpt. Armorial and 

supporters on a mantle. 2s. 6d. 

626 [BOYLE.] The Right Honble. Henry Earl of Shannon. Chip- 

pendale Armorial, s^* 6d, 

627 [BOYLE, Countess of Cork], A.C., Marston House. Cypher and 

Coronet. 25. 6d. 

628 BOYLE (The Rt. Honble. John Lord). 1725. Hulett sc. Early 

Armorial. 5.9. 

629 [BOYLE (Grace)]. Jacobean Armorial, ^s, 6d, 

A fine early Lady's Plate. 

630 BOYS (Capt. Edw.). Festoon Armorial. 35. 

631 BOYS (John). Mordecai sc. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

632 BOYSE (Jacob). Jacobean Armorial. 105. 6d, 

633 BRACE (Francis), of Lincoln's Inn, 1717. [Attributed to G. 

VertueJ] Early Jacobean Armorial. 125. 6d, 

634 BRACE (John Thurloe), Esqr., of Astwood in Bucks. Early 

Jacobeain Armorial, is, 

635 BRACEBRIDGE (Walter). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 

25. 6d, 

636 BRACEBRIDGE (Walter Henry), Esq., Morville House, co. 

Warwick. Armorial, is. 6d. 

637 BRACKEN (Thomas), A.M. Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

638 BRACKENBURY (Chas.), Esqr. R. J. G. fee. Wreath and 

Ribbon Armorial. 3s 

639 BRADDYLL (T. R, Gale), Esq., Conished Priory, Co. Lancaster. 

Armorial. 25. 6d. 

640 BRADDYLL (Wilson), Esqre. ArmoriaL 15. 6d, 

641 [BRADISH.] Armorial Spade Shield. 25. 

642 BRADNEY (Joseph Alfred), of Llanfihangel-Ystern-Llewem, 

Esq., 1883. Armorial. 25. 

643 BRADNEY (Lieut.-Colonel), Commg. 3rd Vol. Batt. S[outh 

W[ales] B[orderers], 23rd April, 1892. Tal-y-Coed, Monmouth- 
shire. 35. 

644 BRADSHAW (Samuel). ArmoriaL 25. 

645 BRADSHAW (Ellerker), Esquire, of Risby in the East Riding of 

the County of York. Jacobean Armonal. Vety fine, 14s. 

646 BRADSHAW (Thos.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial, with books. 


Reproduced in Ex Libris J I., v. 6, p. 1x4. 

647 BRAGGE (C. S.), Esqr., of Cleve-hill. Chippendale Armorial 

Trophy. Ss. 6d, 

648 [BRAGGE (Charles).] Urn Armorial. 3s. 

649 BRAGGE ( Willm. ). Timbrell & Harding feet. Festoon Armorial. 

2s, 6d, 

650 BRAIN (James). Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. Damaged* 


65 1 BRAITHWAITE (Danl.). Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

652 BRAKENBURY (Richard). J, Oliphantsculp. Pictorial. 55. 6rf» 

22 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W, 

653 BRAMSTON (Thomas), Esqr. of Skreens. Early Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

654 BRAMSTON (Thos, Berney), Skreens, Essex. Armorial. 2s. 

655 BRAND (Jno.), Lincoln College, Oxford, Com. and Exhib., 

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1769. Chippendale Crest, ys, 6d. 

656 BRAND (J.), A.B., Cx)ll. Line, Oxon. R. B[eilbyl Pictorial. 

with ruins. First State. 55. 

657 BRAND (J.), A.M., F.S.A., Coll. Line, Oxon. The same plate. 

inscription altered. Second State. 4s. 

658 BRAND (Thos.), Esqr. W. Austin Fecit. Chippendale Armorial. 

45. 6d, 

659 BRAND (Sir Thos.), Knt., Gentleman Usher of the Green Rod and 

Gentleman Usher Daily Waitr to His Majesty, Anno i735» 
Armorial, with badges of office. 45. 

Reproduced in Hamilton, p. xox. 

660 BRANDLING (Chas.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. Small hole 

in motto. 3s. 6d. 

661 BRANDLING (Revd. R. H.), Shotton. Chippendale Armorial. 

Ss. 6d. 

BRANDON (Duke of). See Hamilton. 

662 BRANSBY (James Hews). /. Scott sculpt. Landscape Pictorial 

of farmers ploughing and sowing. 45. 6d. 

663 BRANSTON (Thos.). Chippendale Armorial in frame. 5s. 

664 BRANTHWAYT (Miles), Esqr. Early Chippendale Armorial. 

35. 6d. 

665 BRASSEY (Nathaniel). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

666 BRATHWAITE (Thos.). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 

667 BRAY. Pictorial Armorial. 6s. 

668 BRAY (T.). Jacobean Armorial. Very rare. il. is. 

669 BRAY (WiUiam). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 
BRAYBROOKE (Lord). See Neville-Griffin. 

670 BRAYSHAW (Thos.), Stackhouse, Settle. [By G. R. Halkett.} 

Pictorial. 2s. 

BREADALBANE, Earl of. See Campbell. 

671 BREE (Charles Robert). Seal Armorial. 2s. 
I — 672 BREE (M.) Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

673 BREEDON (John). W. Haskell sculp. Chippendale Armorial. 


674 BREEDON (John Sjononds), Bere Court, Berks. /. S. B. fecit, 

1789. Armorial Spade Shield. 25. 6d. 

675 BRERETON (Owen). Jacobean Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

676 [BRERETON.] Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

677 BRETON (William), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

678 BRETTELL (John) Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

679 BRETTINGHAM (Richard). Printed label, with omanient. 5s. 

6«o BREWSE, of Gower and Bramber. Armorial. Slightly defective. 
SS. 6d. 

Bookplates (Franks Collection). 23 

681 BREWSTER (John), A.M. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. $s, 6d, 

682 Jno. Brewster, A.M., Coll. Lin. Oxon. Wreath and Ribbon 

Armorial. 35. 6d, 

683 BREWSTER, of Suflfolk and Essex. 1846. Armorial, is. 6d. 

684 [BRICE (Edward).l Pictorial Chippendale Armorial. Printed 

in blue, 55. 

685 [ ] The same plate. Printed in red. 5s. 

Reproduced in Ex LibrU //., v. xi, p. 31. 

686 BRICKDALE (John Freke). Chippendale Armorial. Printed in 

blue, 45. 

687 BRICKENDEN (W. J.), A.M., Coll. Magd. Chippendale Armo- 

rial. 45. 6d, 

688 BRIDGE (John). Armorial. 25. 

689 [BRIDGEMAN.] Anna Comitis de Bradford. Weston Library. 

Seal ArmoriaL is, 6d. 

690 BRIDGEMAN (Hen. Toye), Esq., of Princknash, Gloucestershire. 

1746. J, Skinr, sculpt, Chippendale Armorial, ys, 6d, 

691 [BRIDGEMAN.] Early Armorial. 85. 

692 BRIDGES (Brooke). B, B, sculpt, Jacobean Armorial. 6s, 

693 BRIDGES (Thomas). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d, 
BRIDGEWATER, Earl of. see Egerton. 

694 BRIGGS (Henricus), S.T.P. Jacobean Armorial. 45. 6d, 

695 BRIGGS (Rev. Thomas), King's College, Cambridge. Armorial 

Spade Shield. 35. 6d. 

696 BRIGHAM (Thos.). Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

697 BRIGHT (Hugh M.). Armorial Spade Shield on a Mantle. 2s. 

698 BRIGHT (Lowbridge). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

699 BRIGHTWEN (George), The Grove. Gt. Stanmore. Seal Armo- 

rial. 15. 6d, 

700 BRINGLOE (P.), Coll. Gon. et Cai. Cant. Pictorial Armorial. 55, 

701 BRISTOW (Robert), of London, Esqr. Early Jacobean Armo- 

rial. 45. 6d, 

702 BROADHEAD (Theodore Henry), Esq. Chippendale ArmoriaL 

35. 6d, 

703 BROADHEAD (Theod. H.). Armorial Spade Shield. 25. 

704 BROADLEY (Thos.), Chirurgus. £. Burtenshaw sculp. Dover, 

Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

705 BROCAS (Bemd.), Beaurepaire. [By Mountaine.1 Chippen- 

dale Armorial. 55. 

706 BROCKET (Wm.), Mid. Temp. Lond. Jacobean Armorial. 

4s. 6dm 

707 [BROCKETT (J, T.) Newcastle.] [By Bewick.] Pictorial Armo- 

rial. 7s. 

708 BROCKETT (Ra.), Durham. Chippendale Bookpile Armorial. 


709 [BROCKETT.] Armorial. Two Shields accol6, with the arms of 

Brockett and Bell. 35. 

24 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, IF* 

710 BROCKHURST (B.). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

711 BRODERIP (William). Armorial. 25. 6rf. 

712 BRODBELT (Francis Rigby), M.D. Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

713 BRODREPP (Hester). Jacobean Armorial Lozenge. i8s. 

714 BRODIE (Alexr.), of Brodie, Lord Lyon. Chippendale Armorial, 

with supporters. 8s, 6d, 

715 [BRODRICK, Charles], Archbishop of Cashel. Warwick sc. 

Armorial. 15. 

716 BRODRICK (St. John), of the Middle Temple, Esq. 1703. 

Early Armorial. 105. 

Reproduced in Castle^ p. 60. 

717 BRODRICK (Thomas), Esq. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

718 BROGRAVE (Bemey). Chippendale Armorial Trophy. 8s. 6d, 

Reproduced in ExLtbris Jl., v. 7, p. x68. 

719 The same plate. With motto added, ys, 6d, 

720 BROME (R.). Jacobean Armorial. 6s, 

721 BROMLEY (Sir George), Bart. Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 6d. 

722 BROMLEY (William), of Baginton in ye County of Warwick, 

Rsqr. 1703. Early Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

723 BROMLEY (William), of Baginton in the County of Warwicke, 

Esq. Early Armorial (about 1700). 2s. 6d, 

724 BROMLEY (William), Esq., of Abberley, Worcestershire. Jaco- 

bean Armorial. A fine plate, corner damaged, 12s. 6d. 

t 725 BRONSDON (Edward). Chippendale Armorial. 4s, 

726 BROOKE (Joseph). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

727 BROOKE (Sir Jos.), Bart. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 
•- - — - 728 BROOKE (Sir Richard), Bart. Armorial. 15. 6d, 

•- 729 BROOKE (William), A.M. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

BROOKE (Lord), see Greville. 

730 BROOKES (Joshua), F.R.S., F.L.S., etc.. Theatre of Anatomy, 

Blenheim Street. Armorial. 15. 6d. 

731 BROOKS (Mr.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. Large and fine, 

I OS. 6d, 

732 BROOKSBANK (Stamp). Armorial, is. 

733 BROTHERTON (Thomas), of Hey in the County of Lancaster, 
B.D. Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

734 BROUGHAM (John Waugh). Kirkwood sc. Late Jacobean 
Armorial (about 1800). 3s. 

735 BROUGHTON (Lady). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 6, p. xx8. 

736 BROUGHTON (B.), Esq. Festoon Pictorial Armorial. 5s. 

737 BROUGHTON (Charles). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 

738 BROUGHTON (Henry Arthur). Armorial. 3s. 

739 BROUNCKER (Mary). Armorial Lozenge. 4s. 6d, 

. ... 

740 BROWN (Alexander), Glasgow. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial 
Shield within a Garter. 5s. 

• » ■ 

741 [BROWN (David).] Crest. Proof before inscriptiouu js^ 6d, 

.Bookplaies {Franks Collection). 25 

742 BROWN (John); Chippendale Armorial. Slightly injured, ^s,6d. 

743 B[ROWN] (J[ohn)]. John Cleghorn des,del,et sc. Architectural 

Armorial. 45. 

'. 744 BROWN (Lancelot). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 

745 BROWN (Thomas). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

746 [BROWNE]. The Right Honourable Viscount Montague. Chip- 

pendale Armorial. 45. 

747 [BROWNE]. The Right Honble. the Lord Viscount Montague. 

Jacobean Armorial. 45. 6d. 

748 [BROWNE, Marquess of SUgo.] Westport House. Armorial. 

25. 6d, 

749 [BROWNE], Anna Valentini Augu. Com. de Kenmare. Seal 

Armorial, is. 6d, 

7 50 BROWNE (C), Esq., Lincoln's Inn. Af. Darly, 39, Strand, Fes- 

toon Armorial. 35. 

751 BROWNE (Edward) A.M. Jacobean Armorial within a fine 

border. Very pretty, 54- 

752 [BROWNE, George Gavin.] Armorial, is. 6d. 

753 [BROWNE (Lieut. Col. Sir H.).] Armorial Spade Shield. 3s. 

754 BROWNE (Tho. TroUope), of Tolethorpe in Rutland, Esqr. Chip- 

pendale Armorial. 5s. 

755 [BROWNELL.] Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

756 [BROWNING (Oscar).] [By S. J. Solomon.] 1870. Swain sc. 6s. 

Reproduced in Castle, p. 221. 

757 BROWNING (John). Early Jacobean Armorial, with winged 

figures at the sides. 4s. 6d. 

758 BROWNING (Thos. Smalley). Whitchurch sculp. Chippendale 

Armorial, with landscape below. 7s. 6d. 

759 BROWNEI-OWE (The Rt. Honble. John, Ld.), Baron CharleviUe 

and Viscount Tyrconnel in the Kingdom of Ireland. Early 
Armorial, with supporters. 6s. 

760 BROWNLOWE (Sr. WilUam), of Belton in the County of Lincoln, 

Baronet. 1698. Large Early Armorial, i/. ids. 
Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 5, p. 121. 

761 BROWNRIGG (Henry John). Armorial. 2s. 

762 [BRUCE.] Balchrystie. Armorial with supporters. 3s. 

763 BRUCE (The Right Honble. Charles, Viscount), of Ampthill (Son 

and Heir Apparent of Thomas Earl of Ailesbury), and Baron 
Bruce of Whorleton. 1712. Early Armorial. 3s. 

764 BRUCE (Chas.) ... in Edinburgh. MDCCX. Pictorial Crest. 

Inscription defective. 5s. 

765 BRUCE (John). [By Bewick,] Landscape Pictorial. 3s. 6d. 

766 BRUCE (Patrick Cranford), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

767 [BRUDENELL, George, 3rd Earl of Cardigan.] Deene Library. 

Early Armorial. About 17 10. i8s. 

768 BRUMMELL (Wm.), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

V 769 [BRYDGES] (James), Marquiss of Carnarvon. Chippendale 

Armorial. $s. 6d. 

26 EUiSf 29 New Bond Street^ Wz 

770 [BRYDGES] James, Duke of Chandos. 1777. Arm(»riaU 5^. 

771 BRYDGES (The Honourable James), of Wilton Castle in Hereford 

Shere. Large Early Armorial with supiK)rters (about 1690). 
i/, 105. 

772 BRYDGES (Samuel E^erton). [Bibliographer.] Armorial. 55, 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 9, p. 117, 

773 BRYDGES (WilUam) of the Middle Temple, Esqr.. 1704. Early 

Armorial, los. 

BUCCLEUGH (Duke of), see Scott. 
BUCHAN (Earl of), see Erskine. 

774 BUCHANAN (A. H.). Stuart sc. Crest. 25. 

775 BUCK (Sir Charles), Bart. Printed label, circa 1750. 5s. 

776 BUCK (John), Town-hill, Bradford. Festoon Armorial, ss- 

777 BUCK (Lewis), Exet. Coll. or of Bideford. Early Jacobean 

Armorial. 5s. 

778 BUCKE (Tho. Geo.), Worlington. Armorial, is. 

779 BUCKERIDGE (Rev. C). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 
BUCKINGHAM AND CHANDOS (Duke of), see Grenville. 
BUCKINGHAM AND NORMANBY (Duke of), see Sheffield. 

780 [BUCKLAND.] Jacobean Armorial. 75. 6d. ' 

781 BUCKLE (Henry Thomas). [Author of "History of Civiliza- 

tion."] ^morial. 25. 

Reproduced in Castle^ p. 154. 

782 [BUCKLE.] Chippendale ArmoriaL 45. 6d. 

783 BUCKLEY (John), Chester. Festoon Armorial. 35. 6d, 

784 BUCKNALL( William). M, B[ur^hers]s, Early Armorial. 75. 6rf« 

785 BUCKNAY (Mr.). Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

786 BtJCKWORTH. Ex Bibliotheca Domni Jons. Buckworth Baroti! 

Jacobean Armorial. Circa 1720. Injured. 55. 

787 BUCKWORTH (Thos.). Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

788 BUFFAR (Pyke), of Greenwich. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

789 BULKELEY (The Right Honble. Tho. James, Lord Viscount). 

1785. Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

790 BULKELEY (Viscountess). Gravd par Seraphin a Rome* Pic- 

torial. 1 8s. 

791 BULKELEY (Samuel*). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

792 BULL (Richd.), of Ongar in Essex, Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 

3s. 6d. 

793 BULL (Thos. Evans). Armorial Spade Shield on a mantle. 2s. 6^. 

794 BULLER (James), of Shillingham, in the County of Cornwall, 

Esqr. Early Armorial. 7s. 6d. 

795 -^ Another plate. Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

796 BULLOCK (John), \yreath and Ribbon Armorial/ 2s. 6d. 

797 BULWER (Rev. Augustine). Armorial Spade Shields is. 6d. 

798 BUNBURY (J.), John's Town. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 64, 

799 [BUNCE (W.).] Chippendale Armorial. Name er<^»d, 3s. 

Bookplates (Franks Collection), 27 

800 BUNNEY (Edmund). Chippendale . Armorial. 35. 6d, 

801 BURGES (Geo.)i Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

802 BURGES (John and Mary). Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

803 BURGES (M. A;): Urn Armorial Lozenge. 3s. 

804 BURGH (The Rev. Mr. Henry). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6^. 

805 BURGHALL (Geo), His Majs. Agent and Cons. Genl. Tripoli 

West. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

806 BURGOYNE (Montague). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

807 BURKE (William). Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. 55. 

Repitidnofd in kx Libris JL, v<A. x, p. 51. 

808 BURN. Pictorial Armorial. , 35. 6d. 

809 BURNABY (Sr. William), Bart. Armorial with supporters, 

dolphins resting on cannons. 35. 6d, 

810 BURNELL (Rev. James). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

811 BURNET (Gilbert), Lord Bishop of Salisbury, Chancellor ot the 

most Noble Order of the Garter. Early Armorial Shield in a 
Garter. 95^. 6d. 

812 BURNETT (Geo.). [Attributed to Beunck.] Pictorial. 55, 

813 BURNETT (T.), Esqr., Aberdeen. Crest. 2s. 6d, 

814 BURNEY (WilUam), A.M., Mathematician. W. Williams del, e 

sculp* Pictorial Armorial, ys. 6d, 

Reproduced in Fincham, p.. X07. 

815 BURR\RD (John). Jacobean Pictorial Armorial. 6s. 

816 BURRELL. Crest in an oval frame. 25. 6d. 

817 BURRELL (Gulielmus). Arm. de Beckenham in Com. Cantii. 

Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

S18 BURRELL (Peter), Esqr., of Beckenham in Kent. Jacobean 
Armorial, with. shaded background. 35. 

819 BURRELL (Willm.), Esq., of Beckenham in Kent. Chippendale 
Armorial. 45. 6d. 

«20 BURRISH (Geo.). Levi sculpt., Portsea, Festoon Armorial. 
25. 6d. 

821 BURROUGH (Jacobus), Miles. Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

822 BURROUGH. Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

823 [BURROUGHES (R.), M.A.] Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

824 BURROUGHES (T. C), [Rector of Landbeach, Cambridgeshire]. 

Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d, 

825 BURROW (Edwd.). Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. With 

books^ ships, etc. 5s. , 

826 BURROW (James), of the Inner Temple. Jacobean Armorial, 

with shaded backgrouiid. 3s- 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., vol. xii, p. 142. 

827 BURROW (Robert). Jacobean Armorial. 4$. 6d. 

828 "BURSLEM (Catharina). Armorial Lozenge. $s. 

829 [BURTON.] Jacobean ArmoriaU 3s. 6d, 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v.' 7, p. 88. 

830 BURTON. E Libris Jbannis Burton dfe Heath in Comit. Ifiborac, 

M.B., .M.D. Jacobean Armorial. 45. 

28 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

831 BURTON. Engd. by /. Bi4ck, Manchr. Large Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

832 BURTON (Revs. Doms. Georgius). Parochiae Eldeniae in Com. 
Suffolc. Rector A.M. . Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

833 BURTON. E. Libris Johannis Burton. W.Cole Fecit Chippen- 
dale Armorial. 6s. 

834 BURTON (J.), D.D. Gravelot inv. J. Pine sculp. Library 
Interior Chippendale Armorial. First State. 45. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 2, p. 93. 

^35 Esq. The same plate. Inscription altered. Second State. 

45. 6d. 

836 BURTON (Philip), Exchequer Office, Lincoln's Inn. Jacobean 

Armorial. 45. 6d. 

837 BURTON (Philip) Exchequer Office. Lincoln's Inn. W. Chinnery 

script. E. Thorowgood sculpt. Large Chippendale Armorial. 
55. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., vol. xii, p. 139. 

838 BURTON. Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 6d. 

839 BUSBY (John), de Marsh Gibbon, Com. Bucks. Early Armorial. 

85. 6d. 

840 BUSBY (William). Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 

841 BUSH (Carolus), apud Turrim Londin. 1734. Jacobean Armorial. 

45. 6d. 

842 BUSH (Thos.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 
BUTE (Earl of), see Stuart. 

843 BUTLER (James Wandesford), XIX Earl of Ormonde and Ossory, 

K.P. Armorial. 2s. 

844 BUTLER (Walter), Marquess of Ormonde, 18 16. Armorial Arms 

on a mantle. $s. 

845 [BUTLER.] Lord Mountgarrett's Library. Jacobean Armorial 

with supporters. $s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 5, p. 191. 

846 BUTLER (Francis). Armorial Shield in a garter. 2s. 

847 BUTLER (Henry), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. Damaged. $s, 

848 BUTLER (The Honble. John), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

849 BUTLER (John), Esq. Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

850 BUTI^ER (Mr.), Lincoln's Inn. Engraved label. 2s. 

851 BUTLER (Richard), of Lincoln's Inn, Esqr. 1703. Early Ar- 

morial. 10s. 6d. 

^- ' - 852 BUTLER (Honble. Simon). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

853 BUTLER (Walter). Armorial Shield in a garter. 25. 

854 BUTLER (Wm.). Festoon Armorial {circa 1796). 25. 

855 BUTLER (William O'Brien), Esq., Heir and Claimant of the 
Barony of Le Botiler. Armorial. 25. 

856 BUTT (Isaac), T.C.D. [famous Irish politician]. Crest in a garter. 
35. 6d, 

857 BUTTS (Robert). B. Cole sculp. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

858 BUXTON (Isaac). Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

859 B[UXTON] (L.). Armorial, armd in an oval frame. 4^. 

Bookplates {Franks Collection), 29 

860 [BUXTON OF SHADWELL. Norfolk.] Jacobean Armorial. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., y. 8, p. 104. 

861 BYAM (Fraricisci), ex Insula Antigua. Jacobean Armorial. 
Printed in brown, i/. is. 

862 BYAM (George). Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

863 BYAM (Martin), Esqr. Chippendale Pictorial Armorial (a 

sporting plate, with a gun, dog, deer, etc.). ys, 6d. 

864 [BYNG, Viscount Torrington.] Armorial Spade Shield on a mantle. 

865 BYNG (John). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

S66 BYRD (William), of Westover in Virginia, Esq. Jacobean Ar- 
morial, with shaded background. 2/. 185. 

Reproduced in Ex Librts Joumalf vol. i, p. 42. 

867 BYRON [Lord].. Griffiths <S^ Weigalls. Armorial. Very rare, 

l/. IS. 
The bookplate of the author of " Childe Harold." Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl.» v. 4, 
p. 174- 

868 BYRON (The Right Honble. William), Lord Byron. Jacobean 

Armorial. Circa 1750. 5s. 

869 [BYSSHE (Sir Edward), Garter King of Arms, b, 1615, d, 1679.] 

Carolian Armorial, before 1655. 7/. los. 

For a reproduction and description of this rare and early plate see Castle, English 
Bookplates, pp. 48-32. 

R70 CABBELL(Jno.), M.D. Bachc sculpt,, Birmingham. Chippendale 
Armorial, with books, js. 6d. 

871 CADE (John). Chippendale Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

872 CADE (L.). Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. 4s. 

— ^73 CADOGAN (Lord). Jacobean Armorial, with supporters. 2s. 6d, 

874 CADOGAN (Charles), Esq. Early Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

875 CAILLAUD (John), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 12s. 6d, 

See Allen, American Bookplates, No. 130. 

876 CALCRAFT (Henry Fox). Armorial Shield on a mantle. 2s. 6d 

877 CALDWELL (C. B.). Crest, Motto on a Chippendale Scroll. 3s. 
. B7S CALDWELL (Charles Andrew). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 
- 879 CALDWELL (Sir John), Bart. Armorial with supporters. 2s. 6d, 

880 CALDWELL (Ra[chel]). Pictorial Armorial, with ruins. 4s. 6d, 

881 Pictorial Armorial. Spade Shield resting against a wall. 

2s. 6d. 

882 CALLAN (John), Pall Mall. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

883 CALLANAN (John), M.D. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 

884 CALLEY (WilUam), Esqr., of Burdrop in Wiltshire. Chippendale 
Armorial. 5s. 

885 CALLIS (Smith), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

886 CALVERT (John). Armorial Shield in a chain suspended from a 
ribbon. 3s. 6d, 

887 CALVERT (Nicholson), of Hunsdon in Hertfordshire. Esq. Chip- 
pendale Armorial. 6s, ' 

888 CALVERT (Sr. Wm.). Chippendale Armorial. 2s. 6d. 


30 EUis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

889 CALL WELL (Robert), Belfast. Festoon Armorial. 2S. 6d. 
CAMDEN (Lord), see Pratt. 

890 CAMDEN (John). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

891 CAM'ELL. E. Libris WilU' Cam'eU De Disse in Norfolc. i7[25]. 
Printed label. 5s. 

892 CAMERON (Chas.). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

893 CAMERON (Charies). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

894 CAMERON (H. J.), Esqr.. Dingwall. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

895 CAMPART (Peter), Boston. Chippendale Armorial, gs, 6d. 

896 [CAMPBELL.] The Earl of Bread' albane. Chippendale Armorial 
with supporters. 3s. 6d, 

897 C[AMPBELL] (A.), Clathick. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

898 CAMPBELL (The Hdnble. Alexr. Hume), of the Inner Temple, 

Esqr., Councellor at Law and Advocate. Early Jacobean 
Armorial. Fine. 18s. 

899 CAMPBELL (The Honourable Archibald), Esqr. 1708. Early- 

Armorial with supporters. The medium plate, 85. 6d. 

Repcoduced in Castie^ p. 6z. 

900 CAMPBELL (The Honble. Archibald), Esqr. 1708. Early Ar- 

morial with supporters. The small plate. 6s» 

901 CAMPBELL (Capt.), of Glenfeachan. Wreath and Ribbon 

Armorial. 35. 

902 CAMPBELL (Colin), Esq., Jura, Co. Argyll. John Emslie sc. 

Armorial. 25. 6d. 

903 CAMPBELL (James Goodlatt), of Achlyne, Esqr. Jacobean 

Armorial. 85. 6d. 

904 CAMPBELL (Rev. Jas.), LL.D. 1844. Armorial. 25. 6d. 

905 CAMPBELL (John), of Shawfield, Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 

ys. 6d, 

906 CAMPBELL (Lieut.-Gen.), of Monzie. G. Ml^ainl. A.D.C, 

Armorial supporters. A late copy, is. 

907 CAMPBELL (Robert). Armorial Trophy. 35. 6d. 

908 A different plate. Armorial Trophy. 5s. 

909 CAMPBELL (W. H.). Armorial Spade Shield. 15. 

910 CAMPION (Thomas Spread). Festoon Armorial. Printed in 

blue. 2s. 

CANTERBURY (Archbishop of), see Longley. 

911 CAPEL (The Honble. Mr.). Armorial Spade Shield. 3s. 

912 CAPELL (The Right Honble. Algernon), Earl of Essex, Viscount 

Maldon, and Baron Capell of Hadham, 1701. Early Armorial. 

CARBERY (Baron), sec Evans. 
t— — . 913 CARD (Samuel). Early Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

914 CARDEN (John), of Templemore, Esqr. Jacobean Armorial, ss^ 
CARDIGAN (Earl of), see Brudenell. 

915 CARDONNEL (Mansft. A.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 55* 
CARDROSS (Lord), see Erskine. 

Bookplates (Franks CoUecHon). 31 

916 CAREW (Lord). Crest, within collar of St. Patrick. 25. 6d, 

917 CAREW (Sr. Nicholas), Bart., of Beddington in the County of 
Surrey. Jacobean Armorial, with supporters. 45. 

918 CAREW (Nicholas), of Beddington in Surrey, Esqr., 1707. Early 
Armorial, with supporters. 15s. 

919 CAREW (Thomas), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial, with supporters. 55. 

920 [CAREW (W. H. Pole)], Antony House. Armorial with sup- 

porters. IS. 

.- - 021 [CARLETON (Viscount), I^rd Chief Justice of Ireland, d. 1826.] 
Armorial. 25. 6d, 

922 CARLILE (James), Paisley. Dearie sculpsit. Engraved Label. 


923 CARLOS (E. J.). [Antiquary.] Seal Armorial, is. 6d, 

924 CARLYLE (John A.), [translator of " Dante," younger brother of 

Thomas Carlyle]. Crest within framework. 5s. 

925 CARLYLE (Thomas), [the historian and essayist]. Crest within 

framework of scrolls, etc. 125. 6^2. 

Reprodaced in Castle, p. x68. 

926 CARMICHAEL (The Right Honble. the Lord). Jacobean Ar- 

morial. 35. 6d, 

927 [CARMICHAEL.] John Earl of Hyndford. B- Scott ft, Jacobean 

Armorial. 55. 

028 [CARMICHAEL.] John Earl of Hyndford, 1743. Large Jacobean 
Armorial. 155. 

929 [CARMICHAEL.] John Earl of Hyndford. Chippendale Ar- 

morial. 55. 

930 CARMICH AELL (John), of Castle Craig. Esqr. Jacobean Armorial • 


931 CARMICHAELL (The Honourable Wm.), Esqr. Early Armorial, 


See AUtn, AmerijMm Bot^ptaUs, No. 133. 

932 [CARNAC (P.).] Early Jacobean Armorial. 55. 
CARNARVON (Earl of), see Dormer. 
CARNARVON (Marquis of), see Brydges. 

933 [CARNEGIE.] The Right Honble. James Earl of Southesque, 

Lord Camegy of Kinnaird and Leuchars. 17 10. Early 
Armorial, with supporters. 125. 6d. 

934 The smaller plate, also dated lyio. los. 6d. 

935 [CARNEGIE]. James, Earl of Southesk. Seal Armorial, is. 6d, 

936 CARNEGIE (Sr. James), of Pittarrow, Bart. Jacobean Armorial 

with supporters. $s. 6d. 

937 CARPENTER (The Right Honble. George). Armorial (about 

1730). 2s. 6d. 

938 CARR (Ralph), Esqr., of Cocken, in the County of Durham, 

Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

939 CARR (Ralph). Lamberts. Late Chippendale Armorial. 25. 6d 

940 CARRIGHAN (John Thomas), Whickham. Armorial, two slaelds 
accol6. 2s. 6d. 

32 Ellis, 29 New Band Streei, W, 

941 GARRINGTON (Sir Codrington Edmund), F,A.S.. F.R.S. [Born 

Barbadoes, afterwards Chief Justice of Ceylon]. Armorial. 2s 

942 CARRINGTON (Ja.), Chancellor of the Diocese of Exeter 

Vesica Pictorial Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

943 CARRINGTON (James), Clerk. Early Chippendale Armorial. 

35. 6d, 

944 CARRINGTON (James). Jacobean Armorial. 65. 

945 CARROLL (Ephm.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

946 CARRUTHERS (John), of Holmains, Esqr. Early Armorial. 

^s, 6d. 

947 CARSON (Thomas William). A set of three plates; Armorial. 


948 CARTER OF DEAL, Kent. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

949 CARTER (E.), Deal, Kent. Pictorial, with motto. A Lady's 

plate. 45. 6d. 

950 CARTER. Soi de Francisco Carter. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

951 CARTER (H.). E.Burtenshatb, set. Dover, Chippendale Armorial. 

952 CARTER (John). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 25. 6d, 

953 CARTER (Thos.), Esqr., Temple. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

954 [CARTER.] Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

955 CARTERET (Henry Frederick Lord). Festoon Armorial. 35. 

956 CARTERET (Philip), Esq. Silvester sc. ArmoriaL 3s. 6d. 
gS7 CARTWRIGHT (Edmund), Junr., M,A., F.A.S. Armorial, is. 

958 [CARY, of Torr Abbey.] Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. 45. 6d. 

959 CARY (Briggs), Ljoin. Chippendale Armorial. 75. 6d. 

960 CARYER (Richd.). Chippendale Pictorial Armorial, js. 6d. 
CASHEL (Archbishop of). See Brodrick. 

961 CASHIN (Edward). Festoon Armorial, in a beaded oval. 2s. 6d. 

962 CASSAN (Revd. Stephen Hyde), M.A., F.S.A., Vicar of Bruton. 

Somerset. Armorial. 15. 

963 CASTELL (William), A.M. Late Jacobean Armorial. 35. 6d, 
CASTLEMAINE (Viscouat). See Child. 
CATHERLOUGH (Earl of). See Knight. 

964 CATOR (John). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

965 CATOR (Joseph). Armorial Spade Shield. 15. 6d. 

966 CATOR (Peter). Armorial 5pade Shield is. 

967 CATHCART (Charles Shaw, Lord). 1763. Armorial Atms on a 

mantle. 4s. 6d. 

968 CAULFEILD (Captain), Royal Navy. Armorial Shield on a 

mantle. 2s. 6d. 

969 CAULFEILD (Rev. John), D.D., Euphemia Gordon of Kenmure. 

Archdeacon of Kilmore. 1 776. Festoon Armorial. , 4s, 

970 CAULFEILD (William), Esqr. Jacobean ArmoriaL A lats 

impression. 3s. 


Bookplates (Franks Collection). 33 

971 CAULFIELD (Richard), LL.D., Fellow Soc. Antiq. London, 

Conresp. Mem. Soc. Antiq. Normandy. Cork. [By A. Colthurst.^ 

Pictorial, with ruins. 3s. 

Reproduced in Castle, p. 151. 

972 CAVE (Sir Charles), Bart. Armorial Spade Shield, in an oval. 25. 

973 CAVE (James), Surgeon. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 6d. 
— 974 CAVE (Richard). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d, 

975 CAVE (Sr Thos.) Bart., of Stanford Hall in the County of Leicester. 

Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

976 [CAVENDISH.] The Most Noble WilUam Duke of Devonshire, 

Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter. Large Early 
Armorial, with supporters. los. 

Reproduced as frontispiece to Ex Lihris J I., v. 7. 

977 CAVENDISH (Honble. Fredk.). Festoon Armorial. A fine 

example, 35. 6d, 

978 [CAVENDISH.] Armorial Spade Shield, on a mantle. 2s. 6d. 

979 CAY (John), of the Middle Temple, Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 

3s. 6d, 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 13, p. 4. 

980 [CECIL, Viscount] Cranborne. Chippendale Armorial. Slightly 

injured. 3s. 

981 [CECIL.] The Right Honourable John Earle of Exeter, Baron 
Cecil of Burghley. Early Armonal Crest. 75. 6d. 

.982 [CECIL.] Elizabeth, Marchioness of Exeter. Armorial Lozenge. 

983 CHADWICK (John), Esqr., Healey Hall, Lancashire, 1791. 

Armorial, is. 6d. 

984 [CHADWICK.] Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

985 CHALONER (William), Esqr., of Gisborough in Cleveland. 

Yorkshire. Chippendale Armorial. Slightly defective. 4s. 6d. 

986 CHALMERS (Geo.), Esq., F.R.S.S.A. [Historian]. Armorial 

Spade Shield, shaded background. 5s. 

See Allen, American Bookplatm, No. 144. 

987 CHALMERS (Henry), A.M. Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

988 CHAMBERLAYNE Ex Libris Emmae C. Chamberlayne. 1889. 

A. R[obertson]. Pictorial Armorial Lozenge. 2s. 6d. 

989 CHAMBERLAYNE (John), Esqr., of St. Margaret's, Westminster. 

1702. Early Armorial. 185. 

990 CHAMBERS (Richard Shafto), Esq., of London. Armorial. 2a\ 

991 CHAMBERS (William), Surveyor-General of His Majesties Works. 

Armorial Spade Shield, with insignia. 3s. 6d. 

- 992 CHAMBERS. Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

993 CHAMIER (Anthony) [friend of Dr. Johnson]. Chippendale 
Armorial. 5 s. 6d. 

994 A smaller plate. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 6d. 

995 CHAMBRE (Rowland), M.A. Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

996 CHAMPANTE (John), of Lincoln's Inn, Esqr. 1703. Early 

Armorial. 105. 6d. 

997 CHAMPNEYS, Orchardley, Somerset. W. Hlenshaw]. Armorial. 



34 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

998 CHAMPNEYS. Orchardleigh, Somerset. Huntley sc, Bath. 2s.6d. 

999 CHANCELLOUR OF SHIELDHILI., Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

1000 CHANDLER (R.). Pictorial. 25. 6d. 

1 00 1 CHANDLER (Samuel), Gent. Jacobean Armorial. 45. 6d. 
CHANDOS (Duke of). See Brydges. 

1002 [CHAPMAN.] Nicholls sculp. Early Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 6d. 

1003 CHAPMAN (Sr John), Baronet. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

1004 CHAPMAN (Rich.). E. Libris Rich. Chapman, Coll. Eman., 

Cantab.. 1755. Printed label. 55. 

1005 CHAPMAN (Willm.). Chippendale Armoiral. 4s. 6d. 

1006 CHARLETON (Chas.), M.D. [By Bewick.] Pictorial, a sea view 

at Tynemouth. 55. 

1007 CHARLETON (Edwd.), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 45. 

1008 [CHARLETT (Dr. Arthur), Master of University College, Oxford, 

b. 1655, d. 1722.1 A.C. Book-pile cypher. 6s. 

1009 [CHASE.] Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

loio CHATFIELD (Allen Thomas). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

1 01 1 CHATTERTON (Geo.). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

1012 CHATTERTON (Thos.). Chippendale Armorial. 55. 6rf. 

1013 C[HAUNCY] ([Dr.] C[haries]). Eariy Jacobean Armorial. The 

First State of Dr. Charles Chauncy*s plate. 15s. 

1014 CHAUNCY (Charies), M.D. Eariy Jacobean Armorial. 105. 

See AUen^ American Bookplates, No. 153. 

1015 CHAUNTRELL (Thomas). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

1016 CHENEVIX (Richard) [Chemist]. Chippendale Armorial. 6s 

1017 CHERMSIDE (Sir Robt Alder.), M.D. Armorial, is. 6d. 

1018 CHESLYN (Richard). Festoon Armorial. Fine. 4s. 6d. 
ID 1 9 CHESSHYRE (John), Esq. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

1020 CHESSON (Willm.) Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

1 02 1 CHESTER (Sr John), Barrtt. of Checkley, Bucks. Jacobean 

Armorial, ^s. 6d. 

1022 CHESTER (Sir Robert). Armorial, is. 6d. 
CHESTERFIELD (Earl of). See Stanhope. 

1023 [CHETWODE, Sir Thos., Baronet.] Chippendale Armorial. 

4s. 6d. 

jf024 CHETWYND(Honble. Richd.). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 6d. 

1025 C[HETWYND] (I.). Jacobean Armorial, with unicorns. 4s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris J I., vol. xii, p. 17. 

1026 [CHICHESTER, Earl of Donegall.] Early Jacobean Armorial. 

ys. 6d. 

1027 [CHICHESTER], Earl of Donegall. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

1028 [CHICHESTER], Marquiss of Donegall. Yates sculp. Armorial 

Spade Shield on a mantle. 2s. 6d. 

1028a Yates sculp. Crest and Coronet on a mantle. 2s. 

1029 [CHICHESTER], Marquiss of Donegall. Woodman 6- Mutlow sc. 

Armorial Spade Shiela. 2s. 

Bookplates (Franks Collection). 35 

1030 [CHICHESTER.] W, H, Toms sculp, Chippendale Armorial. 

5s. 6d, 

1031 CHILCOT (Thomas), Organist of Bath, 1757. Chippendale 

Armorial. Stained, 7s, 6d, 

1032 [CHILD TYLNEY, Viscount Castelmaine.] Lebas S. Pictorial 

Armorial. 75. 6d. 

1033 CHILD (Charles), of London. Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 

CA- 1034 CHILDE (Will. Lacon), of Kinlet, Esqr., Jacobean Armorial 
shield on a mantle. $s, 6d. 

103s C[HINNERY] (G.). Chippendale Crest and Cypher. 2s. 6d. 

1036 CHINNERY (Richard). Chippendale Armorial. Injured, 3s. 6d, 

1037 CHIPPINDALE (John). Armorial. 4s. 

1038 CHIPPINDALL [W.]. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

1039 CHISENHALE (Jno.), M.A. Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

1040 CHISWELL (R. M. Trench). Chippendale Armorial. 3s, 6d, 

1041 CHOLMELEY (Sir Mountague), Bart. A[lbert] W[ay] del. 2d. 

Feb., 1S26. Landscape Pictorial Armorial. 5s. 

1042 CHOLMONDELEY (The Right Honourable Hugh Lord Vis- 

count). Early Armorial. $s. 

1643 CHOLMONDELEY (The Honourable Brigadier). Early Ar- 
morial. 55. 

1044 CHOLMONDELEY (Seymour), Esqr. Early Armorial. 55. 

1045 CHOPPIN (WiUiam). Pictorial Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

1046 CHORLEY (W. B.), Liverpool. Bonner sc. Pictorial, with ruins. 

1047 A different plate. Pictorial, with ruins. 4s. 

1048 CHRISHOP (Geo.), Durham. Chippendale Armorial, with 

books. 65. 

1049 CHRISTIAN (John), Pet. Col.. Cantab. W, Henshaw sc. Ar- 

morial. 45. 6d. 

1050 CHURCHILL (Awnsham), Esqr. [bookseller, M.P. for Dorchester 

between 1705-10]. Jacobean Armorial. 85. 6d, 

105 1 CHURCHILL (Willm.), Esquier [of Henbury, Co. Dorset]. 

Armorial. Printed in blue, $s, 6d, 

1052 CHUTE (Edward), Apoth. Exon. F, Garden sc. Jacobean 

Armorial. 75. 6d. 

1052a CHUTE (Mrs.). Festoon Pictorial. 55. 

1053 [CLAGETT, Co. Kent.] Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 
— 1054 CLANCHY (John). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

CLANRICARDE (Earl and Marquis of). See De Burgh. 
CLARE (Earl of). See Fitzgibbon. 
CLARENDON (Eari of). See Villiers. 

105 5 CLARK (Charles), of Totham Hall. Printed label with humorous 
verse. 3s, 6d. 

1056 CLARK (George), Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d, 

1057 CLARK (Hamlet), M.A. Seal Armorial. 15. 6d. 



36 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

058 CLARK (Jno.) M.D. Festoon Armorial. 2S. 6d. 

059 CLARK (Richard), Esqr., Chamberlain of London. Armorial. 
IS. 6d. 

060 [CLARKE.] Early J[acobean Armorial. 55. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 9, p.. 136. 

061 [CLARKE.] Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

062 CLARKE (Alured), D.D. Chippendale Armorial. Slightly in- 
jured, 3s. 

063 CLARKE (Charles Cowden), [Shakespearean Scholar]. Pictorial. 

064 CLARKE (Colonel). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 

065 CLARKE (Geo.), Coll. O.A. Soc. [M.P. for Oxford University, d. 
1736]. S. G[ribelin]. Jacobean Armorial within architectural 
frame. 6s. 

066 CLARKE (George), M.D. Pictorial Armorial, a beacon on a hill 
in the background. 5s. 

067 CLARKE (James), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

068 CLARKE (John), A.M. Armorial (circa 1750). 4s. 6d. 

069 CLARKE (The Revd. Robert), M. A. /. Kerr del. et sculp. Land- 
scape Pictorial Armorial. 5s. 

070 CLAVELL (George), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

071 CLAVERING(Sr Thomas), Bart. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6i. 

072 CLAVERING (John), Berrington. Early Armorial. los. 6d. 

073 CLAVERING (Robt.), Esqr., 1748. Chippendale Armorial. 
5s. 6d. Reproduced in Hamilton, p. 60. 

074 CLAY (Richd.). T. Partis, Junr., sc. Chippendale Pictorial 
Armorial, with cupid, bird, and flowers. 5s. 

075 CLAY (Richd.). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

076 CLAY (Robert), Liverpool. Chippendale Armorial, Modern. 
IS. 6d. 

077 [CLAYTON OF ENFIELD.] Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

078 [CLAYTON (John)J, Little Harewood and Carr Hall, Lancashire. 
Skelton fecit. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

079 CLAYTON (The Rt. Revd. Dr. Robert), Bishop of Clogher. 

ChippMidale Armorial. Fine. 8s. 6d. 

080 CLAYTON (Sir Robert), of the City of London, Knight. Alderman 

and Mayor thereof, Ano 1679. i8s. 

081 CLAYTON (WiUiam). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

082 [CLEAVER.] Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d* 

083 CLEAVER (William), Lincoln's Inn. Armorial Spade Shield. 


084 CLEEVE (Alexr.), C.C.C.C, A.B. Chippendale Engraved Label. 


085 CLENDINING (George). Armorial Spade Shield, is. 

086 CLENDINING (John), M.D. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

087 CLEPHANE DE CARISLOGII. Armorial, with supporters. 4s. 

088 CLIFF (Robert). Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

Bookplates {Franks CMecUon). 



089 CLIFFE (Robert). Jacobean Armorial. The same plate with 

name altered. 45. 6a* 

090 CUFFE (William), Tewkesbury. Wreath and Ribbon engraved 

label. 45. 6d, 

091 CLIFFORD (Baron). Armorial with supporters. 45. 6d, 

092 CLIFTON (Willm.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

093 CLINTON (De Witt) [Governor of New York. 1817-22 and 1824- 

27.] P. R. Maverick sculpt. Festoon Armorial. los. 6d, 
See AUen, American Bookplates^ No. 171. 

094 CLINTON (Henry Fynes). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d, 

095 The same plate without inscription. 45. 

096 CLIVE (Henry). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

097 CLIVE (Robert Lord) [The victor of Plassey]. Chippendale 

Armorial with supporters. Rare. 7s. 6d. 

098 CLOBERY (R. Glynn), M.D. Chippendale Armorial Pictorial. 


Rqproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 2, p. 8. 

099 CLOUGH (Henry Gore). Festoon Crest. 3s. 

00 CLOUGH (Richard), of Glanywen, Esq. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

01 CLUTTERBUCK (Robert) [Topographer]. Merri field, n. Picca- 
dilly. Wreaith and Ribbon Armorial, is. 6d, 

02 CLUTTERBUCK (T.). Armorial Spade Shield, is. 

03 CO APE (Maria). Pictorial, with a Lyre and Wreath. 4s. 

04 COBBE (Ric. Chal.). R. M[ouniaine]. Chippendale Armorial. 

js. 6d. 

05 COBBE (Thos.). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

06 COBBETT (John), of Frimley, in Surrey. Wreath and Ribbon 

Armorial. 3s. 

07 COCHRAN (William), of Killmamock. Early Armorial. 15s. 

08 COCK (John), Gent., of Tallow-Chandlers-Hall, London. Early 

Jacobean Armorial. 7s. 6d. 

09 COCK (Thomas Theophilus). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

10 COCKBURN of Row-Chester. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

12 COCKBURN (George). Jacobean Armorial. Fine. 4s. 6d. 

1 3 Merchant. Jacobean Armorial. A different plate. 4$. 6d. 

14 COCKBURN ([Sir] Wilham). Large Armorial. Circa 1800. 2s. 

1$ COCKERELL (Sir Charles), Bart. Armorial with supporters. 
IS. 6d. 

16 COCKERILL (J.). [T. Bewick.] Landscape Pictorial. 6s. 

17 COCKS (Richard). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

18 COCKSEDGE (R.), A.M. Armorial Spade Shield. 3s. 6d. 

19 COCKSHUTT (Jos.). Esq. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

20 CODRINGTON (Sir Willm.), Bart. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

21 COFFIN (Pine). Armorial. 2s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl^, v. 6, p. 6x. 

22 COGHLAN (Rev. Chas. L.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 

25. 6d. 

38 EUis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

1 123 COKAYNE (Georgius Edwardus), Arm. Norroy Rex Armorum. 

1882. Vesica Armorial. [By WyonJ] 2s. 

1 1 24 [COKE (Thomas), Lord Lovel]. Armorial, with supporters. 

Circa 1740, 3s. 6d, 

1 125 COKE (Cary), Wife of Edward Coke of Norfolk, Esq. 1701. 

Jacobean Armorial. iL is. 

1126 COKE (Danl. Parker), Coll. omn. Anim. Soc. Chippendale 

Armorial. 35. 6d. 

1 1 27 COKE (Edward), of Norfolk, Esq. 1701. Early Armorial. 

l/. IS- 

1128 COKE (Miss). Chippendale Armorial Lozenge. 6s. 

1129 COKER (Johannes), Nov. Coll. Soc. Chippendale Armorial. 

3s. 6d. 

1130 COLCLOUGH (John). E. Lyons. Pictorial Armorial. Corner 

torn. I OS. 6d. 

1131 COLBORNE (Thomas). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

T132 COLE (Benjn.). Armorial Spade Shield on a Mantle. 2s. 6d. 

1 133 C[OLE] (C). Jacobean Armorial. A Lady's plate. 5s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 8, p. 16. 

1 1 34 COLE (Chas. Nelson), Esq., Inner Temple. Chippendale Armo 

rial. $s. 

^135 C[OLE] (L). Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

1136 COLE (John Willm.). Armorial Trophy. 45. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 7, p. 174. 

1137 COLE (Josiah), M.D. Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

1 1 38 COLE (Roger), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. Slightly torn. 2*. 

1139 COLE (W.), Cler. I. C. S. Rect. de Eynesbury in Com. Hunt, et 

Coll. S.S. Trin. Cantab. Commensal, ad Mensam Soc. Festoon 
Armorial. 3s. 

1 1 40 COLE (Willm.), Coll. Regal. Cantab. A.M. Jacobean Armorial. 


1 141 COLEBROOKE (George), of Southgate, Middx., Esqr. Chippen- 

dale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

IT 42 COLEBROOKE (Henry Thomas). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 

1 143 [COLEBROOKE.] Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

1 1 44 COLEMAN (Benjamin Freeman), Hobson sc, Bath. Armorial 

Spade Shield. 2s. 6d. 

114s COLEMAN (F.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, with books. 

4s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl.^ v. 7, p. 132. 

1 146 COLEMAN (John Noble), Queens College, Oxford. Crest. 2s. 6d. 

1 147 COLEMAN (John Sherard). Johnson sc. Armorial, is. 

1 148 COLEMAN (W.). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

1 149 COLEPEPER (John Spencer), Esqr. Transitional Jacobean 

Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

1150 COLEPEPER (Jno. Spencer) Esq. Chippendale Crest. 45. 
COLERANE (Lord), see Hare. 

Bookplates (Franks CoUeciion). 


51 COLINS (T.), E. Coll. Vig. Oxon. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 


52 COLLETON (James Edward), A.M. Jacobean Armorial. First 

State. 45. 

53 COLLIER (Ralph), Tower Hill. Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d, 

54 COLLINS (Charles Henry), Esq. Chippendale Armorial Trophy. 


Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl.^ v. 7, p. 91. 

5 5 COLLINS (Henry). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 25. 6d, 

56 COLLINS (Joannes), de Betterton in Com. Berceriae. Jacobean 

Armorial. 75. 6d. 

57 COLLINS (John Stratford), Esq., Walford, co. Hereford. Armo- 

rial. IS. 6d. 

58 COLLINS (Joseph), Esq. Mordecai scu, Jacobean Armorial. 


59 COLLINS (S. J.). R. M\ouniaine]. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

60 COLLINSON (Charles Streynsham). Wreath and Ribbon 

Armorial. 2s, 

61 COLLYER (Daniel). W. H[enshaw]. Wreath and Ribbon 

Armorial, the name in a Chippendale frame. 3s. 

62 COLMAN (Francis). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 
6^ COLMORE (Charles). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

64 COLOGAN (Thomas E.). Esq., Teneriffe. Armorial. $s. 6d, 

65 COLQUHOUN OF CAMSTRADDAN. Chippendale Armorial. 


66 COLQUITT (Capt. John Scrope), ist Regt. of Foot Guards, 1797. 

Yates sculp., Liverpool. Large Armorial. 35. 6d. 

67 COLT (John Hamilton), Esq., Garthsherie, co. Lanark. [By 

Becker.] Armorial. 2s. 

68 COLUMBINE (Francis), Esq., Colonel of Foot. 1708. Early 

Armorial, il. 5s. 

69 COLVILL (The Right Honble. John, Lord), of Culross. Jaco- 

bean Armorial, with supporters. 3s. 

70 COLVIN (Sidney). C. W. S[herborn]. 1888. Pictorial, with 

books, pictures, etc. 15 s. 

71 COMBE (Edward). Jacobean Armorial. 

72 COMBE (T.). Armorial Spade Shield. 

73 COMERFORD (James). Armorial. 25. 

Name cut off. 3s. 6d. 
is. 6d. 

74 COMERFORD (Patrick), M.A. Jacobean Bookpile Armorial 

arms on a Mantle, ids. 6d. 

75 COMMERELL (I. W.), Esq. Armorial Spade Shield. 2s, 

76 COMMERELL (W. A.), Esq. Armorial Spade Shield, is. 

77 [COMPTON.] The Right Honble. George Earl of Northampton, 

Baron Compton of Compton. 1703. Early Armorial, u. is. 

78 [COMPTON]. Charles, Marquis of Northampton. Seal Armo- 

rial. 25. 6d. 

79 COMPTON (Henry), Lord Bishop of London. 1701. Early 

Armorial. 125. 6d. 


ElliSf 29 New Bond Street, W. 

1 180 COMPTON (Heury C.) E<<qr., Manor House, Lyndhurst. Wreath 
and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

81 COMPTON (Saml.). Festoon Armorial, is. 

82 CONDUITT (John), Esq. Jacobean Armorial. 75. 6d. 

83 CONEY (Bicknell). Festoon Armorial. 45. 

84 CONEY (Rev. WilHam), A.M., Fellow of Oriel Coll., Oxon. 
Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

85 CONGREVE (The Rev. Richard). Festoon Armorial. Pretty 
specimen. 3s. 6d. 

86 CONNELL (Anthony). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

87 CONROY (George), Bishop of Ardagh. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

88 [CONSTABLE.] Early Armorial, with Crest (a ship). 125. 6i. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl.^ v. 6, p. 175. 

89 CONSTABLE (The Rev. John), Ringmer. Crest (a ship). 45. 6d. 

90 CONSTABLE (Wm.), Esqr., F.R.S. and F.A.S. Festoon Ar- 
morial, ^s. 

91 CONWAY (Charles). {Attributed to Flaxman.'] Pictorial. 2s. 6d. 

92 CONWAY (Frederick Wm.). Bookpile Armorial. 5s. 

93 CONWAY (Hugh Seymour). Armorial Spade Shield pendant 
from a ribbon. 25. 6d. 

94 CONWAY (Rev. Robert). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

95 CONWAY (Thomas), Hart Street, Bloomsbury. Festoon Ar- 
morial. Injured. 2s. 

96 CONY (Robert), M.D. Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

97 CONY (Robt.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

98 CONYERS (John), Es<ir., Copt Hall. Essex. [H. Gravelot.] 
Library interior pictorial Armorial. 12s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Fincham, p. 36. 

199 COODE (Edwd.). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

200 C[OODE] (W.). Chippendale Armorial, with cypher. 4s. 

201 COOK (Fountaine), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

202 COOK (Joannes), M.D. Early Armorial. 6s. 

203 COOK (Joseph). Pictorial Armorial, ^s. 6d. 

204 [Attributed to Bewick.] Landscape Pictorial Armorial. 

3s. 6d. 

205 COOKE (Chas.). Buck, Manr. Landscape Pictorial. 5s. 

206 COOKE (Sir Geo.), Bart., Wheatley. Yates scul. Wreath and 
Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

207 COOKE (Sr. George), of the Inner Temple, London, Chief Pro- 
thonotary of the Court of Common Pleas, Westminster. 1727. 
Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

208 COOKE (George Wingrove), Middle Temple. [War Correspon- 
dent, d. 1865.] Haws Busk delt. Armorial Trophy, with books. 

209 COOKE (Revd. I.). Deehle sculpt., Bristol. Monumental Ar- 
morial, ^s. 

12 10 COOKE (James). Chippendale Armorial, with shaded back- 
ground. $s. 

( ~ 

BookplaUs (Franks Collection). 41 

121 1 COOKE (Sarah Ise.). Um. 33, 6d, 

121 2 COOKE (Thomas Potter) [actor, 1786-1864]. Warwick sc. 

Crest in a garter. 35. 6d. 

121 3 COOKE (William), of Lincoln's Inn [legal writer]. Armorial 

Spade Shield. 35. 

1 2 14 COOKE (W. M.), 2, Brick Court, Temple. Printed label. 45. 

1215 COOKESLEY (Jno.). Festoon Armorial. 35. 

1 216 COOMBE (George Augustus). Armorial. Circa 1825. 15. 

1217 COOPER (Charles Purton), Esqr., Wadham College and Lincoln's 

Inn [lawyer and antiquary]. Armorial, is. 

1218 K.C., A.M. Oxford, LL.D. (Louvain & Kiel), etc. 

Armorial, is. 

1 2 19 COOPER (Edward). E. Libris Edvardi Cooper. Chippendale 

Pictorial Armorial with books. 35. 6d. 

1220 COOPER (The Right Honble. Sir Grey), Bart, [politician, d. 1801]. 

Armorial with supporters. 3s. 6d. 

1 22 1 COOPER (Lt.-Colonel), 2nd Somerset MiUtia. /. L. Huntly sc, 

Bath. Armorial. 3s. 

1222 COOPER (Myles), LL.D., Coll. Regis Nov. Ebor. in America 

Praeses et Coll. Reginae de Oxon. Socius, etc. Chippendale 

Armorial. Very rare, i/. 105. 
Myles Cooper wa8 the second President of King's College (now Columbia University). 
See Allen, Amnican Bookplates, No. 183, for description, and reproduction at p. 49. 

1223 COOPER (Nathan). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

1224 COOPER (T. Lovick). Ingoldesthorpe. Armorial Arms in a 

garter. 2s. 

1225 COOPER (Wm.), M.D. Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

1226 COOPER (Wm.), Southampton Street. Armorial Spade Shield. 

IS. 6d. 

1227 COOPER (William Durrant), [Sussex antiquary]. Armorial. 

IS. 6d, 

1228 F.S.A. Armorial, is. > 

1229 COORE (John). Chippendale Crest. 4s. 

1230 [COOTE (General Sir Eyre).] Armorial, with supporters. 6s. 
General Coote fought as a junior officer under Comwallis in America, and was with him 

when he surrendfered at Yorktown. 

1 23 1 [COPE, Baronet.] Armorial. 2s. 

1232 COPE (Eli), Surgeon. Bland sculp. Pictorial, 4s. 6d. 

1233 COPE (J. M.). Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

1234 COPE (Sr. John), Bart. Jacobean Armorial. 7s. 6d, 

1235 COPEL AND (William). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

1236 [COPLEY (John Singleton), Lord], Lyndhurst. [Lord Chan- 

cellor of England. Born Boston, U.S.A., 1772. Died 1863.] 
Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

1237 [COPLEY.] Sarah G, Lyndhurst. Engraved Label. 3s. 6d. 

1238 COPPINGER (Rt. Rev. Dr.). Armorial. 2s. 

1239 CORBET (Corbet). Festoon Armorial on a mantle. 2s. 

1240 CORBET (Henry), A.M. Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 

^._. — ' 

42 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W, 

1 241 CORBET (Richard). Adderley. Printed Label. 2s. 

1242 CORBETT (Rev. Andrew). Tompkin, Sheffd. Armorial, is. 6d. 

1243 CORBETT (Charles), of Lincoln's Inn, i7[44]. Chippendale 

Armorial. 5s. 

1244 CORBYN (Major), R.N. /. Walker set. Modern Chippendale 

Armorial. 25. 6d. 

1245 CORBYN (Thomas). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 
CORK AND ORRERY (Earl of), see Boyle. 

1246 CORKRAN (Lewis). Armorial Spade Shield, is. 

1247 CORNELISEN (Henry), Esqr. 1720. Jacobean Armorial. 

Figures supporting scroU containing inscription. 125. 6d. 

124S CORNER (George Richard), [Southwark antiquary]. T. Wiille- 
ment]. Seal Armorial. 15. 6d, 

1249 CORNWALL (John). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

1250 CORNWALLIS (Cha.), Ld. CornwalUs. Chippendale Armorial, 

with supporters. 2s. 6d, 

Reproduced in Castle, p. 78. 

1 25 1 CORNWALLIS (Marquis). [Charles, First Marquis, commanded 

English forces in America during War of Independence]. Ar- 
morial Spade Shield in a garter. 4s. 6d. 

1252 CORNWALLIS (The Right Honble. Charles Lord), Baron of Eye 

in Com. Suffolk. 1706. i/. is. 

1253 CORNWALLIS (Elizabeth). Armorial Lozenge. $s. 6d. 

1254 CORNWALLIS (Louisa). Armorial, with .supporters. 35. 6^ 

1255 CORNWALLIS (Louisa). Armorial Lozenge. 3s. 6d. 

1256 CORNWALLIS (Fred.), [successively Bishop of Lichfield and 

Archbishop of Canterbury]. Chippendale Armorial, with 
bishop's mitre. A fine ecclesiastical plate. 55. 

1257 CORNWALLIS (Wm). Early Armorial (about 1700). 55. 

1258 CORNWALLIS (William). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 

25. 6d. 

1259 CORTHYM (H. A.). Festoon Pictorial Armorial. 4s. 

1260 COSSART (I. I.). Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d. 

1 26 1 COSTELLO (Thos.), M.T.L. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

1262 COTES (Rev. H.), Vicar, Bedlington. 1802. [By Thomas Bewick.] 

Landscape Pictorial. Woodcut. 6s. 6d. 
For a description of this bookplate see Hugo, The Bewick Collector, p. 3x1. The block 
was afterwards used as a tailpiece in the '* British Birds." 

1263 COTHER (T.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

1264 COTTIN (John), HiU Park, Kent. Armorial Spade Shield in a 

beaded oval. 2s. 

1265 COTTON (Edward). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

1266 COTTON. Anna Georgii Edwardi Lynch Cotton, S.T.P.. 

Episcopi Calcuttensis. Seal Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

1267 COTTON (Rev. H. S.). P. Audinet sculp. Pictorial Armorial, 

with rod, net, and other emblems of angling. 3s. 

1268 COTTON (Sr. John Hynde), Bart. W* S[tephens]. Chippendale 

Armorial, ss. 6d. 

Bookplates (Franks Collection), 43 

1 269 COTTON (Philia. L. ). Armorial Lozenge Pendant from a ribbon. 

Interesting lady's plate. 3s. 

1270 COTTON (Willm.). Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

1271 COTTON (WiUiam A.), Bromsgrove. H. [G. R. Halketi,] 

Library Interior. 2s. 

1272 COTTRELL (Charles), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d, 

1273 COTTRELL (Charles Herbert). Armorial Spade Shield, is. 

1274 COTTRELL (Sr. Clement). Kt., Master of the Ceremonyes. 

Early Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

— — 1275 COULSON (J. B.), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

1276 C[OULSON] (J[ukes]). Crest and Cypher. 2s. 6d, 

1277 COULSON (William), Esq. Jacobean Armorial. Damaged. 3s. 

1278 COULTHARD (Thomas). Landscape Pictorial, a river scene. 

Slightly injured. 4s. 

1279 COURTENAY (George). Armorial Spade Shield, is. 

1280 COURTENAY (The Rev. Henry Reginald), LL.D. Jacobean 

Armorial. $s. 

1281 COUSSMAKER (Evert Geo.), Esq. Chippendale Armorial. 

45. 6(i. 

1282 COUSSMAKER (G. K. ri.), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

1283 COUTTS (Patrick). /. Kirk sc. Chippendale Crest. 4s. 6d. 

1284 COUTTS (Thomas), Esqr., Strand, London, [banker, founder of 

Coutts & Co.]^ Crest. 2s. 6d. 

1285 COVENTRY (George), B.D., F.R.S.E. Late Jacobean Armorial. 


1286 [COVERT.] B. Green, F. Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. 

4s. 6d. 

1287 CO WELL (Benjamin). Early Jacobean Armorial. $$. 

1288 [COWPER (Earl).] Jacobean Armorial, with supporters.. 

The large plate. 4s. 6d. 

1289 The small plate. 4s. 6d. 

1290 COWPER (The Honble. Mrs.). Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

1291 COWPER (J.), M.A., C.C.C.C. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

1292 COWPER (John), A.M. Jacobean Armorial. Woodcut. 5s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl.f v. 7, p. 44. 

1293 COWPER (Thomas), Esqr., Overlegh. Armorial Spade Shield 

on a mantle, is. 6d. 

4^^ 1294 COWPER (WilUam), Esqr., Clerk of the Parliaments. Jacobean 
Armorial, with shaded background. 5s. 
The bookplate of the Poet's uncle. Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 3, p. 19. 

1295 COWPER (William), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield. los. 6d. 
The bookplate of the Poet. Very scarce. Reproduced in Ex Libris J I., v. 3, p. loa. 

1296 COWPER (William), of Colne, Esq. 1728. Jacobean ArmoriaL 

ys. 6d. 

1297 COX (Richard). 1743. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

1298 The last plate re-worked, mthout date. 3s. 6d. 

1299 COX (Richd.), Quarley, Hants. Armorial Spade Shield in a 

beaded oval. is. 6d. 

44 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

1300 COXE (J. Hippisley). of Stone Easton, Esqr. Jacobean Ariliorial 

on shaded background. 55. 

1 301 COXE (Rd. Hippisley). Jas. Taylor sculp. Pictorial Armorial, 

with books, palette, pyramids, etc. ys. 6d. 

1302 COXWELL (The Rev. Charles), Ablington, co. Gloucester. [By 

Emslie.']. Armorial. 15. 6d. 

1303 CRACHERODE (Clayton), Student of Ch. Ch. [book-collector]. 

Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 6d. 

1304 CRACROFT (Jno.). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

1305 CRAFTON (WiUm. Bell). 1777. Urn. 4s. 6d, 

1306 CRAIG (Robert). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

1307 CRAIG (The Honble. William), one of the Lords of Council and 

Session and Lord Cdhimissioner of Justiciary. Armorial Spade 
Shield. 25. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 13, p. 4. 

1308 CRAM. Ex Libris George Washington Cram, Norwalk, Con- 

necticut, 1893. Library interior. Printed in blue. 2s. 6d, 

1309 CRAMPTON (P. C), Esq. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 
CRANBORNE (Viscount), see Cecil. 

1 3 10 [CRANE (James)]. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

131 1 CRAUFURD (Sir Alexr.), Bart. Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

1312 CRAUFURD (Bridget). Armorial. 3s, 6d, 

1313 CRAUFURD (John). Chippendale Armorial, s^- 6d. 

1 3 14 CRAUFURD (Patrick), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

1315 CRAUFURD (William Petrie). Mutlow sc. Pictorial Armorial. 

25. 6d. 

1 3 16 CRAVEN (The Right Honble. William. Lord), Baron Craven of 

Hamstead Marshsdl. Early Armorial (about 1700). los. 6d. 

CRAWFORD (Earl of), see Lindsay. 

1 3 1 7 CRAWFORD (William Horatio), Lakelands, Cork [book collector]. 

Armorial, ss. 6d, 

1 3 18 CRAWHALL (Thos.), Newcastle. Landscape Pictorial. 5s. 6d, 

1 3 19 CRAYLE (Crayle), Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. 55. 

1320 CRESPIGNY (Claude), of the South Sea House. Chippendale 

Armorial. 55. 6d. 

1 32 1 of Trin. Hall, Camb. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

1322 CRESPIGNY (Philip Champion). Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

.1323 CRESPIGNY (Philip Champion), Colney Chapel, Herts. Ar- 
morial Spade Shield. 25. 6d. 

1324 CREWE (John), Esqr. Muxon. Chippendale Armorial. ss.6d. 

1325 [CREWE, Baron], Crewe Hall. Seal Armorial. 2s. 

1, 2^5 CROFT (Sir Thomas Elmsley), Baronet. Weigall sc. LargQ 
Armorial. 55. 

1327 CROFTON (The Rev. Henry). Chippendale Armorial. 45.. ; 

1328 CROFTS (John). Chippendale Armorial. - M^ended^. ^s. 6d. 

1329 CROFTS. Jacobean Armorial ^bi^ld on a mantle. 2s. 6d. 

1330 CROKATT (James). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

Bookplates {Franks ColUcHon), 45 

1 33 1 CROKER (Samuel). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 
CROMERTIE (Earl of), see Mackenfeie. 
(^ 1332 CROMP (Pierrepont), E.A.P. Festoon Armorial. 15. 

1333 CROMPTON (Mr. ), Inner Temple. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 


1334 CROOK (Benjamin). ChippMdale Armorial. Cut down, 3s. 

1335 CROOKE (Chas. Cunym.). Jacobean Armorial. 35. 6d, 

1336 CROOKSHANK (Judge). Chippendale Armorial. los. 

See AUen, Americmn BookplaU$t No. 189. 

1337 CROPLEY (Wm.), Clare Hall. [Attributed to Stephens.] Chip- 

pendale Armorial. 4s. 

1338 CROSBIE (Andrew), Esqr., Advocate. Chippendale Armorial. 


1339 CROSBIE (William). Crest, is. 6d, 

1340 f CROSIER (John) Maiden.] Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

1 341 CROSSE. Festoon Armorial. 15. 6d. ' \ 

1342 CROSSE (Thos.). Chippendale Armorial. 3$. 6d, 

1343 CROSSMAN. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

1344 CROSSMAN (G. B.). Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

1345 CROSTHWAITE (John). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

1346 CROUCHER (John Honour). Engraved label. 2s. 6d. 

1347 CROWDER (William Henry). Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d. 

1348 CROWTHER (Philip Wyatt). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 
2s. 6d. 

1349 CRUISE (William). Lincoln's Inn. Sharpe inv. et sculp. Urn 
Armorial. 3s. 

1350 CRUTTENDEN (Edward Holden). Armorial Spade Shield on 
a Mantle. 2s. 

1 35 1 CUFF (A. B.). Urn Armorial Lozenge. 4s. 6^. 

1352 CUFF (James). Jacobean Armorial. A late impression. 3s. 6rf. 

1353 CULLUM (Gery Milner Gibson), Hardwick House. Suffolk. E. 
Mitchell. 2s. 6d. 

1354 CULLUM (John). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

1355 CULLUM (The Rev. Sir John), Bart., Hardwick House, Suffolk, 
F.R.S. and F.S.A. Armorial Spade Shield on a Mantle. 2s. 6d. 

1356 CULLUM (Thomas Gery). Chippendale ArmoriaL 5s. 

1357 CULLUM (Sir Thos. Gery), Bart., F.R.S. Chippendlale Armo 
rial. 3s. 6d. ' * 

1358 CUMBERLAND (Mr.). Pictorial Allegorical Plate. W. Blake 
inv. et sc. A. M, 70. 1827. los. 6<i. 

^359 CUMING (William), M.D. Jacobean Pictorial Armorial, ys. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris //.. n-oI. xi, p. 22. 

1 360 [CUMMING.] The Laird of Altyr*s Arms. Jacobean Armorial, 
with supporters. 4s. 6d. 

1361 CUNLIFPE (Sr. Ellis), Bart. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 
2s. 6d, 

1362 CUNLIFFE (Robt.). Library Interior Armorial. 7s. 6d. 


EUiSy 29 New Bond Street, W. 


















CUNLIFFE (Charlotte). Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

CUNLIFFE (Sr. Foster). Bart. F. Battolozzi fee. Pictorial 
Armorial, cupids supporting a Mantle. 10s. 

[CUNNINGHAM.] James. Earl of Glencairn. Early Armorial. 
los. 6d. 

CUNYNGHAM (Robt.) Esq. Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

CUNYNGHAM (Daniel), Esq. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

CUNYNGHAME (Sr. David), of Livingstone, Bart. An. 17—. 
Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

CUNYNGHAME (Sir Wm. Augustus), of Livingstone, Bart. 
Chippendale Armorial, with supporters. 35. 6d. 

CURRER (Frances Mary Richardson). Armorial Lozenge. 
3s. 6d. 

CURRIE (James), M.D. Pictorial. 2s. 

CURRIE (William). East Horsley. Armorial. 2s. 

CURSON (J.). Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

CURRY (Dr.). Engraved label. 3s. 6d, 

[CURTEIS.] Chippendale Armorial. 35. 

The same plate with motto added. 3s. 

C[URTEIS] (J.). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

CURTEIS (Jeremiah). Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

CURZON, Baron Penn, Hagley Farm. Yates sculp. Armorial. 
2s. 6d. 

[CURZON. Baron Scarsdale.] P. Mazell feet. Armorial, with 
supporters. 3s. 6d, 

[CURZON, Baron Scarsdale.] Strongitharm sc„ Pall Mall- 
Armorial Spade Shield, with supporters. 3s. 6d. 

CUSSANS (John). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

[CUSTANCE.] Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

[CUTCLIFFE.1 Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

CUTLER (Henry). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, is. 6d. 

CUTTING (William). P. R. Maverick set. Wreath and Ribbon 
Armorial. 2s. 

C. (H.) Jacobean Cypher. 65. 

DACRE (Baron), see Lennard. 

DALE (Geo. Edwd.). G. Pye del. et set. Armorial oval Shield on 
Clouds. 55. 

DALHOUSIE (Earl of), see Ramsay. 

DALRYMPLE (A.). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. dd. 

[DALRYMPLE (Adols. I.).] Armorial. 2s. 

DALRYMPLE (Alex.), Esq. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

DALRYMPLE (Danl.). Festoon Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

DALRYMPLE (Sir Hew), of Northberwick. Baronet. Lord 

President of the Session. Early Armorial, with supporters. 

Cifca 1700. 15s. 

Sir Hew Dalrymple was created a Baronet of Nova Scotia in 1698. 


Bookplates (Franks Collection), 47 

394 DALRYMPLE (Sir Hew). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 6rf. 

395 DALRYMPLE (Hugh). Esq. Chippendale Armorial, ^s. 6d. 

396 DALRYMPLE (Ja.). Crest. 3s. 6d, 

397 D ALTON (Jane). Armorial Lozenge in a beaded oval. 3s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 6, p. 102. 

^98 DALY (Charles), M.D. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

399 DAMER (Anna). Agnes Berry invt et delt, Londini, 1793. 

Franctsus Legat sculpt. Pictorial Armorial. los. 6d, 

Reproduced in Finckam, p. to. 

400 Anne Seymour Damer. The same plate, with name 

altered. Very scarce, i/. is. 

401 DAMER (John), Esqr. [Husband of Anna Damer.] Chippendale 

Armorial. $s, 

402 DAMER (Honble. Lionel). Festoon Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

403 DAMPIER (Thomas). [? Master at Eton.] Jacobean Armorial. 

3s. 6d, 

404 Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

405 DANFORTH [(Dr. Samuel) of Boston, Massachussetts.] N, 

H[urd] scp. Chippendale Pictorial Armorial, with books. 
125. 6d. 

406 DANIELL. Landscape Pictorial Armorial. 45. 6d. 

407 DANIELL (Thos.) Truro. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 6d, 

408 DANIELL (John), Esq. Haracles. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

409 DANIELL (William), Bristol. Lander sculpt. Crest in a Garter. 


410 DANSEY (Rev. William), A.M., M.B., F.C.S., Rector of Donhead 

St. Andrew. V^ts. Armorial. 25. 6d, 

411 DARBY (Francis), Esq., Coalbrookdale, *co. Salop. [By Becker,] 

Armorial. 15. 6d, 

412 DARBY (John). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 25. 6d, 

413 DARCH (Thomas), Esq. Moore, Vere St,, Oxford St. Crest. 2s. 

414 [D'ARCY.] Robert, Earl of Holdemesse. Crest. 25. 

415 DARVALL (Joseph Lawrence). Smith sc. Festoon Armorial. 

25. 6d, 

416 DARWIN (Erasmus) M.D., F.R.S. Lichfield. 1771. Chippen- 

dale Armorial, ys. 6d, 

417 DASHWOOD (Charles Vere), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 35. 

418 DASHWOOD (Rev. G. H.), A.M. [Norfolk Antiquary.] Armo- 

rial Shield on a Mantle. 25. 6d, 

419 DASHWOOD (Sr. Francis). Bart., of West Wycombe, Bucks. 

Jacobean Armorial, ys. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., vol. xi, p. 47. 

420 DASHWOOD (George). Early Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 

421 DASHWOOD (James Edward Bateman). Seal Armorial, is* 

422 DASHWOOD (Richd.), Esq. Early Armorial. 55. 6d, 

423 DASHWOOD (Samuel). [Lord Mayor of London, 1702.] Early 

Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

1424 DAUBENY (Charles). Burnell sc, Bristol, Armorial. 25. 

4* Ellis, 2g New Band Street, W, 

1425 LL.D., Archdeacon of Sarum. Armorial. 2s. 

1426 DAULBY [(Daniel) Writer on Rembrandt.] Etched Pictorial, 

a man seated holding a board. $s. 

1427 DAUNT (George). Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

1428 DAUNT (George Digby). Green, Cork. Armorial Trophy. 

25. 6d. 

1429 D'AVENANT (Corbet). Chippendale ArmoriaL 4s. 6d. 

1430 DAVY. Jacobean Armorial on shaded background (circular i» 

shape). 45. 6d. 

143 1 DAVIDSON (John), Newcastle, CI. P. Northumberland. Armo- 

rial. 2S. 

1432 DAVIDSON (Thos.). Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

1433 DAVIDSON (Thos.), Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Wreath and Ribbon 

Armorial. 25. 6d, 

1434 DAVIE (Jos.), Coll. Trin. Oxon Soc. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

1435 [DAVIE.] Jacobean Armorial. 35. 6d, 

1436 DAVIES (Robert), of Llannerch, Denbighshire [Welsh Antiquary, 

d. 1728]. Early Jacobean Armorial. A rare Welsh plate. 55. 

1437 DAVIS (George). Chippendale Armorial, with harp as crest. 

35. 6d, 

1438 DAVIS (J. Barnard), M.D.. F.R.S. Cuff sc. Pictorial, with 

ancient urns, skull, flint and book. 55. 

1439 DAVISON (Alexr.), Esqr. Swarland [friend of Admiral Lord 

Nelson]. Armorial Spade Shield. 3s. 6d. 

1440 DAVISON (Wm.), Esqr., Blakiston. Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

1441 DAVY (C). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d, 

1442 DAVY (Eleazar). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

1443 DAVY (Lady) [Wife of Sir Humphrey Davy, the natural philo- 

sopher]. Armorial Lozenge. 45. 6a. 

1444 DAWBARN (Thomas). Chippendale Armorial, Modem. 35. 

1445 DAWKINS (Henry), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. Before 

1759. ^s. 6d, 

1^6 Chippendale Armorial. ImpaUng arms of his wife, Lady 

Juliana Colyear. 3s. 6d. 

1447 DAWES (Sir William), Baronet, 1704 [Archbishop of York]. 

Early Armorial. los. 6d. 

1448 [DAWN AY.] Chippendale Armorial. $s. 6d. 

1449 [DAWNAY.] Jacobean Armorial. $$. 

1450 DAWNAY (H.), Esq. Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

1451 DAWSON (Arthur), Esq. Carolian Crest. 7s. 6d. 

1452 DAWSON (Francis), Junr. Chislehurst, Kent. The Gift of his 

Grandfather, Walter Wcldon, 1841. Armorial. 2s. 

1453 DAWSON (Richard Kennet), Frickley Hall. Armorial. 25. 

1454 DAWSON (S.), of York. Jacobean Armorial. Damaged. 3s. 

1455 DAWSON (Susanna), Grosvenor Square. Armorial Lozenge. 

25. 6d. 

1456 DAWSON (Thomas). Chippendale Armorial, Modern, is. 6d, 

Bookplates {Franks Collection). 49 

1457 [DAWSON, Co. York.] Chippendale Armorial, ss, 

1458 DAY (R. Welsted), M.D., Glenbrook. Green. Pictorial Ar 

morial. 25. 

1459 DAY (Robert). Pictorial Armorial. (Circa 1780.) 3s. 6d, 

1460 DAY (Robert). Juti., F.S.A., M.R.I.A. Pictorial Armorial, with 

Round Tower, is. 

1 46 1 DAY (Thomas). Festoon Armorial. 45. 6^. 

Probably the plate of the author of ** Sandford and Merton." 

1462 DAY (Willm.), E. Coll. Aen. Nas., Oxon. Armorial. 2s. 

1463 DAYRELL (Richard), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield. 25. 

^^ 1464 [DAYROLLE (S.), Esqr.] Early Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

1465 DAYROLLES (Sol.). Esqr. Austin sculp. Chippendale Pic- 
torial Armorial. $s. 
DayroUes was the Secretary and friend of the celebrated Lord Chesterfield. Reproduced 
in Fincham, p. 7. 

•"■^ 1466 [DEALTRY, Thomas, Bishop of Madras.] Thomas Madras. 
Armorial. 2s. 

1467 DEATS (H. E.). Pictorial. 12s. 6d. 

Illustrated in AUm, AtneHcmn 'BookpUOts^ p. 150. 

1468 DEBAUFRE. Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

1469 DE BEAUVOIR (Rd. Benyon), Englofield House, Berks. Ar- 

morial. 15. 6d. 

1470 DEBERNARDY(C.W.). Armorial. 2s. 

1471 DE BOU^ONGNE (Benjn.) Junr. Pictorial Armorial with books 

and palette. 4s. 

1472 [DE BURGH.] Bourk, Earl of Clanrickard.i| Jacobean Ar- 

morial. 45. 6d. 

1473 DEBURGH (Earl of Clanricarde). W. Hibbart sculp. 1759. 
Jacobean Armorial, with supporters. 4s. 6d. 

1474 DEBURGH, Earl of Clanricarde. Jacobean Armorial, with 
supporters. 3s. 6d. 

1475 DE BURGH, Earl of Clanricarde. Armorial, is. 6d. 

1476 DE BURGH, Marquis of Clanricarde. Armorial, is. 6d. 

1477 DEBURGH (Rt. Honble. Lady Augusta). C^ppendale Armorial 
Lozenge. 6s. 6d. 

1478 DE CHAIR (John). /. Kirk, St. PauVs Churchyard. Chippen- 
dale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

1479 DE CLARE (Richard S. Plantagenet). Suffield sc. Armorial, 
with supporters, ^s. 6d. 

1480 DE COURCY (M.). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

148 1 DECOETLOGON(TheRevd. Chas.). Festoon Armorial. 2s.6d. 

1482 D[EEBLE] (E. B.). Armorial, is. 6d. 

1483 DE HAES (A. L.). Banister sculpsit. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

1484 DE HAVILLAND (Petrus). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

1485 DE HORSEY (Spencer H.). Armorial, is. 
i486 DELABERE [(John)]. Chippendale Armorial. 3s* 

1487 DE LA CHAUMETTE (Lewis Andrew). Armorial Spade Shield. 

50 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

1488 DELAFAYE (Charles). Esq., of Wichbury, Wilts. 1743. Bath. 

Skinner sculp. Chippendale Armorial.* 45. 6d. 

Reproduced in Fincham, p. 88. 

1489 DE LA FELD (Jean). Armes d* Alliance de Jean De La Feld, 

Comte de 1' Empire Saint Romain et de sa Femme Lady Cecil 
Jeane Fille du Comte de Limerick Pair d'Angleterre. Largs 
Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

1490 DE LA FONTAINE (Benjn.). Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 

1491 DE LANCEY (James), Esqr., of the Inner Temple. Jacobean 

Armorial, ys. 6d. 

1492 DE LAMERIE (Mary). Chippendale Armorial Lozenge. 75. 6d. 

1493 DELANDE. E Libris Alberti Delande, Ar. Soc. Med. Temp. 

Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris J I., v 13, p. 32. 

1494 DELAY AL (Frans. Blake), Esqr. Chippendale Pictorial Ar- 

morial. Very fine. 55. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 6, p. 31. 

1495 DELAY AL (Sir John Hussey), Bart. Large Festoon Armorial, 

with shaded background. 45. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., y. 6, p. 29. 

1496 DELAYAUD (Geo.) Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d. 
DE LA WARR (Lord). See West, 

1497 DELESPINE(Jas.) Chippendale Engraved Label. 4s. 6d. 
DENBIGH ^Earl of). See Fielding. 

1498 DENHOLM (Sir James Stewart), Baronet of Colt»ess and West- 

shiel. Armorial, with supporters. 2s. 6d. 

1499 DENIS01^( Robert), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

1500 DENNE (Cornelius), Esqr., Bedford Row. Armorial Spade 

Shield on a Mantle. 3s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 13, p. x8. 

1501 DENNE (Denne), Elbridge House, Kent. Armorial. 3s. 

1 502 [DENNISTOUN.] Armorial, with supporters. 2s. 

1503 DE PONTHIEU (Baroness). Warwick Ft. Armorial, with 

supporters, is. 6d. 

1504 DE PORQUET (Louis P. R. Fenwick), Gt. House, Dunmow, 

Essex. Armorial. 25. 6d. 

1505 DE PUISAYE (Count Joseph). Armorial. 2s. 

1506 DERBY (Revd. John). R. M[ountaine] sculp. Chippendale 

Armorial. 6s. 7,» 

1507 [DERHAM.] Armorial, is. 

1508 DERING (John Thurlow). Armorial, ss. 6d. 

1509 DERRY. Sigillum Joannis Derry D. et A. S. Gratia Episcopi 

Clonfertensis. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

DERWENTWATER (Earl of). See RadcUffe. 

1 5 10 DESBRISAY (Theophilus). Jacobean Trophy Armorial.' Very 

fine. 9s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 8, p. 75. 

1 51 1 DETHICK (Thoma.s). Howe set. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

1 5 12 DEUCHAR OF THAT ILK, Angusshire. Armorial, with sup- 

porters. 3s. 6d. 

Bookplates {Franks Collection). 


15 13 DEUCHAR (David), Seal Engraver to His Royal Highness Geo. 
Prince of Wales. Edinburgh. Pictorial Armorial. los. 6d. 

514 DE VAUX (I^ewis), in Fareham. Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 

515 DEVERELL (Richd. Blake). Esqr., Clifton. Johnson sc. Crest 

in a garter. 25. 6d. 

516 [DEVEREUX, Viscount Hereford.] Jacobean Armorial. 45. 6i. 

517 DEVEREUX (Robt.), Esqr., of Carigmenan, Wexford. Chip- 

pendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

518 DEVERSON (Thomas). Chippendale Trophy Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

519 DE VISME, Maison. etc., etc., etc. Armorial, with supporters 

on a mantle. 45. 
The crest is the Prussian eagle which Frederick the Greit allowed Louis De Visme to bear 
a« a proof of bis esteem. 

520 DE VISME (G.). Festoon Armorial, is. 6d, 
DEVONSHIRE, Duke of. See Cavendish. 

521 DEWAR (David), Esqr., Enham, Hants. Crest. 2S. 6d, 

522 DEWAR (James), of Vogry, Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

523 DEWAR (John). Crest. 2s. 6d, 

524 DEWES (Court). Pictorial Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

525 DEXTER'S (Samuel), MDCCLXXXV. [1785]. Printed label. 

1 8s. 
Samuel Dexter was U.S. Secretary of War, x8oo, and U.S. Secretary to the Treasury, 
1801. See AUetit American BookpiaUs^ 222. 

526 DIAMOND (Hugh W.), F.S.A., Surgeon. Armorial. 2s 

Diamond was one of the first to interest himself in photography. 

527 Another plate, Anonymous. Coloured by hand. 5s. 

528 D[IBDIN] (T. F.), BibUographer. Mock Armorial. los. 

Reproduced in CasUe, p. 136. 

529 DICK (Sr John), Bart., Large Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

530 DICKENS (Charles). Crest. los. 6d. 

Reproduced in CasUe, p. 171. 

531 DICKENS (Charles). From the Library of Charles Dickens, 

Gadshill Place, June, 1870. Printed label. 3s. 

Reproduced in Castle, p. 293. 

532 DICKINS (Ambr.), Junr., E. Soc. Lincoln Armig. 1740. Jaco- 

bean Armorial. 6s. 

533 DICKINS (Fr.), Armig. 1795. Jacobean Armorial. 2s. 

534 DICKINSON (Charles), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Castle^ p. xo6. 

535 DICKINSON (William), Esq. [Nottinghamshire topographer]. 

Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

536 DICKINZON(Benjn.). Livesay sc, Leeds. Landscape pictorial, 

with portrait. 8s. 6d, 

537 DICKSON (James), Esqr., of Ednam in the County of Roxburgh. 

Chippendale Armorial. 5 s. 

538 DICKSON (Lieut.-General). Crest. 3s. 

539 DIDIER (Benj.). Bickham Junr,, sculp, Jacobean Pictorial 

Armorial, with books. 5 s. 

540 DIKES (T.). Armorial Spade Shield. 3s. 6d. 

541 DILKE (C. W.). Chippendale ArmoriaU 2s. 6<f. 


Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 


542 DILLON (Honble. Henry). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 6d, 

543 DILNOT (John). Wreath and Ribbon Engraved Label. 4s. 6d. 

544 DISNEY (Gerv.), M.B., Nottingham. Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

545 DISNEY (John). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 

546 DISNEY (Saml.). LL.B. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 

Reproduced ia Ex Libns J I., v. X3, p. t8. 

547 DISRAELI (The Right Honourable Benjamin). Armorial. 55. 

548 DIXON (Geoe.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, ^s. 6d, 

549 DIXON (Matthew). W. H[enshaw]. Chippendale Armorial. 

7s. 6d. 

550 DIXON (S.) Jacobean Armorial Lozenge. A scarce lady*s plate. 

85. 6^. 

551 [DOBBS, of Castle Dobbs, Co. Antrim.] Pictorial Armorial. 6s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl.f v. 5, p. 15 z. 

552 DOBIE (William). Lizars so. Landscape Pictorial Armorial. 

3s. 6d, 

553 DOBIE (James). R, Gray sc. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 

2s. 6d, . 

554 DOBREE. Bibliothecae Coll. S.S. Trin. Cant. Legavit Petrus 

Paulus Dobree, A.M., Graecanim Literarium Professor Regius et 
Socius Collegii, 1826. R. Roe, Pictorial. 25. 6d, 
Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 8, p. 55. 

555 DOBSON (Robert). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

556 DOBYNS (Robt.), of Hereford shire,* Esq. Jacobean Armorial. 

Late impression, 2s. 

557 DOBYNS (William), of lincoln's-Inn, Esqr. Early Armorial. 


558 DOCKWRAY (T.), M.A., Fellow of St. John's College, Camb. 

Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d, 

559 DODD (John), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 35. 6d, 

560 DODD (W.), M.A., Chaplain to the King. Chippendale Crest. 

45. 6d. 
The bookplate of the celebrated Dr. Dodd, who was executed for forgery, a fate from 
which Dr. Johnson tried hard to save him. 

561 DODSON (N.). G. A, Holroyd Fecit April sotk, iSis. Armorial. 

35. 6d. 

562 DODWELL (Edward), [traveller and archaeologist]. Armorial 

Arms on a mantle. 25. 6d, 

563 DOEG (Alexr.). Pictorial. 3s. 

564 DOLBEN (Sr. John), Bart., of Finedon in Northamptonshire. 

Jacobean Armorial. $s. 6d, 

565 DOLBEN (John English). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, is. 6d, 

566 D'OLIER (E. L.). Late Chippendale Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

567 [D'OLIER.] Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

568 D'OLIER (Isaac). LL.D. Festoon Armorial. 25. 

569 [DOMVILE(SirC. C. W.).] 186-. Armorial with supporters, is. 

570 DON (Sir Alexander); of Newton, Bart. Jacobean Armorial. 6$. 

571 DONALDSON, Williamshaw, Ayrshire. 1766. Armorial, is. 6d, 

Bookplates (Franks Collection). 53 

1572 D[ONALDSON]. Crest and Cypher. 2s. 

1573 DONEGALL (Earl and Marquess of), se/? Chichester: 

1574 DONKIN (Armorer). [By T, Bewick,] Pictorial Armorial. 
4s. 6d. 

1575 DONKIN (Lt.-Genetal Sir Rufane ShaWe). Armorial with sup- 
porters. 2s. 6d, 

1576 DONLEVY (WilUam). /. Cassidy sc. Wrfeath and Ribbon 
Armorial. 25. 6d. 

1577 DONNE (WilUam). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

1578 [DONNE (William Bodham)]. Chippendale Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

1579 [DORMER.] The Right Honble. Mary, wife of Charles, Earle of 

Carnarvon and Sister of James, Earle of Abingdon. Early 
Armorial, i/. 15. 

DORSET AND MIDDLESEX (Earl of), see SackvUle. 

1580 DOTT (James). Armorial. 2s. 

1 581 DOUCE (W. H.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 25. 

1582 [DOUGHARTY.] Jacobean Armorial with mathematical in- 

struments. 1 05. 6d. 

1583 DOUGHTY (Charles Montagu). Theberton Hall. Armorial. 

IS. 6d. 

^ 1584 DOUGHTY (Ed wslrd). Huntly sc. Armorial, two shields. is.6d, 

1585 [DOUGLAS.] Sylvester Lord Glenbervie. Armorial with sup- 

porters. 2s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 6, p. 37. 

1586 [DOUGLAS, Earl of Morton.] Jacobean Armorial, arms on a 

mantle. 75. 6d, 

1587 DOUGLAS (A. M. J..). Crest. 3s. 

1588 DOUGLAS. E libris Johannis Douglas, Episcopi Sarisburiensis. 
Armorial, arms in a garter, is. 6d, 

1589 DOUGLAS (Robt.), Esqr., Taunton. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

1590 DOUGLAS (Sylvester). Armorial, is. 

1 591 [DOVER.] Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

1592 DOWDESWELL (George), M.D. Jaeobeain Armorial (a chain 
pendant from a ribbon). 3s. 6d, 

1593 DOWDESWELL (Thos.), Esqr. PuU Court, Worcestershire. 
Mordecai sculp, Armoxial Trophy. 5s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 7, p. 85. 

1594 DOWDESWELL (WilUam), Esqr., of Pull Cx)urt. Worcestershire. 
Chippendale Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

1595 DOWELL (Rev. William). Armorial, shield in a garter, is. 6dm 

1596 DOWNES (C). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

1597 DOWNES (Dive). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

1 598 DOWNES (William). Pictorial, arms on urn. 2s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris fl., v. 9, p. 145. 

1599 A similar plate. 2s. 6d. 

1600 DOWNING (George). Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

1601 [DOWNING. (Maria).] Armorial Lozenge. 5s. -_ 


Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W, 

602 [D'OYLY (Sir Charles), Indian civilian and artist.] Armorial, 

arms in a garter. 25. 6d. 

603 D'OYLY (George), D.D. [theologian and biographer]. Crest. 

2s. 6d, 

604 D'OYLY (T.), Coll. Onm. Anim. Soc. Early Jacobean Armorial. 


605 DRAKE (Francis). Armorial. 15. 

606 DRAKE (George). Armorial. 2s. 

607 DRAKE (Sir Trayton F. Eliott). Bart. Crests. 25. 

608 DRAPER (Richd.). Serjeant-at-Law. Chippendale Armorial. 

45. 6d. 

609 Smaller plate. 3s. 6d, 

610 DRAPER (Willm), of Adgcomb in ye County of Surry. 5. 

Pomarede sculp. Jacobean Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

611 DRAPER(Willm.), of Adgcomb in ye County of Surry. Jacobean 

Armorial. 6s. 

6t2 drawbridge (William). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 
2s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Lihris Jl., v. 9, p. 107. 

613 DREW (Pierce William). Armorial. Coloured. 5s. 

614 DREW (Revd. Pierce W.). Gteen, Cork. Armorial Trophy. 4s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris JL, v. 7, p. 96. 

615 DREYER (John Daniel). Chippendale Armorial. Slightly 

injured. $s. 6d. 

616 DREYER (Maurice). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

617 DRUERY (John Henry), Middle Temple. Armorial, is. 6d. 

618 DRUMMOND OF HAWTHORNDEN, Bart. Armorial, with 

supporters. $s. 

619 DRUMMOND (Alexr.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

620 DRUMMOND (Ann). Crest. 4s. 6d. 

621 DRUMMOND (Charlotte). Armorial Lozenge, pendant from a 

ribbon. $s. 

622 DRUMMOND (Edgar). Cadland, Southampton. 1871. Decera- 

tive Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

623 DRUMMOND (Edwd. Auriol Hay), D.D. Armorial Spade Shield. 

IS. 6d, 

624 DRUMMOND (Henry), [one of the founders of the Catholic 

Apostolic Church], Albury Park, Surrey. 5s. 

625 DRUMMOND [(Home).] A, Biurden]. Early Armorial. 6s. 

626 DRUMMOND (J.). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

627 DRUMMOND (John), of Logy Almond, Esqr. Chippendale 

Armorial. 4s. 

628 DRUMMOND (Johannes Georgius Home) de Abbots Grange. 

Kirkwood sculpt. Armorial, in a circle. 2s. 

629 DRUMMOND (Robert). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d^ 

630 DRUMMOND (Spencer Rodney and Caroline). Armorial. 25. 

Bookplates (Franks CoUection). 


163 1 DRUMMOND (Doctor Thomas). 5. Wale invt, /?. Strange sculp. 
Library Interior, with musical instruments, etc. i/. los. 
Sir R. Strange engraved two bookplates only, the present plate and that of Sir Andrew 
Lumisden. Reproduced in Hardy, p. 64. 

632 DRURY (Henry), Esqr. Crest. 15. 6d. 

633 DRY (Benjamin), Esqr. Large Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

634 DU BISSON (John). Pictorial Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

635 DUCANE (Peter), Junr., Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6rf. 

636 DUCANE (Peter), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 

637 DUCAREL (Andrew Colteft), LL.D., Doctor's Commons, 

Jacobean Armorial. 2s. 

Reproduced and described in Ex Libris J I., vol xii, p. 37. 

638 DUDLEY (Sir William), of Clapton, in the County of Northamp- 
ton, Baronet, 1704. Early Armorial, ys. 6d. 

639 DUFF (The Right Hon. Mountstuart E. Grant), Governor of 
Madras, 1 881-1886. Decorative and Architectural. 7s, 6d, 

Reproduced in Ex Libris JL, v. 7, p. 8. 

640 DUFFIN(Edwd. W.), M.D. Late Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6rf. 

641 DUFFIN(Willm.), Woodford, Essex. Chippendale Armorial. 5s, 

642 [DUGDALE.] NicholU sculp., 1729. Jacobean Armorial. 5s.6<i. 

643 DUICK (John). Pictorial, representing ApoUo and the Nine 
Muses, with Pegasus in the background. 6s. 

644 DUMMER (William), his Booke. Pretium. Jacobean Armorial. 
Slightly defective. 6s. 

645 DUNBAR OF WESTFEILD. C. Norton sculps. Armorial, with 
supporters. Slightly torn. is. 

646 DUNBAR (Sr. George), of Mochrum, Bart. Jacobean Armorial 
with supporters. 4s. 6d. 

647 [DUNCAN.] Festoon Armorial Trophy. 3s. 6d. 

648 DUNCAN (Honble. Capt.), R.N. Armorial, is. 

649 DUNCKERLEY (Thos.). Chippendale Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

650 DUNCOMBE (Arnold). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

651 DUNDAS OF ARNISTON, The Arms of. Jacobean Armorial, 
with supporters. 2s. 6d. 

652 DUNDAS OF DUDINGSTON. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6rf. 

653 DUNDAS OF THAT ILK. Early Armorial, with supporters, ss, 

654 DUNDAS (David), Richmond, Surry. Armorial Spade Shield. 


1655 DUNDAS (James), Clerk to the Signet. /. Fraser sculpsit. 

Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

DUNGARVAN (Viscount), see Boyle. 
DUNKERRON (Viscount), see Petty. 

1656 DUNN (George). Chippendale Armorial, Modern. 2s. 6d. 

1657 DUNN (Josias). E, Lyons excu*d. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6rf. 

1658 The same plate. Printed in red. 3s. 

1659 DUNN (Robert). Pictorial, with books, stone bearing hiero* 

glyphics, etc. ^s. 6d. 

1660 DUNNE (Margaret). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. $s. 


EUis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

















[DUNNING.] Lady Ashburton. Armorial. 35. 6d, 

[DUNNING.] Armorial Spade Shield. 35. 
Reproduced in Ex Xtftris //., v. 5, p. x66. 

DUNSCOMBE (Thomas). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

DUNSTER (Charles). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 4s. 

DUPPLIN (Viscount), see Hay. 

DUPRE (John), Mincing Lane. Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 

DUPRE (John), Putney, Surry. Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

[DUPRE (Sarah).] Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

DURBAN (Captn.), R.N., LL.D.. Crest. 2s. 

Rear Admiral D'Urban, LL.D., F.R.A.S. Armorial. 2s. 

DURELL (Da v.), Md. Ch. Alum. Chippendale Armorial. 35.6^. 

A.M., Coll. Pemb. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

DURHAM (Earl of), see Lambton. 

DURHAM. Cypher. Slightly injured. 4s. 6d. 

DURHAM (James), of Largo, Esq. Jacobean Armorial, ^s. 6d, 

DURNFORD (The Revd. Dr.). G. Haines Delin. W. Tringham 
sculpt. Chippendale Pictorial Armorial, with cupids, books, 
etc. Slightly injured, los, 6d. 

DURRANT. Chippendale Armorial. Modern. 35. 

DURRANT (Thomas), Scottow. Hughes fecit. Wreath and 
Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

DURY (Alexander), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

DUTHY (John). R. M[ountaine], Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

DUVAL (Lewis). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6i. 

DWIGHT (John), Gent., A.D. 1728. Jacobean Armorial. 7s. 6d, 

DYER (Chas.). Urn Armorial. 35. 6d. 

Reproduced in Castle, p. X12. 

DYKES (Frecheville L. B.). Large Armorial. 35. 

D[YMOKE] (H. L.). Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

The bookplate of the family of the Champion of Enj^land. 

DYNE (Willm.). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

D. (I.). Craig Lee. Pictorial Cypher, with helmet, shield, lance, 
etc. 45. 

EADE (The Rev. John). Chippendale Pictorial Armorial, with 
bookshelves, books, etc. A very pretty and scarce plate. 1 5s. 
Reproduced in Ex Libris jt., v. 2, p. 100. 

EARDLEY (Mr.). Armorial, with supporters. 2^' 6^- 

EARDLEY [Baron]. Armorial Spade Shield, with supporters. 
3s. 6d. 

EARLE (Augustine),' of Heydon in the County of Norfolk, Esqr. 
Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

EARLE (Thomas), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield. 25. 6d. 

EARLE (Wm. Benson). R. M[ountaine] sculp, Chippendale 
Armorial. 85. 6d. 

EAST (William), Esqr., of Hall Place in Hurley, Berks. Jacobean 
Armorial. Woodcut. . gs, 6d, 

Bookplates (Franks Collection). 



:693 EATON (Geo. B.). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

694 [EDEN.] Lord Auckland. Crest and Coronet, is. 

:69s EDENBOROUGH (S. Bolton), Thrift Hall, near Waltham Abbey. 
Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

696 EDGAR (John), Junr. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

[697 EDGCUMBE (Edward Robert and Clara Jane Constance Pearce). 
Pictorial Armorial. 25. 6d. 

[698 EDGE (Revd. Wm.). Festoon Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

699 EDGELL (E. Wyatt), Milton Place, Surrey. Large Armorial. 2s. 

700 EDISON. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 

701 EDKINS (William). Howitt. Pictorial. 2s. 6d. 

702 EDMONSTONE (Sir Archibald),of Duntreath, Bart., Stirlingshire* 
Armorial Spade Shield, with supporters. 4s. 

703 EDWARDES (The Rev. John), Gdleston Manor, Co. Glamorgan. 
Armorial. 15. 6d, 

704 [EDWARDS.] Jacobean Armorial. A Welsh plate. 35. 6d. 

705 EDWARDS. Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d, 

706 EDWARDS (Bryan), Esqr., Greenwich Park, Jamaica. Chip- 
pendale Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

707 EDWARDS (Edwin). [Designed and etched by Legros.] Pic- 
torial Crest, a house, river, trees, etc., in the background. A 
large plate. 12s. 6d. 

708 EDWARDS (Francis). Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 6d. 

709 EDWARDS (Francis). G. Smith sculpt.. Chancery Lane. 
Festoon Armorial, arms in a garter. $s. 

710 [EDWARDS (Go.), 175-.] Armorial. 55. 

711 EDWARDS (H. Holland), Pennant Ereithlyn, North Wales. 
Armorial. 2s. 

EFFINGHAM (Earl of). See Howard. 

712 EGERTON. The Right Honble. Scroop Egerton, Earl of 
Bridgwater, Viscount Brackley, Baron of Elsmere, 1703. Early 
Armorial. los. 6d. 

713 EGERTON (The Honourable Francis Henry), Prince of the Holy 
Roman Empire, etc., etc., etc. Armorial Shield on mantle. 2s. 

714 EGERTON (Charles). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

715 EGERTON (Henry). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

716 EGERTON (John), Esqr., 1707. Early Armorial. I2s. 6d. 

717 EGERTON (Sibella). Armorial Lozenge. 4s. 
EGMONT (Earl of). See Percival. 

718 ELAM (Samuel), Rhode Island. Pictorial Armorial. £1 $s. 

Reproduced in AUen, American Bookplates, p. 13. 

719 ELDER (Alexander). Thombury Park. Armorial, is. 6d. 

720 ELIOT (Edwd.), of Port Eliot in the County of Cornwall, Esqr. 

Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

Reproduced in Ex Ltbris Jl., v. 7, p. 60. 

1721 ELIOT (Francis Percival), Esqr., Elmhurst Hall near Litchfield. 
Armorial. 25. 6d, 

6o Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

1 78 1 FAGE (G.). Early Pictorial, very elaborate, with beehives and 
Cupids. 1 8s. 

Reproduced in Ex Librts Jl., v. 5, p. 74. 

782 [FAIRFAX, Lord.] Jacobean Armorial, i/. 55. 

783 FAIRFIELD (Richd.), Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 
3s. 6d. 

784 FAIRHOLME (Adam), Esquire, of Chapel. Lizars sculpt. 
Modern Chippendale Armorial. 2s. 

785 FAIRHOLME (George), of Greenhill, Esqr., 1779. Chippendale 
Armorial. 2s. 

786 Same plate. Without date. is. 6d. 

7S7 [FALCONER]. Earl of Kintore. Armorial. 15. 6d. 

788 FALCONER (James), D.D., Lichfield. Crest. 2s. 

789 FALCONER (Thos.), Esqr., Chester. Chippendale Armorial. 
45. 6d. 

790 FALCONER (Thos.), Esqr., Chester. Chippendale Crest. 3s. 6d. 

791 Bath. Chippendale Crest. 3s. 6d. 

792 FALCONER (Thomas). T. Moving sc. Seal Armorial, is. 6d. 

793 FALLE. Jacobean Armorial, ^s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris JL, v. 6, p. 39. 

794 [FANE, Earl of Westmoreland.] Silvester sc. Armorial, arms 
on a mantle. 3s. 6d. 

795 [FANE (John), 7th Earl of Westmoreland.] Chippendale Ar- 
morial, with supporters. 4s. 6d. 

796 FANSHA WE (Simon). Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

797 FAREWELL (Sam.), Holebrook, 1778. Festoon Armorial. $s. 

798 FARMER. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 6d. 

799 FARMER (S.), Esqr., Nonsuch Park. Crest, is. 6d. 
FARNBOROUGri (Lord). See Long. 
FARNHAM (Lord). See Maxwell. 

800 FARQUHARSON (Frances), Finzean. Griffiths 6- Weigalls sc. 
Armorial, is. 6d. 

801 FARQUHARSON (John), Esq., Haughton, Co. Aberdeen. 
Armorial. 2s. 

802 [FARR.] Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. 5s. 

803 FARR (Samuel), M.D., 1769. Pictorial Armorial, with urn. 

4s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Castle, p. 142. 

804 FARRANCE (Miss). Farrance del., Hoppe sc. Pictorial (name 
within ornamental frame, surmounted by two figures holding a 
cross), 5 s. 

805 FARRANCE (Harriot). Crest. 3s. 6d. 

806 FARRELL (William), Esq. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

807 FARRER (Richardus). Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d. 

808 FARRINGTON (John), of London, Merchant. Early Jacobean 
Armorial, s^' 

1809 FARTHING (Ralph), LL.B., Vicar of Ottery St. Mary. Elarly 
Armorial. Woodcut, los. 

Reprodaoed in Ex Libris J I., v. 13. p. 74. 

Bookplates {Franks Collection). 


8io FAUCITT (William), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

811 FAULCONER (Thomas). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s, 

812 FAUNTLEROY. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

813 FAUQUIER (Francis), Esq. [Lieutenant-Governor of Virginia 
from 1758 to his death in 1768]. Chippendale Armorial. £1 is. 

See AUen, Early American Bookf>laUs, 269. 

[814 FAUSSETT (Bryan) [Kentish Antiquary]. Chippendale Ar- 
morial. 45. 6d. 

[815 FAWKENER (Sir Eved.) [Merchant and Friend of Voltaire]. 
Chippendale Armorial. 5 s. •• 

^.^1816 FAWKENER (Wm.), Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 
25. 6d. 

[817 FEARNSIDE (Wm. Gray). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

818 FEILD, Surgeon. Armorial Spade Shield. 2 s. 

819 FEILDEN (Henry Master), Witton Park, County of Lancaster 
Armorial, is. 6d. 

820 FEILDING (Percy Robert Basil). PF. inv. G. Barclay sc 
Armorial. 15. 

<^ -. 1821 FENN (John) [Editor of the " Paston Letters "]. Chippendale 
Armorial. $s, 

822 FENN (John). Pictorial Armorial, with books. $s 

823 FENTON. Armorial Spade Shield. 15. 6d. 

824 FENTON (Hen.), Preston. I7[48] Chippendale Armorial 
Rare. 75. 6d. 

[825 FENTON (John). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

826 [FENWlt:K (Chr.).] Festoon Armorial. 35. 6d. 

827 FENWICK (John), of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Attorney at Law. 
Lamberts sculp. Armorial, is. 6d. 

828 FENWICK (John), of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Attorney at Law, 
Bom at Hexham, 14 April, 1787, married at Alnwick, 9 June, 
1 8 1 4. Armorial, i s. 

829 [FENWICK (John).] W. Hylton del., O. Jewitt sc. Decorated 
Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., vol. x, p. ax. 

830 [FENWICK (John)]. [Attributed to Bewick.] Pictorial Armo 
rial. 5s. 

831 [FENWICK (Thos.), 1765.] Festoon Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris J I., vol. x, p. 20. 

832 [FENWICK.] O. Jewitt del. aud sc. Pictorial Armorial, a 
Gothic doorway surmounted by trees. 6s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 2, p. 13. 

833 [FENWICKE (Rev. G. C] Armorial, is. 

8 34 FENWICKE. Ex libris bibliothecae domesticae Johann Fenwicke 
Armig Novi Castri. Armorial. Printed in colours, is. 6d. 

835 FERGUSON (James). Lyons. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

836 [FERMOR.] The Rt. Honble. Henrietta Louisa Jeffreys, 
Countess of Pomfret, Lady of the Bed-chamber to Queen Caro- 
line. 5. Wlale] invt. Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. A fine 
oblong plate, il. 15s. 



EUts, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

837 [FERMOR.] Henrietta Louisa, Countess of Pomfret, one of the 

Ladies of ye Bed Chamber to her Majesty, 1733. Jacobean 
Armorial, with supix)rters. los. 6d. 

838 [FERMOR-l The Right Honble. Thomas. Earl of Pomfret. 

Jacobean Armorial. 7s. 6d. 

839 [FERMOR.] George Farmor, Earl of Pomfret, Baron Lempster, 

1756. Chippendale Armorial, with supporters. 7s. 6d. 

840 FERMOR (Wm.), Esq., of Tusmore in Oxford-shire. Chippen- 

dale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

841 FERMOR (William). Tusmore. Armorial, is. 6d, 

842 FERRAR (Hugh), of Huntingdon, Gent. Armorial Spade Shield 

on a mantle. 55. 

FERRERS (Lord). See Shirley. 

FERRERS (Baron), of Chatley. See Townshend. 

843 FERRERS (Edmund). Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d. 

844 FERRIS (Thomas), St. John's Coll., Camb. Chippendale Armo- 

rial. 4s. 6d. 

845 FETHERSTONE (The Revd. Utrick). Jacobean Armorial. 

5s. 6d. 

846 FIELD (Barron) [Friend of Charles Lamb]. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

847 Esq., Barrister-at-Law, of the Inner Temple. Armorial. 

2s. 6d. 

848 FIELD (Henry). Crest, is. 

849 FIELD (Henry Cromwell). /. Cross sculpt. Armorial. 2s. 

850 FIELD (John). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 

851 FIELD (Louisa Anne). Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

852 FIELD (Wm.), Leam. Literary (books, inkstands, etc.). 5s. 

853 FIELDING (The Right Honble. Basil), Earl of Denbigh. 1703. 

Early Armorial. 1703. 7s.6d, 

854 A smaller plate, also dated 1703. 8s. 6d. 

855 FILLINHAM. Cole sculp. Jacobean Cypher. 3s. 6d. 

856 [FINCH], Earl of Aylesford, Packington, Warwicks. Lit^ary 

Pictorial. [Attributed to Piranesi.] 3s. 6d, 

Reproduced in Castie, p. 126. ^ 

857 [FINCH], The Right Honble. Charles, Earle of Winchelsea, Vis- 

count Maidstone, Baron Fitz-Herbert of Eastwell, 1704. Early 
Armorial. los. 6d. 

858 [FINCH (A. and M.)]. Armorial Lozenge pendant from a ribbon. 

3s. 6d. 

859 FINCH (Cecilia Isabella). Armorial Lozenge pendant from a 

ribbon. 4s. 6d. 

860 FINCH (Charles Arthur Wynne). 1878. Decorated Armorial. 

IS. 6d. 

861 FINCH (Ed.), Dan., Comitis de Winchelsea & Nottingham 

FiUus natu Minimus. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

862 FINCH (The Honble. Henry), Esq. Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

863 FINCH (Henry). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

864 FINCH (P.). Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

Bookplates (Franks Collection), 63 

1865 FINCHAM (Martha De). Armorial Lozenge. 5s. 

1866 FIOTT (Capt. Edwd.). Literary Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 2, p. xi6. 

1867 FIOTT (John), B.A., St. John's College, Cambridge. 1806. Ar- 

morial, arms on a sphere. 2s. 

t868 [FISH (Dr. A. H.), Philadelphia.] Armorial, with mantling. 3s. 

1869 FISHER (John), Lincoln's Inn. Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 13, p. 86. 

1870 FISHER (Richard). Chippendale Armorial Pictorial, with 

cupids, books, etc. 55. 

1 87 1 [FITZ-CHARLES]. The Right Honble. Bridgit, Countess Dowa- 

ger of Plymouth. Early Armorial Lozenge. i8s. 

1872 [FITZ CLARENCE]. Earl of Munster. Col. Fitz Clarence. 

Armorial. Two plates printed on one piece of paper. 45. 

1873 [FITZ CLARENCE], Earl of Munster. Armorial, is. 

1874 FITZ GEORGE (Thos. Dunckerley). Levi scu. Ports. Chip- 

pendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

1875 [FITZ GERALD, Duke of Leinster.] Carton Library. Chip- 

pendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

1876 [FITZ GERALD.] Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

1877 FITZ-GERALD (E.). Pictorkil Armorial. [Designed by W. M. 

Thackeray.] il. is. 
The bookplate of the Poet and Translator of " Omar Khayyam." Reproduced in CasttCt 

p. ZQZ. 

1878 FITZGERALD (Edwd.). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

1879 FITZ GERALD (Gilbert). Chippendale Armorial Trophy, ys. 

1880 FITZ GERALD (Mrs.). Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

1 88 1 FITZGERALD (Robt.). Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

1882 FITZ GERALD (Capn. Robt. Lewis), Royal Navy. Armorial. 


1883 FITZGERALD (Thos.), Esq. Festoon Armorial. 25. 

1884 [FITZGIBBON, Earl of] Clare. Armorial, with supporters. 

25. 6^. 

1885 FITZHERBERT of Swynnerton Park, co. Stafford. Seal Armo- 

rial. 35. 

1886 FITZHERBERT (Thomas). Wells del. sculp. Pictorial Armo- 

rial. ys. 6d. 

1887 [FITZ MAURICE, Earl of Kerry.] Chippendale Armorial. 35, 

1888 [FITZ MAURICE, Marquess of Lansdowne.] Armorial, arms in 

a beaded oval. 25. 6d. 

1889 [FITZ MAURICE, Earl of] Shelburne. Chippendale Armorial. 


1890 FITZMAURICE [Viscount]. Crest and Coronet. 3s. 

1 89 1 FITZ MAURICE (Ladye Anne). Engraved Label. 6s. 

1892 FITZMAURICE (Oliver), Esq., Duagh House, co. Kerry. Ar- 

morial. [Engraved by Emslie.] 2s. 6d. 

1893 FITZ PATRICK (Thomas). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

1894 [FITZ ROY], The Most Noble Ann Duchess of Southampton. 

1704. Early Armorial, i/. $s. 


64 EUiSy 29 New Bond Street^ W, 

1895 FITZ-ROY (Charles). Lord Southampton. Darling fcL Armo- 

rial, with supporters. 3s. 6d. 

1896 [FITZ ROY] Augs. Henry Duke of Grafton, 1769. Chippendale 

Armorial, with supporters. $s. 

1897 [FITZ ROY (Augustus Henry), 3rd Duke of Grafton.] Chip- 

pendale Armorial, two shields accol6. 45. 6dn 

1898 FITZ ROY (Lord Henry). 181 1. Engraved Label. 3s. 
FITZWALTER (Lord). See Mildmay. 

1899 FITZWILLIAM [Viscount]. [Founder of Fitzwilliam Museum, 

Cambridge.] Armorial Spade Shield on a Mantle. 15. 6d, 

1900 A smaller plate, is. 6rf. 

1901 FITZWILLIAM (General). Armorial Spade Shield. 15. 6d. 

1902 [FITZ WYGRAM.] Seal Armorial, is. 6d, 

1903 FLAMANK (I.). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

1904 [FLEMING.] The Atchievement of John, Earle of Wigtonn 

Lord Fleming. Early Armorial, ys. 6d, 

905 [FLEMING.] The Right Honble. the Earl of Wigtoune, Lord 
Fleming and Cumbemald. A, Johnston sculpt. Jacobean 
Armorial. 5s. 

T906 [FLETCHER (Thomas), of the Exchequer.] Jacobean Armorial. 
Inscription wanting. 3s. 

1907 [FLETCHER.] Seal Armorial. 3s. 

1908 [FLETCHER.] Chippendale Armorial Pictorial, with cupids, 

lamb, books, etc. 55. 

^909 [FLETCHER.] Armorial, with supporters, is. 

^910 FLETCHER (J. R.), Newcastle. Landscape Pictorial (railway 
train crossing viaduct in the distance). 6s. 

19 11 FLETCHER (WilUam). Armorial Spade Shield, shaded back- 

ground. 2S. 

191 2 [FLOWER, Viscount Ashbrook.] Crest and Coronet. 2s. Orf. 

191 3 FLOWER. Ex Ubris Cyril Flower, A.D. 1885. C. W. S[herborn]. 

Decorated Armorial. i8s. 

914 FLOYER (Bennett), of Horsington, Som. Printed label. 4s. 6d, 

19 1 5 FLUDE (James), Mortlake. Armorial. 2s. 

1 91 6 FLY (Henricus), e Coll. Mn. Nas. Oxon. Pictorial Armorial. 2s. 

191 7 FOLEY (R.). Chippendale (?) Armorial Cypher. 5s. 

1918 [FOLEY (Sir R. R.), Bart.] Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

19 19 FOLEY (Richard), Esq., Second Prothonotary of Her Majesties 

Court of Common Pleas, 1703. Early Armorial. 15s. 

1920 [FOLEY.] Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

192 1 FOLKES (Martin). Early Armorial. 12s. 6d. 

1922 FOLKES (Silence) [Wife of Thos. Folkes of Barton, co. Suffolk.] 

Early Armorial. Scarce, il. is. 

1923 FOLLIOTT (Mr.). Rear sly, Ludgate Street, sculp. Chippendale 

Crest. 2s. 6d. 

J 924 FOLLIQTT (The Rev. James), Stapeley House, Nantwich. 
Armorial. 2s. 

Bookplates {Franks Collection). 65 

1925 FOOT (Charles). [AUributed to Stephens,] Chippendale Armo- 

rial. 45. 

1926 FOOT (Rev. I. S.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2S. 

1927 [FOOT.] Large Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

1928 FOOTE (Benjamin Hatley). 1743. [Impaling his wife's arms.] 

Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 
" Almost every element of pure early Chippendale style can be found in the plate of 
Benjamin Hatley Foote (a very perfect and typical example)." CofUe, En^iih Book 
piaUSt p. 88. Mr. Castle gives an illustration of the plate. 

1929 FOOTE (Benjamin Hatley). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

1930 FOOTE (Francis Hender). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

193 1 FOOTE (The Revd. Robert), M.A., Boughton Malherb, Kent. 

Yates sculp. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

1932 FOOTT (Richd.). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

1933 FOQUETT (Richard). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

1934 [FORBES, George, Earl of Granard.] Armorial Spade Shield 

on a mantle. 25. 6d. 

1935 [FORBES], Earl of Granard. Armorial, arms on a mantle. 25. 6d. 

1936 FORBES DE WATERTOUN. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

1937 FORBES (Chas.), Esq. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

1938 FORBES (James), Esq. Festoon Armorial. 35. 

1939 FORBES (John), M.D., F.R.S. Armorial, is. 6d, 

1940 FORBES (John) of Blackford. /. Sutherland sculpt., Ahedn, 

Armorial. 19. 6d, 

1941 FORBES (Sir John Stuart), Bart., of Pitsligo and Fettercairn. 

Armorial, with supporters, is. 6d, 

1942 FORBES (Willm), City Clerk of Edinburgh. Jacobean Armo- 

rial. 6s. 

1943 FORBES (Sir William), Bart., of Pitsligo [Sixth Baronet, Banker, 

1 739-1 806]. Armorial Spade Shield, with supporters. 3s. 

1944 FORBES (Sir WilUam), of PitsUgo [7th Baronet]. Warwick st. 

Armorial, with supporters, is. 6d, 

1945 FORD (John). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

1^^ 1946 FORD (Richd.). Armorial, arms in a decorated frame. 2s. 
%j^ 1947 FORDE (Francis). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

1948 FORRESTER (Alexander), of the Inner-Temple, Esqr. Jacobean 

Armorial. 5s. 

1949 FORSTER (Charles S.), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

1950 FORSTER (Edward). Festoon Armorial. First State, with a 

dauble-headed eagle. 3s. 6d. 

195 1 Second State, with a single-headed eagle, is* 6d, 

1952 FORSTER (Revd. George). E. Lyons Fecit, Festoon Armorial. 

2s. 6d, 

1953 FORSTER (James), Esqr., Gray's Inn. W, Tringham sculp. 
Chippendale Pictorial Armorial, with female figure of Justice, 
cupids, books, etc. 7s. 6d. 

1954 FORSTER (Mary Anne Sidmouth). Lambert. Seal Armorial. 


66 ElliSy 29 New Bond Street, W, 

1955 FORSTER (R. W. E.), Lincoln's Inn. Armorial, is. 6d. 

1956 FORSTER (Thomas). Early Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

1 95 7 F[ORT] (M[ary]). Armorial Lozenge, with cypher below. 3s. 6d. 

1958 [FORTESCUE.] Chippendale Armorial. $5. 

1959 FORTESCUE (Mr.). Decorative engraved label. 2s. 

Franks Collection, No. 11033. A modern impression of an old plate. 

i960 FORTESCUE. Ex Libris Chichester Fortescue. Festoon Ar- 
morial. IS. 6d. 

1961 FORTESCUE (Hugh), of Filleigh in Com. Devon. Esqr. 1703. 

Early Armorial. i8s. 

1962 FORTH (James). Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

1963 FOSS (John), Dublin. Armorial. 2s. 

1964 FOSTER (Ingham). Chippendale Armorial. $s. 6d. 

1965 FOSTER (John), Esqr. Armorial. Printed in blue. 2s. 6d. 

1966 FOSTER (The Right Honble. John). Armorial Spade Shield on 

a mantle. 3s. 6d, 

1967 FOULKES (John), M.D., Christ Church, Oxon. Cole sc. 1754. 

Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 6d. 

1968 FOULKES (Peter), D.D., Canon of Christ Church, Oxon. 1724. 

Early Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

1969 FOULKES (Willm.), A.M., of Christ Church, Oxon. 1754. 

Early Jacobean Armorial (the plate of Peter Foulkes altered). 


1970 FOWKE. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

197 1 [FOWLER.] Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

1972 [FOX, Baron Holland], Holland House. Armorial. 3s. 6d. 
1973 Crest and Coronet. 2s. 6d. 

1974 FOX (Thomas), Kilmartin. Armorial Shield in a wreath. 2s, 

1975 FOX (The Honble. Charles James). Early Armorial. los. 

The plate of ^he celebrated statesman. It was originally engraved in 1702 for a relative 
another Charles Fox, but Charles James had the inscription altered, and used it himself 
Illustrated and described by Hardy, p. 36. 

1976 FOX (John). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

igyy FRAIGNEAU (W.). Chippendale, with books. 4s. 6d. 

1978 FRAMPTON (Harriot), Senr. Armorial Lozenge. 4s. 6d. 

1979 FRANCEYS (Henry). Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 6d. 

1980 FRANCIS (Revd. I.), M.A. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 

2s. 6d. 

1981 FRANCIS (John), A.M. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

1982 FRANCIS (Philip), Esqr. Crest. los. 6d. 

The bookplate of the reputed author of " Junius's Letters." 

1983 FRANCKE (Abrahamus), A.M., S. Stx' & Individuae Trinitatis 

Collegii apud Cantabrigienses Socius, 17 10. Printed label. 
3s. 6d. 

1984 FRANCKLIN (Edwd.), Rainham, A.M. Jacobean Armorial. $5. 

1985 FRANCO (Jacob), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

1986 FRANCO (Raphael). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

Bookplates {Franks Collection). 67 

1987 [FRANKCOMBE.] Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 

1988 FRANK (Revd. R.). Festoon Armorial, is. 6d, 

1989 FRANKLAND (Capt. Thos.). F. Garden sc, Jacobean Ar- 

morial, js. 6d. 

^990 FRANKLIN (John). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

199 1 FRANKS (Sir Augustus Wollaston). E Libris August! Wol- 

laston Franks, Ord. Bain. Com. Litt. Doct. Socc. Reg. et Ant. 
Socii MDCCCXCI. C. W. Sherborn sculpt. Armorial. ;f 10 lo?, 

1992 Augustus Wollaston Franks. Crest. 25. 6d, 

1993 Ceramica. 1884. Seal Armorial. 2s, 6d. 

1994 FRANKS (Thomas), M.D., F.R.S., A.B. Chippendale Armorial. 

45. 6d, 

1995 FRANKS (Willm.), Lincoln's Inn. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

1996 ERASER (James). Chippendale Armorial, ^s. 6d. 

1997 ERASER (Lt.-Col.), 24th Regt. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

1998 ERASER (Sir William), Bart., F.R.S. Armorial, with sup- 

porters. IS. 6d. 

1999 ERASER (The Honble. William), of Fraserfield, Esq. Jacobean 

Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

2000 ERASER (Willm.), M.D. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2001 ERASER (Sir William Augustus), of Ledeclune and Morar, 

Baronet. Armorial, with supporters. 2s. 6d. 

2002 [ERASER.] Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

2003 FREDERICK (Ed. Bosc.). Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

2004 [FREDERICK (Sir Charles).] G. Haines Delin., W. H. Toms 

Sculp . , 1752. Chippendale Armorial Trophy. The Large Plate. 
iL IS. 

2005 The smaller plate. 15s. 

Reproduced in CasUe, p. 93. 

2006 FREDERICK (Sir John), Bart. Festoon engraved label, ^s, 6d. 

2007 EREELING (Francis). Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

2008 FREEMAN (Edward Augustus). [Historian.] Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

2009 FREEMAN (Richard), of Battesford, Esqr., in the County of 

Gloucester. Early Armorial. 15s. 

2010 FREEMAN (Thomas Edward), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 

3s. 6d. 

201 1 FREEMAN (William). Armorial, with outline ornament. 2s. 

201 1 a FREEMAN (Wm. Geo.). Early Jacobean Armorial. $s. 6d, 

2012 FREER (John), Surgeon. Chippendale Pictorial Armorial, with 

skeleton, inkstand, books, etc. Inscription partly erased, ys. 6d. 

2013 FREIND (Revd. John). Festoon Armorial, is. 6d. 

2014 FREIND (W.), Stud, of Xt. Church. Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

2015 FREMAN (Ralph), of Hammells in Com. Hertford, Esqr. Early 

Armorial. los. 6d. 

2016 FRENCH (Ed.), M.D. Early Jacobean Armorial. 6s» 

2017 FRENCH (John), Esq. Armorial Trophy. 5s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl.^ v. 7» p. 142. 

68 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street^ Wi 

2018 FRENCH (Savage). Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon AnnoriaU Very 

elaborate, Ss, 

2019 FRENCH (Thomas Lee and Mary A. B.), Thrandestone Rectory, 

Culleton. Armorial. 25 

2020 FRENCH (Rev. Willm. James), A.M. Armorial Spade Shield, 

IS. 6d. 

2021 FRERE (Rt. Honble. j. H.), Roydon. Armorial, a shield and 

lozenge on a mantle. 25. 6d, 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 3, p. zo3« 
2022 FRERE (Sheppard), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

2023 FREWEN (Charles). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

2024 FREWEN (Edward). Chippendale Armorial. 25. 6d. 

2025 FREWEN (Thomas), M.D. Chippendale Armorial. 25. 6d. 

2026 FROST. Jacobean Crest. WoodcuL 4s. 6d. 

2027 FROST (Charles), Hull. Pictorial. 2s. 6d. 

C 2028 FROST (John). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

2029 FRY. Chippendale Armorial Spade Shield* $s. 6d. 

2030 FRYE (W.). Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

2031 FRYER (C. R.). Pictorial, with Urn. 4s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris JL, v. 9, p. 163. 

2032 FRYER (I. H.). Lambert sc. Landscape Pictorial. 4s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris J I., v. 3. p. 23. 

2033 FRYER (William Fleeming), Esq., The Wergs, Co. Stafford. 

Armorial. 2& 

2034 FULLER (Thomas), M.D. [of Sevenoaks, Kent, d. 1734]. Early 

Armorial, ys. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., vol xi, p. 22. 

2035 FULLERTON OF CARSTAIRS. Jacobean Armorial. First 

State. $s. 

2036 Second State. 3s. 6d. 

2037 Chippendale Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

2038 FULLARTON (William), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d» 

2039 FURMAN (Dorothy) [of U.S.A.]. Engraved label, is. 6d. 

2040 FUST (Sr Francis), of Hill Court, in the County of Gloucester, 
Baronet. Created 21st August, 1662, the 14 year of King 
Charles 2d. Jacobean Armorial. The large plate, 6J by 3J 
The small plate, 2 J by i^. The pair, i/. los. 

The larger plate is reproduced in Hamilton, p. 48. 

2041 FUST (Sr. Francis), Baronett. Jacobean Armorial. Small plate 
similar to the smaller plate above, but with the Fust arms only 
Very rare. il. is. 

2042 FYDELL (Thomas). Chippendale Armorial. 4.?. 6rf. 

2043 FYNNEY (Fielding Best), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 
i044 FYSH (James), Lynn. Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d. 
2045 B. Levi sculp. Jacobean Armorial. Injured. 45. 

2046 GABRIEL (Robt. Burd), D.D. Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

2047 GAGE (Adelaide Rokewode). Armorial Lozenge. 3s. 6d. 

2048 GAGE (John). Lincoln's Inn. Large Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

<. . 

Bookplates (Franks Collection). 69 

2049 GAGE (Sir Thomas), Bart. Hengrave Hall, Suffolk. Drawn fey 

Signeira. Engraved by Bartolozzi, Lisbon. 1805. Pictorial 
Armorial. 155. 

2050 GAGE (Sr. Thos.) Bart. Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

2051 GAISFORD (Thos.). [After GraveloL] Literary Pictorial Ar*^ 

morial. 35. 

2052 GALE (W.). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 
GALLOWAY (Countess of). See Stewart. 

2053 GALTON. /. B. Pictorial Armorial, Minerva seated. 4s. 

2054 GALTON. Pictorial. Armorial Spade Shield in a wreath, is, 6dm 

2055 GALWEY (Stephen Payne), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield. 

15. 6d, 

2056 GAMBIER [(Admiral), born at New Providence, 1756, took part 

in the capture of Charleston]. Armorial Arms in a garter. 35. 

2057 GAMBIER (Robert). Printed Label within decorative border. 

45. 6d, 

2058 GAMBLE (Ellis). W, Hogarth delL S.I, ft. Jacobean Armorial. 


Ireland's reproductioa of the only known copy of the original engraving. 

2059 GAMON (Sir Richard), Bart., M.P. for Winchester. 1796. Ar- 

morial. 25. 6d, 

2060 GANDY (Gerard). Armorial. 15. ,i 

2061 GAPE (Rev. Charles), M.A. Armorial. 2s. 

2062 GARDEN (Edmund). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d, 

2063 [GARDINER (Mary), Countess of Blessington.] Cypher and 

Coronet. 45. 6^. 
The bookplate of the well-known authoress of the first part of the XIX century. 

2064 GARDINER (Henry). Chippendale Engraved label. 45. 6d, 

2065 GARDINER (Samuel). Armorial. 35. 

2066 GARDINER (Saml.), Junr. Festoon Armorial. 25. 

2067 GARDINER (Samuel Weare), Rsq., Coombe Lodge, Whitchurch, 

CO. Oxford. Armorial. 15. 6d, 

2068 GARDNER [Baron]. Armorial. 25. 

2069 G[ARDNER (A[nne]). Cypher in a Wreath. 35. 

2070 GARDNER (John). Esqr., Bertholey in the County of Monmouth. 

Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

2071 GARDNER (Jonathan). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d, 

2072 GARDNER (Richard), Cath. Hall, Cambr. Chippendale Ar- 

morial. Slightly injured, 45. 

2073 [GARNETT ?]. Chippendale Armorial. 25. 6d. 

2074 GARRETT (Caroli) Arm. perlongx Amicitiae Pignus, Nati 4* 

Augusti, 1674, Denati 17** Sepris., 1748. iEtatis 74. Armorial, 
a mura] tablet surmounted by a shield and books. 45. 6d, 

2075 GARRICK (Carrington). Pemberton sculpt. Pictorial Armorial. 


2076 GARRICK (David). /. Wood in. et sc. Chippendale Pictorial, 

with a bust portrait of Shakespeare. 85. 6d. 

Described and reproduced in Hardy, p. 127. 

2077 GARTH (George). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

70 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

2078 GARTHSHORE (Maxwell), M.D. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 6(i. 

2079 GASCOIGNE (T.), Parlington. Hughes fecit. Library Interior, 

Armorial. 6s, 

Reproduced in Finckam, p. 48. 

«o8o GASON (W. F.), Clare Hall, Camb. W, Henshaw inv. et sculp. 
Pictorial Armorial with books, etc. The larger plate, los, 6d, 

2080a W, Henshaw sc. The smaller plate. 5s. Printed 

in red, 6s. Reproduced in Finckam, p. 42. 

2081 GATTY (Rev. Alfred). Late Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

2082 GAUDY (J.). Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

2083 GAUSSEN. Jacobean Armorial. $s, 6d. 

2084 GAUSSEN (Francs.). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d, 

2085 GAY (John). C. Wilkin sculp. Festoon Armorial. Very pretty. 


2086 GAYTONBY (Will.). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

2087 GEE (Henry), Boston. W, Brand del, B, Hewlett sc. Pictorial 

Armorial Trophy, with artist's palette, lyre, etc. 155. 

Reproduced in Finckam, p. 46. 

2088 GEE (Rev. R.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

2089 GELL. Chippendale Armorial. $s, 

2090 GENNYS (John), e Coll. Exon. Jacobean Armorial. 65. 

2091 GENT (George Wm.). Armorial. 25. 6d, 

2092 GEORGES (William Payne). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d, 

2093 GERARD (Sr. Thos.), Bait. 1750. Chippendale Armorial. 65. 

2094 GERMAIN (Lady Elizabeth). Armorial Lozenge within a 

widow's knot on a shaded ground within a festooned frame. 
Corner injured, gs, 

2095 GERY (Wm.), of Bushmead, Bedfordshire, Esqr. Jacobean 

Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

2096 GXBBES (The Revd. Mr.). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d, 

2097 GIBBON (Edward), Esqr. Hughes fecit. Armorial Spade 

Shield, ss. 6d. 
The ^ate of the author of the " Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire." Reproduced 
in £ji: Libris Jl., v. 9, p. 65. 

2098 [GIBBON.] E. W, Delt. W. H[enshaw] fe. Crest. 4s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl.f vol. v, p. 130. 

2099 [GIBBS (Lawce.).] Chippendale Armorial. Name defective. 3s. 

2100 GIBSON (J.), A.M. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

2101 GIBSON (James). R, M[ountaine]. Chippendale Crest. 75. 

2102 [GIBSON (Lieut.)]. Chippendale Armorial Trophy. 6s, 

2103 GIBSON (William Sidney). Landscape Armorial. Slightly 

torn, 3s. 

2104 GIDDY (Rev. Edward) Tredrea, Cornwall. Armorial, is. 6d. 

2105 [GILBERT]. Pauls walden. Jacobean Armorial Lozenge and 

Crest. 65. 

A scarce lady's plate. 

2106 GILBERT (Rev. Ashhurst T.). Chippendale Armorial Trophy. 

35. 6d, 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl.f v. 7, p. xi7. 

Bookplates {Franks Collection)^ 71 

2107 GILBERT (Charles), of East Boura. Armorial. 25. 6d, 

2108 GILBERT (Davies), of Trcdrea, Cornwall, and East Bourn. 

Sussex. Armorial, is. 6d. 

2109 GILBERT (Major-Gen. Walter Raleigh), E.I.C. Service. [By 

Becher.^ Armorial. 2s. 

2 1 10 GILCHRIST (Stirg.), Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

21 11 GILES (Daniel). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 65. 

See Allen, American Bookplates, No. 307. 

211 2 GILKES (Peter). /. Cole Invent, Printed at No, 9, St, Agnes 

Circus, Old St, Masonic Pictorial. Extremely rare. i/. is. 
Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 13, p. 180. 

2 1 1 3 GILL (Tho. ), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial Spade Shield on a mantle. 

An early plate of unusual design, ids. 6rf. 

21 14 GILL (Thos.), Junr., Lambeth. Pictorial Armorial. $s. 6d. 

21 1 5 GILPIN (George). Armorial on shaded background, ^s. 6d. 

21 16 GILPIN (Henry D.). [Attorney General, U.S.A.) Pictorial 

Armorial, men hunting a wild boar in the background. 8s. 6d, 
See Allen, American Bookplates, No. 310. Reproduced at p. 137 of that volume. 

21 17 GILPIN (James), Oxford. Jacobean Armorial. Ss. 

21 18 GILPIN (William). Armorial, with shaded background. First 

state. 3s. 6d. 

21 19 [ ] Plate altered, motto instead of name. 3s. 

2120 Another similar plate. 4s. 

2121 4s. 6d. 

For description and reproductim see Ex Libris Jl., vol x., pp. 182-3. 

2122 GIRDLESTONE (C). Pictorial (a church). 3s. 6d, 

2123 GIST (Samuel), Arm. Festoon Armorial, within a circle. Very 

pretty. 4s. 

2124 GLADSTONE (W. E.). Crest with motto. 5s. 
GLENBERVIE (Lord). See Douglas. 
GLENCAIRN (James, Earl of). See Cunningham. 

2125 GLOVER. Pictorial Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

2126 GLOVER (Edward). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

2127 GLOVER (Mr. Tho.), Minister of Hawkhurst in Kent, 1736. 

Jacobean Armorial, ids. 

2128 GLYNN (John Henry Oglander). Chippendale Armorial, Modern. 


2129 GODBOLD (G. B.), Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2130 [GODDARD.] Early Armorial. 9s. 6d. 

21 31 GODDARD (Edwd.), Esqr. Jacobean (?) Armorial. Printed in 

blue. 4s. 6d, 

2132 GODDARD (William Stanley), D.D., Winchester College, Ar- 

morial. 2s. 

2133 GODFREY (Geo.). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

2134 GODFREY (J[ohn), of Wye in the County of Kent, Esqr. 1702. 

Early Armorial, ids. 6d. 

2135 GODFREY (Peter), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield in a beaded 

oval. 2s. 6^. 

7^^ Ellis, 29 New Bond Street^ W. 

2136 GODLEY (R.). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

2137 GODLEY (W.). Chippendale Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

2138 GODMAN (John). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

2139 GODMAN (Johs.), CoU. Jesu Cant. Jacobean Armorial, shield 

on mantle. Defective. 25. 6d, 

2140 GODWIN (Eliza). Festoon Armorial Lozenge. 45. 6d, 

2141 GOLDESBROUGH (Edward), of Lincolns Inn, Esqr., 1703. 

Eariy Armorial. 125. 6d, 

2142 GOLDING (Charles). MDCCCLXV. Seal Armorial, ts. 6d, 

2143 GOLDSMID (John Louis). Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2144 [GOLDSMID (Sir Julian)]. Somerhill Library. Armorial. 25. 

2145 GOLIGHTLY (Frances M.). Armorial Lozenge. 3s. 6d, 

2146 GOMELDON (J.). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

2147 G[OMME] (W.). Chippendale Crest and Cypher. 45. 

2148 GOMOND (Samuel), Bristol. Johnson sc. Armorial. 2s, 6d. 

2149 GOMOND (Samuel). This book belongs to Samuel Gomond, 

Merchant, No. 38, Prince's Street, Bristol. Burnell sc. Printed 
Label. 3s, 6d. 

2150 GOOD ALL (Joseph). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

21 51 GOODEN (Robt.). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

2152 GOODSIR (Robert Anstruther). Pictorial Armorial (a cathedral 

porch). 45. 

21 S3 [GOODRICKE.] Early Armorial, with supporters. Margin 
defective, 6s. 

- 2154 GOODWIN. Chippendale Armorial. $s, 

2155 GOODWIN (Chamn.). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

— 2156 GOODWYN (Heny. and Elizth.). Armorial Spade Shield in a 

beaded oval. 2s. 6d. 

2157 GOODWYN (Dr. Timothy), Lord Archbishop of CasheL 

Jacobean Armorial. 75. 

2158 GOOLD (George). Booker, 56, Bond Street. Bookpile Armonal. 

45. 6d. 

2159 GOOLD (Henry Ml.). Bookpile Armorial. 75. 6d. 

2160 GOOLDEN (Samuel). Burnell sc. is. 6d. 

2161 GORDON. The Arms of Her Grace Henrietta Dutches of Gor- 

don. Armorial Lozenge within a widow's knot. Slightly 
injured. Scarce, 8s. 6d, 

2162 [GORDON], The Right Honourable the Viscount of Kenmore. 

Jacobean Armorial with supporters. 6s. 

- • 2163 GORDON OF BUTHLAW. Chippendale Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2164 GORDON OF CLUNY, The Arms of. Seal Armorial. 2s. 
2i6s GORDON OF HALLEATHS. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

2166 GORDON (Sir Ernest), of Park, Bart. Jacobean Armorial. 

2s. 6d, 

2167 GORDON (I.), [soth] Regt. Chippendale Armorial Trophy. 6s 

2168 GORDON (Andw.). Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield in an oval 

frame. 2s. 

♦. . — 

Bookplates (Franks Collection): 73 

2169 GORDON (Charles), Esqr., of Beldomy and Wardhouse. Wreath 
and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2170 GORDON (Cosmo). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

— 31 7 1 GORDON (Gumming), of Altyr and Gordonstown, Bart. Kirk- 
wood. Large Armorial Spade Shield, with supporters. 2s. 6d. 

2172 GORDON (Dr. James). T. Smith sculp. Jacobean Armorial. 

2173 GORDON (Dr. James), of Pitlurg. Early Jacobean Armorial. 

2174 GORDON (Jams), Esq. /. Gretton fecit. Chippendale Armo- 
rial. 35. 6d. 

217$ GORDON (James), Esq., Moor Place. Armorial, is. 6d. 

2176 GORDON (John). Cook sc. Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

~ _ 2177 GORDON (Robert), Viscount of Kenmuir. Jacobean Armorial, 
with supporters, ys. 6d. 

2178 GORDON (Robert), of Hallhead, Esq. Chippendale Armorial. 


2179 GORDON (Thomas). Festoon Armorial, is. 

2180 GORDON (William), Esq., of Fyvie. Kirkwood sculpt. Armo- 

rial. IS. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., vol. xi, p. 131. 

218 1 [GORE], Earl of Arran. Armorial, with supporters. 2s. 6d. 

2182 GORE (Ed.), Kiddington, Oxon. R. M[ountaine]. Chippendale 

Armorial, ys. 6d. 

2183 GORE (Tohn), of London, Gent. Early Jacobean Armorial. 

Large plate. los. 6d. 

2184 GOSDEN (T.). /. Scott del. et sculp. Pictorial, with rod and 

line, fish, gun, etc. 8s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex LiMs Jl., v. 7» p. 17. 

GOSFORD (Lord), see Acheson. 

2185 GOSLING (Mrs.). Festoon Armorial Lozenge. 3s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 7, p. 32. 

2X86 GOSTLING (Jno.). Chippendale Armorial. $s. 6d. 
2187 GOSTLING (Wm.). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. ' 
' 2188 GOUGH (Richard). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

2189 GOULBURN (Edward), Esq. Armorial, is. 

2190 GOULD (S. Baring). Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Castle, p. 182. 

2 19 1 GRACE • (Michael), Esq. 17 12. Early Armorial, with sup- 

porters. 5.S. 

2192 GRACE (Michael), of Gracefield, Esq. 1767. Festoon Armorial. 

3s. 6d. 

2193 GRACE (Oliver I. Dowell), Esqre., Mantua House. Armorial, 

with supporters. 2s. 6d. Thick paper, 3s. 6d. 

2194 GRACE (Richard) Esq., M.P. 1790. Armorial, with supporters. 


2195 GRACE (Sheffield), Esq. MDCCCXVI [1816]. Large Armorial. 

IS. 6d. 

Reproduced in HamUUm, p. 1x9. 


74 EUiSf 29 New Bond Street, W. 

2196 GRACE (Sheffield), Esq., LL.D., F.S.A. 1829. Armorial, with 
supporters, is. 

- 2197 GRACE (Sir William), Bart. Armorial, with supporters, is. 

2198 GRAEME. W. West sc. Pictorial Armorial (a Knight on horse- 

back, holding shield). 5s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris J I., v. 5, p. 176. 

2199 GRAEME (James), of Buchly vie. 17 15. A.Burdonscu, Early 

Armorial. los. 6d. 

2200 GRAEME (Thomas). Armorial, is. 6d. 

2201 GRAEME (Thos.), of Balgowan, Esq. Jacobean Armorial. 

Arms trickt. 6s. 

GRAFTON (Duke of), see FitzRoy. 

2202 [GRAHAM], His Grace James Duke of Montrose. Early Armo- 

rial. I2S. 6d. 

2203 GRAHAM (James), Judge of the High Court of Admiralty. 

Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

2204 GRAHAM (Sir James), Bt., Portland Place. Armorial, is. 
GRANARD (Earl of), see Forbes. 

2205 [GRANT] Lord Prestongrange. [Scotch Judge.] Chippendale 

Armorial. 3 s. 6d, 

2206 GRANT (Sr. Archibald), of Monymoske, Bart. Jacobean Armo- 

rial. 3s. 6d. 

2207 GRANT (Col. F. R. C), A Collection of Seven different Bookplates 

of. ^s. 6d. 

2208 GRANT (Dr. Gregory), of Auchernack. Chippendale Armorial. 

3s. 6d, 

2209 GRANVILLE (John). Lake sc. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 


2210 GRAPE (Car.) A.M., Coll. Regal. Cantab. Socius. Chippendale 

Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

22 1 1 GRATTAN (Reverend William), Armorial Spade Shield on a 

mantle. 2s. 

2212 GRAVES [Richard]. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2213 GRAVES (Morgan), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

2214 GRAVES (Richard Morgan), D.D. W. Darling feet. Armorial 

Spade Shield. 2s. 

2215 GRAVES (Walw3m), Esq., Mickleton, Gloucestershire. W. 

Darling ft. Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 6d, 

- 2216 GRAVES (William), Esq. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

2217 GRAVES (Mr. Willm.), Westmr. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

2218 GRAY (Francis Delaval), Esq., 14th Light Dragoons. Seal. 

Armorial, is. 6d. 

2219 GRAY (Francis, Lord). Armorial. 2s. 

2220 GRAY (George), Graymount. Festoon Armorial, with sup- 

porters. 3s. 6d, 

2221 GREATHED (Mr. Thos.), in Riga. Chippendale Pictorial Armo- 

rial, ys. 6d. 

2222 GREAVES (Edward), Bsqr. Wreatl) and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

Bookplates (Franks Collection). 75 

2223 GREAVES (Joseph). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2224 GREEN (Edmund). Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d, 

2225 [GREEN (Everard)]. G. W, E[ve]. 1895. Seal Armorial. 35. 

Printed in brown, 4s. 6d, 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 5, p. 206. 

2226 GREEN (The Revd. John), M.A. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

2227 GREEN (Nathaniel). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d, 
• 2228 GREEN (Mrs. Rebecca). Armorial. 35. 6d. 

2229 GREEN (Richard). Festoon Armorial. Woodcut, 45. 

2230 GREEN (W.), Chippendale Armorial Trophy. Corner torn off, 

45. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 7, p. 73. 

2231 GREENALGH (Jas.). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

2232 GREENE (Benj. Aislabie). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

2233 GREENE (Geo.), of Staple Inn, London. Jacobean Armorial, 

with cupids. A pr^ty design. 55. 

2234 GREENE (Henry). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 

2235 GREENE (James Agnew). Chippendale Armorial, modem* 

25. 6d. 

2236 GREENE (John), Esq., Bois Hall, Essex. Jacobean Armorial. 


22^y GREENE (Richard), Litchfield. Jacobean Armorial, ^s, 6d, 

2238 GREENE (T. W.), Lichfield. Pye sculp., Birmm. Landscape 

Armorial, with a distant view of Lichfield Cathedral. 5s. 

Reproduced in Fincham, p. 88. 

2239 GREENE (Walter). Early Chippendale Armorial. $5. 

2240 GREENE (William), Esq. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

2241 GREENHILL (John Russell), Trin. Coll. Oxon. Chippendale 

Armorial. 45. 

2242 GREENWAY (Charles). Late Chippendale Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2243 GREENWAY (Randolph), of Thavies Inn, London, and of 

Chertsey in Surry, Gent. B. Cole sculp. Chippendale Armo- 
rial. 35. 6d, 

Reproduced in Bx Libris Jl., v. 13, p. 7t. 

2244 GREGOR (H. and P.), Essex Street, London. Chippendale 

Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

2245 GREGORY (Captn.), Coldstream Regt. of Guards, No. 569 

Bemers Street. Engraved label. Printed in blue. 25. 6d. 

2246 GREGORY (Edward), Magd. Coll. Chippendale Armorial. 

35. 6d. 

2247 GREGORY (George de Ligne). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d, 

2248 [GREGORY.] Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2249 GREGORY (Richard), Esq., F.R.S., F.A.S., Coole, near Gort, 

Ireland, and No. 56, Bemers Street, London. Armorial. 
Printed in blue. is. 6d. 

2250 GREGORY (Wm.), Esq., of Woolhope in Herefordshire. Jaco- 

bean Armorial. 35. 6d. 

2251 [GREIG (George)]. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. Fine. 45. 
GREY AND RIPON (Earl de), see Robinson. 

76 Ellis, 29 New Band Street, W. 

2252 GREISLEY. De Bibliotheca Roger! Greisley de Drakelowe, 
Ano. Dm. 1835. Armorial Shield in a decorative frame. 35. 6^. 

3253 GREISLEY (Sophia Katherine). 1837. Seal Armorial. 3s. 6rf. 

2254 GRENFELL (Pascoe). Armorial Spade Shield. 15. 6<f. 

2255 [GRENVILLE, Duke of Buckingham and Chandos], B. and C 

/. Lee sc. Initials in a Garter. 35. 

2256 GREXVILLE (George), Esq. M. Cole sculp. Jacobean Armo- 

rial. First State. 7s. 6a. 

2257 The Right Hon. George Grenville. The same plate with 

altered inscription. 6s. 
Grenville was the mmister whotf Stamp Act bcoo^t about the Americaa War ol la- 

, 2258 GRETTON (Willm.). Chippendale Armorial. Injured. 2s. 6d. 

2259 [GREVILLE], The Rt. Honble. Frans. Ld. Brooke. Jacobean 
, Armorial, with supporters. 4s. 

2260 [GREY (Earl)]. Armorial. 25. 

2261 [GREY] Henry, Duke of Kent, 1 7 1 3. Jacobean Armorial. Fine. 

ll. lOS. 

Reproduced in HamUkm, p. 20. 

2262 '^7'^Z^ Jacobean Armorial. A smaUer plate. 


2263 [GREY] lemima, Dutchess of Kent. MDCCX [1710]. Jaco- 

bean Axmorial, two shields accol6. i/. 5s. 

2264 [GREY] Anthony, Earl of Harold. 17 17. Jacobean Armorial. 


2265 [GREY, Earl of Stamford.] Armorial, with supporters. 2s. 6d. 

2266 GREY (Honble. Booth). Chippendale Armorial. $s. 6d. 

- 2267 GREY (Sr. Henry), Bart. Chippendale Armaria]. 55. 

- 3268 GREY (Ralph William), Backworth. Lambert, Newcastle. 

Armorial, is. 

2269 GRIEVE (James), M.D. Early Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

2270 GRIBBLE (Saml. Hicks). HiU sculp. Festoon Armorial. 35. 6d. 

2271 GRIFFIN (Mr. Benj.). Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

2272 GRIFFITH (M.), M.D. Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. 6s. 

For reproduction see Ex Uhris Jl.t vol xi, p. 87; 

2273 GRIFFITH (Mid.). Chippendale Armorial. $*• 

2274 GRIFFITH (Murhall). Stuart, Chester. Festoon Armorial. 

25. 6d. 

2275 GRIFFITH (Thomas), M.A. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

2276 [GRIFFITH OF RHUAL.] Jacobean Armorial. First Staxk. 


2277 With outer frame added. 3s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex LUms Jl., v. 8, p. 170. 

2278 GREGBY (Joshua). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

2279 GRIMAI4DI (Stacey). F.S.A. 1824. Armorial, large shield sur- 

rounded by six small shields. A large plate. 4s. 6d, 

2280 GRIMALDI (Stacey). S. Stacei de Grimaldis armig. S.A.S., 1824* 

Seal Armorial. 25. 6d. 

V. 2281 GRIME (Willm. BO- Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

Bo^kplaie^ {Franks Collection). 77 

2282 GRIMSHAW ( jQo.)* Chippendale ArmoriaL J>efeaivt, 35. 6d. 

2283 [GRIMSTON (Mary).] Chippendale Armorial Lozenge, with 

supporters. 85. 6d, 

22S4 GROAX (Robert), M.D. /. Fraser sL Wreath and Ribbon 
• Armorial. 2s. 

2285 GROGAN (Overstreet). E, Lyons, Pictorial Armorial. 55. 

3286 GROSE (Danl.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d, 

2287 [GROSVENOR], Hugh,. Duke of Westminster, Eaton, 1884, 
C W, S[herborn], Armorial. 185. 

c ,2288 GROSVENOR (John), Surgeon. Festoon Armorial, is. 6d. 

2289 GROSVENOR (Sr Richard), of Eaton in Com. Cheshire, Bart. 

Early Armorial. 155. 

2290 GROSVENOR (Sr Robert), of Eaton Hall, in th,e County Palatine 

of Chester, of Swell Court in the County of Somerset, of Halkin* 
Hall, in the County of Flint, and of Millbank, Westminster, in ye 
County of Middx.j^ Bart. Jacobean Armorial. 7s. 6d. 

2291 GROTE (George). Festoon Armorial. 35. 

-^^ — 2292 GROTE (George) [historian of Greece]. Armorial, with mant- 
ling. 25. 6d, 

2293 GROTE (Joseph). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

2294 GRYLLS (Major). Armorial, is. 

2295 GRYLLS (Matthew), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6dm 

2296 GRYLLS (The Revd. Richd. Gerveys), Helston, Cornwall. 

Armorial. 2s. 

2297 GUEST (Augustus), LL.D., F.S.A« Seal ArmoriaL 25. 6d. 
GUILDFORD (Earl of ). 5tffi North. 

2298 GUINAND (Henry) [of Baltimore, U.S.A.]. Chippendale Ar 

mcMnal. i/. is. 

See AUettt American Bookplates^ No. 337. 

^-— , 2299 GUISE. E Libris Johannis Guise, Bart. Festoon ArmoriaL 
2s. 6d. 

u/ 2300 GULSTON (EUze). Chippendale Armorial Lozenge. 4s. 6dn 

Reproduced in CasUey p. 99. 

\y 2301 (Eliza). Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2302 GULSTON (J.). 1768. Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

The name and date stamped by hand. 

2303 [GULSTON (J.).] Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

2304 GUNN (The Revd. Wm.), B.D., Smallbnrgh, Norfolk. Armorial, 

IS. 6d. . , 

2305 GUNNING (John), Inspector General of Ari^y Hospiital^, 

Armorial Shield in a garter. 2s. 

2306 [GURDON.] Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

2307 GURNEY (Bartlett), Norwich. C. Wilkin sculpt. Engraved 

label. 2s. 6d. 

2308 GURNEY (Daniel). E Libris Daniel Gumey Armig. Arn^oriaL is., 
2309' -^ Armorial, is. 

2310 GURNEY (Joseph >, Norwich. {} Bewick.] Landscape Pbtorial. 

78 ElHs 29 New Bond Street, Wz 

2311 GUSTHART (Robert). M.D. /. Skin[ney sculp., Bath, i/so, 

Chippendale Armorial. SiigMy injured, 6s, 6d, 

2312 [GUTHRIE.] Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

2313 GWATKIN (Ann). Chippendale Armorial Lozenge, ys. 6dm 

2314 GWATKIN (R. L.). Festoon Armorial. 2s, 

2315 GWILT (Joseph) [Architect]. Armorial, is, 6d, 
2316 A larger plate, crests at sides. 2s. 6d, 

2317 GWENNAP (John). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

2318 GWINNETT (Sam.), ex Aul. B. M. Virg. Oxon. /. Green Fee, 

Chippendale Armoiial. 3«. 6d, 

2319 GWYN (Francis), of Lansanorin the County of Glamorgan. And 

of Ford-Abby in the County of Devon, Esqr., 1698. Early 
Armorial. 12s. 6d, 

Reproduced in CttaUe, p. 58. 

2320 HABERFIELD (John Kerle). Johnson sc. Printed in blue, 

25. 6d, 

2321 HADLEY (John). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

2322 HAGARTY (Matt.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s, 6d. 

2323 HAGGATT (William), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d, 

2324 HAIG (James). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. Woodcui, 25. 

Reproduced in Ex LSbris Jl., v. 5, p. 97. 

2325|HAISTWELL;(Edward),of the Middle Temple, Esq.,MDCCXVIII. 
[171 8]. Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libri$ Jl., v. 13, p. 86. 

2326 HALDANE (The Honble. John), of Gleneagles, 1707. Early 

Armorial. 7s. 6d, 

2327 HALE (Bernard), Esqr. Early Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

2328 HALE. Coll. Reg. Medic. Lond. Legavit Ric. Hale, M.D. 

Jacobean AimohaX, $s, 

2329 HALE (Wm. Jno.). Chudleigh. Festoon Armorial. 2.9. 6d. 

2330 HALES (Sr Edward), Bart. Jacobean Armorial. ,^s, 6d, 

R^coduoed in Ex LtSris Jl.^ v. 5, p. 86. 

2331 HALES (Mary Barbara). Seal Armorial Lozenge, with Virgin 

and Child. 15. Printed in red, is, 6d, 

3332 HALES (Philip), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 25. 6d, 

2333 HALFORD (Sir Henry), Bart. Armorial. 25. 

2334 HALIBURTON (David), Esqr. Armorial, is. 6d, 
233$ [HALIDAY.] Chippendale Armorial Trophy. 75. 6d, 
2336 HALIDAY (Daniel). Armorial, motto in Irish, is, 6d. 

HALIFAX (Lord). See Montagu. 
»337 H[ALKETT] (A.). Crest and Cypher in an oval frame. 2s, 6d, 

2338 HALL (Edward). Pictorial Armorial, a cupid supporting shield. 
4s. 6d» 

3339 HALL [(Francis)]. Jacobean Bookpile Armorial. Cui round. 

2340 HALL (Francis), Esq.. Jacobean Armorial. 5^. 

3341 HALL (Henry). Festoon Armorial, is. 6d. 


Bookpluies {Franks CoUecHan). 79 

2342 HALL (James). Chippendale Armorial. 75. 6d» 

See A Urn, American BookpUAes^ No. 340. 

2343 [HALL (John).] Early Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

2344 HALL (John), M.D. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6tf. 

2345 [HALL (Joseph), of Bristol.] Doddreil sculp. Pictorial Ar- 

morial. 55. 6d, 
2346 The Reprint. 2.9. 

2347 HALL (Joseph), Margate. Printed label. 55. 

2348 HALL (Robert). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

2349 HALL (Willm.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

2350 HALLETT (John). Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2351 HALLETT (WiUiam). Printed label. 2s. 6d. 

2352 HALLIFAX (John). Chippendale Pictorial Armorial, with 

cupids, a lamb, etc. 4s. 

2353 Esqr., Kenilworth. The same plate, inscription altered. 


Both plates reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., ▼. 9, p. 94. 

2354 HALLORAN (Laurence H}nies). Ezekiel sculp. Festoon Ar- 

morial. A pretty design, 45. 

2355 HALSTED. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

2356 HALSTED (L.). Armorial Shield on a mantle. 25. 

2357 HAMBLY (William). Festoon Armorial. 25. 

2358 [HAMELYN.] Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

2359 [HAMILTON, Duke of Hamilton and Brandon.] Armorial 

.shield in a garter on a mantle. The Large Plate. 45. 6d. 

2360 [HAMILTON, Viscount Limerick.] Jacobean Armorial, with 

supporters, shaded background. 25. 6d. 

2361 [HAMILTON.] Austin sculpt. Chippendale Armorial, with 

supporters. Slightly injured. 45. 6d. 

2362 [HAMILTON, Duke of Hamilton and Brandon.] Jacobean 

Armorial. 55. 

2363 [HAMILTON. Viscount], Kirkwall. Crest and Coronet, is. 

2364 [HAMILTON.] The Right Honoiable John Lord Belheaven. 

Early Armorial. The arms tricht. los. fid. 

2365 [HAMILTON.] Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

2366 HAMILTON OF GILKERSCLEUGH. Jacobean Armorial. 

3s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., vol. xi, p. xig. 

2367 HAMILTON (Alexr.), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

2368 HAMILTON (Archibald), M.D. Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., vcm. xi, p. 136. 

2369 HAMILTON (The Honble. Charles), Esqr. 5. G[ribelin}. 

Jacobean Armorial. 45. 6d. 

2370 HAMILTON (Charles). W. Moore sculp. Armorial. 2s. 

2371 H[AMILTON] (F. S.). Crest and Cypher. 2s. 6d. 

2372 HAMILTON (The Honble. George). Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

2373 HAMILTON (Henry). Armorial Shield on clouds, is. 

2374 HAMILTON (James). M.D. Armorial, is. 6d. 

8o EUis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

2375 HAMILTON < James), Esqr., of Bangour.' Chippendale Armorial, 
Modern. 2s, 6d. 

2376 HAMILTONUS (Johannes), in Cantii Comitatu Armiger. Early 
Armorial. 105. 

2377 HAMILTON (Newburgh). Pictorial Crest, with a frame sur- 
rounded by music and musical instruments. 7s. 6d. 

2378 HAMILTON (Newburgh). Early Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

2379 HAMILTON (Robt.), of Wishaw, Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 

2380 HAMILTON (Walter), F.R.G.S. 1872. Cypher in a Jacobean 

frame. 25. 6d, 

R«prodttoed in Ca^e, p. 291. 

- 2381 HAMILTON (Walter Kerry, D.D., Bishop of Salisbury, 1854. 

Vesica Armorial. 25. 6d. 

Reproduced in Hamilton, p. 132. 

2382 HAMILTON (WilUam). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

— 2383 HAMMOND (Lieutenant-Colonel Fr. Thomas), St. James' 

Square. Late Jacobean Armorial. 2.9. 6d, 

- 2384 HAMMOND (Richard). Festoon Armorial. $s. 6d. 

— 2385 HAMMOND (WilUam). Festoon Armorial, is. 6d, 

2386 HAMPDEN (J.). Insignia armor. Johis Hampden arm. Ar- 

morial. 2S. 

2387 HAMPER (Willm.). Wreath and Ribbon. Engraved label. 

3s. 6d, 

2388 HANBURY (William), Esq., of Kelmarsh in Northamptonshire. 

Jacobean Armorial. 2s. 6(1, 

2389 HANCOCKE (Morer). Cole sc. Early Jacobean Armorial. 6s, 

2390 HANCOCKE (Peter), Esqr., of Twining in Com. Gloc. Jacobean 

Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

2391 HANMER (Latham), Liverpool. Engraved label, name in a 

modem Chippendale frame. 2s. 6d, 

2392 HANMER (Sr Thomas), of Hanmer in Com. Flint, Baronet, 1707. 

Early Armorial. Large size, £1 4s, 

2393 HANMER (Sr Thomas), of Hanmer in Com. Flint. Baronet, 1707. 

Early Armorial. Small sizei 7s, 6d, 

2394 HANNAY (Sir Samuel), Bart. Armorial, with supporters. 3s. 6d. 
HARBERTON (Viscount). See Pomeroy. 

2395 HARBORD (H.), Esq., Christ's College, 1752. Stephens fee, 

Chippendale engraved label. A charming design, ' los. 6d, 

2396 HARBY (Wm.), M.A. Festoon Armorial. 2s» ,, 

2397 HARCOURT (George Simon), Viscount Nuneham. Chippendale 

Armorial, with supporters. 3s. 6d, 

2398 HARCOURT (George Simon, Earl of). Armorial Oval' Shield on 

a mantle. 2s. 6d, 

2399 HARCOURT (Field -Marshall WiUiam, Earl), G.C.B. Armorial 

shield on a mantle. 2s. 6d, 

— 2400 HARCOURT (William, Earl of). Armorial oval shield on a 

mantle. 2s. 6d, 

2401 HARCOURT (J.). E Libris Jacobi Harcourt, S.T.P., 17— 
Early Jacobean Armorial. Woodcut, 4s. 6dm 

Bookplates (Franks CoUection), 8i 

2402 HARCOURT (John). Jacobean Armorial. $$, 

2403 HARDINGE (Nicholas), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d, 

2404 ' A smaller plate, 3s. 6d. 

HARDWICKE (Lord), see Yorke. 

2405 HARDY. Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

2406 HARDY (John), Nottingham. Pictorial. 45. 

2407 HARDY (Temple), Esqr., Eastley End House, Surry. Armorial 

Spade Shield. 2s. 

2408 HARDY (William), F.S. A. Half hide sculpt., 1^4$, Armorial, is. 

2409 HARE OF DOCKING, Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

2410 HARE (Geo.). Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 

241 1 HARE (Julius Charles), [Archdeacon, one of the authors of 

" Guesses at Truth."] Armorial. 15. 6d. 

2412 [HARE.] The Right Honble. Henry Lord Colerane of Colerane 

in ye Kingdom of Ireland, 1 702. Early Armorial. 105. 6d, 

2413 HARE (Sr. Thomas), Baronet of Stow Hall in Norfolk, 1734. 

Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

Illustrated in Hardy, p. 47. 

2414 HARE (Thomas). Armorial. 25. 

2415 [HARE (Tho.).] Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 
HAREWOOD (Lord), see Lascelles. 

2416 HARFORD (Edward). Jacobean Armorial. $5, 

2417 HARFORD (Joseph). Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 

2418 HARGRAVE (Francis). Armorial Shield in a garter. 25. 6d, 

?4i9 HARINGTON (Gostlet), of Marshfeild in the Coun. of Glocester, 
Gent. 1706. Early Armorial. Very rare, i/. is. 

2420 HARINGTON (Sr. James), Bart. 1741. Jacobean ArmoriaL 


2421 HARINGTON (R.). Arma Ricardi Harington et Cecilie uxoris 

ejus. Seal Armorial, is. 

2422 HARLAND (Robert). Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d, 

2423 [HARLEY.] Henrietta Cavendish Holies, Oxford and Mortimer. 

Given me by [my Lord]. Library Interior. [Engraved by 

George Vertue.'] 15s. 
One of the most beautiful Ex Libris. For description and reproduction see Hardy, ppi 

2424 HARLEY (Henrietta Cavendish Holies). Given by my Lord, 

September, 1720. Autograph. Folio, i/. ss. 

2425 [HARLEY.] Henrietta Cavendishe Holies, Oxford and Mor- 

timer. ' Given by Mr. Humfrey Wanley, 1725. Autograph. 8vo. 
1 8s. 

2426 HARLEY (Robert), of Bramton Castle in the County of Hereford, 

Esqr. Early Armorial. Large plate. iL is. 
Reproduced in Ex Libris jl., vol. xii, p. 91. 

2427 HARLEY (Robert), of Bramton Castle in the County of Hereford, 

Esqr. Early Armorial. The stnall plate. 8s. 6d. 

2428 HARLING (William), M.A. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

2429 [HARMAN (B.). 1760.] Sold by J. Kirk, St. PauVs Church Yard. 

Chippendale Engraved Label. 5s; 

82 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

2430 HARM AN (Jerh.). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

2431 HARMAN (John). Chippendale AnnoriaL 4s. 6d. 

2432 HARPER (George), Rector of Stepney. Armorial. 2s. 

2433 HARPER (Revd.S.),M.A.,F.R.S., Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

2434 HARPER (Wmus.), V.D.P., Gemens & 1760 Sperans. Pictorial, 
a ship in a storm. 75. 6d. 

^435 [HARPUR.] Chippendale Armorial, modem, is. 6dL 

2436 HARRIES (Edward), A.M. Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d, 

2437 HARRIES (John), Middle Temple, London. Chippendale Ar- 
morial. 45. 6d. 

2438 HARRIS OF CORK. [By Becker,] Armorial. 2S. 

2439 HARRIS. The Gift of Mrs. Harris, widow of the Rev. Dr. 
William Harris, of Honiton. Printed Label. 3s. 6d. 

2440 HARRIS (Cr.), Esqr., Haine. Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

2441 HARRIS (Henry). Armorial, arms in a garter. 15. 

2442 HARRIS (Johannes), D.D., F.R.S. Early Armorial. los. 6d, 

2443 HARRIS (Joseph). [1797.] Festoon Armorial. 3s, 

2444 HARRISON (George). Armorial, is. 

2445 HARRISON (Geo. H. Rogers), F.S.A. Armorial Shield on a 
mantle. 2s. 6d. 

2446 HARRISON (Richard Acklom). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 6d. 

2447 HARRISON (Richardson). Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d. 

2448 HARRISON (Thomas). A.B. Coll. Regin. Cantab. Socius. 
Armorial, is. 6d, 

2449 HARRISON (W.), D.D., Fellow of C.C.C, Oxon. R, M[ountaine], 
Chippendale Armorial with books. 5s. 

2450 HARRISON (William). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

2451 HARRISON (William), F.S.A. Seal Armorial, is. 
HARROWBY (Eari of), see Ryder. 

2452 HART. Armorial. A large plate, is. 6d. 

2453 HART (Anty.), Esqr. Armorial, is. 

2454 HART (George). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

2455 HART (William Nevil). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

2456 HARTE(W,). Bernigeroth sc. Lips, Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6^* 

2457 HARTLEY (Alfred Octavius), M.A., Steeple Ashton Vicarage 

Wilts. Armorial. 2s. 

2458 HARTSHEATH. Wreath and Ribbon Crest, ss- 

2459 HARTSHORN (John). Pictorial (a lyre), is. 

2460 [HARTSTONGE.] John Lord Bishop of Ossory, 1709. Early 

Armorial, with branches of palm. los. 6d, 

2461 HARTSTONGE (Matthew Weld). Armorial, is. 6d. 

2462 HARVEST (Geo.), B.A., of Magd. College, Cambridge. Crest. 

[Circa 1750.] 4s. 6d, 

t. 2463 HARVEY (Charles). Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d, 

2464 HARVEY (Edward). Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d 

Bookplates (Franks Collection). 83 

3465 HARVEY (Admiral Sir EUab). [Fought at Trafalgar.] Wreath 
and Ribbon Armorial. 25. 6d, 

2466 HARVEY (George). Chippendale Armorial, modem. 2s. 6d, 

2467 HARVEY (Jno.), Esqr., Killiane Castle. Festoon ArmoriaL 

25. 6d. 

246S HARVEY (Robert). Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

2469 HARVEY (Robert John). Large Armorial. 2s, 

2470 HARVEY (Samuel). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

2471 HARVEY (T.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. Woodcut, 3s. 6d. 

2472 HARWOOD (WilUam). Armorial Spade Shield. 25. 6d, 

2473 HASSARD (Patrick S. S.), Drutamon House, Bailieboro. Ar- 

morial. 15. 6d. 

2474 HASSELL (Richard), Esqr., of Lincoln's Inne, 1745. Early 

Jacobean Armorial. 65. 

247s The same plate (without date). 55. 

2476 HASSELL (Richard), Esqr., of Barnet, 1768. Early Jacobean 

Armorial. 45. 6d, 

2477 HASTINGS (E.). Jacobean Armorial Lozenge. A very pretty 

Lady's Plate, js, 6d, 

2478 HATCHARD (Thomas Goodwyn), D.D.. Bishop of Mauritius. 

1869. Seal Armorial. Two shields accol6. 2s. 

Reproduced ia Hamilton^ p. 2x3. 

2479 [HATFIELD (Thomas James), of Manchester.] Pictorial Ar- 

morial, ^s, 6d. 

2480 HATFIELD (Thos. James), Manchester. Armorial, with clouds. 

15. 6d. 

2481 HATHORN (John), of Over Airies, Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

2482 [HATTON (Sir John) ?]. Festoon Armorial. 15. 

2483 HATTON (Robert), Cork. Printed Label. 45. 

2484 HATTON (Susanna). Festoon Armorial Lozenge. 45. 

2485 HATTON (Villiers Francis), Esq. Capt. R.N., M.P. for Co. Wex- 

ford. [By Emslie.] Armorial. 2s. 

2486 HAUGHTON. Pictorial Armorial, with sword, lyre, etc. ss, 6d. 

2487 HAVILAND (Jacobus), C.F.A.M., Coll. Nov. Soc. Oxon. 1807. 

Warwick sc. Armorial. 25. 6d, 

2488 HA WES (Benjn., Junr.). Wreath and Ribbon Engraved LabeL 

SS. 6d. 

2489 HA WES. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

2490 HA WES (Reverend Herbert), Rollestone Street, Salisbury, 

Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d, 

2491 Victrix fortunae Sapientia. Herbert Hawes, Oriel College, 

Oxford. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

2492 [HAWKE (Lord)]. Armorial, with supporters. 15. 6d. 

"2493 HAWKE (Honble. Annabella). Armorial Lozenge, with sup- 
porters. SS' 6i. 

2494 HAWKES (Joseph). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

2495 HAWKINS (Caesar), Esqr. Bookpile Armorial. 55. 

84 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

2496 HAWKINS (Edward), F.R.S.. F.S.A., F.L.S. British Museum. 

Armorial. With large margin. 25. 6d, 

2497 HAWKINS (Rev. Edward). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

2498 HAWKINS (Frances). Armorial Lozenge, pendant from a 

ribbon. 45. 

2499 HAWKINS (Francis Bisset). Landscape Pictorial. 3s. 6d, 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl.^ vol. xi, p. 42. 

2500 HAWKINS (Henry Montonnier), Tredunnock, Monmouthshire. 

W. West sculp. Architectural Armorial, niches containing 
statues of knights, ys. 6d. 

2501 HAWKINS (John Adair). Architectural Armorial. 2s. 

2502 HAWKINS (Pennell). Chippendale Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2503 HAWKINS (Robert Ralph Augustus), Trinity College, Cambridge. 

Architectural Armorial within Gothic frame of niches, etc . 45. 6d. 

2504 HAWKINS (The Rev. Thos.), Mag. Coll., Oxon. Chippendale 

Armorial. 35. 6d. 

2505 HAWKS (Geoe.). [By Bewick.] Landscape Pictorial, a " Hawk " 

in the foreground. Woodcut. 65. 

Reproduced in Castle^ p. 148. 

2506 HAWTREY (Edward Craven), [headmaster of Eton]. Armorial. 


2507 Armorial. Stamped in gold. 2s. 6d. 

2508 Liber e Museo Edwardi Craven Hawtrey Etonensis. 4$. 6d, 

2509 [HAY.] The Right Honorable Thomas Lord Viscount Dupplin^ 

Lord Balhousie. 1699. Early Armorial, i/. is. 

2510 [HAY.] Earl of KinnouU. Chippendale Armorial, with sup* 

porters. 45. 6d. 

2511 HAY (Edward), M.A. Butterworth» Livesay <&- Co. sculp. Ar- 

morial with mantling, is. 6d. 

2512 HAY (Edward Wm. Auriol Drummond), Esq., H.B.M. Consul- 

General at Tangier. Armorial. 2s. 

2515 HAY (Jean), Pitfour. Chippendale Armorial, ^s. 

2514 HAY (The Honourable John), of Lawfield, Esqr. Jacobean Ar- 

morial. 45. 6d. 

2515 HAY (Sir John), Bart., of Smithfield and Haystoun. Armorial, 

with supporters. 25. 

2516 HAY (Richard). Wreath and Ribbon Crest. 2s. 6d. 

2517 HAY (William Robert), M.A. Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

See AUetif American Bookplates, No. 363. 

2518 HAYDON (George Henry). 1876. Pictorial Armorial, with 

quotations from Izaak Walton. 2s. 6d. 

Reproduced in HamiUon, p. 164. 

25 19 HAYES (Joannes McNamara), Chirurgus. Chippendale Armorial. 

85. 6d. 
Hayes served with distinction as an army surgeon in North America and the West Indies. 
He married in 1787, Anne, eldest daughter of Henry White White, one of the Council 
of New York. 

2520 HAYLEY (Thomas), Esqr., of Chichester in ye County of Sussex. 

Jacobean Armorial. 45. 6d. 

2521 H A YMAN (Matthew). Codling sculp. Festoon Armorial. 2s,6dm 

2522 HAYNE (Thomas). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s, 6d 

Bookplates (Franks Collection), 85 

2523 HAYTER (William Goodenough), [Parliamentary Secretary of 

the Treasury]. Armorial. 2s. 

2524 HAYWARD (Fran.). T. King sculp,, Homerton, Hackney. 

Pictorial Armorial, with cupids, books, etc. 5s. 

2525 HAYWARD (Joans.), A.M., Aul de Clare Cantabs. Chippendale 

Pictorial Armorial, with a dog, etc. 6s. 

2526 [HEACOCK, of Newington, Surrey.] Chippendale Pictorial 

Armorial, cupid with book, etc. 6s. 

— 2527 HEAD (Dr.). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

2528 HEAD (Erasmus), M.A., Prebendary of Carlisle. Printed Label 

4s. 6d. 

2529 HEADLAM (John), M.A. Pictorial Armorial, a castle in the 
. background. 55. 

2530 HEADLAM (John), M.A., Archdeacon of Richmond. Pictorial 

Armorial, ^s, 6d. 

2531 HEALEY (Chas. E. H. Chadwyck), of Lincoln's Inn, Esqre* 

Sherborn ft. Decorated Armorial. 15s. 

2532 HEARD (Sir Isaac), [Garter King of Arms], Engraved Label, 

with. badges of office. 3s. 6d, 

' - - 2533 HEATH (John), King's Coll. Cambridge. Warwick sc, Ar- 
nciorial. 15. 

*^ 2534 HEATH (John Moore). Armorial, is. 6d. 

• — 2535 HEATH (Richard). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

2536 HEATH. E Libris Tho. Heath. Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6rf. 

2537 HEATH (Thomas), Merchant of Exeter. Chippendale Armorial 

Pictorial, with books, globe, etc. 3s. 6d. 

2538 HEATH (Mrs. William). Armorial Lozenge, ^s, 6d, 

2539 [HIEATHCOTE.] Hursley. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

2540 ftEATHCOTE (Rev. Edward), Junr. Armorial, is. 6d, 

2541 HEATHCOTE (George Edwards). Allegorical (a butterfly and 

a skull). 3s. 6d. 

2542 HEATHCOTE. E bibUotheca gilberti v. heathcote clerici et 

elisoe ejus uxoris. Vesica Pictorial Armorial. 3s. 

>" 2543 HEATHCOTE (Henry). Chippendale Armorial. Slightly in 
iured. 2s. 

2544 HEATON (Isaac). Chippendale ArmoriaL 4s. 6d. 

2545 HEBERT (Gideon). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2546 HEBERT (Hildebrand). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

2547 HEDGES (The Right Honble. Sr. Charles), Knight, one of Her 
Majesties Principal Secretaries of State, 1702. Early Armorial. 
I OS. 6d. 

2548 HEDGES (Thomas), Esq., Alderton, Wilts. Early Armorial 
4$. 6d. 

2549 HEINEKEN. Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

2550 [HELPS (Sir Arthur), Essayist and Historian.] Seal Armorial. 
2s. 6d, 

2551 HEMING. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2552 HEMSTED (Stephen). G. Smith sculpt. Armorial Spade Shield 
pendant from a ribbon. 3s. 

> . - — 

86 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

2553 HENCHMAN (Thomas), Esq. Armorial Spade Shield. 2.9. 

2554 HENDERSON (William), of Bardister. Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

2555 HENDERSON (Willm. Magnus). Huntet sculpt. Pictorial Ar- 

morial. 5 «». 

2556 HENDRY (Thomas), Lynn. Is, Kirk sculp, Chippendale En- 

graved Label. 5s. 

2557 [HENLEY, Baron]. Chippendale Armorial, with supporters. 

45. 6^. 

2558 HENLEY [Baron], Armorial, with supporters. 2s. 6d. 

2559 [HENLEY or HERILE]. Early Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

2560 [HENNIKER,] Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

, 2561 HENNIKER (Miss). Chippendale Armorial Lozenge. 6s. 

2562 HENSLOWE. Armorial, is. 6d. 

2563 HENSLOWE. Arma Edwardi Pering Henslowe, ex Edwardo 

Prentis Henslowe nati, apud bombardarum societatem militarem 
in Woolvico sacerdotis, et honoratissimi vicecomitis Hood in 
domesticis sacerdotis. Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

2564 HENVILLE (Mrs. Charles Brune). W, Pink, 1850. Armorial 

Lozenge on a mantle. 2s. 6d. 

2565 HERBERT (Barbara). Chippendale Armorial Lozenge, ys. 6d, 

2566 [HERBERT.] /. June sc, 1745. Chippendale Pictorial Armo- 

rial, with cupid, etc. 8s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl.^ v. 7, p. 15* 

2567 [HERBERT.] The Rt. Honble. Mary, Countess of Pembroke. 

Early Armorial, with supporters, js. 6d. 

2568 HERBERT (James), Esqr., of Tythorpe in the County of Oxford. 

Chippendale Armorial, with shaded background. 5s. 

2569 HERBERT (Samuel). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. ^ 
- 2570 HERBERT (Wm.). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

HEREFORD (Viscount), see Devereux. 

2571 HEREFORD. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 

2572 HERNE (Basil). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

2573 HERNE (Sir William). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

2574 HERON (Patrick), of Heron, Esqr. Chippendale Armorial, with 

supporters. 4s. 6d. 

2575 HERON (Patk.), West Lodge, Hamps., Gent. B. Cole sc. 

Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. A pretty plate. 6s. 

2576 HERON (Patk.). B. Levi sculp,, 1748. Chippendale Armorial, 

with books. Slightly injured, 6s. 6d. 

2577 HERRIES (Robert). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

2578 HERVEY. The Right Honble. John, Lord Hervey, created 

Baron of Ickworth in Com. Suff., March the 23rd, 1702. Early 
Armorial. The Large Plate, the arms trickt, i/. 55. 

2579 HERVEY (The Right Honble. John, Lord), created Baron of 

Ickworth in Com. Suff., March the 23rd, 1702. Early Armorial. 
The small plate, 8s. 6d, 

2580 HERVEY (John Augustus, Lord). Armorial Spade Shield, with 
supporters, ^s. 

Bookplates (Franks Collection). 87 

2581 HERVEY (John), of Ickworth in Com. Suff., Esqr. 1698. Early 

Armorial, i/. 

2582 HESILRIGE (Thos.). W. S\tephens\. Chippendale Armorial. 

25. 6d, 

2583 HEWER (Hewer Edgley), of Hanover Square in ye County of • 

Middlesex, Esqr. Armorial Shield on a Mantle. 5s. 
Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. xi, p. 165. 

2584 HEWER (Wm.), of Clapham in the County of Surry, Esqer. 

1699. [Friend and Secretary of Pepys.] Bookpile Cypher. 
2/. 2S. Reproduced and described in Hardy, p. 74. 

2585 HEWES (Arthur), Esq. Early Jacobean Armorial. 45. 6d. 

2586 HEWES (Geo.). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

2587 HEWETT (George). Catharine Hall. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2588 HEWITSON (M.). [Attributed to Bemick,] Landscape Pictorial. 

Woodcut. 45. 6d. 

2589 HEWITT (Thomas). Festoon Armorial. 3.9. 

2590 HEXT (Frances Margery), Lostwithiel. Armorial. 3s. 

2591 HEXT (George), B.D., C.C.C, Oxon. Armorial. 25. 

2592 HEXT (Thomas), Trenarren. Armorial. 2s. 

2593 HEYSHAM (Wm.), Esq., Greenwich in Kent. Early Jacobean 

Armorial. $s. 

2594 HEYWOOD (I.). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

2595 HEYWOOD (James Modyford), Maristow, Devon. Chippendale 

Armorial. $$. 

2596 HEYWOOD (S.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 

2597 HEYWOOD (Samuel). W.H[enshaw]. Pictorial Armorial. 55. 

Reproduced in Fincham, p. 42. 

2598 HIBBERT (George). Festoon Armorial, ^s, 6d, 

2599 HIBBERT (Washington), Esqr. Armorial. 25. 

2600 HIBBINS (Lucius Henry), of Gray's Inne, Esqr. Jacobean 

Armoriol. 3s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 13, p. 71. 

2601 [HIGDEN.] Geo. Bickham, Junr., sculp. Jacobean ArmoriaL 


2602 HIGHMORE (Nath.). Terry sculp. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

2603 HIGHMORE (W. R.). M.D. Lake sc, 1779. Armorial Spade 

Shield. 35. 6i. 

2604 HILDYARD (John). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 25. 6d» 

2605 HILDYARD (Sir Robert D'Arcy), Bart. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2606 HILHOUSE (James M.). Burnett sc. Chippendale Armorial 

3s. 6d. 

2607 [HILL.] Lord Berwick. Armorial Spade Shield, with supporters 

25. 6^. 

2608 H[ILL] (E.). 1817. Wreath and Ribbon Crest and Cypher. 3s 

2609 HILL (Henry). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

2610 HILL (Jeremiah). Geo. Johnson sc. Armorial Shield on a 

Mantle. . is. 6d. 

261 1 HILL (John). Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

88 EUiSy 29 New Band Street, W. 

2612 HILL (John), Derby. B. Clare sc„ Derby, 25. 6d. 

2613 HILL (Noel). Festoon Armorial. Fine plate. 3s. 6d. 

2614 HILL (Thomas), Green, Cork, • Armorial Shield in a Garter. 2s. 

2615 HILL (Thomas Finimore). Armorial. 2s. 

2616 HILLARY (WilUam), M.D. Bath, 1743. /. S\kinner^. Early 

Jacobean Armorial. los. 

Dr. Hillary in 1752 removed to Barbadoes, where he lived for 6 years. 

2617 HILLARY (Sir William). Bart. Rohan fecit, Palais Royal 95. 

Armorial, with supporters. 2s. 6d, 

2618 [HILLERSDON.] 1736. Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 6d, 

2619 HILLIARD (Edward). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d, 

2620 HILTON (David), Esqr. Bookpile Armorial. 165. 

2621 HINCKS (Thos. Cowper), Esq. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 

^s, 6d, 

2622 HINDE (Capt. Robt.), near Hitchen, Herts. Chippendale Armo- 

rial. 3s. 6a. 

2623 HINDLEY (John Haddon). [Oriental Scholar, and Librarian 

of the Chetham Library, Manchester.] Armorial, is. 6d, 

2624 HINGSTON (Revd. James), LL.B. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

2625 HIPPISLEY (Sir John Cox). Bart., LL.D., F.R.S.. F.A.S. Ar- 

morial, with supporters, is. 6d, 

2626 HIRTZEL (Mr. Geo.), Exeter. Adams Xon. Armorial Spade 

Shield. 2s. 6d, 

2627 HITCHCOCK (E. A.). U.S. Army. Pictorical Allegorical (a 

dragon). Very rare, \l, S^, 

2628 HOADLY (John), LL.D. R, M[ountain] sc. Chippendale 

Armorial. 4s. 

2629 HOAR (William). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

2630 HOARE (Edward), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

2631 HOARE (Fras. Ann). Pictorial (a supposed portrait plate), [/n 

the style of Bartolozzi.'] 8s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Hardy, p. 149. 

2632 HOARE (Henry), Goldsmith in London, 1704. Jacobean Armo- 

rial. Very handsome, ids. 

^63 3 HOARE. The Gift of Henry Hoare, Esqr.. who died March 12, 
1724, Aged 47. And by his last Will and Testament hath vested 
the Sum of Two Thousand Pounds in Trustees, who are to apply 
the Yearly Interest. Rents and Profits, arising out of the said 
Sum to the purchasing, dispersing, and giving away Yearly, 
Bibles, Common Prayer Books, etc., etc. Jacobean Armorial. 

2634 A smaller plate with same inscription, $s, 

2635 A Collection of six varieties of these plates, both 

large and small, i/. los. 

2636 HOARE (Richard). Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

2637 [HOARE (Sir Richard Colt).] Pictorial Armorial. Proof before 

inscription. Fine, with large margin, il, is, 

2638 HOARE (WilUam). Jacobean Pictorial Armorial. Fem&\le 

figures in niches at sides. 6s, ^ 

Bookplates {Franks Collection), 89 

2639 HOARE (William). Jacobean Armorial. 45. 6d» 

2639a [HOB ART, Earl of Buckinghamshire.] Armorial, with sup- 
porters. 15. 6d, 

2640 H[OBLYN] (R.), C.C.C., Oxon. Comm. [Cornish Antiquary]. 

Jacobean Armorial. $s. 

2641 HOBSON (Reverend James). Large Crest. 25. 

2642 H[ODGES] (I.). Crest and Cypher. 2s. 

2643 HODGES (John). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

2644 HODGES (Joseph). Chippendale Armorial. $s, 6d, 

2645 HODGES (Luke). Jacobean Armorial. $$, 6d. 

2646 HODGES (Thomas Hallett). Festoon Engraved Label. 25. 

2647 HODGES (Walter), D.D., Provost of Oriel College. Jacobean 

Armorial. 55. 

2648 HODGETT (Joseph W. ). Printed by Engelmann (S- Co. Pictorial, 

an alchemist in his laboratory. 2s. 6d, 

2649 HODGKIN (J. Eliot). Pictorial Armorial, an early printer and 

a monastic scribe at work. 25. 6d, 

2650 HODGKINSON (Robt. Banks), Esqr., New Burlington Street. 

Chippendale Armorial. $s, 6d, 

2651 [HODGSON (Thomas), Newcastle. By Bewick.] Pictorial Ar- 

morial, a Tjnieside scene. 6s. 

2652 HODSON (Jas.), Esqr., Wigan. Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 6d. 

2653 HODSON (Thomas). Pictorial Armorial. 5s. 

2654 HOGARTH (William). Jacobean cypher, with cupids. 3/. 3s 

The plate of the celebrated artist and engraver. For reproduction see Ex Libris Journal 
vol. 3. P' 5. 

2655 HOLBECH (Mr. Ambrose), of Mollington in the County of 

Warwick, 1702. Early Armorial, ys. 6d, 

2656 HOLBECH (William), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d. 

2657 [HOLBECHE.] Early Armorial. 6s. 

2658 HOLCOMBE (John), New Cross, 1799. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

2659 HOLDEN, Ex Bibliotheca, in Pal. Episc. Rip. Armorial with 

Episcopal arms. 2s. 6d, 

2660 HOLDEN (Edward), Esqr., Algiers. Chippendale Armorial. 8s. 
HOLDERNESSE (Earl of). See D'Arcy. 

HOLLAND (Baron). See Fox. 

2661 HOLLAND. E Libris Henrici Thurston Holland. Vesica 

ArmOrial. 2s. 

2662 [HOLLAND (John), Heraldic Engraver. By William Hogarth.] 

Pictorial Armorial. First State. 2/. 15s. 

For reproduction see Ex Libris Jl., vol. 3, p. 2. 
2663 The same plate. Second State, i/. i8s. 

2664 HOLLAND (Richard). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

2665 HOLLAND (Samuel), M.D. Armorial, is. 6d. 

2666 HOLLAND (Revd. W. W.), Chichester. Armorial, is. 6d. 

2667 [HOLLAND.] Jacobean Armorial, js. 6d. 

90 Ellisf 29 New Bond Street^ Wi 

2668 [HOLLES.] The Most Noble John, Duke of Newcastle, Marquis 
and Earl of Clare, Baron Haughton of Haughton, and Knight of 
ye Most Noble Order of the Garter. Early Armorial. 8s. 6rf. 

266g A smaller and different plate. 7s. 6d. 

HOLLES (Henrietta Cavendish). See Harley. 

2670 HOLLIDAY (John), Esqr., Lincoln's Inn. Festoon 'Armorial, 

printed in blue, 25. 6d. 

2671 HOLLOND (EUen Julia) [Philanthropist, founder of the first 

crdche in London]. Armorial Lozenge, s^' 

2672 HOLLOWAY (M.-Genl. Sir C), Kt. Armorial, is. 6d. 

2673 HOLLOWAY (W. C. Elphinstone), C.B., Royal Engineers. 

Armorial, is. 6d. 

2674 [HOLME.] Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

2675 HOLMES (F. P.). Pictorial. 2s. 6d. 

2676 HOLMES (James Parke). Pictorial. 2s. 6d, 

2677 HOLMES (Leonard Troughear). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

2678 HOLMES (W.), St. J.B. Coll. Cole, Oxon, sculp, Jacobean 

Armorial on a pedestal, shaded background. 7s. 6d. 

2679 HOLROYD (James John and Sophia), White Hall. Culleton, 

Armorial, is. 

C 2680 [HOLROYD], John Lord Sheffield, Sheffield Place, Sussex. 

Armorial, with supporters. 3s. 6d. 

2681 HOLT (The Right Honble. Sir John). Knight, Lord Chief Justice 

of ye Court of Queen's Bench and one of Her Majesties Most 
Honble. Privy Council, 1702. Early Armorial. 15s. 

2682 HOLTE (Sir Lister), of Aston in Warwickshire, Barnt. Early 
Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

2682a A different plate. Jacobean Armorial, ^s, 6d^ 

2683 HOLWELL [of Exeter]. Urn Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2684 [HOME (Earl of).] Early Armorial, with supporters. 5s. 

2685 Jacobean Armorial, with supporters. 3s. 6d. 

2686 [HOME], The Honble. Lord Kimmergham. Early Jacobean 
Armorial, ss. 

2687 HOME (Charles). Chippendale Armorial, s^' 6«i. 

2688 HOME (Henry), of Kames. Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

2689 HOME (James), Writer to the Signet. Jacobean Armorial. 
4s. 6d. 

2690 HOMFRAY (John), MDCCLXVIII. Armorial, many quarter- 
ings, with decorative border, s^' 

2691 HOMFRAY (Rev. I.), A.B. and F.S.A. Armorial, is. 

2692 HOMFRAY (John), Mert. Coll., Oxon. Armorial, is. 6d. 

2693 HONY (Wm.). Crest in a Beaded Oval. is. 6d. 

2694 HOOD (John). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, is. 6d. 

2695 HOOD (Thos.) [the Poet]. Mock Heraldic, with motto, " He 
sang the song of the shirt." los. 6d. 

2696 HOOD (Thomas Pelham), of Springmount in the County of 
Antrim, Esqr. Armorial. 2s. 

L . 

'Bookplates {Franks Collection), 91 

2697 HOOD (Thomas Pelham). Jacobean Armorial Modem. 2s. 

2698 HO9KE (E.), Soc. Coll. Mag., Oxon. R, M[ountaine], 

Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

2699 HOOKE (John), Sergeant at Law, 1703. Early Armorial. 

1 05. 6d. 

2700 HOOKER (Edwd.), Esqr. F. Gardner sculp, Jacobean Ar- 

morial. 55. 

270 1 HOPE. Jacobean ( ? ) Armorial with supporters (two Highlanders 

armed with swords). 3s. 6d, 

2702 HOPE (A.). Jacobean (?) Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

2703 HOPE (Alexander I. Beresford). Armorial, is. 6d. 

2704 HOPE (Fred. William) [Entomologist]. Armorial. 2s. 

2705 HOPE (Genl. John). Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

2706 [HOPKINS (Thomas), Esqr.. Newlands, Gloucestershire.] Chip- 

pendale Armorial. Name erased. 2s. 6d. 

2707 HOPKINS (Willm.). Chippendale Armorial. Injured, 2S, 6d 

2708 HOPKINS (Willm. and Mary). Sharp sc. Pictorial Armorial. 

A very pretty plate, 5s. 

Repioduced in Miss Labouch^re's Ladies* Book-plates, p. 240. 

2709 HOPKINS (William Randolph Innes), Grey Towers Library. 

Seal Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2710 HOPKINSON (Edmund). Armorial, is. 

271 1 HOPKINSON (Edmund), Edgeworth Manor House, Gloucester- 

shire. Armorial, is. 6d, 

2712 HOPTON (John), of Can-frome in the County of Hereford. 

Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 13, p. 100. 

2713 HOPTON (Richard), of Can-frome in the County of Hereford. 

Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 13, p. 99. 

2714 HORE (Philip Herbert), Esqr. Pole Here. Armorial, is. 

2715 HORE (Thomas). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

2716 HORLOCK (Isaac J. Webb), Es^q., The Rocks, Co. Gloucester. 

Armorial. 2s. 

2717 HORNER (Leonard) [Educational Reformer]. Armorial, is,6d, 

2718 HORNER (Mary). Thew sculp. Festoon Armorial Lozenge. 

4s. 6d, 

Reproduced in Miss Labwchere^s Ladies* BookploUs, p. z. 

2719 HORNYOLD (John Vincent), of Blackmore Park and Hanley 

Castle. Armorial. 2s. 

2720 HORREX (Edmund). Dent sculpt, Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6rf. 

2721 HORROCKS (Peter). Warwick sc. Pictorial crest. 2s. 6d, 

2722 HORRY (C. L. Pinckney), of Hampton House, S. Carolina. 

Armorial, ^s, 6d, 

2723 HORSLEY (Jno. Wm.), Chiswick. Armorial. 2s. 

2724 HORT (John), Esqr., Dub., 1757. Chippendale Pictorial Ar- 

morial. 3s. 6d, 

2725 HORTON (James). A.M. Early Armorial. 12s. 6d. 

2726 of Guilsborough, Northamptonshire. Early Armorial. 

The last plate with altered inscription, gs. 

92 Ellis^ zg New Bond Street^ W% 

2727 [HOSKINS, of Oxted« Co* Surrey.! Jafiobean Bookpile ArmoriaU 

I OS. 6d, 

2728 HOSKYNS (Chandos Wren), Wroxhall Abbey, Warwickshire. 

[By Sherborn.] Decorated Armorial. 12s. 

2729 HOSKYNS (Sir Hungerford), Bart., Harewood. Armorial. 2s. 

2730 HOSSACK (C), M.D. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

2731 HOTCHKIN (Robert C. H.). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

2732 HOTCHKISS (Leonard), A.M. Chippendale Armorial, with 

books. 45. 6d, 

2733 HOTHAM (Frederick). Armorial, is. 6d, 

2734 HOUBLON (Jacob), Esqr. [By R. Mountaine.] Chippendale 

Armorial. 6s, 

2735 [HOUBLON (John).] [By R. Mountaine.] Chippendale Ar- 

morial. 5 s. 

2736 HOULDITCH (Revd. Edwd.) A.M., Speen, Berks. Armorial. 

IS. 6d. 

2737 HOULT. Wreath and Ribbon Lozenge. Pretty lady*s plate, 

3s. 6d, 

2738 HOULTON (Cap. Geo.). Huntly sc, Bath, . Armorial. 2s. 

2739 HOULTON (H. W.). Armorial (the arms of the Poulterers' 

Company). 2s. 

2740 HOUNSOM (H. J.), Funtington. Crest. 2s. 

(. - 2741 [HOWARD], Edward, Duke of Norfolk, Earle Marshall of 
England. Jacobean Armorial. 2S. 6d, 

2742 HOWARD (The Right Honble. Henry Bowes), Earl of Suffolk 

and Berkshire, 1750. Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

2743 [HOWARD], The Right Honble. the Earl of Berkshire, Lord 

Marshall of Englauid, anno 1720. Jacobean Armorial with 
supporters. 4s. 6d. 

2744 HOWARD, Francis, Earl of Effingham. Jacobean ArmoriaL 

4s. 6d. 

2745 [HOWARD, Earl of] Effingham. Jacobean Armorial, ss. 6d. 

2746 [HOWARD.] Diana [Baroness], Lanerton. Pictorial. $s, 

2747 HOWARD (Charles W. G.). The Gift of the Rt. Hon. Sir David 

Dundas, Knt. of Ochtertyre, MDCCCLXXVII [1877]. [By 
C, W, Sherborn,'] Armorial. 12s. 6d, 

2748 HOWARD (Henry), of Greystoke. Architectural Armorial. 

3s. 6d, 

2749 HOWARD (Henry Charles), of Greystock, in Cumberland, Esq. 

Jacobean Armorial, js, 6d, 

2750 HOWARD (J. J.), LL.D., Maltravers. Landscape Pictorial. 

2s. 6d, 

2751 HOWARD (John Broadley). Armorial Spade Shield, is. 

2752 HOWARD (Mary). Armorial. 3$. 6d, 

2753 HOWARD (Phillip), of Corby, Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 

3s. 6d, 

- 2754 HOWARD (Philip), of Norfolk. Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

2755 HOWARD (PhiUp Henry), Esq., Corby Castle, Co. Cumberland. 
[By Becker,] Armorial, zz. 

' Bookplates (Franks Collection). 93 

2756 HOWARD (Honble. Richard). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Ubris JL, v. 9, p. 8z. 

2757 HOWARD (Richard). Esqr. Yates sculp. Armorial Spade 

Shield on a mantle. 2s. 6a, 

2758 [HOWARD (Robert).] Castle Howard. Pictorial Armorial, 

shield resting against a stag. 2s. 

2759 HOWARD (William), Hartley House, Devon. Crest in a garter. 


2760 HOWE (The Rt. Honble. Charlotte Viscountess). Early Armorial 

with supporters. 55. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris //.,.v. 6, p. I2i. 

2761 HOWLEY (WiUiam) [Archbishop of Canterbury]. Armorial. 

25. 6d. 

2762 HOYLE (Charles). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6rf. 

2763 HUBBALD (J.). /. Kirk sc, Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

2764 HUDDLESTON (Baron). Armorial. 2s. 

2765 HUDLESTONE, Newark. C)rpher on a Radiated Star. 2s. 6d. 

2766 HUDSON (Charles Grave), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial, ^s. 6d. 

2767 HUDSON (Sir Charles Grave), of Wanlip in the County of 

Leicester, Bart. Armorial Spade Shield. 25. 6d, 

2768 HUDSON (Harrington). Chippendale Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

2769 HUDSON (John), M.B., F.R.S. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

2770 HUDSON (T. C). Wreath and Ribbon Engraved Label. 2s. 

2771 HUGGINS (William), Esqr., Heath House, Hants. Jacobean 

Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

2772 HUGHES (Hugh Robert), of Kinmel & Dinorben, Co. Denbigh, 

Esq. Large Armorial. 5s. 

2773 HUGHES (James), 1776. Festoon Armorial. 35. 

Reproduced in Hamilton's Dated Bookplates, p. 102. 

2774 HUGHES (John), of Brecon, Esq. Skinr., sculpt., 1745. Chip- 

pendale Armorial, ys, 6d, 

2775 HUGHES (John), of Queinton, Glocestershire. Jacobean Ar- 

morial. 5 s. 

2776 HUGHES (John Newington). Armorial Trophy. 2S. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris //., v. 7, p. 117. 

2777 HUGHES (Ob.), of London [Secretary to the Presbyterian 

Board]. Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 6d. 

2778 HUGHES (Robt.). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

2779 HUGHES (Samuel), Esq., Corranbrook, Co. Carmarthen, Col. 

E.I.C.S. & C.B. Armorial. 2s. 

2780 HUGHES (Willm. Bulkeley),. Esq., Plas Coch, Anglesey. Ar- 

morial. IS. 6d. 

2781 HULME. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

2782 HULSE (Richard). Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

2783 [HUMBERSTON.] Large Early Armorial (about 1680). i/. los. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl.^ v. 7, p. 60. 

^2784 HUME (Sir Abraham), Bart. Festoon Armorial, is. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 9, p. 141. 

94 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, Wz . 

2785 HUME (David). Esqr. [the Historian]. Chippendale Armorial. 

Ss. 6d, 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 9, p. 140. 

2786 HUME (Joseph). Armorial. Large plate. 25, 6d, 

2787 HUMFREY (John). Clk., A.M., Wroxham. Armorial. 2s. 

2788 HUMPHRY (Ozias), [portrait painter, friend of Blake]. Ar- 

morial. 25. 6d, 

2789 HUNGERFORD (George). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

2790 HUNGERFORD (Holdich). Griffiths cS* Weigall, Armorial. 

IS. 6d, 

2791 HUNGERFORD (J.), Esqr. Early Jacobean Armorial, ^s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 4, p. 87. 

2792 HUNT (W. C), Dartmouth. Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

2793 HUNT (Wm.), Stratford. Pictorial Armorial. 5s. 

2794 HUNT (Wm.), Lincoln's Inn. Wreath and Ribbon ArmoriaU 

Coloured by hand, 25. 6d, 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 13, p. 74. 

2795 [HUNT.] Jacobean Armorial Trophy, with musical instruments. 


2796 [HUNTER (Archibald).] Chippendale Armorial. Inscription 

cut off. ys, 6d. 

See Allen, American Bookplates, No. 397. 

2797 HUNTER (Heny.), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

2798 HUNTER (John). Armorial, is. 6d. 

2799 HUNTINGFORD (The Rev. Thos.). Chippendale Armorial. 

3s. 6d, 

2800 HURLOCK (Jos.), Junr. Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

2801 HURT (Charles). /. Ellis, ft. 1780. Armorial. 2s. 6i. 

2802 HUSON (John), Esqr., Counsellor at Law. Jacobean Armorial. 

ys. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris J I., v. 13, p. 74. 

2803 [HUSSEY.] Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2804 [HUSSEY]. Armorial, is. 

2805 HUSSEY (John), Esqr., MarnhuU, Dorset. Fenner sculp. 

Armorial. 2s. 

2806 HUSSEY (P.), Esqr. Pye invt. et sculp. Pictorial Armorial. 5s. 

2807 [HUTCHESON (Archibald), of the Middle Temple, and M.P. for 

Hastings]. Early Armorial. Large plate. Coloured by hand, 
2I. ss. 

2808 HUTCHESON (Everd.). Early Jacobean Armorial, ss* 

2809 HUTCHESON (F.), M.D. [musical composer]. Chippendale 

Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

2810 HUTCHINS (Leman), Esqr. Early Jsucobean Armorial. 5s. 

281 1 HUTCHINSON (J.). Chippendale Armorial, ss- ^d. 

2812 HUTCHINSON (John). Alfred Adlard sc. Armorial. 2s. ed. 

2813 HUTTON (Hugh). Pictorial. Slightly injured. 4s. 6d. 

2814 HUXLEY (Thomas), Middle Temple. Timhrell &> Harding fecit. 

Pictorial Armorial, a girl holding shield beneath a tree. 4s. 6di 

Bookplates (Franks Collection); 95 

2815 HUXTABLE (John). Festoon Engraved Label. ' 3s. 6^. 

2816 HYDE (John), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial, ^s. 6d, 

2817 [HYLTON.] Anonymous. Pictorial Armorial, view of a church 

and lake. 75. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris JL, v. 6, p. 71. 

HYNDFORD (Earl of), see Carmichael. 
2817a H. (W.). Pictorial Cypher. 7s. 6d, 

2818 IBBETSON (James), D.D. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

2819 [IBBETSON.] Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

Reproduced ia Ex Libris Jl., vol. xii, p. 22. 

2820 IDESON (Luke). Festoon Armorial, ^s, 
ILCHESTER (Earl of). See Strangways. 

2821 ILDERTON (Sanderson), of Ilderton, Esqr. Chippendale 

Armorial. 35. 6d. 

— ' 2822 IMPEY (Elijah) [Chief Justice of Bengal]. Chippendale Ar- 
morial. 5s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris J I., v. 8, p. 60. 

INCHIQUIN (Earl of). See O'Brien. 

2823 INGLEBY (Clement) [of Birmingham]. Cottrell set. Armorial. 

IS. 6d. 

2824 [INGLIS (Robert).] Festoon Armorial. Inscription erased, 25. 

2825 INGLIS (Sir Robert Harry), Bart. Warwick sc. Armorial, with 

supporters, is. 6d. 

2826 INGLISH (James). Chippendale Armorial, ^s. 6d. 

2827 INGRAHAM (Edward D.) [Lawyer of Philadelphia]. Chip- 

pendale Armorial. Printed in red, 12s. 6d. 

2S2S INGRAM (Frans.). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

2829 INGRAM (Henry). Festoon Crest. 2s. 6d, 

^ — ' 2830 INGRAM (Richard). Festoon Armorial. Printed in blue. 2s. 

— 2831 INGRAM (Robt.) [Biblical Commentator, Vicar of Wormingford, 
Essex]. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. .6d. 

c_ 3832 INNES (Revd. Geo.), College, Warwick. Crest. 2s. 

2833 [IRBY] Lord Boston. Chippendale Armorial, with supporters* 

3s. 6d. 

2834 IRELAND (Saml.). Pictorial Armorial. 5s. 

The book-plate of the Shsdcespenrian collector, father of the forger of Shakespearian 
manuscripts. Reproduced \a Ev Libris Jl., vol. xii, p. 27. 

283s IRELAND (W. H.) [Forger of Shakespearian MSS.]. Pictorial 
Armorial, ys, 6d, 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl,, vol. xii, p. 28. 

2836 IRONSIDE (Edward). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

2837 IRONSIDE (Wm.), Houghton le Spring, Durham. Chippendale 

Armorial. Slightly injured, 3s. 6d, 

2838 IRTON (Edmond Lamplugh), of Irton Hall in the County of 

Cumberland, Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. ^S' Od, 

2839 IRVINE (James), Esqr., of Kingcausie. Chippendale Armorial. 


2840 [IRVINE (I.).] Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 

\^ 2841 IRVING (Major). Armorial Shield on a mantle. 2s. 6d, 

96 ElliSy 29 New Bond Street, W. 

2843 [IRWIN.] Tanrego in the County of Sliga /. Taylor, smlpU 
i7[86]. Chippendale Pictorial Armorial, with globe and other 
mathematical instruments, books, palette, etc., Pyramids in 
background. 105. 

2843 ISHAM (Just.), of Lamport, Northn. Shr., Esqr. Early Jacobean 

Armorial. 5s. 

2844 [ISHAM (Sir Thomas). Engraved by David Loggan.] Early 

Armorial, [1676]. The very rare large plate with the mark of 
baronetcy omitted, 2/. 185. 

2845 [ISHAM (Sir Thomas). Engraved by David Loggan.] Early 

Armorial. [1676.] Another large plate with the coat of arms cor^ 
reeled, il, 55. 

For an interesting description of these plates, see Hardy, pp. 8-xx. 

2846 [ISHAM.] Jacobean Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2847 ISTED (Ambrose), Esqr. Early Armorial. 45. 6d, 

2848 ISTED (Thomas), of the Middle Temple, Esquire [died 1731]. 

Early Armorial. $s, 6d, 

2849 IVES (Ed.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. Defective, 3s. 6d, 

2850 IVES (Mr.), Tombland. Engraved Label. 3s. 6d, 

2851 [IVES?] Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s, 6d. 

2852 IZARD (Robert), Royston. Early Armorial. 15s. 

2853 JACKSON (Edwd.), A.M. Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d, 

2854 JACKSON (Francis James) [Minister Plenipotentiary to United 

States]. Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

2855 JACKSON (George), Jackson Hall, Coleraine. Festoon Armorial. 


2856 JACKSON (Gilbt.), D.D. Chippendale Armorial. 35, 6d, 

2857 JACKSON (Henry Mather). Seal Armorial. 3s. 

2f858 JACKSON (John), D.D., Bishop of Lincoln. Vesica Armorial. 
25. 6d. 

2859 JACKSON (Richd.), D.D. Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d, 

2860 JACKSON (Robert). Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d, 

2861 JACKSON (Robert). H, S[tacy] M[arks], Pictorial (a Con- 

noisseur examining a sketch in a library). 55. 

Reproduced in Castle, p. 241. 

2862 JACKSON. Sigil. Guil. Jackson, S.T.P. Archidiaconi Carliolensis. 

Armorial, two oval shields. 35. 

2863 [JACKSON.] Armorial. 15. 6d. 

''864. [JACKSON.] Pictorial Armorial, a cupid amongst clouds holding 
a shield. 45. 

2865 JACOB (Herbert), Es^r., of St. Stephen's in Kent. Jacobean 

Pictorial Armorial, with two female figures, one playing the 
violoncello, ys, 6d. 

2866 JACOB (John), Commandant of the Sinde Irregular Horse. 

Armorial. 25. 6d, 

2867 J AGO (John). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

2868 JAGOE (Nicholas B.). Green, Cork, Armorial. 25, 
JAMAICA (Bishop of). See Lipscomb. 

Bookplates (Franks Collection). 97 

2869 [JAMES (Benjamin), of Roehampton.] Jacobean Armorial. 45, 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 6, p. 85. 

— 2870 JAMES (Haughton), Esor. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

2871 JAMES (Joseph). Festoon Armorial. 25. 

2872 JAMES (Murdock), of Lincoln's Inn. Chippendale Armorial. 

4s. 6d. 

2873 JAMES (Dr. Robert). Crest (a bull). 25. 6d. 

2874 JAMES (Thomas Smith), Birmingham. Pictorial, representing 

the Ark sailing on the waters, is. 6d, 

2875 JAMESON (Anna) [writer on art]. Pictorial (a winged female 

reading, the P5n:amids in the distance). 95. 6d, 

Reproduced in Miss Labouchere's Ladies' Bookplates, p. 93, 

2876 J ANSON (Sir Thomas Bankes), Baronet of Corfe Castle, Dorset, 

1783. Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

2877 JAQUERI (Jean Elie), de Moudon en Suisse, Ne en 1732. M, 

Skinner, Exon., sculp., 1755. Chippendale Armorial. 8s. 6rf, 

Reproduced in Fincham, p. 88. 

2878 JARDINE (Sir Alexr.), of Applegarth, Bart. Pictorial Armorial, 

(a knight and a horse supporting shield, trees and a castle at the 
back). 5s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris J I., v. 8, p. 37. 

2879 JARDINE (Henry). • Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, spade shield 

in a garter. 2s. 6d. 

2880 JAR VIS (C. M. G.). Pictorial Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

2881 JEBB (John), D.D., F.R.S., Bishop of Limerick, Ardfert and 
Aghadoe. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2882 JEBB (Richard). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

2883 JEFFERSON (Josh). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

2884 [JEFFREY.] Jacobean Armorial, ^s. 6d, 

2885 JEFFREYS (Walter). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

2886 JEJEEBHOY (Sir Jamsetjee), Knt. Armorial, is. 6d. 

2887 JEKYLL (I.), of Lincoln's Inn. Early Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

2888 JENISON (Ra.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

2889 JENISON WALWORTH (Count). Armorial Spade Shield, with 
supporters. 3s. 6d, 

2890 JENKINS (Anthy.). Timbrell and Harding ft. Pictorial Armorial, 
with books. 4s. 6d. 

2891 JENKINS (Henry). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

2892 JENKINS (Rich.), Esqr. R, W, Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

2893 JENKINS (Richd.), Esqr., Salop. Chippendale Pictorial Ar- 
morial, with cupids. 4s. 6d, 

2894 JENNER (C), A.M., Fellow of Brasen-Nose Coll., Oxon. Jacobean 
Armorial. 4s. 

2895 JENNINGS. Chippendale Armorial. 2s 6d. 

2896 JENNINGS (George), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 2s, 6d, 

2897 JENNINGS (John). 1768. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

2898 JENNINGS (Robert John). i8[o8]. Armorial Shield in a 
garter. 3s. 

t^— — 

98 ElliSy 29 New Bond Street, W, 

2899 JENNINGS (UptoQ). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 

2900 [JENNINGS.] Large Festoon Armorial, ^s. 

2901 [JENNINGS, Co. York.] Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

2902 JENOURE (Sir John), Bart. [G. Bickham.] Chippendale 

Armorial Trophy. 6s. 

2903 JEPHSON, Mallow, Ireland. Armorial. 2s. 

2904 JEPHSON (Denham), Esqr., M.P. Armorial. 33. 6d, 

2905 JEPHSON (William), Sergeant at Law. Chippendale Armorial. 

35. 6d. 

2906 JERDON (Archibald), of Boniedward. Lizars. Armorial. 25. 

2907 [JERMY.] Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2908 JERNINGHAM (Charles Edward). Armorial, is. 

2909 JERNINGHAM (Edward). Printed Label. 2s. 6d. 

2910 JERNINGHAM (Edwd.) Esqr., Lincoln's Inn. Armorial, is. 

29 1 1 JERNINGHAM (St. George). Jacobean Armorial. 35. 6d, 

2912 JERNINGHAM (Sir Willm.), Bart., Cossey. Festoon Armorial. 

25. 6d. 

JERSEY (Eari of). See Villiers. 

2913 JERVIS (John), Esqr., of Darlaston. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

2914 JERVIS (Martha H. G.). Armorial Lozenge. 3s. 

2915 JERVIS (Swynfen), of the Middle Temple, Esqr. Jacobean 

Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

2916 [JERVIS ?] Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

2917 JERVOISE (George Purefry), Herriard House, Hants. Armorial. 

IS. 6d. 

2918 JESSE (John), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. $5. 

2919 JESSOPP (Thomas Augustus), Esqr., of Waltham Abbey, Essex. 

Armorial. 2s. 

2920 JEUNE (Francis Henry). Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

The bookplate of the late President of jjthe Divorce and Admiralty Division. 

2921 JEWERS (Arthur John), F.S.A., 1882. Armorial. Large plate, 

2S. 6d. 

2922 [JEWKES, Co. Worcester.] Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 

Illustrated in Ex Libris Jl., v. 4, p. 128. 

2923 [ JOCELYN.] Earl of Roden, K. St. P. Crest and Coronet. 2s. 6d, 

2924 JOCELYN (Hon. John). Crest. 2s. 6d. 

2925 JODRELL (Gilbert), Esqr., of Lincoln's Inn. Chippendale Ar- 

morial. 4s. 6d, 

2926 JOHN (George). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

2927 [JOHNSON] (E. R.) [Bishop of] Calcutta. Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

2928 JOHNSON (Edward W.), Chichester. Crest, is. 6d. 

2929 JOHNSON (Francis), M.D. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

2930 JOHNSON (I.), Ebor, M.D. Jacobean Armorial. 3s, 6d, 

2931 JOHNSON (Joannes) S.T.P. de Petworth, CoU. S. Mariae Mag- 

dalenae apud Oxon., Socius et Eccles. de Northchapel in Agro 
Sussexionsi Rector., MDCCCXXV [1825]. Armorial. 25. 6d, 

Bookplates (Franks Collection). 99 

2932 JOHNSON (M[aurice]), Hon. Soc. I. Templi & Antiq. Lond., S. & 

Gen. Spaldg., Inst. & Seer., 1735. G. V[ertue] sc. Pictorial 
Armorial. Fine. 12s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Fincham, p. loo. 

2933 JOHNSON (Maurice), Esqr., Ayscough Fee Hall, Co. Lincoln. 

Armorial. Large oblong plate. 3s. 

2934 JOHNSON (Richard). Shepperd sc. Festoon Armorial, with 

inscription in Hebrew, ^s. 6d. 

293s JOHNSON (Stuart Henry James). T. E. H[arrison], 1891. 
Pictorial Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2936 JOHNSON (Thomas). Chippendale Armorial (the shield resting 

on pillars), i/. los. 

See AUen^ American BookplaUs, 432. 

2937 JOHNSON (W. L.) [of South Carolina], Chippendale Armorial. 


See Allen, American Bookplates, 433. 

2938 JOHNSTON (Alexander), Writer to the Signet. Armorial. 25. 6d, 

2939 JOHNSTON (Edward). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2940 JOHNSTON (George), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. Fine. 6s. 

2941 JOHNSTON (George), M.D., Berwick-upon-Tweed. Kirkwood. 

Crest. IS. 6d^ 

2942 JOHNSTON (James). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

2943 JOHNSTON (John). Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

2944 JOHNSTON (John). Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

2945 JOHNSTON (John), Danson, Kent. Wreath and Ribbon Ar- 

morial. 35. 

2946 JOHNSTON (WiUiam), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield. 15. 6d. 

2947 JOHNSTONE. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 

2948 JOHNSTONE (The Right Honble. James Lord). Jacobean 

Armorial, with supporters. i6s. 

2949 JOLLEY (Thos.), Esqr., F.S.A. [book-collector J. Armorial. 3s. 
2950 a different plate, ^s. 

2951 JOLLIFFE. W. H[enshaw]. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

2952 [JONES, Viscount Ranelagh.] Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 

A fine plate. 25. 6d. 

2953 [JONES, Viscount Ranelagh] Cranbome. Armorial, is. 

2954 JONES (Catharine Penelope). Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2955 JONES (Chas.). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2956 JONES (Cheret), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

2957 JONES (F. E.) [actor and manager of Dublin]. Armorial Spade 

Shield. Printed in red. 2s, 6d. 

2958 JONES (The Rev. G. Lewis). Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

2959 [JONES] (G. L.), Bishop of Kilmore. 1774. Wreath and Ribbon 

ArmoriaL 3s. 6i. 

Reproduced by Hardy, p. 52. 

2960 JONES (Rev. J.). Rev. W. Wilds. Wreath and Ribbon En- 

graved label. 2s. 

2961 JONES (John) Esq. Chippendale Armoriah 4s. 


loo Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

2962 JONES (John Inglis). Dery Ormond. Armorial. 25. 6d, 

2963 [JONES] (Llewellyn) [Bi>hop of J Newfoundland. Armorial. 

[By WyonJ] 45. 6i. 

2964 JONES (Michael). Pictorial Armorial (an angel holding frame 

enclosing shield). 2s. 

2965 Pictorial Armorial (St. Michael slaying a dragon). H 

Shaw sculpt., July, 1834. 4s. 6d. 

►• " ^ Reproduced in Ex Libris JL, vol. v, p. 175. 

2966 The same design, without date. $s. 6d. 

2967 JONES (Pitman). Silvester sculp. Armorial, is. 

2968 JONES (Theophilus), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

2969 JONES (Thomas). Chippendale Armorial. Slightly injured. 

35. 6d. 

2970 JONES (Thomas), of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law 

Llanerchrugog Hall. Armorial. 15. 6d. 

2971 JOSEPH (Samuel S.). Sherborn, R.P.E., 1891. Pictorial. 

125. 6d. 

2972 J[ONES] (W. A.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

2973 JOVVENCEL (Cuchet). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

2974 JOWLING. E. Lib. Tho. Jowling, A.M., Rect. de Alcester 
^ Printed label. $s. 6d. 

2975 JOY (Henry), Dublin. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

2976 JOYNES (Samuel). Chippendale Armorial. 1$, 

2977 JUKES (R.), Stourport. Crest, is. 

2978 JUPP (Edward Basil), F.S.A. Pictorial Armorial (a village 

church). 3s. 6d. 

2979 JUSTICE (Philip). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

2980 J. (R.), 1854. Crest (7 arrows). 2s. 

2981 KATENKAMP (I. F.). Wreath and Ribljon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

2982 K[AVANAGH (W.), Borris Library. Armorial Shield on clouds. 

IS. 6d. 

2983 [KAVANAGHJ Gracefield, 1799. Armorial, two shields accol6. 

^s. 6d. 

2984 KAY. 1732, Coll. Sti. Johan. Reverendus Vir Rogerus Kay 

A.M. Hujas olim Collegii Socius, dein Rector Ecclesiae de 
Fittleton in agro Wiltoniensi Benignissimo erga Nos affectu 
Centum minas librJs coemendis impendendas Testamento 
legavit. Printed label within woodcut border. 5s. 

2985 KAYE (Sr. John Lister), of Grange, near Wakefield, in ye County 

of York, Bart. Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

2986 KAYE (Sir John Lister), Bart., Grange. Huntley sc. Armorial. 


2987 KEARNEY (Michael), Fellow, Trin. CoU., DubUn. Chippendale 

Pictorial Armorial, with musical instruments. 55. 

2988 KEATE (George) [antiquary and artist]. Chippendale Armorial 

2989 KEATE (John), O.I). [Headmaster of Eton], Armorial. 3s. 

2990 KEATING (Williara Cooper). Chippendale Armorial, ^s, 6d. 

Bookplates (Franks Collection). loi 

2991 KECK (Anthony), of Great Tew in theCounty of Oxford, Esqr. 

Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

2992 KECK (Anthony), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 

2993 KEDINGTON (R.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

2994 KEENE (Charles) [artist, illustrated " Punch "]. E Libris 

Caroli Keene. Interlaced initials in a frame. 2s. 6d. 

Reproduced ia Castle, p. 296. 

2995 KEENE (The Revd. Chas. E. Rucke), Swyncombe House, co. 

Oxford. Armorial, is. 6d. 

2996 KEIR (John), Esqr. Suffield sculpt. Armorial. 15. 6d. 

2997 KEITH (Robert), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

. 2998 KEITH (Robert), of Craig, Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 45. 

2999 KEITH (Sir Robert Murray), K.B. Armorial, with supporters. 

35. 6d. 

3000 KELLETT (Richard). Festoon Armorial. $s. 

3001 KELLETT (W. A.). Wreath Armorial. 2s. 

3002 KELLETT (WilUam). Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

3003 KELLY (D. H.). Ex Libris D. H. Kelly, the O' Kelly. Armorial, 

with Irish motto. 25. 6d. 

3004 KELLY (Fitz Roy) [Lord Chief Baron]. Armorial, is. 

3005 KELLY (Reginald), 1892. W. H. Foster, Plym, Armorial. 2s. 

3006 [KEMEYS.] Johnson sc, Bristol. Armorial. 2s. 6i. | 

Reproduced iu Ex Libris Jl., vol. v. p. 167. 

3007 [KEMP ?] Large Early Armorial. 2/. 2s. 

3008 KEMPE (Charles Eamer). [C. W, Sherborn,] Decorated Crest. 


3009 KEMPE (John Tabor) [Last Royal Attorney-General of New 

York]. Chippendale Armorial. 14s. 6d. 

See Allen, American Bookplates. 451. 

3010 KEMPLAY (James). Home, Temple Bar, Armorial. 2s. 

301 1 KEMPSON (Gul. Hen.), B.A., aedis Christi apud Oxonienses 

Alumnus. Armorial, is. 6d, 

3012 KENDRICK. E Libris Jacobi Kendrick, M.D. de Warrington. 

/. Kendrick direxit, 1853, if. /. Bellars des et fee. Pictorial, with 
views of Warrington. los. 6d, 

KENMARE (Earl of). See Browne. 

KENMORE (Viscount). See Gordon. 

3013 K[ENNAWAY] (M.). Richard sculp., Exeter. Armorial. 2s. 

3014 KENNETT [Capt. Vincent Fredk.]. Armorial, two shie'ds 

accol6, with supporters. 2s. 6d. 

3015 KENNETT (White). Book-Pile Armorial. About 1708. iss. 

3016 KENNETT (Wh.), D.D., Decan. Petrib. Early Armorial. 

los. 6d. 

3017 [KENNETT (White), Bishop of Peterborough.] W. H. De 

Burgo St. Petri, MDCCXX [1720J. Book-Pile Armorial. 9s. 
The above three bookplates of the celebrated Bishop of Peterborough, were executed for 
him at various stages of his career as Priest, Dean, and Bishop. For descriptions and 
reproductions see Ex Libris Jourmil, y<A x, pp. 81-84. 

102 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

3018 KENNEY (Revd. Edwd. Herbert). Green, Cork. Armorial 

Arms in a garter, is. 6d, 

3019 KENRICK (Elizabeth). Armorial Lozenge. 25. 6d, 

3020 KENRICK (Jarvis), A.M. Jacobean Armorial, shield with a 

mantle. 35. 6d. 

3021 KENRICK (The Revd. Jarvis), Blechingly. Armorial, is. 6d, 

3022 KENRICK (John), of London, Gent. Jacobean Armorial, with 

mantle. 5s. 

3023 KENRICK (Matthew), of ye Middle Temple, Esqr. Jacobean 

Armorial, with mantle. 3s. 6d, 

3024 KENRICK (Matthew), LL.B. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

3025 KENRICK (Wm.) [lecturer on Shakespeare]. Chippendale 

Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

KENT (Duke and Duchess of). See Grey. 

3026 KENT (John), Esqr., of Winterstow in the County of Wilts. W. 

Tringham fecit. Chippendale Armorial, with supporters, ys. 6d 

3027 [KENT.] Chippendale Armorial 4s. 6d, 

3028 KENTISH (Edwd.), M.D. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. In- 

jured, 2S. 

3029 KENTISH (John), [Unitarian Divine of St. Albans and Birming- 

ham.] Armorial, is. 

3030 [KENWRICK (George) E Coll. Pemb. Oxon.] Early Jacobean 
Armorial. Inscription cut off. 4s. 

3031 KENYON (Lloyd, Lord), Baron of Gredington. C. W. Sherborn, 

1892. Decorated Armorial. 12s. 6d. 

3032 [KEPPEL], Countess of Albemarle. Armorial, with Mantle. 

Fine. 4s. 6d, 

3033 [KER.] The Right Honble. John Earl of Roxburghe, Lord Ker 

Cesfoord and Cavertoun. 1703. Early Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

3034 KER (H. B.), Lincoln's Inn. Pictorial, with greyhound, falcon, 

sword, etc. 2s. 6d. 

3035 KERBY (Lanct.) i?. M[ountaine]. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

3036 [KERR], Earl of Ancram. Chippendale Crest and Coronet. 3s. 6d. 

3037 [KERR (Lord Mark Robert).] M. R. K. Cypher on a Sun. 

IS. 6d. 

3038 KERR (Lord Charles), Director of his Majesty's Chancellary. 

Early Armorial. los. 6d. 

3039 [KERR.] Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3040 KERRICH (Jno.), Harleston. Landscape Pictorial. 4s. 6d. 

3041 KERRICH (Samuel), S.T.P. [By W. Stephens.] Chippendale 

Armorial. 3s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jni., v. 3, p. 10. 

KERRY (Earl of). See Fitzmaurice. 

3042 KERSHAW (W.). Cole sculp. Jacobean Cypher. A modern 

copy of the Fillingham plate. 2s. 6d. 

3043 KETTILBY (The Revd. Saml.), D.D. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

3044 KEYSALL (John), M.A., F.A.S., Rector of Bredon, Worcester 

shire. Armorial, is. Od. 

Bookplates {Franks Collection), 103 

3045 KEYSE (Robert), Gent , of Ross. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

3046 KEYT (Wm. Edd.). A.M., Student of Ch. Ch. Festoon Armorial. 


. 3047 KIBBLENWHITE (James). Armorial. 2s. 

3048 [KILDERBEE.] Armorial, two different plates. 15. each. 

3049 KILLIGREW (Sr. Peter), of Arwenack in Cornwall, Knight and 

Baronet. Early Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

KILLMOREY (Viscount). See Needham. 
KILMORE (Bishop of). See Jones. 
KIMMERGHAM (Lord). See Home. 

3050 KIMPTON (John William), M.R.C.S. Crest in a Garter. 2s. 

3051 KINCAID (George). Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d, 

3052 KINCAID (Patrick). Festoon Armorial. 25. 

3053 KINCAID (Patrick). Chippendale Armorial. $8. 6d, 

3054 KING (Edward). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

3055 KING (Edwd.). Chippendale Armorial, ^s, 6d. 

3056 KING (Edwd.). Barlow sculp. Pictorial Armorial, with gothic 

architecture. 5 s. 

3057 KING (The Honble. Henry). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 

2s. 6d. 

3058 KING (J. v.), Herald Painter. /. V. K[ing] inv., W. West sculpt. 

Pictorial Crest. 4s. 6d. 

3059 KING (Joseph). Chippendale Armorial. 4s, 6d. 

3060 KING (Joseph), Cork. Festoon Armorial. 2S. 6d. 

3061 KING (Richd. John) [Antiquary, of Crediton]. Armorial on 

shaded background. 2s. 6d, 

3062 KING (T.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 25. 

3063 KING (Tho. W.), F.S.A., College of Arms. Armorial, is. 6i» 

3064 KING (W.), Richmond. Berkeley King ex et litho. Pictorial 

engraved label. 5s. 

3065 KINGDON (Samuel). Lewis sculpt. Armorial, is. 6d, 

3066 KINGLAKE (Robert), M.D. [of Taunton]. Armorial, is. 6d. 

3067 KINGSBURY (Archdeacon). Lyons fecit. Wreath and Ribbon 

Armorial, ^s, 

3068 KINGSBURY (Thomas), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial, ^s. 6d. 

3069 KINGSLEY (Chas.), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield in an ovaU 

2s. 6d. 

KINGSTON (Duke of). See Pierrepont. 

3070 KINGSTON, of Dorchester. Printed label, with ornamental 

border, js. 6d. 

3071 KINGTON (Thomas), Esqr., Charlton House. Armorial Shield 

in a garter. 2s. 6d. 

3072 [KINNARD (WiUiam)]. Armorial Spade Shield on a mantle. 

Defective. 2s. 6d. 

KINNOULL (Earl of). See Hay. 
KINTORE (Earl of). See Falconer. 


104 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

3073 KIRBY (Henry), M.A. Armorial. 2s. 

3074 KIRK (Henry). Clements, Oxford. Armorial. 25. 

3075 KIRKMAN (Joseph). J as, Irish sc. ArmoriaL 25. 6d, 

The only plate by this engraver. 

3076 KIRKPATRICK (Robert), of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law. 

Armorial Shield on a mantle. 25. 

KIRKWALL (Viscount). See Hamilton. 

3077 KITCHIN (T. Milward). Seal Armorial. 25. 6d. 

3078 KITCHINER (William Brown). H, Hall sc. Armorial. 25. 

3079 [KITCHING (John)]. Urn. 3s. 6d. 

3080 KNAPP (Hambly). 1840. Armorial, is. 6d. 

3081 KNAPP E Libris Thomae Georgii. filii Hieronymi Knapp, armi- 

geri, de vico die to Norwood, in comitatu Surreiae, et Sarae Eliza- 
bethae filiae Wilhelmini Hambly. 1843. Modern Jacobean 
Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3082 KNARESBRO (Mic). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3083 KNATCHBULL (Sir Norton Joseph), Bart., Mersham Hatch. 

Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3084 KNATCHBULL (Thomas), Esqr., third son of Sr. Thomas 

KnatchbuU of Mersham Hatch in the County of Kent, Baronet. 
1702. Early Armorial. 105. 6d. 

Illustrated and described by Hardy, p. 39. 

3085 [KNIGHT, Earl of Catherlough.] Chippendale Armorial. 

4s. 6d. 

3086 [KNIGHT (Robert), Baron Luxborough.] Armorial, with sup- 

porters. 45. 6d. 

3087 KNIGHT. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 1.9. 6d. 

3088 KNIGHT (The Honourable Henrietta). Thos. Worlidge fecit. 

Jacobean Armorial, two oval shields accol6. i/. ids. 

The only bookplate executed by Worlidge. Engraved about 1735. Reproduced, in 
Labouchere's Ladies' Bookplates, p. 65. 

3089 KNIGHT (Henry), Esqr. Tythegston, Glamorganshire. Armo- 

rial Spade Shield. 2s. 

3090 KNIGHT (Richard). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s, 6d. 

3091 KNIGHT (Richd. Freeman). Chippendale Armorial Trophy. $s, 

3092 KNIGHT (Riviere). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3093 KNOLL YS (Francis), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 35. 6d. 

3094 KNOTTESFORD (Revd. Francis Fortescue), Bridgetown House. 

Armorial, is. 6d. 

3095 KNOWLYS (Newman), Esqr., Middle Temple. Armorial Spade 

Shield. 25. 

3096 [KNOX, Earl of], Ranfurly. Armorial, with supporters, is. 6d, 

3097 KNOX (Andrew). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3098 [KNOX, John, Esq.]. Chippendale Armorial. Name cut off. 

3099 KNOX (The Honble. Thos.). Armorial Shield, with supporters, 

3100 KNOX (William George), Trinidad. Armorial. Damaged. 4s. 

See Allen, Atmrican Bookplates, 468. 





- 3104 








^— " 

— 3II2 











- 3122 












- 3133 







Bookplates {Franks Collection). 


KOCK (Henry). Chippendale Armorial. $s, 6d, 

KYLE (Samuel), F.T.C.D. Armorial. 15. 6d. 

KYMER (Thos.), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield on mantle. 3s, 

LACY (John), of Lincoln's-Inn, Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6i. 

LADE (John). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

LADEVEZE (John), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

[LADEVEZE.] Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

LAHY (James). Ovenden, Butcher Row, set. Pictorial Armorial. 
Printed in red. $s. 

LAING (Jame,s). Armorial. 15. 

L[AING] (M.). Seal Armorial. 25. 

LAING (Robert), Lincoln's Inn. Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d, 

LAKE (Sr. AtwiU), Bart. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

LAKE (Edward). Pictorial (an open Bible and anchor). 3s, 

LAKE (The Revd. Mr.). Festoon engraved label. 45. 6i. 

LAMB (Thos.), Esq. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

LAMBART (Gustavus), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

LAMBART (Richd.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

LAMBERT. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

LAMBERT (Anthy.), Alnwick. /. OHphant, sculp. 1775. Chip- 
pendale Armorial. 5s. 6d, 

LAMBERT (Charles). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

LAMBERT (Daniel). Armorial Spade Shield, with ornament. 
25. 6d. 

LAMBERT (Sir Henry). Armorial, is. 6d. 

LAMBERT (J.). Chippendale Armorial Trophy. Name erased 

LAMBERT (John) Junr. Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

LAMBERT (WilUam). Armorial. 2s. 

LAMBORNE (Ricardus), Arm. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

[LAMBTON, Earl of Durham.] Armorial, with supporters 
3s. 6d. 

[LAMBTON.] Lambert Scut., N* Castle. Armorial, is. 6d. 

LA MILLIERE (Alexander). Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

LAMPET (Revd. B. E.), M.A. Armorial, is. 

LANCASTER (John). Seal Armorial. 2s. 

LANDON (Samuel). Armorial, is. 6d. 

LANDOR (Wr.) [father of the author]. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

LANE (J.). W. H{enshaw\ sc. Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

LANE (John). Pictorial, is. 

LANE (Richard). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

LANE (Robert) Chippendale Crest, 4s. 

LANE (William). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

LANE (William). Pictorial Armorial, with Roman ruins. $s. 

Reproduced in Castle, p. 150. 

io6 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W, 

3140 LANE (William). Armorial Arms in a wreath. 2s. 6d. 

3 141 [LANE.] Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 
LANERTON (Baroness). See Howard. 

3142 LANG (Gabriel). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

3143 LANG (Henry). Modem Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

3144 LANG (Robert). Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d. 

3145 LANG (Robert), Bristol. Lander, Crest, is. 6d 
LANGDALE (Lord). See Bickersteth. 

3146 LANGDALE (E. F.), Hampton Court. Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

3147 LANGDALE (Marmaduke), New Ormond Street. Festoon Ar 

morial. 3s. 6d. 

3148 [LANGFORD.] Jacobean Armorial, with greyhounds on a 

bracket. $s, 

3149 LANGFORD (Wm.), M.A. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 

3150 LANGHORNE (John Bailey). Seal Armorial. 2S. 

31 5 1 LANGHORNE (WilUam Bailey). Seal Armorial. 2s. 

3152 LANGMORE. T. King sculp. Homerton. Landscape Pictorial 

Armorial, with cupids and urn. 7s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Fincham, p. 56. 

3153 LANGSLOW (Robert), of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law. 

1823. Armorial, 2s. 6d. 

3154 LANGSTON (Revd. Stephen), A.M. Armorial Spade Shield, 2s. 
3x55 LANGSTON (Thos.). Pictorial Crest, boy holding book. 4s. 6d, 

3156 LANGTON (Augustus Wenman) e Coll. Cai. Cant. Armorial, 

with mantle. 2s. 

3157 LANGTON (T.). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

3158 LANGTON (Willm.). Festoon Armorial. Printed in red, 3s. 
LANSDOWNE, Marquess of. See Fitzmaurice. , 

3159 LAPRIMAUDAYE (Peter). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

3160 L'ARCHEVESQUE (Jno.). Armorial Spade Shield, with deco- 

rated motto. 3s. 6d, 

3 161 LARKHAM (Guls.), A.M., 1752, e C. C. C, Oxon. Crest in a 

medalUon. 4s. 

3162 LARKING (John), Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, ss, 6d, 

Reproduced in Castie, p. 107. 

3163 LARKING (John Wingfield) [of Lee. Kent]. Armorial. 2s. 

Reproduced in Castie, p 158. 

3164 LARKINS (T.). Crest. 2s. 6d. 

3165 LARKINS (William). Crtst. 3s. 

3166 LARPENT (George G. De Hochepied). Suffield sc. Armorial, 

with supporters, is. 

3167 LARWOOD (Joshua). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

3168 [LASCELLES.] Edward Lord Harewood. Armorial, with sup- 

porters. 2s. 6d. 

3169 Edward :£arl of Harewood. Armorial, with supporters. 

3s. 6d. 


Bookplates {Franks Collection), 107 

3170 LASCELLES (Rowley), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield^n beaded 

oval. 2s. 

317 1 LATHAM (Henry), M. A. Armorial. 2 different plates, 15. each. 

3172 p;^ATHAM (John), Surgeon, Dartford]. Chippendale Armorial. 

3173 [LATrfOM.] Armorial shield on a mantle. 3s. 

3174 LATON (S.). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

3175 LA TOUCHE (David) Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 

3176 LA TOUCHE (John), Esqr. Wrrath and Ribbon Armorial. 

25. 6^. 

3177 LATTER (Robert James), 30th Regt., N. I., Bengal. Armorial. 


3178 LATTER (T.), Bengal Army. Armorial, is. 6d, 

3179 LAUDER, of Fountain Hall, Bart. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 

3180 LAUDER (Sir John Dick), Bart. Fountain Hall. Armorial, with 

supporters. 2s. 6d. 

3 18 1 LAUDER (Sir Thomas North Dick), of Grange and Fountain Hall, 

Bart., 1882. C. W, S[herborn]. 12s. 6d. 

LAUDERDALE (Eari of). See Maitland. 

3182 LAVIE. E. Libris Germain Lavie, Hampstead, Com. Mid. Ar- 

morial. 25. 6d. 

3183 LAW. Recorder of London. Armorial, is. 6d, 

3184 LAW (John). Chippendale Engraved Label. 55. 

3185 LA WES (Edward). 1851. Armorial. 2s. 

3186 LA WES (John Bennet), Esq., Rothamsted. Crest, is. 6d, 

3187 LAWFORD (Edward). Armorial. 2s. 

3188 LAWRELL (Jas.), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

3189 Another plate. Armorial, is. 6d. 

3190 LAWRENCE (Charles). Late Chippendale Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

3191 LAWRENCE (EUzabeth Sophia). C. Knight, Sculp,, 1823. jEt. 

83. Armorial Lozenge. 5s. 
C. Knight, who was a pu^ of Bartolozzi, executed this bookplate about 1826. It is 
the only bookplate by him recorded by Fincham. 

3192 LAWRENCE (George). Armorial. 2s. 

3193 LAWRENCE (H.), Esqr. Chippendale ArmoriaL 4s. 6d. 

3194 LAWRENCE (S.), Inner Temple. Armorial Spade Shield, in a 

beaded oval. is. 6d, 

3195 LAWRENCE (Wm.). Festoon Armorial. 35. 

3196 LAWS (Hubert), WilUam George Laws. M. and W, Lambert 

Newcastle, Seal Armorial. 25. 

.3197 LAWSON (Francis), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. $s, 6d, 

3198 LA YARD. Sigillum DanieUs Petri Layard, M.D. Late Jacob- 

ean Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3199 LEACH (John). Armorial, is. 

3200 LEAD AM (Isaac Saunders), A.M., Aul. Reg. et Coll. de Brasenose, 

Oxon. Socii. Pictorial Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

Reproduced in Hamilton, p. 148. 

io8 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

3201 LEADBITTER (Robert). Lamberts. Chippendale Armorial, 

Modem. 25. 

3202 LEADER (William), LL.D. Seal Armorial, is. 6d. 

I . 3203 LEAKE (John Martin). Armorial, two different plates, is. 6d. 


3204 LE BRETON (Philip Henry). Armorial, is. 6d, 

3205 LECHMERE (Nicholas), of the Middle Temple Esqr., 1703. 

Early Armorial, very rare. i8s. 
Nicholas Lechmere became waccessively Solicitor-General and Attorney-General, and 
was created Lcnrd Lechmere, of Evesham. He assisted Swift in the composition of 
" The Crisis." 

3206 LECHMERE (William). Middle Temple. Armorial, is. 6d. 

3207 LEE (Bapst.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

3208 LEE (Revd. Charles), M.A., Vicar of Yaxley, Co. Hunts, 1836. 

ArmoriaL 2s. 

3209 LEE (Edward), Esqr., [of Virginia]. Armorial. 5s. 

See Allen, American Bookplates, 477. 

3210 LEE (Rev. Frederick), M.A., Magdalene College, Oxford. Ar- 

morial. IS. 

32 11 LEE. E Libris Frederici Georgii Lee, Clerici. Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

3212 LEE (Rev. Frederick G.), F.S.A., Domestic Chaplain to the Duke 

of Leeds. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3213 LEE (George) Lombard Street, London. Chippendale Armorial. 

4s. 6d. 

3214 LEE (The Reverend Sir George), Baronet, Hartwell. Armorial. 
IS. 6i. 

3215 LEE (Harry). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3216 [LEE (James Prince, Bishop of Manchester).] Arma Jacobi 
Prince Lee, s. t. p. episcopi mancuniensis. Vesica Armorial. 5s. 

3217 LEE (John). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3218 LEE (John), M.D., of the Royal College ]^of Physicians, London, 
and F.R.S. Wreath and Ribbon Armonal. 2s. 6d. 

3219 LEE (Lancelot Charles). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

3220 LEE (Robt.), Esqr., of Bintield, Berks. Bichham, sc. Jacobean 
Armorial, ys. 6d. 

3221 LEE (Roger). Armorial, is. 

3222 [LEE (Dr. Sam. Fiott).] Mutlow, Sc, York St. Armorial, is. 

3223 LEE (William), Esq., of Hartwell, Bucks. Jacobean Armorial. 
3s. 6d. 

3224 LEE (Sir William), Knt. Mutlow, Sculp. Armorial, is. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris JL, vol. 8, p. 57. 

3225 LEE (Sir William), Bart., Hartwell. Armorial, is. 6d. 

3226 LEECH (Richd.). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 
LEEDS (Duke of). See Osborne. 

3227 LEEDS (George William). Armorial, is. 

3228 LEEKE (Seymour), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial, ^s. 6d. 

3229 LEES OF THE LEES. Decorative Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3230 LEES. E libris Gulielmi Lees. i8[48]. Seal Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

Bookplates (Franks Cohecnon), 109 

3231 [LEFEVRE.] Charles, First Viscount Eversley of Heckiield, in 
the County of Southampton. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

t_ 3232 LEGARD (John Ganton). Armorial Spade Shield, with Military 
trophies. 3s. 6d. 

3233 LE GEYT (Chas. Wm.), Esqr., Captn. in the 63 Regt. of Foot. 
Armorial Spade Shield, with military trophies. 45. 6d. 

c-^ 3234 LEGGE (The Honourable Heneage), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 
45. 6d. 

3235 The same. Coloured by hand. 55. 6d, 

3236 [LEGH (John)]. Norbury Booths Hall. 1826. Sufjjield, sc. 

Armorial. $s. 

3237 LEGH (John), of Booths, 1824. Armorial. 25. 6d, 

3238 LE GRICE (Charles Valentine), [friend of Coleridge and Lamb], 

Warwick, sc. Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

LEICESTER (Earl of). See Sydney. 

3239 [LEIGH, of West Hall, Cheshire.] Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

3240 LEIGH (Sir Egerton), Bart. Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d. 

3241 LEIGH (James), Esq., Adelstrop. Jacobean Armorial, with 

cupids. 3s. 6d. 

3242 LEIGH (Mary). Armorial Lozenge, pendant to a ribbon. 3s. 6d, 

3243 LEIGH (Revd. WUlm.), Rushall Hall, Staffordshire. Yates sculp. 

Armorial, with mantle. 3s. 

3244 LEIGH (Wm.), Rushall, Staffordshire. Chippendale Armorial. 

Printed in red. 8s. 

3245 LEIGHTON. Chippendale Armorial, ^s. 6d. 

3246 LEIGHTON (Francis). Yates sculp. Armorial, with mantle. 

3247 Armorial Spade Shield, in a beaded oval. is. 

3248 LEIGHTON (Francis Henry). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

3249 LEIGHTON (John). Sol pinxit. Kitchin sculpt. Portrait Ar 

morial. 5s. 

3250 LEIGHTON (John), F.S.A. Armorial, with inscription in red. 

2s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Castle, p. 205. 

3251 LEIGHTON (W. A.). Pictorial Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

3252 LEIGHTONHOUSE (Saml.). Festoon Crest. 2s. 6d. 
LEINSTER (Duke of). See Fitzgerald. 

''— 3253 LEITH (Colonel and Mrs. Forbes). Armorial, with supporters. 

3254 LEITH (Mrs. Col. Forbes), Whitehaugh. Pictorial Crests. 3s. 6d, 

3255 LEITH (I. F.). Cook sc. Armorial. Printed in blue. 2s. 

3256 LEITH (Mrs. Stewart Forbes), of Whitehaugh. Pictorial Armorial, 

with view. 3s. 6d. 

3257 L[EITH] (W[imamina] H[elen] S[tewart] F[orbes]). Armorial, 

with supporters. 3s. 6d. 

3258 LEMAN (Thomas). Henshaw sc. Pictorial Armorial, with cupid. 


no Ellisy 29 New Bond Street, Wi 

3259 LEMAN (Revd. Thos.), M.A., and F.A.S., Chancellor of Cloyne, 

1797. Armorial, arms in a garter. Printed in red. 2s, 

3260 LE MARCH ANT (Thos.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. zs,6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 8, p. 163. 

3261 LE MESURIER (Frederick). Silvester sc. Armorial, with 

quotation as to borrowing books. 15. 6d, 

3262 LE MESURIER (Henry), of Guernsey. Festoon Armorial. 

25. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl.^ v. 7, p. 153. 

3263 LE MESURIER (Henry), Guernsey. Printed Label. 55. 

3264, LE MESURIER (Henry), Jun., of Guernsey. Printed Label. 


3265 LE MESURIER (T.), e Coll. Nov. Oxon. Festoon Armorial. 

25. 6tf. 

3266 LE MESURIER (John), Governor of Aldemey. Silvester sc. 

Pictorial Armorial Trophy, with view of Harbour, etc. -js. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 7, p. 156. 

3267 LEMON (John). Festoon Armorial, with mantle. 25. 6d, 

3268 [LEMPRIERE.] Armorial Spade Shield, with supporters. 25. 6d. 

3269 [LENNARD, Baron], Dacre. Austin sculp. Chippendale Ar- 

morial. 45. 6d. 

3270 LENNOX (Lord George), Stoke, near Chichester, Sussex. Ar- 

morial, with supporters. 25. 

3271 [LENNOX (Lord WilUam Pitt).] Crest and Cypher. 15. 6d. 

3272 LENNY (C), D.D. Armorial. 15. 

3273 [LEPLA, Isle of Ely.] Chippendale Armorial. Injured. 45. 

3274 LEROUX (Jacob), Esquire. Festoon Armorial. Printed in 

sepia. 25. 6d. 

327s [LESLIE], The Right Honble. John, Earl of Rothes, 1708. Early 
Armorial. 85. 6d. 

3276 LESLIE (The Hon. Thomas). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

3277 LETHIEULLIER (John), Esqr., Remembrancer of the City of 

London. Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

3278 LETHIEULLIER (Mr. Smart), of Alldersbrook in Com. Essex. 

Early Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

3279 LETHIEULLIER (Smart), Esqr., of Aldersbrook, in Com. 

Essex. Early Jacobean Armorial. 45. 

3280 LETHIEULLIER (William). Jacobean Armorial. 35. 6d. 

3281 LETTSOM (John Coakley), M.D., F.R.S., London. Engraved 

label. 25. 6d. 

3282 LEVER (Sir Ashton) [collector of the Leverian Museum]. Fes- 

toon Armorial. 25. 

3283 LEVETT (Theophilus). Armorial. 15. 6d. 

3284 LEWIS (Edward). Armorial. 25. 6d. 

3285 LEWIS (George Cornewall). Armorial. 35. 6d. 

3286 LEWIS (James). Armorial. 25. 

3287 LEWIS (John). Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

3288 LEWIS (John Delaware). Armorial. Printed in gold. 25. 6d, 

Bookplates {Franks Collection). iii 

^^ 3289 LEWIS (Matthew), Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 6s. 

Matthew Lewis, the father of the author of " The Monk," was Deputy Secretary at War, 
and proprietor of large estates in Jamaica. 

3290 LEWIS (Nichs. Wm.). Festoon Armorial. 4s. 

< 3291 LEWIS (Robert). Festoon Armorial. A highly decorated plate, 


3292 LEWIS (William). Pictorial Armorial, shield resting on a book. 
Cut round, $s. 

^ 3293 LEWIS (William Stone). Pictorial Armorial, shield resting on 

a book. 35. 6d. 

3294 LEYBORNE (Willm. L.). Festoon Armorial. 25. 

3295 LEYBOURN (Samuel). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

^ — 3296 LICHIGARAY (Samuel). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

3297 LIDDELL (Robert) Landscape Armorial, a shield resting against 

a rock on the bank of a river. 6^. 

3298 LIDDERDALE (Thomas), M.D. Jacobean Armorial. Slightly 

defective, ^s. 

3299 LIGHTFOOT. E Libris Josephi B. Lightfoot, S.T.P., Episcopi 

Dunelmensis. Seal Armorial. 4s. 

LILFORD (Lord). See Powys. 

3300 LILL (Godfrey). Chippendale Armorial. Injured. 3s. 6d. 

3301 LIND (Elizabeth). Chippendale Armorial. 55. 6d. 

3302 LIND (F.) Armorial Spade Shield, is. • 

3303 [LIND (G.).] Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

3304 LIND (Montague). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

3305 LINDOE (Robert Frederick), Esq., M.D., Wells, co. Somerset. 

[By Becker.] Armorial. 2s. 

3306 [LINDSAY (James), 24th Earl of Crawford.] Armorial, with 

supporters, ^s. 

3307 [LINDSAY, Lord.] Observatory, Dunecht. Armorial. 15. 6d. 

3308 LINDSAY (Alexr.). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

3309 LINDSAY (Honble. Hugh). Armorial, is. 6d. 

3310 Honble. Mr. Hugh Lindsay. Armorial. 2s. 

33 11 LINSINGEN (Count). Griffiths and WeigalL Armorial with sup- 

porters and coronet. 2s. 

3312 [LIPSCOMB.] The Bishop of Jamaica. Griffiths and WeigalL 

Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

See Allen, American Bookplates, No. 421. 

3313 LIPTRAP (John), Esq., F.A.S. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 
2s. 6d. 

LISBURNE (Earl of). See Vaughan. 
LISLE (Lord). See Lysaght. 

3314 [LISLE.] Armorial. 2s. 

3315 LISTER (Thomas), of Westby in the County of York, Esqr. 
Early Armorial. 5s. 6d. 

3316 LISTER (Thomas) [of Armitage Park]. Armorial. 2s. 

3317 LISTER (Thomas), Esqr., LL.D., Armitage Park. Armorial. 
2s. 6d. 


112 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, Wi 

3318 LISTON (J.). Williams sc. 1792. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

3319 LITTLE (James). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d, 

3320 LITTLEDALE (Anthony). Wyon sc. Armorial. A large plate 


3321 LITTLEHALES (Edmd.), M.D. Early Jacobean Armorial. 

5s. 6i. 

3322 LITTLEHALES (1.), M.D. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

3323 LITTLEHALES (Richd.). Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

3324 [LITTLETON (Sir Edward).] Will. Marshall sculpsit. Early 

Armorial. Fine large plate. $1. 55. 
The earliest bookplate with the name of engraver. Reproduced in Ex Libris J I., v. 4, 
p. 53- 

3325 LITTON (Thomas). Esqr. W. Darling fecit, Newport St. Festoon 

Armorial. 3s. 

3326 LIVINGSTONE (Sir Thos.), Bart, of that Ilk. Kirkwood and 

Son sc. Armorial, with supporters. 2s. 6d. 

3327 LIVIUS (Barham John). Armorial Spade Shield. 45. 6d. 

3328 (John Barham). 55. 

' 3329 LIVIUS (George). Armorial Spade Shield. 4s. 6d, 

3330 LIVIUS (George). Chippendale Armorial. 12s. 6d. 

See Allen, American Bookplates, No. 306. 
LI-ANDAFF (Earl of). See Mathew. 

3331 LLEWELYN. The Gift of Thos. Llewelyn, Esqr., LL.D., Obit 

7 Aug., 1783. Festoon Armorial. Injured. 35. 6d, 

3332 [LLOYD.] Early Armorial, with motto *' Hwy Pery Klod No 

Glayd," and the dates 1287 and 131 3. los. 

This fine Welsh plate is reproduced in Ex Libris Journal, v. 6, p. 20. 

3333 LLOYD (Gamaliel). Armorial Spade Shield, pendant from a 

ribbon. 2s. 

3334 LLOYD (George), Esqr. Billinge sculp. Chippendale Armorial. 

35. 6d. 

3335 LLOYD (H. R.), A.M. Dni. C. T. Archiep. Cantuar. a Sac. Dom. 

Vesica Armorial. 2s. 

3336 LLOYD (J. W.), Kington, Herefordshire. Pictorial, is. 

3337 LLOYD (James Martin Carr), of Lancing Manor in ye County of 

Sussex, Esq. 1881. C. W. S[herborn], Armorial. i8s. 

3338 LLOYD (The Reverend John), A.M. 173- Bickham, Junr., 

fecit, 1734. Jacobean Pictorial Armorial, with cupids and books. 

Reproduced and described in Castle, pp. 77 and 79. 

3339 LLOYD (John), A.M. 17-^. Jacobean Pictorial Armorial. A 

later state of Bickham's plate. 5s. 

3340 LLOYD (John), Clerk, e Coll. Jesu Oxon. F. Prothero sculp. 

Festoon Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

The only plate by this engraver. 

3341 LLOYD (John), Carmarthen. 1796. Crest. 2s. 6d. 

3342 LLOYD (Phil.). Pictorial Armorial, a cupid writing inscription 
on pedestal, landscape background. 7s. 6d, 

3343 LLOYD (Thos.), of Aston, com. Salop, Esqr. Jacobean Armo- 

rial. 5s. 

Bookplates (Franks Collection), 113 

3344 LLOYD (Thomas), Esq. /. W. B. Wreath and Ribbon Armo- 

rial. 25. 

3345 LLOYD (Willm.). Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

3346 LOCH (George), Esquire. Pictorial Crest in a square frame. 

25. 6d. 

3347 LOCH (George), of Drylaw. Jacobean Armorial. 45. 6d. 

3348 LOCH (James), of Drylaw. Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

3349 LOCH (John). Jacobean Armorial, ^s, 6d, 

3350 LOCKER (Eleanor Bertha Mary). Pictorial. 25. 6d. 

3351 LOCKER (Frederick). Six varieties of his bookplates, including 

two by Stacy Marks and one by Kate Greenaway. 155. 
Some of these bookplates are reproduced in Castle^ pp. 195-197. 

3352 LOCKER (Capt. Wm.), Royal Navy. Pictorial Armorial, shield 

on a sail attached to a mast. Printed in blue, 65. 
Nelson served under Locker in the West Indies, about 1777, and the latter was ever 
after his Mend and correspondent. 

3353 [LOCKHART-WISHART (Count).] Armorial Trophy. 45. 6d. 

3354 LOCKHART (George), of Carnwath. Early Armorial. 7s, 6d, 

3355 LOCKHART (John). Festoon Armorial. 35. 

3356 LOCKHART (John), of Lee, Esqr. Jacobean Armorial, with 

supporters. 35. 6d, 

3357 LOCKWOOD (Alice). Armorial. 25. 6d. 

3358 LOCKWOOD (John), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield. 15. 6d, 

3359 LOCKWOOD (Miss). . Wreath and Ribbon Armorial Lozenge. 


3360 LOCKWOOD (Richard), Esqr., Dews Hall, Essex. Jacobean 

Armorial. 55. 

3361 LOCKWOOD (Willm.). Jacobean Armcrial. 45. 

3362 LODGE (Edmd.), Carshalton. Armorial, arms in an oval frame,. 

pendant from a ribbon. 35. 6d, 

3363 LODGE. Ex libris Henrici Lodge armiger Rivelyn Liverpool. 

Vesica Armorial. 25. 6d. 

3364 LODGE (John). Warwick sc. Armorial. 25. 

3365 LODGE (Ralph), Grey's. Inn. Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d, 

3366 LODINGTON (Revd. I.). Festoon Armorial. 25 

3367 LOFT (J. H.). Armorial Trophy. 45. 
336S [LOFTUS.] Festoon Armorial. 15. 6d. 

3369 [LOFTUS (Nicholas).] Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

3370 LOFTUS (W. K.). Small 6- Hill, Newcastle, Armorial. 25. 

3371 LOGANIAN LIBRARY. Chippendale Armorial Modem. 25. 6i. 

See Allen, American Bookplates, No. 241. 

3372 LOMAX (John), Esq., Clayton Hall, co. Lancaster. Armorial. 

3373 LOMBARD [(George)], Esq., Cork. Festoon Armorial. 2s. td. 

$$74 LOMBE (Lady). Chippendale Armorial Pictorial. 105. 6d. 

The very fine bookplate of the widow of the introducer of silk-throwing machiner>' into- 
England. Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 9, p. loo. 

LONDON (Bishop ot). See Tait. 

114 Ellis, 29 New Band Street, W; 

3375 [LONG.] Right Honourable Lord Famborough. Armcrial, 

two shields accol6. 2s. 

3376 LONG (Right Honourable Sir Charles), G.C.B. Armorial, two 

shields accol6. 2s. 

3377 LONG (Chas.), Esqr. C. L. fecit. Pictorial Armorial, resembling 

a drawing. 3 s. 6d. 

S^yS LONG (Charles Beckford), Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 

3379 LONG (John). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

3380 LONG (Robert). Festoon Armorial. 2s. ^ 

3381 LONG (Samuel), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3382 LONG (Samuel). Festoon Armorial. 25. 

3383 LONG (Thos,). Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. 5.9. 

3384 LONGBOTTOM (Abram P.). Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

See Allen, American Bookplates, 515. 

3385 LONGE (Francis), of Spixworth Hall, Norf. Jacobean Armo- 

rial, with figures. 5s. 

3386. LONGE (Francis), Spixworth Park, Norfolk. Armorial, with 
supporters. 2s. 6d. 

3387 LONGLEY (Charles T.). Chippendale Armorial Modern. 2s. 6d, 

3388 [LONGLEY] (C. T.), Cantuar. [Archbishop of Canterbury.] 

Armorial Spade Shield, with mitre. 35. 

3389 LONGRIDGE (Mich.), Gent., Wallbottle. Armorial Shield Pen- 

dant from a ribbon. Printed in red. 2s. 6d. 

3390 LONGRIDGE (Thos.), Gateshead. Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

3391 LORD (Robt.). Early Jacobean Armorial. 45. 6d. 

3392 LORIMER (Jac), Jur. Pub. Profr. Large Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

3393 LORIMER (John). Cliippendale Armorial, ^s. 6d. 

3394 LOSCOMBE (Joseph). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

3395 LOSH (James). [Attributed to Lambert.] Landscape Pictorial. 


3396 LOUDON (J. C), F.L.H.G.Z.S., etc. Bayswater. Crest. 25. 6i. 
LOUTH (Earl of). See Bermingham. 

LOVAINE (Lord). See Percy. 

3397 LOVEDEN (Edward Loveden), Esq., Buscot Park, Berks. 

Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d, 

Reproduced in Ex lAbris Jl., v. 3, p. 20. 

LOVEL (Lord). See Coke. 

3398 LOVELL (The Reverend Edmund), LL.D. Armorial Spade 

Shield. 25. 6d. ^ 

3399 LOVETT (The Revd. Robert), Bath. Armorial. 2s, 

3400 [LOWDELL (George).] Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. 5s. 

3401 LOWELL (S.), Minister of the Gospel. Landscape Pictorial. 6s. 

3402 LOWER (Mark Antony). Crest. 2s. 6d. 

3403 LOWES (Jno.), Esq., Ridley Hall. Pictorial Armorial, with 

cupid and books. 4s. 6d, 

Bookplates {Franks Collection). 115 

3404 LOWMAN (Moses), of Clapham. Early Armorial. 75. 6d. 

3405 LOWNDES (M. D.). Eng, by W, Coutts, Liverpool. Pictorial 

Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

3406 LOWNDES (Thomas). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

3407 [LOWNDES.] Eariy Armorial. Defective, 12s. 6d. 

3408 [LOWNDES.l Pictorial Armorial, with Spade Shield. 4s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris J I., v. 6, p. 55. 

3409 LOWTHER (The Right Honble. Lady Mary). Wreath and 

Ribbon Armorial. 35. 6d, 

3410 LOXDALE (J.), Salop. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

341 1 LOXDALE (James), B. A. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s.6d. 

3412 LOXDALE (Thomas). Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

3413 LUARD (F.). Festoon Armorial. 2S. 

3414 LUBBOCK (Sir John WilUam), Bart. Armorial Spade Shield. 

IS. 6d. 

3415 LUBE (John). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

3416 LUCAS (I.). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

3417 LUCAS (Willm.). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3418 LUCAS (William). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 
— 3419 LUDFORD (John). Jacobean Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

3420 LUMISDEN (Anw.) [Secretary to Prince Charles Edward, the 

Young Pretender]. R. Strange sculpt. Pictorial Armorial, ids. 
Reproduced and described in Castle, pp. 135 to 137. One of two bookplates executed 
by Sir R. Strange. 

3421 LUMSDEN (Hugh), of Pitcaple. Armorial, is. 6d. 

3422 LUND (John), Junr., York. Wreath and Ribbon Armoiial, with 

shaded background. 3s. 6d. 

3423 LUSHINGSTON (Sir James Low), C.B. Armorial, with sup- 

porters. 15. 6d. 

LUXBOROUGH (Baron). See Knight. 

3424 LYDDELL (Charles), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 55. 6d. 

3425 LYDDELL (The Revd. Mr. Charles), LL.B. Early Jacobean 

Armorial. 35. 

3426 [LYGON, Baron], Beauchamp. Armorial, with supporters. 

25. 6d. 

3427 LYGON. E libris Frederic! Lygon. Vesica Armorial, is. 6d, 

3428 LYGON (Lady Louisa). Armorial. 25. 6d. 
^^ 3429 LYGON (William), Esqr Armorial. 25. 6d. 

«— 3430 LYGON (William Beauchamp), 18 — . Armorial. 15. 6d. 

« — •3431 LYGON (Honble. Wm. Beauchamp), Armorial, with supporters. 
15. 6d. 

LYMINGTON (Viscount). See Wallop. 

.^.^ 3432 LYNCH (John), D.D., Dean of Canterbury. Early Jacobean 
Armorial. 35, 6d. 

3433 LYNCH (Marcus). Armorial Shield in a garter. 15. 
LYNDHURST (Baron and Baroness). See Copley. 

ii6 Ellis, 29 New Bond Streei, Wi 

3434 LYNE (Henry). Large Armorial. 35. 

3435 LYNN(Willm.). Bookpile Armorial. 55. 
LYNNE (Lord). See Townshend. 

3436 [LYON.] The Right Honble. John, Earl of Strathmore. Early 

Armorial. 55". 

3437 LYON (John), Esqr., Warrington. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

3438 [LYSAGHT] Lord Lisle. Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d, 

3439 LYSONS (Samuel), e Coll. Oriel, Oxon. Chippendale Armorial. 

35. 6d, 

3440 LYSTER (Richard), Rowton. Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d, 

3441 [LYTTLETON (Baron).] Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d, | 

3442 LYTTLETON (Rev. Charles), LL.D. [Bishop of Carlisle]. Chip- 

pendale Armorial, shield on a mantle. 45. 6d. 

3443 MACAIRE (John Francis). Seal Armorial. 25. 

3444 MACARTNEY (The Right Honble. Sir George), Knight of the 

Order of the White Eagle and of the Bath. Armorial Arms on a 
mantle. 25. 

3445 MACARTNEY (The Right Honble. Geo. Lord), Knight of the 

Order of the White Eagle and of the Bath. Armorial Arms on 
a mantle, is. 6d, 

3446 MACARTNEY (George, Earl of). Knight of the Order of the White 

Eagle and of the Bath. Armorial Arms on a mantle. 2s. 

3447 MACARTNEY (John). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3448 MACAULAY (Zachary). Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3449 MAC-CARTHY, Glas. Seal Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3450 MAC CARTHY (Denis-Florence). Pictorial Armorial. 3s. 

345 1 MAC CARTHY (Egerton Francis Mead), M.A. A, Hlartshorne] 

inv, et del. Armorial, with diaper background of shamrocks, 
etc. 3s. 6d. 

3452 McCarthy (Justin). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3453 McCULLOH (Henry Eustace). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl . v. 5, p. 91. 

3454 MACDERMOTT (Mr.). Festoon Armorial. 4s. 

3455 MACDONALD (Angus), M.D. Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

3456 MACDONALD (Arch. M.), 40th Regiment. Armorial, is. 6d. 

3457 MACDONALD (D. Robertson), Esqr., of Kinlochmoidart. Ar- 

morial. IS. 6d, 

3458 MACDONALD (William Bell), Esq., Rammerscales, co. Dumfries 

[the great linguist]. Armorial, is. 6d, 

3459 [MACDONNELL. Earl of Antrim.] Armorial, with supporters. 

3460 Larger plate. 3s. 6d. 

3461 McDOUALL (Andrew), Esqr., Lord Bankton. ^s, 6d. 

3462 MACE (Cha.). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

3463 MACE (Charles), Agent and Consul General at Algiers. Wreath 

and Ribbon Armorial. 4s. 

[Bookplates (Franks CoUedion): 117 

3464 McEVOY (Christopher), Esqr. Pictorial Armorial, with books. 

5s. 6d, 

3465 MACFARLANE (John), Writer to the Signet. Jacobean Ar- 

morial. 55. 

3466 MACIE (John). Chippaniale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

3467 McINTOSH (James). This Book belongs to James Mcintosh, 

Aberdeen, 1780. Printed Label, with border. 5s. 

3468 MACKAY (Alex. Geo.). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

3469 McKENNA (Theobald), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 35. 

3470 [MACKENZIE] The Right Honourable George, Earl of Cromertie. 

Jacobean Armorial, with supporters. 55. 

— 3471 MACKENZIE, Fa wley Court. Clements, Oxford. Armorial. 2s, 

3472 MACKENZIE (Alexr.). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3473 MACKENZIE (Charles), Esqr., of Kilcoy. Wreath and Ribbon 

Armorial. 3s. 

3474 MACKENZIE (Johannis Whitefoord), Armigeri. Seal Armorial. 

15. 6d, 

3475 MACKENZIE (Mylord Nicolas). Nonot Fecit. Jacobean Ar- 

morial, with supporters. los. 6d. 

3476 [MACKENZIE (Nicholas).] Jacobean Armorial, with supporters. 

A small plate. 35. 

3477 MACKENZIE (Wm.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial, with sup- 

porters. A fine plate. 75. 6d. 

3478 MACKENZIE (WilUam), Esqr., of Suddie. Festoon Armorial. 

25. 6d, 

3479 MACKINLAY (Thomas). Seal Armorial. 15. 6d. 

3480 MACKINTOSH (Sir James) [the historian]. Armorial, is. 6d. 

3481 MACKINTOSH (L. R.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, ^s. 

3482 MACLAURIN. Lizars sc, Edinburgh. Armorial, with mermen 

supporters. 25. 6d. 

3483 MACLEAN (Charles Donald), Madras Civil Service. Armorial. 


3484 MACLEAN (Tene. Gnal). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

3485 [MACLEOD, of Colbecks.] Jacobean Armorial, with supporters. 

55. 6d. 

3486 MACLEOD (Alexander), of Muiravonside. Armorial. 15. 

— .. 3487 McLEOD (Dond.), Esqr., Advocate. Chippendale Armorial. 
25. 6d. 

3488 McLEOD (Donald), of Gaanies, Esqr., Advocate. Kirkwo9dSm 

Armorial. 15. 

3489 McMAHON (Donat), of Clenagh. Bookpile Armorial. 105. 

3490 McNEVEN (Guliel Jacob), M.D. Festoon Armorial. 25, 6i. 

3491 MACONOCHIE (I. A.). Chippendale Armorial Modern. 15. 6d, 

3492 [MACPHERSON] Catanach. Chippendale Arn^orial. 35. 6d, 

3493 MACREADY (William Charles) [the actor]. Armorial. 25. 6d. 

3494 MADDEN (Sir Frederic), K.H. Armorial. 25. 6d. 

ii8 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W% 

3495 MADDEN (Richard Robert) [author, special magistrate in 

Jamaica]. Armorial. 3s. 

3496 MADDOCK. Festoon Armorial. 2s, 6d. 

3497 MADDOCK (Henry). Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d, 

3498 MADOCKS (John), Esqr., Fron-iw, i8ii. Bowley, Salop, Ar- 

morial. 2s, 6d. 

MADRAS (Bishop of). See Dealtry. 

3499 MAGILL (John), of Gillhall, in the County of Downe in the King- 

dom of Ireland, Esqr. Early Armorial. 75. 6d. 

3500 MAHON (O'Gorman), Co. Clare. Armorial. 2s. 

3501 MAHON Y ( Rev. Alexander ). Armorial Spade Shield on a mantle, 

with motto in Irish. 2s. 

3502 MAHONY (Timothy). Casey, scut., Cork. Festoon Armorial 

35. 6d, 

3503 MAIDMENT (James) [Scottish Antiquary]. Armorial Spade 

Shield. 25. 6d, 

3504 MAIN (George). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

3505 MAINWARING (Sir Henry), Bart. Festoon Armorial, is. 6^. 

3506 MAINWARING(T. F. C). Oblin sculp., a Paris, Armorial. 25. 

3507 MAIOR (Wm. F.). Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

3508 MAIR (John). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

3509 MAIR (Lt.-Colonel PhiUp), Bognor, Sussex. Armorial. 25. 

3510 MAIRE. Ex Libris Francisci Maire de Hard wick in Comi 

Dunelm Armigeri. Early Jacobean Armorial. With large 
margins, los. 6d, 

35 1 1 MAISTER (Henry), of Kingston-upon-Hull. Chippendale Ar- 

morial, s^. 6d. 

3512 [MAITLAND, Earl of Lauderdale.] Ard, Burden sculp. Jaco- 

bean Armorial. 35. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris J I., v. 11, p. 100. 

3513 [MAITLAND, Earl of Lauderdale.] Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 

3514 [MAITLAND (Sir Alex.).] Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

3515 MAITLAND (Major "Arthur), of Pittrichie, Esqr., 1754. Jaco- 

bean Armorial trophy. 5s. 6d, 

3516 MAITLAND (Eb.). Pictorial Armorial (circa 1760). js. 6d, 

3517 MAITLAND. E Ubris S. R. Maitland. Printed Label, with 

ornamental border. 45. 

3518 MAITLAND (Thomas). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 25. 

3519 MAITLAND (Thomas), Esq., Dundrennan, Co. Kirkcudbright. 

[By Becker.] Armorial. 2s. 

3520 MAJENDIE (Lewis Ashhurst). Pictorial Armorial, the decora* 

tion imitated from a XIV Century MS. 55. 

3521 MAJOR (John Richardson). Crest within ornamental frame. 3s, 

3522 MAJOR (R. H.), F.S.A., etc. [historian]. Armorial. 25. 6d. 

3523 MALAN DE MERNDOL, Sigil. 1850. Seal Armorial. 25. 

3524 MALCOLM (Rear Admiral Sir Charles),' 1846. Armoria'. 2s.6d. 

Bookplates {Franks Collection); 119 

3525 MALCOLM (Neill), of PoltaUoch. Griffiths <S^ Weigalls. Ar- 

morial, with supporters. 2s. 

3526 MALET (O. W.). Warwick ft. Armorial, is. 6d, 

3S^7 MALIE (Thomas), M.D. Jacobean Armorial. 75. 6d, 

ReprcKluced in Ex Libris Jl.^ vol. xi, p. 129. 

3528 MALL (Joannes), A.M. Chippendale Armorial, ^s. 

3529 [MALTBY.] Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

3530 M[ALTON] (W.). Armorial. 25. 

3531 MAN (Captain). Crest. 3*. 

3532 MANATON (Henry), Esqr., Kilworthy, Devon, 1762. Coffin, 

Exon. Chippendale Armorial. 7s, 6d. 

3533 MANBY (Thos.), Esqr., Captn. Royal Navy. Chippendale Ar- 

morial. Slightly injured, js. 6d. 

MANCHESTER (Bishop of). See Lee. 

MANCHESTER (Duke and Duchess and Earl of) . See Montagu. 

3534 MANDER (Thomas). Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

3535 MANDEVILLE (Charles). Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

3536 MANGE Y (Tho.), Canon Dunelm, S.T.P. Jacobean Armorial. 


3537 MANGIN (Edwd.) [miscellaneous writer]. Crest. 2s. 

3538 MANGLES (James), 66, Cambridge Terrace, Hyde Park, 1849^ 

Armorial. 2s. 

3539 MANGNALL (John), Manchester. Smith engr,, St. Mary's Gaie, 

Pictorial Armorial. 5s. 

3540 MANLEY (John), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

3541 MANLEY (John), Esqr. [Barrister- at-Law], Chippendale Ar- 

morial, impaling liis wife's arms. 6s. 

3542 MANLEY (John). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

3543 MANLEY (John), R.N., Plymouth. Armorial Shield on clouds. 


3544 MANN (Horatio) [M.P. for Sandwich]. W. Sftephens], Chip- 

pendale Armorial, with books, a lyre, etc. 5s. 

3545 [MANNERS] The Most Noble John, Duke of Rutland. Early 

Armorial. 5s. 6d. 

3546 MANNORS (John), Lord Roos, eldest Son and heir apparent to 

the Right Honble. John, Earl of Rutland, 1700. Early Ar« 
morial. Fine Large Plate. 3/. 3s. 

3547 MANNORS (John), Lord Roos, eldest son and heir apparent to 

the Right Honble. John, Earl of Rutland, aect. 1700. Early 
Armorial, i/. 5s. 

3548 MANNERS [Baron]. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3549 [MANNERS] Charles Lord Roos [afterwards Duke of Rutland, 
'from 1779-87]. Crest within a wreath. los. .6d. 

Protested against the taxation of the Colonies of America. 
3350 MANNERS (Edward). Armorial, is. 

3551 MANNING (The Rev. Charles Robertson), M.A.. Diss Rectwry^ 
Norfolk, 1883. C. J. W. Winter del. et aqua. Pictorial Ar- 
morial, with a view of the Rectory, 3s. 

Reproduced m^Ex Libris Jl., vol. xo, p. 174. 

120 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

3552 ]VIANNING (Rev. Charles Upwood), B.A., 1884. C. /. W. Winter 

fee. Pictorial Armorial, with, a view of Diss Church. 3s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., vol. ic, p. 173. 

3553 MANNING (James), of Lincoln's Inn [sergeant-at-law]. Ar- 

morial. 15. 

3554 MANNING (Joannes), M.D, Chippendale Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

3555 MANNING (T.), A.M., Oxon. Chippendale Armorial, with a 

lyre, etc. 7s, 6d. 

3556 MANNINGHAM. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

3557 MANNINGHAM. Chippendale Armorial. Large plate, 7s. 6d, 

3558 MANSEL (Iscoed). Armorial, with mantling. 35. 6d, 

3559 MANSEL (Henry Longueville) [Metaphysician and Dean of St. 

Paul's]. Crest, is. 6d, 

3560 MANSEL (Spencer Perceval). Girtin sc. Armorial. 15. 
MANSFIELD (Countess of). See Murray. 

3561 MANSFIELD (William Rose), Baron Sandhurst. Armorial. 

IS. 6d. 

3562 MANSERGH (Richard Martin Southcote), Esqr. Armorial on 

clouds. IS. 6d, 

3563 MANX (Richd.), Trin. Coll., Oxon. Chippendale Armorial, with 

books. 7s, 6d, 

3564 MANX (Xhe Revd. Rd.), M.A. Crest, is. 6d, 

3565 MANX (Richard), D.D., Bishop of Killaloe and Kilfenora. Ar- 

morial. IS. 6d, 

MANVERS (Earl). See Pierrepont. 

3566 [MAPLEXOFX (John), M,A.] Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

3567 MAPLEXOFX (John), M.A. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

MAR, Earl of. See Erskine. 

;3568 MARCH (John). Armorial Spade Shield, pendant from a ribbon. 
IS. 6d, 

3569 MARJORIBANKS (PhiUp). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

3570 MARKHAM (G.). Early Jacobean Armorial. 6s, 

3571 MARKHAM (G.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

3572 MARKHAM (Osborne), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d, 

3573 MARKHAM (Osborne), Esqr., Lincoln's Inn. Armorial Spade 

Shield. IS. 6d, 

3574 MARKHAM (Revd. Robt.). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

3575 MARKHAM (Xhos.). Harmar sculp., 1780. Festoon Armorial. 


3576 M[ARKHAM] (S.>. /. Kirk sc. Chippendale Pictorial Armorial, 

7s, 6d. 

$$77 MARKLAND (James Hey wood) [antiquary]. Seal Armorial, is. 

3578 MARKS (H. S.) [artist]. Pictorial. 7s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris JL, vol. ii, p. 5. 

3579 MARLEY (John). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

3580 MARRIOXX (Isabella). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial Lozenge, 

pendant from a pedestal. 5s. 

Bookplates (Franks Collection), 121 

3581 MARRY AT (Joseph). Armorial, is. 

3582 MARSDEN (James), Junr., Liverpool. Crest. 2s. 

3583 MARSH (Edward), Holly Lodge, Winchmore Hill. Engraved 

label. 2s. 6d, 

3584 MARSH (Sir Henry), Bart. [President of the Irish College of 

Physicians]. Armorial, is. 

3585 MARSH (Herbert Charles). Armorial, is. 

3586 MARSH (John) [musical composer]. Armorial surmounted by a 

crest. 2s. 

3587 MARSH (John). Armorial Spade Shield, is. 

3588 MARSH (John Fitchett) [antiquary, of Warrington]. Armorial. 


3589 MARSHALL (Chas. Robt.), M.A. Wreath and Ribbon Ar^ 

morial. 2s. 

3590 MARSHALL (Rev. Edward), M.A., F.S.A., Sandford St. Martin. 

Armorial, is. 

3591 MARSHALL (James), Bridgnorth. Armorial Spade Shield. 

IS. 6d. 

3592 MARSHALL (John), A.M. [Chief Justice, U.S.A.]. Chippendale 

Armorial. 9s. 6d, 

See Allen, American Bookplates^ No. 555. 

3593 MARSHALL. E libris Julian! Marshall. Adapted from th« 

device of the Venetian printer, Giunta. is. 

3594 The same. A smaller plate, is. 

3595 MARSHALL (Thos.). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3596 MARTIN (Francis), Norroy, King of Arms. Armorial. ^5, 6d. 

3597 MARTIN (Francis), Windsor Herald. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3598 MARTIN (G.), Hull. Pictorial. $8. 

3599 MARTIN (Adml. Sir George) [served in West Indies]. Armorial. 


3600 MARTIN (George Anne) [of Worthing, Co. Sussex]. Armorial, 

arms in a garter, ^s. 6d. 

3601 MARTIN (George Anne), M.D. Armorial, is. 

3602 MARTIN (Capt. George B.), R.N. Armorial. 2s. > 

3603 MARTIN (James). Armorial, is. 

3604 MARTIN (John). Architectural Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

3605 MARTIN. Liber Joannis S. Martin. Engraved Label in a 

decorative frame. 2s. 6d. 

3606 MARTIN (Robt.), of Thetford, Norfolk. Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

3607 MARTIN (Thomas). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

See AUeHf American Bookplates, No. 559. 

3608 MARTIN (Tho.), London. Chippendale Armorial. Slightly 

injured. 6s. 6d. 

3609 MARTIN ([Sir] Thomas Byam) [admiral, d. 1854]. Armorial. 

2S. 6d, 

3610 Another plate, Armorial, with supporters. 2s. 

Adml. Martin fought in the West Indies and the Baltic. 




X22 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

361 1 MARTIN (WilUam Alexr.), Writer to the Signet. Hr. Gavin, 

Armorial, is. 6d. 

3612 MARTIN (WilUam Bennet). Warwick sc. Armorial I5. 

3613 MARTIN (WilUam Bennett), Esq., Worsbro, Co. York. [Elmslie.] 

Armorial. 2s, 

3614 [MARTIN.] Chippendale Pictorial Armorial, ys* 6d. 

3615 [MARTIN.] Armorial Lozenge. A lady* s plate. 2s. 6d. 

3616 MARTINEAU (Mary). Lozenge Armorial. 3^. 

3617 MARTYN (Serjt.). Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

3618 MASCALL (Robt.). Armorial Shield on a mantle. 
^610 MASKELL (WiUiam) [ecclesiastical antiquary]. Liber WiUemi 

Maskell Clerici. Initials in a decorated frame. 3s. 6rf. 

3620 MASjKELYNE (Edmund), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. S^- 

3621 [MASON (Le.-Col. G. H.).] Silvester sc. Armorial, with crest. 

3622 MASON (Dame AnnaifaJfeiaJStta). R-»i<^Vfith to '^ S 

Kt., Late Gierke Comtroulr^SsfteGreen Cloatt to I^g Cd^^ 

and King James the Second, iyo{>^»^^^>^ Armonal Loienge 

15s. ~^^^ivf^C T> IT 

Reproduced in Miss Labouchere's Ladies* BoomH^^* ^' >- 1 

^^^prmatd^ IS. Oa. 

3623 MASON (John Finch). Armorial, with crest (a 2St ^^* ■^ ,c 

^^kntator 1. 3 

3624 MASON (John Monck), Esqr. [Shakespearian commit • * te 

3625 MASSEY (Richardi Middleton) de Wisbeche, M.D.,^^ ^^^ * 

Regia. Jacobean Armorial. 8s. 6d, 

3626 MASSEY (Saml.), M.D. I. H. Chippendale Armorial. 

3627 MASSEY (Samuel), Leeds. Chippendale engraved label. 

3628 MASSIE (Richd.), of Coddington, Cheshire. Jacobean Armori 




3629 MASSY (Edward Taylor) Cottesmore. Chippendale Armorial* 

modern. 3s. 6d, 

3630 MASSY (Honble. Geo. Wm.). O'Connor set. Late Chippendale 

Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

3631 MASTER (Alfred). Armorial, with mantling. 2s. 6d, 

3632 MASTER (Mrs.). Festoon Armorial. $s. 6d. 

3633 MASTERS (R.), B.D., F.S.A. [Historian of Corpus Christi College, 

Cambridge]. W, S[tephens]. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 6d. 

3634 [MATHEW, Francis James, Earl of] Llandaff. Armorial, ^s. 6d. 

3635 MATHEW, Pentlow Hall, Essex. Armorial, is. 6d 

3636 [MATHEW (Daniel).] Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. Defective. 


3637 MATHEW (Daniel) [of Felix Hall, co. Essex]. Chippendale 

Armorial. 5s. 

3638 MATHEW (Daniel Byam) [of Felix Hall, co. Essex]. Festoon 

Armorial. 3s. 

3639 MATHEW (Revd. E. W.). Armorial, is. 

3640 MATHEW (I. Mee). Pictorial Armorial, shield and armour rest- 

ing against a rock. 2s. 6d, 


Bookplates {Franks Collection). 123 

3641 MATHEWS (Charles) [famous actor]. Festoon Armorial. 4s. 

3642 MATHEWS (Thomas George). Engraved Label. 15. 6d. 

3643 MATHEWS (William) [barrister, brother of the actor, died at 

Tobago]. Festoon Armorial. 65. 

3644 MATHIAS (Gabriel), London. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

3645 MATHIAS (Capt. J. V.). Festoon Armorial. 25. 

3646 MATHIAS (James), London. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

3647 MAUD (Johan.). Philochim. ad insig. Clav. Aurat. in vico vulgo 

vocato Aldersgate Street, Lond. Early Armorial. Cut round. 
125. 6d, 

3648 MAUDE (Francis), Trin. Coll., Cambridge. Armorial Spade 

Shield. 2s. 6rf. 

3649 MAUDE (John), of Moor House. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 

Cousin sc, 2s. 6d, 

3650 MAUDE (John), of Moor House. Sam. Topland sculp., Leeds. 

Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3651 MAUDE (John), Wakefield. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

3652 MAUDSLEY (Henry) [engineer]. Armorial, is. 

3653 [MAULE, Baron Panmure, secretary at War during the Crimean 

War]. Panmure Library. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3654 MAULE (Mr. Baron) [John Maule of Inverkeilor, d. 1781]. Ar- 

morial shield, on a mantle. Fine. 55. 

3655 Mr. Baron Maule. Crest. 2s. 

**^— 3656 MAULE (Geo.), Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 25. 

3657 MAUNDRELL. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3658 MAUNSELL (Thomas), of the Middle Temple, Esqr. Chippen- 

dale Armorial. 85. 

3659 MAURICE (Fred. Guill.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 

Slightly defective. 25. 6d. 

il 3660 M[AURY] (F[rancis]) ? Crest and cypher, is. 

3661 MAWBEY (Sir Joseph, Bart) [friend of Wilkes, M.P. for South- 
!e wark and county of Surrey]. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

^(562 Another plate, with his wife's arms on an Escutcheon. 

Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 
. Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 6, p. 68. 

3663 [MAXWELL,] The Right Honourable WiUiam, Earl of Nithsdale, 
etc., [attainted, 17 16]. Jacobean Armorial. 75. 6d. 

3664 [MAXWELL,] Lord Famham. Armorial, is, 

3665 Ix)rd Famham, K.P. Armorial. 15. 

3666 MAXWELL of Carriden. Armorial Spade Shield, in a frame. 
^ 15. 6d, 

^667 MAXWELL (Archibald). Chippendale Armorial Shield, on a 
mantle. 45. 

3668 MAXWELL (Francis), Liverpool. Armorial. 25. 

3669 MAXWELL (Helen Frances), Twyning, Com. Glouc. Armorial 
Lozenge, s^- 

— 3670 MAXWELL (Henry), Esqr., M.P. Armorial, is. 


124 ElliSy 29 New Bond Street^ W. 

3671 MAXWELL (Henry Hamilton). Armorial. 25. 

3672 MAXWELL (Robert). Late Chippendale Armorial. 35 

3673 MAXWELL (Saml.). Chippendale Armorial. 85. 6d. 

S674 MAXWELL (Sir William Stirling), Bart. A Series of Twelve 
Bookplates of. i8s. 

3675 MAXWELI- (Revd. W. G.), Twyning. in Com. Gloc. JVarwick sc. 

Armorial, is. 6d, 

3676 MAXWELL (Sr. WiUiam), of Monreith, Bart [died 1771]. 

Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

^677 MAXWELL (Sir William), of Monreith, Bart [died 181 2]. 
Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d, 

3678 MAYNARD (Charles, Lord) [succeeded, 1745]. Jacobean Ar- 

morial, with supporters. 35. 6d, 

3679 MAYNARD, Lord Maynard, Armorial, with supporters. 3s 6d. 

3680 MAYNARD (The Honourable Charles), Esqr., [became Baron 

Maynard in 1745]. Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

3681 MAYNARD (John). Armorial, is. 
MAYO (Earl and Countess of). See Bourke. 

3682 MAYOR (Henry). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

3683 MAZZANTI (Mr.). • Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3684 MEADE (Horace X N.), M.D., Trin. Col., Dub. Wreath and 

Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3685 MEADE (John), Esq., Earsham Hall. Armorial. 2s. 6rf. 

3686 MEADE (The Honble. Robert Henry). 1879. [C. W. Sherborn], 
' Style of Early Armorial. 9s. 6d. 

3687 MEADE (Rev. The Honble. Sidney). C. W, S{herhorn\ Style 

of Early Armorial. 1 2s. 6rf. 1 

3688 MEADE (Thomas )• Festoon Armorial. 2s. 1 

3689 MEADOWS (Arthur). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

3690 MEALY (R. R. Parry), A.M. Late Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, ' 

3691 [MEARES (John), Meares Court.] Chippendale Armorial. In- 1 

scription cut off. los. 6d, I 

Captain John Meares explored a part of North- West America. i 

3692 MEASON (Gilbert), of Lindertis. Kirkwood sc. Armorial. 

IS. 6d. 

3693 MEDLEY (William), Iver, Buckinghamshire. Armorial. Injured. 


3694 MEDLICOT (Thomas), Esqr., of St. Martin's in the Fields, 

Westminster. Jacobean Armorial. 7s. 6d. 

3695 MEDLYCOTT (Honble. Barbara Cockajme). Armorial Lozenge. 

2s. 6d. 

3696 Another plate. Armorial Lozenge on a mantle. 3s. 

3697 MEDLYCOTT (Thos.) Esqr., of Cottingham, Northamptonshire. 

Chippendale Armorial, ^s. 

3698 MEE (Benjn.), Armorial, arms in an oval frame. 2?. 

3699 MEEK (James), D.D. Festoon Armorial, ^s. 

3700 MEIGH (Chas.). Pictorial. 3s 6d. 
MELBOURNE (Bishop of). See Perry. 

Bookplates (Franks Collection); 125 

3701 MELDON (Charles Henry). Armorial. 15. 

3702 MELLISH (Catherine M.). Armorial Lozenge, ss, 

3703 MELLISH (Charles), Esqr., Lincoln's Inn. Chippendale Ar- 

morial. 3^. 

3704 MELLISH (Charles), Esquire, Blyth, Notts. Armorial Spade 

Shield. 15. 6d. 

3705 MELLISH (Edward). Armorial Spade Shield, is. 

3706 MELLOR (Charles), Esq. [Appleby.] Armorial, is. 6d. 

3707 MELMOTH (Reuben). Nicholls sculp, Jacobean Armorial. 

45. 6d. 

3708 MENDES (Isaac), London, 1746. Levi sculp, Chippendale 

Armorial. 6s. 

3708a[MENDES.] Early Armorial. 5s. 

3709 MENTEATH (Jas. Stuart), Closeburn, Dumfries shire. j^Armoria^ 

Spade Shield on a mantle, ^s 

3710 MENZIES (John Stewart), Esqr.,Chesthill, co. Perth. Armorial. 


371 1 [MENZIES (Robert), of Cullerallars.] Jacobean Armorial. 7s. 6d, 

3712 MERCER (William Thomas). M.A., Oxon. Armorial. 15. 

3713 MEREDYTH (Henry), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

3714 MERE WETHER. Armorial Spade Shield. Printed in blue. 2s. 

3715 MEREWETHER (Hy. Alworth), Sergeant-at-Law [Town Clerk 

of London]. Armorial, is. 

3716 MEREWETHER ([Sir] WUliam Lockyer) [Indian military ad 

ministrator]. 15. 6d. 

3717 MERRIMAN (Samuel), M.D. [celebrated physician] Armorial. 


3718 Sam. Merriman, M.D. Armorial, is. 

3719 MERRY (Charles). Armorial Spade Shield in a beaded oval. 

15. 6d. 

3720 [MERRY (Richard), Esqr.l Jacobean Armorial, without inscrip- 

tion. 6s. 

3721 MERRY (Robert) [dilettante]. Hand fecit. Pictorial Armorial. 

ll. IS. 

Merry married Elizabeth Bnmton, the celebrated actress, and with her weat to America 
in 1796. He died at Baltimore iu 1798. Reproduced in Fincham, p. 36. 

3722 MESLIN (John), Esqr., Leeds. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d» 

3723 MESMAN. Wreath and Ribbon Crest. 2s. 6d, 

3724 METCALFE (Cornelius). Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

3725 METCALFE (Philip), Esqr., F.R.S., and F.A.S, Armorial Spade 

Shield. IS. 

3726 METCALFE (Theophilus). Early Armorial. 9s. 6d. 

3727 METHOLD (Frederick John), A.D. 1882. C. iV, D[empsey]. 

Armorial, is. 

3728 METHOLD (Frederic John). /. F. B[ently\ Armorial, arms on 

a scroll. IS. 6d. 

3729 METHUEN (Sr. Paul) [Ambassador at Madrid, d. 1757]. Jaco- 

bean Armorial, with supporters. 5s. 6d, 

126 EUis, 29 New Bond Street, W, 

3730 MEUX (Henry Elizth.). Armorial, an illuminated water-colour 

drawing. 105. 6d, 

3731 MEUX ([Sir] Henry). Armorial. 15. 

3732 MEYNELL (Chas.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

3733 MEYNELL (Godfrey), Esqr., Meynell Langley. Armorial. 

25. 6d. 

3734 MEYNELL (Hugo), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial, ^s. 

3735 MEYNELL (Thos.), Esqr., North Kilvington and the Fryerage 

near Yarum. Armorial, ss. 

3736 [MEYRICK (John), of Fulham, co. Middlesex, d. 1805.] Ar- 

morial. IS. 6d. 

$7$y MEYRICK (John). Pictorial Armorial, a female figure leaning 
against a pillar. 45. 6d. 

3738 MEYRICK ([Sir] Samuel Rush) [antiquary]. Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

3739 [MEYRICK (Lt. Col. W. H.).] Late Chippendale Armorial. 35. 

3740 MICHAEL (Alex). A. G. S., 1883. Pictorial, with view of a 

church. 25. 6d, 

3741 MICHEL (R.) [New Sergts, Inn], Chippendale Armorial Shield 

on a mantle. Cut round. 55. 

3742 MICHELL (C. N.), Oriel Coll. Crest. 25. 6d. 

3743 MICHELL (H.), A.M. Armorial Spade Shield. 25. 

3744 MICHELL (John), Esqr., Forcett Hall, co. York. [Becker,] 

Armorial. 25. 

3745 MICHELL (John Henry), of Lincoln's Inn. Festoon Armorial. 

3746 MIDDLEMORE (J. R.). Chippendale Armorial. 65. 

3747 MIDDLEMORE (W. R.). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

3748 [MIDDLETON, Charles, Earl of Middleton, attainted 1695, fled to 

St. Germains, d. 17 19.] Armorial, arms on a mantle. 4s. Gi. 

3749 [MIDDLETON, Adml. Charles, Baron Barham.] Teston Library. 

Brooks sc. Pictorial, with ships. 35. 
The Assembly of Barbados presented liliddleton, who had commanded a frigate in the 
West Indies in 1761, with a vote of thanks. 

3750 MIDDLETON (Dr.). Wreath and Ribbon Crest. 25. 6d. 

3751 MIDDLETON (Marmaduke Middleton), Esqr., Leam, co. Derby. 

{Emslie.) Armorial. 15. 6rf. 

3752 MIDDLETON (T. F.), D.D., F.R.S., [Bishop of Calcutta] 

Engraved Label, name and mitre. 25. 6d, 

3753 MIDFORD (G.), M.D. Armorial. 25. 

3754 MILBANK ([Lady] Aline). Armorial, ^s, 

3755 MILBANK. Ex Libris H. V. Milbank. Hirsch Gravr. a Paris. 

Seal Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3756 MILBANKE (Sir Ralph). Armorial Spade Shield. 15. 

3757 MILBOURNE (William), Esqr., of Lincoln's Inn. Chippendale 

Armorial. 75. 6d. 

3758 MILDMAY (The Right Honble. Charles), Lord Fitzwalter Egre- 

mont Bumell and Bottetoft, 1701. Early Armorial, with sup- 
porters, l/. IS. 

Bookplates {Franks Collection). 127 

3759 MILDMAY (Carew Anthony St. John) [Archdeacon of Essex]. 

Seal Armorial. 15. 6d, 

3760 MILDMAY (Henry Binghiam) [of Shoreham Place, Kent], Seal 

Armorial. 25. 

3761 MILDMAY (Paulet St. John), 18— Armorial, is. 

3762 [MILDMAY.] Dogmersfield Library. Armorial. 15. 

3763 MILL (Charles), i?. M[ountaine]. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

3764 MILL (David). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

3765 MILL (David), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield in an oval. is. 

3766 MILL (Henry). R, Mountaine, Winton, Chippendale Armorial. 


3767 MILL (James), London. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 

3768 MILL (John). Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

3769 MILL (John), of Old Montrose. Chippendale Armorial, z^, 

3770 MILL (Richd,),Mottisfont. R. Mountaine Winton, Chippendale 

Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

3771 MILL (Willm.), of Bonniton, Esqr. Chippendale Armorial* 

Printed in red. 6s. 

3772 MILLER (Charles Sanderson). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

3773 MILLER (Michael), Junior. Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

3774 MILLER (Patrick), of Dalswinton, Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon 

Armorial, is. 6d. 

3775 MILLER (Samuel), at Winkinghurst. Chippendale Armorial. 

ys, 6d, 

3776 MILLER (Samuel), M.D. Late Jacobean Armorial. 2s, 

S777 MILLER (Thomas), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield on a mantle. 
2s. 6d. 

3778 MILLER (W.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, is. 

3779 The same. Printed in red. is. 6d, 

3780 MILLES (Jeremiah), D.D. [antiquary, rector of Saltwood with 

Hythe in Kent, of West Tarring in Sussex, and Merstham in 
Surrey, and Dean of Exeter, d. 1784]. Chippendale Armorial, 
with a lyre, etc. 2s. 6d. 

3781 MILLES (Richard), A.M. Festoon Armorial. 2^. 6d. 

3782 MILLES (Thomas), Lord Bishop of Waterford and Lismore. 

17 10. Early Armorial, shield within palm branches. 15s. 

3783 MILLIKEN (James), Esqr., of MilUken. Jacobean Armorial, 

with shaded background. 6s. 

3784 MILLINGTON (Thomas), of Gosfeild Hall in Com. Essex Esqr. 

1703. Early Armorial. The large plate, il. los. 

3785 MILLS (Abraham). Chippendale Armorial. 5s, 

3786 MILLS (Peter Mattw.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. Cd. 

3787 MILLS (Samuel Gillam). Festoon Crest. 2s. 
3738 A different plate. 2s. 6d, 

3789 MILLS (Thomas). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

3790 MILNER (Thomas Wheeler). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

128 EUis^ 29 New Bond Street^ W: 

3791 MILTON (William). Chippendale Armorial. 55. 6d. 

3792 MILWARD (Edward) [? physician, b. Lin^ridge, Worcester- 

shire]. Moses and Levy sc, Chippendale Armorial. 6s, 

3793 MINET (Alice). Library Interior. 3s. 6d. 

3794 MINET (William). Pictorial Crest, with books. 3s. 6d.» 

3795 MINGAY (James), Esqr., Inner Temple. Festoon Armorial. 25. 

3796 MISSING (John). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

3797 MISSING (Thomas). Jacobean Armorial. $s. 6d, 

3798 MITCHELL (Alexander). Late Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

3799 [MITCHELL (James).] Festoon Armorial. Cut round. 2s, 

3800 [MITCHELL (Knight). Mountaine.] Chippendale Armorial. 

Defective. 4s. 

3801 MITCHELL. Arma Guilielmi Mitchell. Seal Armorial. 3s. 

3802 MITCHINSON (John), Carlisle. Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

3803 MITFORD (Joh.), Int. Temp, et Hosp. Line. Soc. Armorial 

Spade Shield in an oval frame. Ovenden sc. 25. 

3804 A similar plate, Neele sc. 2s. 6d. 

3805 MITFORD (John), Esqr. Sherwin. Pictorial Armorial, a cupid 

mounted on a sea-monster. 12s. 6d. 

3806 MITFORD (John), of Newtown, Hampshire. 1744. Armorial on 

a mantle. 45. 6d. 

3807 MITFORD (William), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

3808 MITFORD (Willm.), of Gilbury, Hampshire. 1769. Armorial, 

shield on a mantle, ys. 6d. 

3809 MITFORD (William), of Exbury, Hampshire [historian and 

M.P. for Newport, Cornwall]. Armorial. 2s. 

MOIRA (Earl of). See Rawdon. 

3810 MOLONY (Francis Joseph). Pictorial Armorial. Gothic ruin, 

with round tower in the distance. 95. 6d. 

38 1 1 [MONCK.] Chippendale Armorial. Printed in red. 6s, 

3812 [MONCKTON (Elizabeth Susanna).] Armorial Lozenge. 3s. 

38 1 3 MONEY of Walthamstow, CO. Essex. [Becker.] Armorial. 15.6^. 

3814 MONEY (George Henry), 9, Berkeley St.. Berkeley Square. 

Armorial. 25. 

3815 Crest. IS. 

3816 MONKE (James). Chippendale Armorial, ss. 

3817 MONKLAND (George), Bath. Armorial. 2s. 

3818 MONSELL (Samuel), A.M., T.C.D., Curate of Mallow. Jacobean 

Bookpile Armorial, i/. is. 

3819 MONSON (Lady). Armorial Lozenge, with supporters and coro- 

net in an oval frame. 4s. 

Reproduced in Miss Laboucker^s Ladies^ BookpiateSf p. 302. 

3820 MONTAGU (The Right Honble Charles), Earl of Manchester, 

Viscount Mandevile, and Baron Montagu of Kimbolton. 1704. 
Early Armorial. 12s. 6d. 

3821 MONTAGU (Robert), Duke and Earl of Manchester, Viscount 

Mandevile and Baron of Kimbolton. Early Armorial, ys. 6d. 

Bookplates (Franks Collection)^ 129 

3822 [MONTAGU] Elizabeth Duchess Dowager of Manchester. 

Armorial Lozenge and supporters on a mantle. 5s. 

3823 [MONTAGU (Duke of Manchester),] Kimbolton Castle. Armo- 

rial shield on a mantle. 25. 

3824 [MONTAGU.] The Right Honble. Charles Lord Halifax. 1702. 

Early Armorial. 85. 6d. 

3825 A similar plate dated 1702. Small size, js* 6d. 

Halifax was the Patron of Addison, Congreve, Prior, etc. 

3826 [MONTAGU.] The Right Honble.JGeorge Earl of HaUfax. Jaco- 

bean Armorial. 6s. 

3827 [MONTAGU.] Blanche (Countess of) Sandwich. Armorial. 3s. 

3828 M[ONTAGU ?] (A.). Chippendale Armorial, with cypher. 3s. 6d: 

3829 MONTAGU (Christopher). W. Stephens sculpt. Cant. Jaco- 

bean Armorial, ys. 

3830 MONTAGU (F. C), Lackham, Wilts. Seal Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

3831 MONTAGU (George), Esqr. 1705. Early Armorial. 105. 6d. 

3832 [MONTAGU (George).] Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 
MONTAGUE (Viscount). See Browne. 

3833 M[ONTEFIORE ?] (I.). Chippendale Cypher. 3s. 6d. 

3834 MONTEFIORE (Sir Moses), F.R.S. Armorial, with supporters. 

35. 6d, 

3835 MONTEITH (Henry), of Carstairs. Swan sc. Crest, is. 6d, 

3836 MONTGOMERIE (George), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. Ss. 6d. 

3837 MONTGOMERY (Sir Jas.), Bart., of Stanhope [Chief Baron of 

Exchequer in Scotland, d. 1803]. Armorial Spade Shield. 
25. 6d. 

3838 MONTGOMERY (John), Ballyleck. Monaghan. Wreath and 

Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 

3839 MONTGOMERY (Saml.). Urn Armorial. Damaged, 2s. 

3840 MONTOLIEU (Lewis) [son of the Baron de St. HippoUte], 

Armorial Spade Shield, with supporters, is. 

MONTROSE (Duke of). See Graham. 

3841 MOODIE (Captain James), late Commander of his Majesties 

Ship Prince George. Early Armorial, il. los. 
Captain Moodie relieved Denia in Spain ; killed by Jacobites in Kirkwall, 1725. 

3842 MOODY (John Baker). Chippendale Armorial. 33. 

3843 MOODY (Robt. Baker). Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

3844 [MOORE (Charles), Earl of] Drogheda. Chippendale Armorial, 

with supporters, ys. 6d. 

3845 [MOORE.] Lord TuUamore. Crest and Coronet. 8s, 6d. 

3846 MOORE (Sr. Charles) [died 1754]. Jacobean Armorial. 55. 6d, 

3847 MOORE (The Revd. Fowke). Chippendale Armorial. 6s, 

3848 MOORE (John). Crest, is 

3849 MOORE (John Bramley), Esq., Aigburth, Liverpool, [Emslie.] 

Armorial. 2s. 

3850 MOORE (Robt.). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

3851 MOORE (Thomas) [the Irish poet]. Crest in a garter. 6s. 

t.. -- 

130 Ellisy 29 New Bond Street, W. 

3852 [MOORE (Wm. Gurdon).] Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 25. 6d, 

3853 MORANT (Alfred WiUiam). Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk. Seal 

Armorial. 25. 6d. 

3854 MORDAUNT (Sr. Charies), Bart., Walton, Warwickshire. 

Chippendale Armorial. 8s. 6d, 

C..^ 3855 MORDAUNT (Sr. John). Chippendale Armorial, with sup- 
porters. 5s. 
General Mordaunt commanded a Brigade at the Battles of Fallcirk and Culloden ; and 
when invasion threatened in 1756, commanded the great camp formed at Blandfqrd, 
in Dorset. 

3856 MORDAUNT (Thos. Osbert). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

^3857 MORDEN. Ex Libris W. E. and J. Morden. 1880. E, EllioU deL 
H, Gardner sc. Engraved label. Proof. 35. 6d. 

3858 The same. Ordinary impression. E. Elliott del, is. 6d. 

3859 MOREAU (C. F.). Chippendale Armorial, iss. 

' • 3860 MOREHEAD (William), Esq. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, 
IS. 6d. 

3861 MORELL (T.), D.D., F.R.S. and S.A. [mend of Handel, Garrick, 
and Hogarth]. Chippendale Armorial, with books. 5s. 

I "^ 3862 MORES (Edward Rowe) [antiquary]. Chippendale Armorial. 
4s. ^, 

3863 MORES (Lodge Evans). Darly, Chippendale Armorial. 5s, 

3864 MORETON (Wm.) A.M. Armorial Spade Shield, is. 

3865 [MORGAN (Edward).] Golden Grove. Armorial, is. 6d. 

3866 MORGAN (Isaac and Rebecca). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 6<f. 

3867 [MORGAN (James).] Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

3868 MORGAN (James). Festoon Armorial, 3s. 

3869 MORGAN (Sir T. Charles), M.D., Fellow of the Coll. of Physicians, 
London [married the authoress Sydney Owenson]. Crest. 2s, 

3870 MORGAN (William). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, 2s. 6d, 

3871 MORHALL (Richd.). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

3873 MORIN (Jones Tirel-) Arm. de Weedon in Com, Bucks. Armo* 
rial, ^s, 

MORLEY (Earl of). See Parker. 

3873 MORISON (C), M.D. Armorial, is. 
MORNINGTON (Earl of). See Wellesley. 

3874 MORRAH (Michael), Worthing. Armorial, is. 6d. 

3875 MORRELL (Frederic), of Broughton Grange in the County of 
Oxford, Esquire. 1886. Sherborn ft. Decorated Armorial^ 
I2S. 6d, 

3876 MORRICE (Thos.).. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 64. 

3877 MORRICE (Wm.), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

3878 MORRIS. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. Coloured, 3s. 6d. 

3879 MORRIS (E.). Armorial, is. 

3880 [MORRIS (Gouvemeur), Esq.. Chippendale Armorial. Inscrip^ 
tion cut off, I OS. 6d, 

See Allen, American Bookplates, No. 59X. 

Bookplates (Franks Collection), 131 

3881 MORRIS (James). 1747. Bickham sc. Chippendale Engraved 

label. 6s, 

3882 MORRIS (James). Chippendale Armorial, with books. 15^. 

See Allen, American Bookplates, No. 393. 

3883 MORRIS (John). Festoon Armorial, 25. 6d. 

3384 MORRIS (Revd. Josh.). Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d, ) 

3885 MORRIS (Robert). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, is. 

3886 MORRIS (William O'Connor). Armorial, is. 

3887 [MORRIS, Suffolk.] Jacobean Armorial. Cut round. 55. 

3888 MORRISON (George). Armorial, is. 

3889 MORRISON (Robert). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

3890 MORROGH (James). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, 2s. 6d. 

3891 MORSE (Charles). Six different bookplates. 2s. 6d. 

3892 MORSE (Charles). Lunger sc, Gruner dir. i88o. A series of 

four large Pictorial Armorials. 1 2s. 6d. 

3893 MORSE. E libris Herberti Georgii Morse Presb. Vesica Armo^ 

rial. IS. 6d, 

3894 MORSE (Jno. South). Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

3895 MORSE (Leonard), F.R.S. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

3896 MORSE (Leonard), F.R.S. and S.A. Wreath and Ribbon Armo- 

rial. 2S. 

3897 MORSON (Walter S.), M.D. Lizars. Armorial. 2$. 

3898 MORTLOCK (John George). Seal Armorial. 3s. 6d. 
MORTON (Earl of). See Douglas. 

3899 MOSE (Peter), Esqr., of Petworth. Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

3900 MOSELEY (Walter), Esq., Buildwas Park, co. Salop. Armorial. 


3901 MOSLEY (Oswald), Esqr., Bolesworth Castle. Festoon Armorial. 


3902 MOSS (J. W.), Dudley, [bibliographer.] Literary Armorial. 

Cut round, 3s. 6rf. 

3903 MOSTYN (Constantia). Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

3904 MOSTYN (Richard), of Penbedw, Denbighshire. Early Armorial. 

Shield on a mantle. 6s, 

3905 MOTLEY (Thos.). Topham sc. Literary Bookpile. 8s. 6d. 

3906 M[OTTELEY] (T. C). F. Perry. Bookpile Cypher. 6s, 

3907 MOTTEUX (Peter). Chippendale Armorial. Printed in red. 

3s. 6d. 

See Ex Libris Jl., v. 9, p. 1351 

3908 MOUNTAGUE (The Honble. Sr. James), Kt., Her Majestyes 

Sollicitor Genii. Early Armorial. los. 6d, 

3909 MOUNTFORT (Richard). Bowley sc. Wreath and Ribbon Ar- 

morial. 2s. 6d. 

MOUNTGARETT (Lord). See Butler. 

3910 MOW AT (Sr. WinwOod), Bamt. ' Early Armorial. 12s. 6rf. 

391 1 MUILMAN (Richd.) [antiquary, assumed the name of TreacU 

Chiswell]. Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

132 ElUSf 29 New Bond Street^ Wz 

3912 MUIRHEAD [(John Grosset)], of Breadisholme. Armorial Spade 

Shield. 25. 

3913 MULES (C. H. M.). /. Welch, Engraver and Printer, Exeter. 

Armorial. 25. 

MULGRAVE (Baron). See Phipps. 
MUNCASTER (Baron). See Pennington. 

3914 MUNDY (James), Inner Temple. Jacobean ArmoriaL 7s. 6d, 

3915 MUNRO (Alexr.). Crest. 2s, 6d. 

3916 MUNRO (Sir Hugh), of Fowlis, Bart, 1782. Armorial, -with 

supporters. 3s, 

MUNSTER (Earl of). See FitzClarence. 

3917 MURCHISON [(Sir Roderick I., geologist]. Crest. 2s. 

3918 MURDOCH (Thomas). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, is. 6d: 

3919 MURE (Jas.), Esqre., Ch. Ch. Chippendale ArmoriaL 6s. 

3920 [MURISON.] Chippendale ArmoriaL Inscription cut off. 5s. 

3921 MURPHY (John), Bishop, Cork. 18 15. Bookpile Armorial. 55. 

3922 MURPHY (Revd. John). Armorial Spade Shield on a mantle. 

25. 6d. 

3923 [MURRAY.} Frederica [Countess of] Mansfield. Armorial, with 

supporters. 45. 6d, 

3924 MURRAY, Bart, of Auchtertyre. Crest. 2s. 

3925 MURRAY (Alexander), of Broughtoun, Esqr. A, Johnston 

sculp, Jacobean Armorial, with supporters. 85. 6d. 

3926 MURRAY (Alexander), of Broughtoun, Esqr. Jacobean Armo- 

rial, with supporters. 55. 

3927 MURRAY (Alexr.), Esqr., Younger of Murrayfeild, Advocate, 

James's Omrt, Edinr. Chippendale engraved label. Defective, 

3928 MURRAY (Lord Charles). Wreath and Ribbon Crest. 35. 

3929 MURRAY (Charles Robert Scott), of Danesfield, co. Bucks. 

Seal Armorial. 25. 6d, 

3930 MURRAY. E libris Efavid Murray. 1875. Crest. 25. 6d 

3931 [MURRAY (Adml. Sir George).] Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 

45. 6d, 
As a junior officer, Mtirray took part in the naval operations in North America, 1772-8. 

3932 MURRAY (Lord Henry). Adolphus sculp. Armorial, with 

supporters. 25. 6d. 

3933 MURRAY (The Honble. Mr.). Chippendale Armorial. Corner 

defective, 6s. 

3934 MURRAY (John). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

3935 MURRAY (John), of Philiphawgh, Esqr., Heritable Shirrife of ye 

County of Selkirk, 17 10. Early ArmoriaL los. 

3936 MURRAY (John Darymple), Esqr., Murraythwaite, Co. Dumfries. 

[Appleby,] ArmoriaL 25. 

3937 [MUSGRAVE.] B, Green fecit, Chippendale ArmoriaL 6s, 

3938 MUSHET (Robert) [of the Royal Mint,, 1782-1828]. Wm, 

Alexander sculp. Armorial. 2s. 

Bookplates (Franks Collection): I33 

3939 MYDDELTON. Jacobean Armorial, with cupids as supporters. 

Defective. 5s. 6d, ..^ -^ 

3940 MYDDELTON (John), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 
3941 Another state. 35. 6d. ^ 

3942 MYDDELTON (John), Esqr., of Chirk Castle, Denbighshire. 

Jacobean Armorial. 85. 6d, 

3943 MYDDELTON (Robert), A.M., Rector of Denbigh. Hunter sc 

Chippendale Armorial. 85. 6d, 

3944 MYERS (Thos.). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

3945 M. (E.), C.C.C.C. Chippendale Cypher. 3s. 6d. 

3946 M. (J.). Crest (a hawk*s head erased) and cypher. 2s, 

3947 NANTES (Henry). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

3948 NAPIER (Lord). Armorial, with supporters and coronet on a 

mantle. 55. 

3949 NAPIER (Lord). This book belongs to Lord Napier. Armorial 

Spade Shield, inscription on a Chippendale frame. 45. 6d. 

3950 NAPIER (David Skene). Armorial. 2s. 

3951 NARES (George), Esqr., Inner Temple. Chippendale Armorial. 

«-9. 6d, 

3952 NARES (The Honble. Mr. Justice). Chippendale Armorial. 55 

3953 NASH (Robertus), LL.D., Dioeces. Norvic. Cancellarius. T 

Hillyard sculp. Chippendale Armorial.. 85. 6d. 

Reproduced in CasUe, p. 84. 

3954 NASH (Stephen). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

3955 NASH (Thomas). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

3956 NASH (Treadway), D.D., of Bevere, Worcestershire [historian of 

Worcestershire]. Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

3957 [NASSAU, Earl of Rochford.] Jacobean Armorial. 25. 6d. 

3958 NAYLER (Sir George), Garter. Architectural Armorial. 85. 6d, 

3959 NAYLOR (F. Hare) [historian and friend of C. J. Fox]. Armorial* 


3960 NAYLOR (Heny.). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

3961 NAYLOR (Thomas). Festoon Armorial. $s. 

3962 NEALE (Pendock), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 7s. 6d. 

3963 NEALE (Thomas) [Surgeon]. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

3964 NEATE (Rev. Richd.), LL.B. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

3965 NEDHAM (William). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

3966 [NEEDHAM.] The Right Honble. Robert Lord Viscount 

Killmorey, 1704. Early Armorial. i8s. 

3967 [NEEDHAM.] The Right Honble. John Lord Viscount KiU- 

morey. Early Armorial. 155. 

3968 [NEEDHAM.] Francis, Earl of Killmorey. Huntly sc. Armo- 

rial. 5s. 

3969 [NEEDHAM] Francis Jack, Second Earl of Kilmorey. Ar- 

morial. 3s. 

3970 NEEDHAM (J. Manning). Armorial Shield in a garter. 25. 6d. 

3971 NEEDHAM (Thomas), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 15. 6d, 

134 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W: 

3972 NEELE. Landscape Urn. 35. 6d. 

3973 Printed on blue paper 3s. 6d, 

3974 NEILD (Jas.), Esqr. Pictorial Armorial, with an angler. 7s. 6d, 

Reproduced in Castle, p. 144. 

3975 NELME (S. D.) Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d, 

3976 [NELSON ?] Barlow sculp. Pictorial Armorial. 5s. 

3977 NELSON (George), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 5s 

3978 NELTHORPE (George), of Secroft, Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 


3979 NELTHORPE (James), of [Lynford in Norfolke], Esqr. Chip- 

pendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

3980 NESBITT (Ezekiel), M.D. Chippendale Armorial. 6s, 

3981 [NESBITT ?] Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

3982 NESBITT (James Ezekiel), Esqr., Woodhill, Co. Donegal. Ar- 

morial. IS. 6d. 

3983 NESHAM (John). Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

3984 NETHERTON (Samuel), Thurston, Suffolk. Chippendale Ar- 

morial. Ss, 6d. 

3985 NEVE (Tim.), A.M., C.C.C., Oxon. Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 

3986 [NEVE.] Pictorial Armorial, with cnpids and books. $s, 6d. 

3987 [NEVILL.] The R. H. George Ld. Abergavenny, 1750. Chip- 

pendale Armorial. 5s. 6d, 

3988 [NEVILL, Henry, Earl of Abergavenny.] Armorial, with sup- 

porters. 2s, 6d. 

3989 NEVILL (Cosmas), Esqr., of Holt, Leicestershire. Jacobean 

Armorial. 35. 6d, 

3990 NEVILL (Cosmo). Modern Jacobean Armorial. 2s, 

3991 NEVILL (The Ven. Henry Ralph), M.A., Archdeacon of Norfolk. 

Decorated Armorial. 3s. 

3992 NEVILL (Richard), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 35. 

3993 [NEVILL.] Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

3994 [NEVILL-GRIFFIN] Lord Braybrooke. Armorial, with sup- 

porters. 25. 6d, 

NEWCASTLE (Duke of). See Holies. 

3995 NEWDIGATE (Edmondus), M.D. Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 

3996 NEWDIGATE (John), of the Inner Temple, London, Esqr., 1702. 

Early Armorial, i/. is. 

3997 NEWDIGATE (Sr. Richard), of Arbury in the County of Warwick, 

Baronet, 1709. Early Armorial. 15s. ' 

3998 NEWENHAM (George). Festoon Armorial, is. 6d 

3999 N[EWENHAM] (G.). Crest and Cypher. 2s. 6d, 

4000 NEWENHAM (John). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

4001 NEWENHAM (Thomas). Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

4002 NEWENHAM (Thomas). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 
NEWFOUNDLAND (Bishop of). See Jones. 

4003 NEWLING (John). Armorial Spade Shield. 15. 


Bookplates {Franks Collection)^ 135 

4004 NEWMAN. Walkenshaw sc. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

4005 NEWMAN (Edward) [naturalist ?]. Armorial. 25. 6d. 

4006 NEWMAN (John) [father of Cardinal Newman], Armorial Spade 

Shield in a beaded oval. 25. 6d. 

4007 Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 

4008 NEWNHAM (Tho.), Esqr. i?. M[ountaine\, 1750. Chippendale 

Armorial. 55. 

The date and initials are concealed at the top of shield* 

4009 NEWPORT (William). Festoon Armorial. 25. 

4010 NEWTON (Andrew), Esq. Chippendale Armorial, ^s, 

401 1 NEWTON (John). Chippendale Armorial Trophy, with musical 

instruments, ^s. 6d, 

4012 N[EWTON] (J[oseph, A.M.]). Chippendale Crest and Cypher. 

3s. 6d, 

4013 NEWTON (William). Jacobean Armorial. Cut down. T)^, 6d, 

4014 NICHOLAS (Charles), Lincoln's Inn. Chippendale Armorial. 

3s. 6d. 

4015 NICHOLAS (Edward), Esqr., of Gillingham, in the County of 

Dorset, 1703. Large Early Armorial, i/. $s. 

4016 NICHOLAS (Edward), Esqr., of Gillingham, in the County of 

Dorset, 1703. Early Armorial, the smaller size. 85. 6d, 

4017 NICHOLAS (Edwd. Richmond). Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 
.4018 NICHOLL (Edward Powell). Seal Armorial. 15. 6d. 

4019 NICHOLL'(Sir John), Knt. [Judge, one of the Founders of King's 

College, London]. Armorial Spade Shield, with sword, etc. 
2s. 6d. 

4020 The same plate. Altered inscription, 25. 6d, 

4021 John NichoU, LL.D., Doctor's Commons. 2s. 

4022 NICHOLL (Revd. Robt.), A.M. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 

4023 [NICHOLLS.] Large Early Armorial. i8s. 

4024 NICHOLLS (Revd. Norton) [friend of the poet Gray]. Festoon 

Armorial. 35. 6d. 

4025 The same plate without inscription. 2s. 

4026 NICHOLLS (Thos.), Middle Temple. Wreath and Ribbon Ar- 

morial. 25. 6d, 

4027 NICHOLS (Charles), MDCCCXIV. [Coiman.] Armorial, arms 

on an ancient slab. 2s, 

4028 N[ICHOLS] (I.). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

4029 [NICHOLS, John, F.S.A., editor of the Gentleman's Magazine, 

historian of Leicester, etc.] Pictorial Armorial. los. 6d 

4030 NICHOLS (S.) Armorial. 2s, 6d, 

4031 NICHOLSON (Alexander). Griffiths <S^ Weigalls, Armorial, 

with mantling. 15. 6(f. 

4032 NICHOLSON (Captn.), Thelwall, Lea. Pye delin et set. Pic- 

torial Armorial. 35. 6d, 

4033 NICHOLSON (Chrisr.), Esqr., Co. of Meath. Chippendale Ar- 

morial (? reprint). 35. 6d, 

136 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street^ Wz 

4034 NICHOLSON. The gift of the magistrates of the County of 

Berks, to the Reverend Edward Nicholson, for his gratuitous 
services at the Penitentiary House at Abingdon, before a 
Chaplain was appointed. Printed Label. 45. 6d, 

4035 NICHOLSON (G. T.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 
«». -. 4036 NICHOLSON (Ralph). Armorial, is, 

4037 NICHOLSON (Thos.), Stockport, 1798. Pictorial Armorial. 6s. 

4038 NICHOLSON. E Libris Nicholsonianis. Armorial. 25. 6d. 

4039 NICOLAS (Sir Harris), G.C.M.G. [antiquary]. Armorial, with 

supporters. 55. 

4040 Sir Harris Nicolas, K.C.M.G., K.H. Crest. 2S. 6d, 

4041 Sir Harris Nicolas. G.C.M.G., K.H. Crest. 25. 6d, 

4042 NICOLL (John), Esqr., Montfield, Sussex. Chippendale Ar- 
morial. 25. 6d. 

4043 NICOLL (Saml.), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d, 

4044 NICOLSON (Sir William), Bart. i?. C\poper'\ fecit, Jacobean 
Armorial. 12s. 6d, 

4045 NIGHTINGALE (John). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

4046 NIMMO (P.), M.D. Crest. 25. 6d, 

4047 NISBET (David), Surgeon. Chippendale Armorial. 7s, 6d. 

4048 N[ISBET] (R.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

4049 NISBET (William), of Dirleton, Esqr., Jacobean ArmoriaL 6s. 
NITHSDALE (Earl of). See MaxweU. 

4050 NIXON. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

4051 NIXON (Rev. Robt.). Armorial, is. 6d. 
4052 B.D., F.S.A. The same plate, inscription altered, is, 6d, 

4053 [NIXSON (Thomas), of Newington, Surrey.] Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

4054 NOAKES (George), Attorney-at-Law, Sandwich. Warwick sc. 
Armorial. 25. 6d, 

4055 NOBLE (The Rev. Mark), F.A.S. of L. & E., MDCCCII [1802]. 
Pictorial Armorial, inscription on a stone, with books, trees, etc. 
7s, 6d, 

Noble was Rector of Banning, in Kent, and wrote many historical and biographical 

4056 NOBLETT (George). Festoon Armorial. 2s, 6d. 

4057 NOEL (Baptist Wriothesley) [President of the Baptist Union, 
wrote several pieces on the American Civil War]. Armorial. 
2s. 6d, 

4058 NOEL (Gerard T.) [Vicar of Rainham, Essex, and Romsoy, 
Hampshire]. Armorial, is. 6d, 

4059 NOGUIER (John Anthy.), Lincoln's Inn. Armorial, is. 

4060 NORCOTT (E. N.), R.N. Armorial, is. 6d, 

4061 NORCOTT (John). Armorial Spade Shield on a mantle. 2s. 
NORFOLK (Duke of). See Howard. 

4062 NORFORD (W.), M.D. [of Bury St. Edmunds]. Chippendale 
Armorial. los. 6d, 

4063 NORMAN (James). Chippendale Armorial. 5s, 

Bookplates (Franks Collection). 137 

4064 [NORMAN ?] Chateau Norman. Seal Armorial. 25. 6d. 

4065 NORRIS. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

4066 NORRlS of Hackney. Festoon Armorial. 35. 6d. 

4067 NORRIS (G.), Norfolk, 1782. Festoon Printed Label. 75. 6d^ 

4068 NORRIS (James), Norf. Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. ^5. 
. 4069 NORRIS (James), Norwich. Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. 6s. 

4070 NORRIS (Saml.). /. H. 5. Chippendale Pictorial Armorial 

with cupids, etc. 12s. 6d. 

4071 NORTH (The Right Honble. Francis), Baron of Guilford, 1703. 

Early Armorial. 55. 

4072 NORTH (The Right Honble. William Lord), of Carthlage and 

Baron Grey of Rolleston, 1703. Early Armorial. 125. 6d. 

4073 [NORTH, Frederic, Earl of Guilford.] Pictorial, with Greek 

inscription. 3s. 6d. 

4074 A similar plate. 25. 6d. 

4075 [NORTH, Frederick, Earl of Guilford.] Armorial, with sup- 

porters. 15. - 

4076 [NORTH] Earl of Guilford, Wroxton Abbey. Armorial, with 

supporters. 25. 6d. 

4077 NORTH (Edward Roger), Trin. Coll. Camb. Polak sculp. 

Festoon Armorial. 25. 

4078 NORTH (Fountain), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

4079 NORTH (Frederick), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 
> 4080 NORTH (The Honble. Frederic). Armorial, is. 

NORTHAMPTON (Earl and Marquis of). See Compton. 

*408i NORTHCOTE (Alice S.). [Sherborn.] Pictorial, with books. 

I2S. 6d. 

Reproduced ia Miss Labouchere's Ladies* Bookplates, p. 117. 

4082 NORTHCOTE (Honble. Sir H. Stafford Northcote, Bart.].'^ C. 
IV. S[herborn]. Decorated Armorial. los. 6d. 

-4083 NORTHCOTE (Stafford H.) [afterwards Chancellor of the 
Exchequer and Earl of Iddesleigh]. Crest within a garter. 35. 6d, 

4084 NORTHEY (Sr. Edw.), Knight, her Majestyes Attorney Generall, 

1703. Early Armorial. 12s. 

4085 NORTHEY (William), 1708. Early Armorial. los. 6d. 

NORTHUMBERLAND, Duke of. See Percy. 

NORTH WICH (Lord). See Rushout. 

,4086 NORWICH (Sr. Erasmus), of Brampton in the County of North- 
ampton, Baronet. Large Early Armorial, i/. 55. 

4087 NORWOOD. E Libris Cor. Norwopd. Jacobean Armorial. 45. 

4088 NOTT (Fettiplace), Esqr., of the Middle Temple, London. Early 

Armorial. 15 s. 

4089 NOTT (George Frederick) [author ; vicar of Blandford, Dorset, 

and Prebendary of Winchester]. Festoon Crest. 2s. 

4090 NfOTT] (J.). Festoon Crest and Cypher. 25. 

4091 NOTT (John Neale Pleydell), Esq., Great Lodge, Braydon Forests 

Wilts. 1763. Chippendale Armorial [? reprint]. 35. 


138 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, Wi 

4092 NOYES (Thos. Herbert), Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 
2s. 6d. 

4093 NOYES (Willm. Packwood). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 6d. 

4094 [NUGENT, Earl of Westmeath.] Armorial Shield and Coronet on 
a mantle. 55. 

409s [NUGENT, Earl of Westmeath.] MDCCLXXXIII [1783]. 
Armorial Shield on a mantle. 4s. 6d, 

4096 [NUGENT, Lord Clare, to whom Goldsmith addressed " the 
Haunch of Venison."] Crest. 2s. 6d, 

4097 NUGENT (Admiral) [served in North American and West Indian 
waters from 1775-82]. Crest. 2s, 6d, 

4098 NUGENT (Edward), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. $$, 

4099 NUGENT (Sir George) [commander-in-chief in Jamaica]. Crest 
in a garter. 25. 6d. 

4100 NUGENT (George). Festoon Armorial. 25. 

4101 NUGENT (George), Elsqr. Crest in a wreath. 2s. 

4102 NUGENT (Walter). Festoon Armorial. 35. 6d, 
NUNEHAM (Viscount). See Harcourt. 

4103 NURCE (Henry W.). W. H. Foster del. 1894. Library In- 

terior. 35. 

4104 NUTT (John). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

4105 OAKES (Sir Henry), Bart. [East Indian general.] Armorial. 

2s. 6d. 

4106 O'BRYEN (Willm.), Marquis of Thomond. Armorial, with 

supporters. 2s. 

4107 O'BRYEN (William), Earl of Inchiquin, etc. [d. 1777]. Armo- 

rial Arms on a mantle. 55. 

4108 [O'BRIEN] The Right Honourable the Earl of Inchiquin. 

Jacobean Armorial. 35. 

4109 O'BRYEN (Lord Edward). Armorial, with supporters. $s. 6d, 

41 10 O'BRYEN (Edward), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

41 1 1 O'BRIEN (Sr. Lucius), Bart. Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

"= "4^12 O'BRYEN (Morough). Armorial Trophy. 4s. 6d, 

Reiaroduced in Ex Libris JL, v. 7, p. 105. 

« 41 13 O'BRYEN (Morough). Crest. 15. 6d. 

41 14 O'CONNELL (Daniel) [the " Irish Liberator "]. Armorial, with 

motto in Irish. 3s. 6d. 

41 1 5 O'CONNOR (Geo. Matw.). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

41 16 O'CONNOR (Jno.), Fellow Trin. Col. Dublin. Chippendale 

Armorial. 5s. 6d. 

41 17 ODINGSELLS (Gabriel) [playwright, d. 1734]. Jacobean 

Armorial. 6s, 

41 1 8 O'DOHERTY (Charles). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial Spade 

Shield on a mantle, ^s, 6d. 

41 19 O'DONNEL (James), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 75. 6d. 

4120 [O'DONOGHUE.] Jacobean Armorial, with suppporters. 6s. 

41 2 1 OFFLEY (Joseph). Early Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

Bookplates (Franks Collection)^ 139 

J^i22 OGILVIE (C. Geo.), 17 3-. Jax^obean Armorial. i05. 6d, 

4123 OGILVIE (Scroope). Chippendale Armorial. 6s, 

4124 [OGLANDER, Sir John, Bart.] W. H[enshaw.] Chippendale 

Armorial. 6s. 

* — ^4125 OGLE. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

4126 OGLE (Bertram Savile). Seal Armorial. 25. 6d. 

4127 O' GORMAN. Chippendale Armorial, with supporters. 3s. 6d, 

4128 O'GORMAN de Cahir-Morrughu. Chippendale Armorial, with 

supporters. 5 s. 

4129 O'HARA (The Rt. Honble. James), Ld. Baron of Tyrawley and 

Bam. of Kilemaine. [Ambassador to Russia and Portugal.] 
Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

4130 O' KELLY (John), of the Inner Temple, Esqr. Jacobean Armo- 

rial. 1 2S, 

41 3 1 O' KENNY. The O' Kenny Arms. Armorial Spade Shield on a 

mantle. $s. 6d. 

4132 OKEOVER (Charles Haughton), Esq., Okeover Hall, co. Stafford. 

[Becker,] Seal Armorial. 2s. 

4133 OKEOVER (Leake), Esqr. B. Cole sculp. Chippendale Armo- 

rial, ys. 6d. 

4134 OKES (T.), M.D., Bedford. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

4135 OKES (T.), M.D. Chippendale Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

4136 OLCOTT. Ex libris F. Olcott. Pictorial, with book. 3s. 6d, 

4137 OLDERSHAW (Frans.). Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 6d. 

4138 OLDERSHAW (James). Jacobean Armorial. 6s, 6d, 

4139 OLDFIELD (Thomas Brame), Esq., Oldfield, co. Chester, and 

Peckham Cottage, co. Surrey. Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

4140 OLDHAM (James Oldham), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 
t 4141 OLIVE (Jeremiah). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 6d, 

4142 [OLIVER (Robert), of Darlington, co. York.] Armorial, is. 6d. 
c — 4143 OLIVER (Wm.), M.D., A.P.C. Early Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

4144 OLIVIER (Daniel), London. Stent sculp., Gutter Lane. Chip- 

pendale Armorial. 5s. 6d. 

4145 OLLIFF (Wm.). A. Buck, Pictorial Armorial. 6s. 

4146 OLLIVANT (Alfred), D.D. [Bishop of Llandaff]. Armorial, with 

mitre. $s, 

4147 O'LOGHLEN (Michl.) [Master of the Rolls in Ireland]. Armo- 

rial Shield on clouds, is. 6d. 

4148 [O'NEILL.] Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 6d, 

4149 [ONSLOW.] Jacobean Armorial Lozenge. A lady's plate, the 

ornamentation being similar to the bookplate of William Hogarth, 

il' 55. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris JL, v. 6, p. 112. 

4150 ONSLOW (Arthur) [Speaker of the House of Commons, 1726-61]. 

W, Kent delin., B. Cole sculpt, Jacobean Armorial, with mace 
and other emblems. los. 6d, 

Reproduced in Ex Libris JL, v. 13, p. 150. 

41 5 1 ONSLOW (George). Armorial, arms in a square frame. 3s. 6d, 

140 EUis, 29 New Bond Street, W7 

4152 ONSLOW (Thomas), of Clandon in the County of Surrey, Esqr. 
Early Armorial. i8s. 

4153 ORCHARD (Robert). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

4154 ORCHARD (Robert), No. 34, Greek Street, corner of Church 
Street, Soho, London, Grocer and Tea Dealer, and at Sawbridge- 
worth, Herts. Festoon Armorial. 45. 6d. 

415s 0[RCHARD] (T[homas]). Festoon Cypher. 3s. 

4156 ORD (Craven), Esq., F.R.S. and F.S.A. Longmate sc. Armorial, 


4157 ORD (Revd. Jno.). Wreath and Ribbon Crest. 2s. 6d. 

4158 ORD (John), of Lincoln's Inn. Jacobean Armorial. 6s, 6d. 

4159 ORD (John), Lincoln's Inn, 1 761. Chippendale ArmoriaL 75. 6i. 

Reproduced in Castle, p. 96. 

4160 ORD (John), Lincoln's Inn. Armorial Spade Shield, is. 

4161 ORD (Major Robert H.), K.H. Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

4162 ORD (Wm.). Chippendale Armorial, ys. 6d, 

4163 O'REILLY (Edwd.). Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d, 
4164'JORME, of Abbeytown, co. Mayo. [Etnslie,] Armorial. 15. 6d, 

4165 ORME (Dr.) Battershy sculpt, Chippendale Pictorial Armorial, 
river scene below. 95. 6d, 

4166 ORMEROD (George) D.C.L. [historian of Cheshire], Sedbury 
Park [Gloucestershire]. Armorial, is. 6d. 

4167 Another plate. Armorial, arms in a circle, is, 6d, 

ORMONDE (Earl and Marquess of). See Butler. 

4168 ORMSBY (Charles). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

4169 ORMSBY (John) Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

4170 ORR (Alexander), of Waterside. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

41 7 1 [ORR (William).] Festoon Armorial. Inscription wanting. 2s. 

4172 ORRED. Sigillum Georgii Orred de Tranmore. Seal ArmoriaL 

25. 6d, 

ORRERY (Earl of). See Boyle. 

c - 4173 OSBORN (John), Esqr., Christ Church, Oxon. Chippendale 

Armorial. 6s, 

4174 OSBORN (John), Esqr., Christ Church, Oxon, LL.D., F.R.S. 

Chippendale Armorial. $s, 

4175 OSBORN (Robt.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

4176 OSBORN (William), Esqr. Darling sc. Armorial Trophy. 5$. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 7, p. 160. 

4177 [OSBORNE.] The Right Noble Thomas Duke of Leeds. Mar- 

quis of Carmarthen, Earl of Danby, Viscount Latimer and Dum- 
blan. Baron Osborne of Kiveton, and Knight of ye most Noble 
Order of ye Garter. 1701. Early Armorial, i/. los. 

4178 OSBORNE, Duke of Leeds. Armorial, with supporters. 3s. 6d^ 

4179 0[SBORNE] (G.). Crest and Cypher. 3s. 

4180 OSBORNE (John). Festoon Armorial, is. 6d. 

41 8 1 [OSBORNE (Richard Boyce)]. Burke sc. Pictorial Armorial, 

with ship, books, etc. Inscription erased. $s. 

Bookplates (Franks CoUection)% 141 

4182 OSGOODE (William), Lincoln's Inn [afterwards Chief Justice of 
Lower Canada]. Armorial Spade Shield. 45. 

OSSORY, Bp. of. See Hartstonge. 

4183 OTLEY (Richd.). Festoon Armorial. 35. 

4184 OTTLEY (Sir Richard). Printed label. 45. 

4185 OTWAY (Charles), Esqr., of Romden, Kent. Chippendale 
Armorial Trophy. 35. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 7, p. 105. 

4186 OTWAY (Francis), Esqr., Trinity Hall, Cambridge, Chippendale 
Armorial. 35. 6d. 

4187 OTWAY (Vice-Admiral Sir Robert Waller), Bart. Armorial, 
with mantling. 55. 

4188 OUCHTERLONY (John). Festoon Armorial. 2s, 6d. 

4189 OUCHTERLONY( Robert). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d* 

4190 OUGHTON (Lieut.-Genl.) [James Adolphus]. [Governor of 

Antigua.] Armorial Trophy. 35. 6d, 

Reproduced in Ex Libris J I., v. 7, p. z6o. 

419 1 James Ados. Oughton. Jacobean Armorial. $s. 6d, 

4192 OUSELEY (The Right Honorable Sir Gore), Baronet. [Ambassa- 

dor in Persia.] Armorial, with supporters. 2s. 6d, 

' 4193 OUVRY (Frederic) [book-collector]. Armorial. 3s. 

■ 4194 OWEN (Anna Maria). Early Chippendale Armorial Lozenge. 

4195 OWEN (Charles). W. S\tephens\, Chippendale Armorial. Zs. 6d. 
( — 4196 OWEN (E. Pryce), M.A. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

4197 [OWEN (Henry Travers).] Chippendale Armorial. No in- 

scription, 4s. 6d. 

4198 OWEN (Hugh) [historian of Shrewsbury]. Armorial Spade 

Shield. 2s, 6d. 

4199 OWEN (Pryce), M.D. [of Shrewsbury]. Chippendale Armorial. 

5s. 6d. 

OXFORD AND MORTIMER (Henrietta Cavendish Holies 
[Countess of]). See Harley. 

4200 PACE (Henry). N, Hurd sc, Chippendale Armorial. Printed in 

blue. i/. 55. 

Very rare; see Allen, American Bookplaies, No. 632. 

4201 PACEY (H. B.), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 6s, 6d, 

4202 PACK (John), LL.B. Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d, 
4203 Coloured by hand. js. 6d, 

4204 PACKE (Charles James), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 6i. 

4205 PACKE (Henry). Chippendale Armorial. 65. 

4206 [ ] Chippendale Armorial. The same, anonymous. 5s, 

4207 PACKWOOD (The Rev. R. P.). Armorial, with Wreaths, is. 6d, 

4208 PAGE (Capt. B. W.), Royal Navy, [afterwards Admiral, served 

in West and East Indies]. Armorial. 35. 6d. 

4209 Adiniral Page. Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

4210 ■ Admiral and' Mrs. Page. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

142 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

42 1 1 PAGE (Francis), of the Inner Temple, Esqr. 1703. Earljr 

Armorial. Inscription wanting, ids. 6d. 

See Allen, American Bookplates, No. 633. 

4212 PAGE (Eras.), Middle Aston. W. H[enshaw]. Chippendale 

Armorial, ys, 6d, 

4213 PAGE (William). Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

« 4214 PAGE (Guil. Emm.), Aed. Christi Oxon. Alumnus. Armorial 

Spade Shield, is. 6d. 

i - -4215 PAGET .(Majr. General [Sir Edward]) [Commander-in-chief in 
East Indies]. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

L 4216 PAIN (David). Armorial, arms in an oval shield, with crest* 

IS. 6d. 

4217 PAINE (James), Arcliit. 5. Wale delin. C. Grignion sculp. 
Pictorial. I OS. 

Reproduced in Fincham, p. 104. 

V..-, 4218 PAKENHAM (John Henry), Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon Armo- 
rial. 3s. 

4219 PAKIKGTON (Sir John), Bart., Westwood. Chippendale Armo- 

rial. Corner torn, 7s. 6d. 

4220 [PALGRAVE (William Gifford), Arabian explorer.] Armorial. 

2s, 6d. 

4221 PALK" (Robert) [Governor of Madras]. Adams Xon, Armorial 

Spade Shield. 2s. 6d. 

4222 PALMER (A.). Chippendale Crest. 5s. 6d, 

4223 PALMER (Charles). Jacobean Armorial. 8s. 64. 

4224 PALMER (Charles). Chippendale Armorial, ^s, 

4225 Wanstead, Essex. MDCCLXXXIII [1783]. The same 

plate, with altered inscription, ys, 6d. 

4226 PALMER (Charles M.) [of Newcastle-on-Tyne]. Wreath and 

Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

4227 PALMER (H.), St. John's College, Oxford. Festoon Crest, ss. 

4228 PALMER (Herbert), Esqr., of Wickham Breux, Kent. Chippen- 

dale Armorial. 8s. 6d, 

4229 PALMER (John). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

4230 PALMER (Josa.). Early Armorial. Damaged. 8s. 6d, 

4231 PALMER (Roundell) [First Earl of Selbome, Lord Chancellor]. 

Armorial. 2s. 

4232 PALMER (T.). Chippendale Crest. $s. 6d. 

4233 PALMER (Wm. Finch). Chippendale Armorial, ys, 6d. 

PALMERSTON (Viscount). See Temple. 

- 4234 PANTON (Paul), Esqr., Bagillt. Flintshire. Chippendale Ar- 
morial. 6s. 

4235 [PAPILLON.] /. Cole sculp. Early Armorial. 5s. 6d. 
L — 4236 PAPILLON (Thomas), Esqr. [Crowhurst, Co. Sussex], Armorial 


4237 PARDOE (J. S.). Pictorial, with book. 3s. 6d. 

4238 PARFITT (The Very Revd. Charies). Armorial Shield, . sur- 

mounted bv ecclesiastical ha't. 2S. 

Bookplates (Franks Collection), 143. 

4239 PARISH ([Sir] Woodbine), F.R.S. [minister at Buenos Ayres]. 
Crest in a garter, ^s, 6d. 

4240 Woodbine Parish, Esqr. Armorial. 2s, 6d, 

4241 Sir Woodbine Parish, K.C.H. Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

4242 PARK (James Allan) [judge]. Festoon Armorial. 35. 

4243 Sir James Allan Park. Armorial, is. 6d, 

4244 PARKE. This Book is the Property of Gilbt. Parke, of Kentish 

Town, Middlesex. Printed Label. 65. 

4245 [PARKE (John).] Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. Cut, 25. 

4246 [PARKER] H[arrietl M[ary, Countess of] M[acclesfield]. Coronet 

and Cypher. 2s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl.^ v. 8, p. 179. 

4247 [PARKER] Lord Boringdon. Armorial with supporters. 25. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 8, p. 178. 

4248 [PARKER] Earl of Morley. /. Vining, Armorial, with sup-. 

porters. 2s. 6d, 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 8, p. 179. 

4249 PARKER (Edw.), Pet. Coll.. Camb. [W, Stephens,] Chippen-. 

dale Armorial. 65. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl.^ v. 9, p. 115. 

4250 PARKER (Edward), Browsholme, Yorkshire. Chippendale 

Armorial. 85. 6d, 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 9, p. 34. 

4251 PARKER (George). Engraved Label. 4s. 6d, 

4252 PARKER (Geor.), Esqr., of Chichester. Jacobean Armorial* 

35. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 9, p/ 13^ 

4253 PARKER (Sir Harry), Bart. Chippendale Armorial. 7s. 6d, 

Reproduced in Ex Libris jt., v. 9, p. 37. 

4254 PARKER (Hyde) [served in North American waters]. Armorial.. 


4255 PARKER (John), Borringdon. Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. 


Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 8, p. 177, 

4256 PARKER (Stephen). Chippendale Armorial. 75. 6d, 

4257 PARKER (Thomas), of the Inner Temple, Esqr., 1704. Early 

Armorial. 15 s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris JL, v. 9, p. 9. 

4258 PARKER (Thomas), of the Inner Temple, Esqr. Theo, Spends: 

low scu, Jacobean Armorial. 7s, 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 13, p. ZS3' 

4259 PARKER (Sr. Walter), Baronet, of Ratton. Jacobean Armorial, 

with merman and mermaid. 8s. 6d. 

4260 PARKER (Wm.). Festoon Armorial. 2s, 6d, 

4261 [PARKER (William), Esqr., Warwickshire] Jacobean Armorial. 

Damaged, 2s. 6d. 

4262 PARKIN (Cha.), A.M., Rr. de Oxburgh, NorflF. Early Jacobean 

Armorial. Slightly defective, Ss, 6d. 

4263 PARKINSON (Richard) Esqr. [of Kinnersley Castle. Co. 

Hereford]. Armorial, is. 6d, 

4264 PARKINSON (Revd. Richard), M.A. [Canon of Manchester].. 

Armorial. 2s, 

144 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W7 

4265 PARKINSON (Robert). Early Jacobean Armorial. 7s. 6d 

4266 PARKYNS (Thomas Boultbee). Armorial Shield on a mantle. 


4267 PARR (Samuel). Printed Label. 3s. 6d. 

4268 PARRY (Charles Henry) [Physician of Bath, friend of S. T. Cole- 

ridge]. Crest. IS. 

4269 [PARRY, Fanny, Jany. 4th, 18 14.] G, Skepheard del., J, 

Barlow sculp. Pictorial, with drawing book, brushes, paint-box, 
etc. I OS. 6d. 

4270 PARRY (O.). [Stephens ?] Chippendale Armorial, ys. 6d 

4271 PARRY (Richardus), S.T.P. [? Rector of Hawkhurst, Kent]. 

Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 6d. 

4272 PARRY (Guiliel), S.T.B., Coll. Jesu, Oxon. Socius, 1725. Jaco- 

bean Armorial. Defective. $s. 

4273 PARRY (William), B.D., Rector of Shipston-upon-S tower. 

Jacobean Armorial, ys. 6d. 

4274 PARSLOW (Tho.) [Stephens ?]. Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

4275 PARSON (John). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

4276 PARSONS (Edward), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. Coloured by 

hand. $s. 

4277 PARSONS (J.), e Coll. Mert. Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

4278 PARSONS (William). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

4279 PARTRIDGE (James). Chippendale Armorial. 6s, 

4280 PARTRIDGE (Robert). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s 

4281 PASCAL (Harry). Chippendale Armorial Trophy. Defective^ 


4282 PASCOE (James). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

4283 PASCOE (Tho.). F. Garden scu. Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

' 4284 PASLEY (Charles), Royal Engineers [held official appointments in 
Victoria and New Zealand]. Crest in a garter, is. 

4285 PASLEY (John), Colneyhatch. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

4286 PASLEY (Robert). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

4287 PASLEY (William). Festoon Armorial. [By Maverick.] 8s, 6d, 

4288 PASMORE (The Revd. John). Jno. Jenkyn. Armorial Spade 

Shield. IS. 6d. 

4289 PASTON (William), Esqr., Horton. Jacobean Armorial, with 

supporters. 3s. 6d. 

4290 [PASTON, William.] Jacobean Armorial, with supporters. 3s. 6d. 

4291 PATCH (James). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

4292 PATERSON (James), M.D. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 6d. 

4293 [PATERSON, of Seafield.] Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

4294 PATON (Geo.), Custom House, Edr. [Scottish bibliographer], 

Chippendale Crest. 2s. 6d. 

4295 PATTEN (Thos.), of Bank, Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 

Defective, $s. 6d. 

4296 PATTESON (Edward). Chippendale Armorial, ^s. 

4297 [PATTESON.] Chippendale Armorial. 6s 

Bookplates (Franks Collection), 145 

4298 PATTON (George), of Caimies. [Scottish judge]. Armorial. 2s.6d 

4299 PAUL (J.). Chippendale Crest. 7s, 6d, 

4300 P[AUL] (0[nesiphorus]). Chippendale Armorial. Slightly de» 

fective, 6s. 

4301 PAUNCEFORT (Edwd.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

4302 PAUNCEFORTE. Arma Juliani Paunceforte [Ambassador at 

Washington], Seal Armorial. 55. 

4303 [PAVY.] Jacobean Armorial Spade Shield on a mantle. Slightly 

defective. 45. 6d. 

4304 PAYLER (Thomas). Jacobean Armorial, with cupids. 6s. 

4305 [PAYN (R.).] Chippendale Armorial, ys. 6d. 

4306 [PAYNE.] Seal Armorial. 3s. 

4307 PAYNE (Hen. Thos.), M.A. Festoon Armorial. 25. 

4308 PAYNE (Henry). Armorial Shield in a garter. 2s. ^ 

4309 PAYNE (Ralph), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

4310 PAYNE (Saml.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 
— 4311 PAYNE (Tho.). M.A. Chippendale Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

4312 PAYNE (Thomas), Cheapside. Pictorial Crest, representing 

Venus and Bacchus carousing. A pretty plate. 12s. 6d. 

4313 PEACH (Amelia). Armorial Lozengf. Damaged. 2s. 

4314 PEACH (S. P.), Tockington. Armorial Shield on a mantle. 25. 6d, 

4315 [PEACHEY, John. Baron Selsey of Wcstdean.] Westdean 

Library. Printed Label. 25. 6d. 

4316 John Peachey, Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

— . 4317 John Peachey, Esqr. 1782. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 

4318 PEACOCK (William). Jacobean Cypher. 3s, 6d. 

4319 PEAKE (Girton), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

4320 PEARCE (Charles). Chippendale Armorial. 55. 6d. 

4321 PEARCE (Charles). Festoon Armcrial. 2s. 6d. 

4322 P[EARCE] (H.). Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

4323 PEARD (John), Penryn in Cornwall. Chippendale Armorial. 

65. 6d. 

4324 PEARKES (The Rev. John), LL.B Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

4325 PEARSE (Brice). Lake sc. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 

2s. 6d. 

' 4326 PEARSE (John). Lake sc. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 25. 

4327 PEARSE (Nichs.). Festoon Armorial. 2s, 6d, 

4328 [PEARSE]. Jacobean Armorial. Cut. 6s. 

4329 PEARSON (Nicholas). Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

4330* PEARSON (Saml.) [of St. John's Coll.. Cambridge]. Chippen- 
dale Armorial. 65. 

4331 PEARSON (Samuel). Chippendale Armorial. 65. 

4332 PEARSON (Thomas). Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

4333 PEAT (John). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

4334 PECHELL (Hervey). Seal Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

146 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

4335 PECHELL (Lt.-Colonel [Sir Paul]). Chippendale Armorial. 

25. 6d, 

4336 PECKARD (Peter), D.D., Master of Magd. College Armorial. 

15. 6d. 

4337 PECKITT (Henry), M.A. Armorial Shield on a mantle. 15. 

4338 [PECKITT.] Armorial Shield on a mantle. 15. 6d, 

4339 PEEK ([Sir] Henry William) [M.P. for Surrey]. Seal Armorial. 


4340 A larger plate. 2s. 

4341 PEEL (Rt. Honble. Sir Robert), Bart.. Whitehall Gardens. Ar- 

morial. 55. 

4342 Right Honble. Sir Robert Peel, Bart., Drayton Manor^ 

Armorial. 55. 

4343 PEENE (W. G.), M.D., Coll. regal. Med. Socius. Armorial Oval 

Shield. 15. 

4344 PEIRSE of Bedale. co. York. [Emslie,] Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

4345 PEIRSE (Thomas), of Peirseburgh, Cleaveland, in the North 

Riding of the County of York. Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

4346 PEIRSON (Frans.), Esqr., Pontefract. B. Cole sculp, Chippen- 

dale Armorial. 7s. 6a. 

4347 PEIRSON (R.). Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

4348 [PELHAM] The Earl of Chichester. Badge and Coronet. 25. 6d. 

4349 [PELHAM, Baron] Yarborough, Appuldurcombe. Armorial. 15. 

4350 PELHAM (Henry) [statesman]. Chippendale Armorial. 65. 

4351 PELHAM (Thomas), of Stanmer, in Sussex, Esqr. Jacobean 

Armorial, ss. 6d. 

4352 PELLEW ([Admiral] Fleetwood). Pictorial Crest. 15. Sd. 

4353 PELLEW (George) [Dean of Norwich]. Armorial. 25. 6d, 

4354 PELLY ([Sir] John Henry) [Governor of the Hudson's Bay 

Company]. Armorial. Defective. 35. 6d. 

4355 PEMBERTON (I.). Festoon Armorial. 35. 

4356 PEMBERTON (Richard Laurence), The Barnes and Hawthorn 

Tower. Armorial. 25. 

4357 Seal Armorial. 25. 

4358 PEMBERTON (The Revd. Willm.). Wreath and Ribbon Ar- 

morial. 35. 

4359 PEMBROKE (Chas.). Jacobean Armorial Spade Shield on a 

mantle. 45. 6d, 

4360 PEMBROKE (Wm.). Jacobean Armorial Spade Shield on a 

mantle. 55. 

PEMBROKE (Countess of). See Herbert. 

4361 PENFOLD (Miles Poole). Chippendale Armorial, ^s, 

4362 PENN (Sophia). R, M[ountaine'\. Chippendale Armorial. 12s. 6d, 

Reproduced in Labouchere^s Ladies* Bookplates^ p. 64. 

4363 PENN (Thomas), of Stoke Pogeis, in the County of Bucks, First 

Proprietor of Pensilvania. Early Armorial. 3/. 35. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. x, p. 41. 

Bookplates (Franks Collection), 147 

4364 PENN (William), Esqr., Proprietor of Pensylvania, 1703. Early 

ArmoriaL 10/. los. 

Reproduced in AUen^ American BookplaUs, p. 263. 

4365 The reprint of the same plate. $s. 

4366 PENN (W.), Ch. Ch. Crest. 3s. 
PENN (Baron). See Curzon. 

4367 PENNEFATHER (Revd. John) [of Co. Tipperary]. Green, Cork. 

Armorial Shield in a garter. 2s. 

4368 [PENNICOTT (William).] Pictorial. 55. 

4369 [PENNINGTON, Baron Muncaster] Muncaster Castle. Armorial. 

IS. 6d, 

4370 PENNINGTON (Thos.), A.M., of Bledlow, Bucks. Armorial 

Spade Shield, is. 6d. 

4371 PENNINGTON (Thos.), D.D., of Tunstall, Kent. Lake sc. 

Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s, 

4372 PENNY. Ex Libris Edwardi Lewton Penny, S.T.P., Bermudi- 

enses apud insulas infeliciter submersis et turpiter inhonoratis. 
Anno Salutis, MDCCCLXXXV [1885]. Pictorial Armorial. 
2s. 6d, 

4373 PENNY (Nicholas), 1700. Early Armorial. los. 6d, 

4374 PENNY (Sarah). Armorial Lozenge, ^s, 6d, 

4375 PENNYMAN (James), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

4376 PENNYMAN (William), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

4377 [PENTON (I.).] Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

4378 PEPPER (Prescott). Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 

4379 [PEPPERELL (Sir William).] Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. 

1 8s. 

See Alien, American Bookplates, No. 664. 

4380 PEPPIN (Sydenham), Surgeon. Chippendale Armorial. 8s. 6d, 

4381 PEPYS ([Sir] Lucas), Ch. Ch., Oxon. [President of the College of 

Physicians], Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

4382 PEPYS (Samuel), Car. et Jac. Angl. Regib. a secretis Admiraliae. 

R. W[hite], Portrait on scroll. Very rare. 12/. 12s. 

Reproduced in Castle, p. 130. 

4383 [PEPYS (Samuel).] Large Early Armorial. Shield blank. 

Probably a trial plate. 4/. 4s. 
For description and illustration of this and the preceding bookplate of the celebrated 
diarist, see Mr. Wheatley's " Pepysiana." 

4384 PEPYS (William Weller), Ch. Ch., Oxon. Chippendale Armorial. 

4385 Lincoln's Inn. Chippendale Armorial, ^s, 

4386 PERCEVAL ([Bridget] Viscountess). Armorial, with supporter.^, 


4387 [PERCEVAL (Chas.), A.M.] Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

4388 PERCEVAL (Honble. Spencer) [Prime Minister]. Armorial. 


Reproduced in £.r Libris JL, v. 7, p. 36. 

4389 P[ERCIVAL] (C[harlotte] I[sabella]). Seal Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

4390 PERCIVAL (Edwd. Lockwood). Bishop's Hall, Essex. Crest. 


148 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

4391 PERCIVALE (Sr. John). Baronet of Burton, in the County of 
Cork, in Ireland, 1702. Early Armorial. 8s. 6d, 

4392 John Ld. Percival, Baron of Burton, in the County of 

Cork, in Ireland, 1715. Jacobean Armorial, with supporters. 

4393 John Percival, Earl of Egmont, 1736. Jacobean Armorial, 

with sujpporters. 55. 

The owner of the above three plates assisted General Oglethorpe in his founding a settle- 
ment in Ammca, and was appointed the First President of the Trustees for establishing 
the colony of Georgia, an undertaking which he actively superintended. The book- 
plates are reproduced in Ex Libris Jl.^ v. 7, p. 21. 

4394 [PERCY, Duke of Northumberland], 1867. Badge and Coronet. 
3s. 6d. 

4395 [PERCY], Dutchess of Northumberland, Syon House. Crest. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl.y v. 9, p. 95. 

4396 [PERCY], Algernon George, Duke of Northumberland. C. W. 
Sherborn, ft., 1887. Seal Armorial. 12s. 6d. 

4397 [PERCY], Lord Lovaine. Crest. 2s. 

4398 PERCY (Algernon). Crest. 2s. 6d. 

4399 PERCY (Honble. Hugh). Crest, is. 6d, 

4400 PERCY (Joceline). Crest. 2s. 6d. 

c 4401 PERKINS (Henry), Springfield, Surry, [book collector]. Ar- 
morial. $s, 6d. 

4402 Henry Perkins, Blackman Street. Armorial, s^. 6d. 

4403 [PERROT]. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

4404 PERROT (James). Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 6d, 

4405 PERROT (Tho.) LL.D. Jacobean Armorial. Damaged, 45. 6d, 

4406 PERROTT (Andrew), Armiger. Jacobean Bookpile Armorial. 


Reproduced in Ex Libris //., v. 3, p. 90. 

4407 PERRY. Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

4408 [PERRY] (Charles) [Bishop of] Melbourne. Armorial, with 

mitre. 3s. 6d, 

4409 [PERRY (Sir Erskine).] Armorial, within decorated letter P. 

15. 6d, 

4410 PERRYN (Richd.), Esqr. FestoOn Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

44 1 1 PESCOD (Wm.), Esqr. F, Gardner, Sculpsit, Jacobean Ar- 

morial. 45. 6d, 

4412 [PESHALL (Sir John), rector of Stoke Bliss, in Herefordshire. 

and writer of a history of Oxford University.] Chippendale 
Armorial. 6s, 

4413 PETER (Sir John). Armorial Spade Shield. 25. 6d, 

4414 PETER (John), Esqr. G, S. f. Chippendale Armorial, within 

a frame pendant from a ribbon. 85. 6d, 

4415 PETER (Walter), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 35. 

< 4416 PETIT (John Lems), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 25. 6d, 

4417 PETIT (John Lewis), M.D., F.R.S., Bloomsbury Square. Chip- 

pendale Armorial. 25. 6d, 

4418 PETIT (Jno. Lewis), M.D., Coll. Regal. Med. Lon. Soc.,S.R.S., 

and S.S.A. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

Bookplates [Franks Collection). 149 

4419 PETRE (Robert Lord), Baron of Writtle. [died 1712.] Jaco- 

bean Armorial, with supporters. Large and fine plate. 55. 

4420 PETRE (The Right Honble. Robert Edward Ld.), Thomdon in 

Essex. Jacobean Armorial, with supporters on a dark back- 
ground. 2s. 6d. 

4421 PETRE (The Right Honble. Robert James, Ld.), Thomdon in 

Essex. Jacobean Armorial oh dark background. 25. 6d. 

4422 [PETRE (Robert Edward Lord).] Armorial Spade Shield, with 

supporters. 15. 6d. 

4423 PETTAT (John), M.A. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

4424 PETTIGREW (Thomas Joseph) [surgeon and author of " Biblio- 

theca Sussexiana," etc.]. Armorial, with Greek quotation. 2s. 

4425 PETTIT (James), Esqr., Queen's Coll., Oxon. Jacobean Ar- 

morial. $s. 

4426 The same, inscription defective, ^s. 

4427 [PETTY], The Right Honourable Henry, Lord Baron of Shel- 

bume in ye Kingdom of Ireland, 1 707. Early Armorial. 75. 6d, 

4428 [PETTY], The Right Honourable Henry Earl of Shelbume. 

Early Armorial. 55. 

4429 PETTY (James), Lord Viscount Dunkerron, of the Kingdom of 

Ireland. Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

4430 PEW (Lt.-Col. Peter Lawrie), Bengal Artillery. Armorial. 

[Emslie.] is. 6d. 

4431 [PHELP (James)]. Jacobean Armorial. Defective, 2s. 6d. 

4432 [PHILIPPS, Baron], Milford. Seal Armorial. 25. 6d, 

4433 PHILIPPS (Sr. Jno.), Bart. Chippendale Armorial. Slightly 

defective. 3s. 

4434 PHILIPPS (William). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 
4435 The same, another state. 35. 

4436 a third state. 3s. 

4437 PHILIPS (Caroline). Armorial Lozenge pendant from a ribbon. 

35. 6d. 

4438 PHILIPSON (Nicholas John). Armorial, with ensign, etc. 25. 

4439 PHILLIPPS ([Sir] Thomas), Mddle Hill. Worcestershire [biblio- 

phile]. Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

4440 PHILLIPS (Edward), Melksham. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 6rf. 

4441 PHILLIPS (John), F.R.S., St. Mary's Lodge, York [g^logist]. 

Armorial. 15. 

4442 PHILLIPS (Thos.), of Ickford in the County of Bucks, Gent. 

[The biographer of Cardinal Pole]. Gravi a Liege par Du Vivier. 
Jacobean .Aj*morial. 85. 6d, 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 5, p. 204. 

4443 PHILLOTT (Revd. Chas.), M.A., Ch. Ch., Oxford. Armorial 

Shields on clouds. 25. 

4444 PHILLPOTTS. The Seal of Henry Phillpotts, D.D., Bishop of 

Exeter, 1830. Armorial, with mitre. 3s. 6d. 

4445 PHIPPS. Pictorial Lozenge. 7s. 6d, 

4446 [PHIPPS]. Chippendale Bookpile Armorial. Cut round, los. 

I50 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W; 

4447 PHIPPS (Honble. Augustus). Armorial Shield on a mantle, is. 

4448 Lincoln's Inn. The same plate with altered inscription. 


4449 PHIPPS (Honble. and Revd. Augustus F.), Eoxford Rectory, 

Suffolk. Armorial. 25. 

4450 PHIPPS (Honble. Charles). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 

2s. 6d, 

^445 1 PHIPPS (Constantine), of the Middle Temple, Esqr., 1703. Early- 
Armorial. 125. 6d. 

4452 PHIPPS (Honble. Constantine John) [fought in the West Indies]. 
Armorial with supporters. 45. 6d. 

4453 Constantine John, Baron Mulgrave, of New Ross, in the 

Kingdom of Ireland. Armorial Shield on mantle. 5s. 

4454 PHIPPS (Honble. Edmund). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 
15. 6d. 

4455 Armorial Shield on a mantle. 2s. 6d, 

4456 [PICARD (Geo.).] Crest in a square frame. 25. 

4457 PICKERING (Mr. SI.). Festoon Armorial. 85. 6d. 

4458 PICKERING (T. A.). Festoon Armorial. 85. 6d. 

See AUcn, American Bookplates, p. 267. 

4459 [PICKETT.] Armorial Shield on mantle. 25. 

4460 PICKFORD (Frances). Armorial Lozenge. 3s. 6d. 

4461 PICKFORD (Joseph), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. Inscrip- 

tion defaced. 45. 

4462 [PIERREPONT (Charles), Duke of Kingston.] Chippendale 

Armorial, two shields accol6. 45. 6d. 

4463 [PIERREPONT], Earl Manvers, Thoresby Park, Notts. Neele sc. 

Armorial Spade Shield on a mantle. 25. 

4464 [PIERREPONT (Sydney Wm.), Earl,] Manvers, Thoresby Park. 

Armorial. 25. 6d. 

4465 [PIERREPONT,] Anne Manvers. Armorial, arms on a mantle. 

3s. 6d, 

4466 PIERREPONT (PhiUp Sidney), Evenley Hall. Northampton- 

shire. Armorial. 15. 6d, 

4467 PIGG (Thomas), Newcastle. Pictorial, with book cupboard 

beneath gothic arch. 55. 

4468 PIGGOTT (John). Jacobean Armorial, with cupids. 55. 

Similar in design to the plate of William Hogarth. 

4469 PlGOT (Charles), Esqr., Peplow. Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. 

A large plate. 105. 

4470 PIGOT (Creswell). Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. A late 

impression of the previous plate with altered inscription. 35. 

4471 PIGOTT (Edward), of Whitton, in ye Parish of Twickenham, 

Middx., Gent, 1737. Early Armorisd. 105. 

4472 PIGOTT (Francis), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. ^s» 

4473 PIGOTT (Nathaniell), of the Inner Temple, London, Esqr., 1703. 

Early Armorial. 185. 

4474 PIGOTT (Southwell), de Kilfenny, in Com. Limerick Arm. Early 

Jacobean Armorial. 105. 6d. 

Bookplates {Franks Collection): 

447S PIGOTT (W.), LL.B. Festoon Armorial. 31. 6i. 
;ir WiUiar 

4477 PIGOU (Frederick). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

4478 PINCKE (Thos. Aluredt. Chippendale Armorial, 45. 6rf, 

- 4479 PINFOLD (Chas), LL.D. Chippendale Armorial, s^- 
4480 Governor of Barbados. Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

44a [ PINKERTON (John) [Scottish antiquary]. Pictorial, sj. 

- 4482 PINNOCK (The Revd. Mr.). Chippendale Armorial. 31. 6rf. 

4483 PIRtE (Neil B.). PictoriaL. 2s. 

4484 PITCAIRN (Robert), Writer to the Signet. Armorial, is. 

4485 PITFEILD (Charles), of Hoxton, in the Parish of St. Leonards, 

Shoreditch, in Middlesex, Esqr., descended of the antient family 
of the Htfeilds of Symsbury in Dorsetshire, and is now maried 
to Winefrid, one of the Daughters and Coeheyrs of John Adderley, 
of Coton in Stafordshire. Esqr. Early Armorial. \l. is. 

- 4486 PITT (Geoe.). Armorial, as. 

4487 PITT (Thomas). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 
4483 PLACE (Edwd.). Pictorial. 2s. 6rf, 

4489 PLAGAVEN (Geo.). Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 6d. 

4490 PLANCHE (James Robinson) [Sojnerset Herald and dramatistj. 

Seal Armonal. 31. 
_ 4491 PLUMER (Sir Thos.) [Master of the Rolls]. Armorial, is, 

4492 PLUMMER of Middlestead. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6i. 

4493 PLUMMER (Thos. WiUm.). Armorial Shield on a mantle, is. 6d. 

4494 (PLUMPTRE.] Jacobean Armorial. 7s. 6d. 

- 449S PLUMPTRE (John). Festoon Armorial, 2s. 

PLYMOUTH (Countess of). See Fitz-Charles. 

4497 [POCKLINGTON.] Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

4495 POLE (German), of Radboum. Early Jacobean Armorial. 9s. 6d. 
. 4499 POLE (Reginald). Early Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

4500 POLE (William), of Bally-Fmn, Esqr. Chippendale Pictorial 

Armorial. $s. 6d. 

4501 FOLEY (Edward), of Badley, in Com. Suffolk, Esqr., 1707. Early 

Armorial. 12s. 6d. 

I, Suffolk. Ar 

4503 FOLEY (Henry), of Badley, in Com. Suff,, Esqr., 1703. Earlv 

Armorial. los. 6d. 

4504 POLLEN (Revd. George), 1787. Wreath and Ribbon ArmoriLil 


4505 FOLLEN (John), Esqr. F. Gardners. Jacobean Armorial, si. 

4506 POLLOCK(David)[Chief JasticeofBombay], Armorial. is.6d. 

152 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

4507 POLLOCK (Sir Frederick). Armorial, with supporters. 2s. 

4508 POLLOCK (William). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 35. 

4509 POLWHELE (Richard G.), Esqr., Polwhele, Cornwall. Armorial. 


4510 [POMEROY], Viscount Harberton. Armorial, is. 6d. 
POMFRET (Earl and Countess). See Fermor. 

45 1 1 [PONSONBY] (H. F.) [Countess of] Bessborough. G. B. Cipriani 
inv. F. Bartolozzi sculpt,, 1796, R,A, Pictorial, i/. los. 

Reproduced in Castle, p. 138. 

4512 [PONSONBY, Countess of Bessborough,] H. F.B. Cypher on a 
mantle. 35. 6d, 

4513 [PONSONBY (Baron)]. Armorial. 15. 6d, 

4514 [PONSONBY, Baron], De Mauley. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

4515 PONSONBY. E. Libris Geraldi Ponsoaby, 1880. Printed 
Label. 25. 

4516 PONSONBY (Gerald), 1888. Curwen, Dublin, Bookpile Ar- 
morial. $s. 

Reproduced in Castle, p. 289. 

4517 [POOLE.] Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d, 

4518 POOLE (Thomas), Esqr., Mayfield, co. Cork. Armorial. 25. 

4519 POPE (John). Festoon Armorial. 2s, 6d, 

4520 P[OPE] (R.). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

45 2i POPHAM (Alexander). * Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

4522 POPHAM (Alexander), 1798, Middle Temple. Armorial Spade 

Shield. Damaged, 25. 

4523 POPHAM (Miss Sarah)'s Book. Printed Labeh 6s, 

4S^4 [POPLEY.] Jacobean Armorial. 65. 

4525 POPPE (C). Bookpile Armorial. 185. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris JL, v. 2, p. 138. 

^526 POPPLEWELL (John). Woodford, Essex. Crest. 2s. 

4527 PORTAL. E Libris Bibliothecs Georgii Raymondi de Portal. 

O, Jewitt, Vesica Armorial. 3s. 6d, ^ 

4528 PORTAL. E?. Bibliotheca Melville de Portal de Laverstoke. 

Seal Armorial. 2s. 

4529 [PORTE, of Derby.] Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 6d, 

4530 [PORTER ?] Chippendale Armorial. 6s, 

4531 PORTER (George). Sharpe sculp. Pictorial Armorial. 5s. 

4532 PORTER. The Arms of John Porter, Esqr. Chippendale Ar- 

morial. 65. 

4533 PORTEUS (Beilby) [Bishop of. London]. Chippendale Armorial 

Defective, $s. 
Bishop Porteus, the son of parents who were natives of Virginia, interested himsell 
greatly in the welfare of negro slaves in tiie West Indies. 

L 4534 PORTINGTON (Henry). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

PORTLAND (Earl and Duke of). See Bentinck. 

PORTSMOUTH (Bishop of). See Virtue. 

4535 POSTLE (Edv.), de Ringsfield in Com. Suff.. & Coll. S. S. Trin. 
Cant. Armorial. 2s, 

Bookplates (Franks Collection). 1*53 

4536 [POTT.] Jacobean Armorial. 45. 6d, 

4537 POTTER (G. W. K.). Chippendale Armorial, ^s. 6d. 

4538 POTTER (Thomas), of the Middle Temple, 1745. Jacobean 

Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris JL, v. ii, p. 48. 

4539 POTTS (Samuel). Chippendale Armorial. 65. 

4540 POWELL (Caleb). Armorial. 2s. 

4541 POWELL (Cranfield Spencer). Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 6d, 

4542 POWELL (Gabriel). Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

4543 POWELL (James), Festoon Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

4544 POWELL (John). Chippendale Armorial (?). 35. 

4545 POWELL (John Kynaston), Esqr., Hardwick. Bowley feet. 

Armorial. 15. 6d. 

4546 Sir John Kjmaston Powell, Bart., Hardwick. Bowley 

feci. Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

4547 POWELL (Thos. Harcourt). Chippendale Armorial. 65. 

4548 POWELL (William), Esq., of the Middle Temple. Chippendale 

Armorial. 45. 6d. 

4549 POWER (Alexander), F.L.S., Ashford, Kent. Armorial, js. 6d. 

4550 POWER (John). E. C. Price del et lith. Pictorial Armorial, 

with Celtic crosses. 25. 6d. 

4551 POWLETT (Geo.), Esqr. R. Mlountain?]. Chippendale Armorial. 


4552 The same plate. Damaged. 2s. 6d. 

4553 POWNALL (John), Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon Crest, ^s- 

4554 POWNALL (Thomas). Bookpile Armorial. 3/. 3s. 

4555 Bookpile Armorial, a similar plate, impaling the Hardie 

arms. 2/. ids. 
Pown^ll was successively- Lieutenant-Governor of New Jersey, i755 ; Governor of 
Massachusetts in 1757, and of South Carolina in 1759. 

4556 [POWYS] Lord Lilford. Crest and Coronet. 15. 6d. 

4557 POWYS (John), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial, ^s. 

4558 POWYS (Sr. Thomas), Kt., Her Majties. First Serjeant-at-Law. 

1703. Early Armorial, il. is. 

4559 POWYS (Thos. Jelf). Festoon Armorial. 25. 

4560 POYNDER (John) [urged the prohibition of the suttee in India]. 

E Libris Johannis Poynder. Armorial. 15. 

4561 [POYNTER (Ambrose Lyon).] Pictorial Armorial. 75. 6d. 

4562 [POYNTZ (Robert), Esq.]. Jacobean Armorial. Mutilated. 6s. 

4563 PRAED (W. Mackworth). Armorial. 35. 

4564 [PRATT] Lord Camden. Chippendale Armorial, ys. 6d. 

4565 PRATT (John Tidd), Inner Temple. R. and E. Williamson 

sculpt. Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

4566 PRATT (Mervyn). Jacobean Armorial. Damaged, ^s. 

4567 PRATT (Robert). Chippendale Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

4568 [PRATT.] Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 6d. 

4569 PRATTINTON (Peter), B.M., Bewdley Worcestershire. Armo- 

rial Spade Shield in a frame. 2s. 

15^ EUis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

4570 PRENDERGAST (Thos.). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

4571 PRENTICE (Thos.). Pictorial Armorial, with tree, book, etc. 


4572 PRESCOTT (George William). Armorial in a beaded oval. is,6d. 

4573 [PRESTON. Sir George, of Valleyfield ?]. Jacobean Armorial 

with supporters. 7s. 6d, 

4574 PRESTON (Geo.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 

4575 PRESTON. E Ubris John Norcliffe Preston of Flasby. Yorks. 

1890. Pictorial. $s. 

PRESTONGRANGE (Lord). See Grant. 

4576 PRETYMAN (Baron), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

4 57 7 PRICE. The Arms of the Family of Price, Descendants of Sr. Rd. 

Price of Gogerthan in the County of Cardigan, Knt. and Bart. 
9 Aug., 1 64 1. Jacobean Armorial. 75. 6d. 

4578 PRICE (Charles), Esqr., of Mount's Court in the County of Ox- 

ford. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 6d, 

4579 PRICE (Charles Rugge). Armorial, printed in gold. 15. 6d. 

4580 PRICE (Gryffydd). Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

4581 [PRICE (John), of Sunbury, Middlesex.] Jacobean Armorial. 

Mutilated. 25. 6d. 

4582 PRICE (John Lloyd), Esq., Glangwilly, co. Carmarthen. Ar- 

morial. IS. 6d. 

4583 PRICE (Liscombe). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

4584 PRICE (Mansfield). LL.D. W. S\tephen5\. Chippendale Armo- 

rial. 8s. 6d. 

4585 PRICE (The Honble. Robert), Esqr., one of the Barons of Her 

Ma ties. Court of Exchequer; 1703. Early Armorial, il, is. 

4586 [PRICE.] Jacobean Armorial. [The arms of Price with Cleve- 

land on an escutcheon.] 6s. 6d. 

4587 PRICKETT (Mduke.). Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

4588 PRICKETT (Mduke.), Junr. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 6rf. 

4589 PRIDEAUX (Sir Edmund S.), Netherton Hall. Armorial, with 

supporters, is. 6d, 

4590 PRIDEAUX (George). Armorial, is. 

4591 PRIDEAUX (Walter). Seal Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

4592 PRIESTLEY (Joseph) [philosopher, etc., of Pennsylvania]. 

Armorial. 5s. 

See Allen^ American Bookplates, p. 271. 

4593 Joseph Priestley. Allen set., Birmingham, Pictorial, h 

pool with running water. 1 5s. 

4594 The same. Name erased. 5s. 

4595 PRIMATT (Humphry). Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 

4596 PRIMATT (Lacey). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

4597 PRIMATT (Nathaniell). Jacobean Armorial. 5*. 

4598 PRIMATT (William). Chippendale Armorial. 2S. 6d. 

4599 P[RIME] (S.). Crest and Cypher. 2s. 6(L 

Bookplates {Franks Colleciion): 155 

4600 PRIMEROSE (The Honble. Mistris). Jacobean Armorial Lozenge. 

Damaged, ys, 6d, 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. ii, p. 121. 

4601 PRINGLE, of Clifton. Kirkwood, Pictorial Armorial. 2s, 6d, 

4602 PRINGLE (John Eliot). Chippendale Armorial, Modern. 35. 6d, 

4603 PRINSEP (John). 1800. Armorial Spade Shield. 3s. 6d, 

4604 PRINSEP (William Haldimand). Seal Armorial. 2s. 

4605 PRIOR (Andrew Redmond), Esq., Queen's Co., Ireland. [Emslie,} 

Armorial. 15. 6d, 

4606 PRITCHETT (Richd.), A.M. Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

4607 PRITCHETT (R. T.) Pictorial Crest, representing a mediaeval 

sportsman. $s, 6d, 

4608 PROBY (Rev. Dr.), Dean of Lichfield. Armorial Spade Shield. 

25. 6d, 

4609 PROCTER (Charles Edward). Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d, 

4610 PROCTER (Tho.). Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

461 1 PROCTOR (Sr. Wm. Beauchamp), Bt., etc., etc., etc. Armorial, 

with supporters. 25. 6d. 

4612 PROVOST (Saml.), Esqr., Coll. Pet. Cant. [First Bishop of New 

York]. [Maverick.] Chippendale Armorial, i/. 10s. 

See Allen, Americah Bookplates, No. 708. 

4613 [PRYCE (Sir John), of Newton]. Jacobean Armorial. The 

arms trickt. ss. 

4614 PRYCE (Rich.), Surgeon. R, W, Chippendale Armorial. 4s, 6d, 

4615 PRYOR. E libris Felix Pryor, A.M. Seal Armorial. 15. 6d, 
- 4616 PUGH (Benjamin), M.D. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

4617 [PULESTON.] Jacobean Pictorial Armorial, ^s. 

4618 PULLEYN (Thomas), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. $8, 
4619 The same plate, without inscription. 6s, 

4620 PURCHAS (Henry Ansley). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 

25. 6d, 

4621 P[URDON] (H.). Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

4622 PURDON (William John). Chippendale Armorial. 55. 6d. 

4623 PURVIS [(Admiral John Child)]. Vicars Hill House. Armo- 

rial. 15. 

4624 PURVIS (B. G.), Caius Coll., Camb. Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

4625 PURVIS (Robt. B. A.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

4626 PUTLAND (George), Esq. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 6d, 

4627 PUTLAND (John). Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

4628 PUTLAND (John), Esq. Jacobean Armorial. 25. 6d. 

4629 PYBUS (Charles Small). Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

4630 PYBUS (John), Esq. Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

4631 PYE (Charles). Chippendale Armorial. Slightly injured, z^, 6d, 

4632 PYE (Heny. Jams.), Esqr. [Poet Laureate.] Stayner sculpt, 

Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., vol. iii, p. 136. 

156 EUist 29 New Bond Street, W. 

4633 PYE (Sr. Robert), of Clifton, Campville, Staffordshire, Bart. 

Early Jacobean Armorial. 12s. 6d. 

4634 PYE (Saml.), Bristol. 1747. Milton f. Chippendale Pictorial 

Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

4635 PYM (Horatio Noble). Seal Armorial, is, 6d. 

4636 Arms of Horatio Noble Pym. Seal Armorial, is. 6d, 

4637 [PYOTT.] Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. 85. 6d. 

4638 PYTTS (Jonathan), Esqr. Chippendale IHctorial Armorial, with 

books. I05. 6d. 

4639 [QUICKE.] Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

4640 QUICKE (Nutcombe). iV. S[tephens], Chippendale ArmoriaK 


4641 QUILTER (James), Esqr. Hadley, Middlesex. Festoon Armo- 

rial. 45. 

4642 QUILTER (W.), Esqr. Armorial, is. 

4643 QUIN (Chas. Wm.). Armorial arms in a wreath. 2s, 

4644 QUIN (Georgiana Olivia). Armorial Lozenge pendant from a 

ribbon. 25. 

464s QUIN (Windham), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

4646 QUINN (John Henry). 1894. A. Louis Duthie, Pictorial, an 

open book. 2s. 

4647 RADCLIFE. Early Armorial. los. 6d, 

4648 RADCLIFFE (The Right Honble. Edward), Earl of Derwent- 

water. Viscount Radcliffe and Langley, Baron of Tyndale. 1702. 
Early Armorial. 1/. 1 5s. 

4649 RADCLIFFE (Revd. Mr. Cop.). Innes, Plytno., sc, Chippendale 

Armorial. Slightly injured. 5s. 

4650 RADCLYFFE (William), Rouge Croix, College of Arms. /. B, sc. 

Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

4651 RADFORD (W. T.). [O. Jewitt,] Architectural Armorial, ss, 
RADSTOCK (Lord). See Waldegrave. 

4652 RAE (David), Esqr., Advocate. Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

4653 RAFFLES (Sir T. Stamford) [Governor of Java, etc.]. HunUy 

sc. Armorial, is. * 

4654 RAFFLES (The Revd. Thomas) LL.D., D.D., Liverpool. [Bec- 

ker,] Armorial, is. 

4655 RAGSDALE (John). Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

4656 [RAIKES.] Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 61. 

4657 RAIKES ([Major General] Thomas). Seal Armorial. 2s. 

4658 RAILTON (Isaac). Armorial Spade Shield. 25. 

4659 RAINSFORD (Chas.). Chippendale ArmoriaL $$. 6d, 

4660 RAINSFORD (Savage Charles). Chippendale ArmonaL 5s. 

4661 RAINSTORP. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

4662 RAITT (George), M.D. Jacobean Armorial. 65. 

4663 [RAMSAY], Earl of Dalhousie. Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

4664 RAMSAY (Mr.), of MungaU. StirUngshire. W, and D, Lizars, 

Armorial, is. 6d, 

Bookplates (Franks Collection), 157 

4665 RAMSAY (Sir Alex.), of Balmain, Bart, Armorial, is. 6d. 

4666 RAMSAY (General). Pictorial, a dog holding a book, ruins in 

distance. 85. 6^. , 

4667 RAMSAY (Sir John), of Banff, Bart. Armorial Spade Shield. 

with supporters. 5 s. 

466? RAMSAY (John). No. 17, East Street, Black Friars. Armorial 
Spade Shield, with supporters. 35. 6d, 

4669 RAMSDEN (John G.), St. John's Coll. Armorial, is. 6d, 

4670 RAMUS (Charles), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield on a mantle. 


4671 A similar plate. 35. 6d. 

4672 A similar plate, dated " Merry Hill, 1795.** 5s, 6d, 

4673 RANDALL (John). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. Lake sc, 2s. 

4674 RANDALL (John). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

4675 RANDOLPH (The Rev. H.), LL.B. Chippendale Armorial. 5s, 
RANELAGH (Viscount). See Jones. 

RANFURLY (Earl of). See Knox. 

4676 RANKING (George). Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d. 

4677 [RAPER, Sussex.] Jacobean Armorial on shaded background. 


4678 RATCLIFF (Edward T.). Pugh Bros. Seal Armorial. 3s. 

4679 RATTRAY (Will.), Esqr., Lieut.-Col. Bengal ArtiUery. Wreath 

and Ribbon Armorial, is. 6d. 

4680 RAVEN (Henry). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

4681 RAVENEL (Daniel), Charleston, S.C. 1890. Armorial, with 

wreath. 3s. 6d. 

4682 RAVENHILL (WiUm.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

4683 [RAWDON (John)], Earl of Moira. Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

Reproduced in Ex Ltbris Jl.^ v. 7, p. 10. 

4684 RAWDON (Sr. John). Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Ltbris Jl., v. 7, p. 10. 

4685 RAWDON (Sr. John), Bart. Chippendale Armorial. 6s, 6d» 

4686 RAWLI-NGS (Thomas). Armorial Spade Shield. 2S. 

4687 RAWLINS (Tho.) de Pophills, Warw. Jacobean Armorial. 

Defective. 4s. 

4688 RAWLINSON (Christophorus), Armiger de, Cark Hall in Cora. 

Lancastr. Jacobean Armorial on a bracket. i8s. 

4689 RAWLINSON (Christopher) [Chief Justice of Madras]. Armo- 

rial. IS. 6d. 

4690 RAWLINSON (Richardus), LL.D.. e Coll. Di. Joan. Bapt. Oxon 

et R.S.S. [nonjuring bishop]. Early Armorial. 5s. 

4691 RAWLINSON (Ric), A.M. e Coll. Di Jo. Bapt. Oxon et R.S.S. 

Early Armorial. Ss. 6d, 

4692 A smaller plate. 6s. 

4693 RAWLINSON (Sr. Walter), Knt.. of Stow HaU in the County of 
Suff., F.R.S. and F.S.A. Armorial Spade Shield on a mantle. 
3s. 6d. 

4694 A similar plate without inscription. 2S. 6d* 

158 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W: 

4695 RAY (James). Festoon 'Crest. 2s. 

4696 [RAYMOND (Robert Lord)]. /. Clark sc. Jacobean Armorial, 

with supporters. 5s. 

4697 [RAYMOND (Hugh).] Jacobean Armorial. 6s, 

4698 [RAYMOND (Mary.)] Chippendale Armorial Lozenge. los. 6d, 

4699 RAYNE (Robert). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. * 2s, 6d. 

4700 [RE A (John).] Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. Printed in red, 

8s. 6d, 

4701 READE (Philip), Esqr., Wood Parks, Cos. Galway and Clare. 

[Emslie.] Armorial, is. 6d, 

4702 READE. E libris Unton Reade, A.M. Anno Dom, i7[io]. 

Early Jacobean Armorial. los. 

4703 REASTON. E Libris F, B. Reaston utriusq. Templi Soc. Novr. 

[i7]8o. Wreath and Ribbon Crests. 4s. 6d, 

4704 REAY (Henry Utrick), Esqr.. Killingworth. [Bewick.] Pic- 

torial Armorial. 5s. 

4705 REBOTIER (Charles). Chippendale Armorial. 7s. 6d. 

4706 REDE (T.), Jun. Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

4707 REDMOND (Henry Thompson). Armorial Trophy. 5s. 

4708 REED (John), Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

4709 R[EED ?] (M,). Chippendale Cypher. 3s. 6d. 

4710 REED (William). Chippendale Armorial, s^- 

47 1 1 [REES (Captain Charles).] Armorial, is. 6d. 

4712 REEVE (Henry) [editor of the Edinburgh Review]. Armorial. 

IS. 6d, 

47 1 3 A different plate. 2s. 6d, 

4714 [REEVE (James), Thorpe Ht., Norwich ?] Pictorial^ 3s. 

4715 REEVE (Thos.). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

4716 REEVE (Thomas). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

4717 REID. Seal Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

4718 REID. Ex BibUotheca H. G. Reid, F.S.A. Pictorial, ^s, 

4719 REID (Sir James), of Barra, Bart. Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 

4720 REID (Louisa Margaret). Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

4721 REID ([Sir] Thos.) [of Ewell Grove]. Armorial, is. 

4722 REILLY (A. Adams), Belmont. Seal Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

4723 R[EILLY] (I.), Scarva. Pictorial Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

4724 The same plate, with initials " I.R." above " Scarva,' 

4s. 6d. 

4725 REILLY (Thomas), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

4726 RELHAN (Anthony), M.D. [historian of Brighton]. Jacobean 

Armorial, ys, 6d, 

4727 REMNANT (Samuel). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, in a frame. 

2s. 6d, . . 

RENDLESHAM (Lord). See Thellusson. 

4728 RENELL (Robert Prudom). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

Bookplates {Franks Collection). 159 

4729 RENNY (P.), M.D. SuffUld sc. Wreath and Ribbon ArmoriaU 


4730 RENTON (Alexr. C), Esqr., July, 1825. C. Thomson sc, (Cross)^. 

Edinr, Crest. 3s. 6d. 

473 1 REPTON (Humphry) [Landscape Gardener]. Wreath and. Ribbon 

Armorial. 3s. ■'!''.' 

4732 A similar plate. 25. 6d, 

4733 RERESBY (Thomas), Esqr., 1708. Large Early Armorial .2/. 25, 

4734 RE VELEY( Henry). F.Kirksc, Chippendale Ariiaocis^. 75. 6i.- 

See Alien, American Bookplates, No. 725. 

4735 REVELL [(Jane)]. Festoon Armorial. 35J 6d, 

4736 REYNOLDS (Chas. Edwd.). Attorney. V, Woodthorpe sc. 

Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

4737 REYNOLDS (Francis), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6i, 

4738 REYNOLDS (Robert). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

4739 REYNOLDS (William Foster), Carshalton House. Engraved 

Label. 25. 

4740 [REYNOLDS (W.) Coroner for Essex ?] /. Smith. Pictorial, 

with urn. Proof, los. 6d, 

4741 REYNOUS (Isaac). Chippendale Armoi'iaU withmtisic book, 

etc. 45. 6d. 

4742 RHODES (Edward D.), B.D. Crest, is. 6d. 

4743 RIACH (Hugh Heugh). Jacobean Armorial modem. (Copied 

from the f^ate of William Hogarth.) is. 6d. 

4744 RICARDO. Arma ioannis ludov. ricardo et catarinae uxoris eius» 

Seal Armorial. 25. 6d. 

4745 RICARDO (Walter). Armorial. 2s. 

4746 RICHARDS (John). Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

4747 RICHARDS (Robert), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

4748 RICHARDS (William). Smith sc. Festoon Armorial. 2?, f4 

4749 RICHARDSON (Henry), M.A. Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

4750 RICHARDSON (Sir John) [judge]. Armorial. 15. 

4751 RICHARDSON (R.). Landscape Armorial, ruined abbey in the 

distance. Ss, 6d, 

4752 RICHARDSON (W.), 17 — . Jacobean Armorial. 45. 

4753 RICHBELL (Lt.-Col. Edw.). Jacobean Armorial Trophy. 75. 6d. 

Reproduced ia Ex Libris Jl., v. 5, p. 221. 

4754 RICHMOND (Robert). Armorial. 25. 

4755 RICHMOND (Thomas), alias Webb, of Rodbournc Cheney in the 

County of Wilts, Esqr., 1703. Early Armorial, il. js, 

4756 RICKMAN (Thos. Clio). Stevenson sculp. Festoon Armorial. 


4757 RIDDELL. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 

4578 RIDDELL, of Riddell, Bart. Armorial Spade Shield, with sup- 
porters. 25. 

4759 RIDDELL (Richard Brooke), the bequest of his dear Aunt and 
Godmother. 23d. Jany., 1830 Engraved Label. 35. 6d, 

c, - 

i6o Ellis, 29 New Bond Street^ W. 

4760 RIDER (Isaac), of Greenwich. Jacobean Armorial. 7s, 6d, 

4761 RIDER (Jacob). Festoon Armorial, ^s, 

4762 RIDGWAY (Anna Maria). Armorial Lozenge. 35. 6d, 

4763 RIDGWAY (John). Festoon Armorial. Printed in blue, 4s. 

4764 RIDGWAY (John Clare), MDCCCLXXI [1871]. Festoon Ar- 

morial. 25. 6d. 

476s RIDLEY, Hambledon, Henley-on-Thames. Crest. 2s. 

4766 RIDLEY (Henry). A,M. [Rector of Hertingfordbury]. Festoon 

Armorial. 25. 6d, 

4767 Henry Ridley, \>X>, Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

4768 [RIDOUT.] Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

^76g RIND (Lieut.-Col.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

4770 RIPLEY (Horatio). Chippendale Armorial. 25. 6d, 

4771 RIPLEY (Richard), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

4772 RIPPON. Lambert, Armorial, is. 

4773 RISHTON (Martin Folkes), Esqr. Festoon Armorial, two shields 

accol6. 25. 6d, • 

4774 RISLEY (Risley), Esqr., Chetwood, Bucks. Cole, Oxon,, sc. 

Chippendale Armorial. 65. 

4775 [RIVERS (James), Esqr., Colonel of one of Her Majesties Regi- 

ments of Foot.] Early Armorial. Inscription wanting. 75. 6i» 

4/76 RIX (Joseph), F.L.S., F.R.C.S.E., L.S.A,. St. Neots. Hunting- 
donshire. S.W.R.» 1857. Pictorial, books piled on and against 
a chair. 45. 

4777 ROADLEY (George). Festoon Armorial. 35. 

4778 [ROBARTES (The Honble. Russell).] S. G[ribelin]. Jacobean 

Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

4779 ROBARTS. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

4780 ROBARTS (James Thos.). Armorial Shield on a mantle. 25. 

4781 [ROBERDEAN.] Festoon Armorial. 2.9. 

4782 ROBERTS. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

4783 ROBERTS. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

4784 ROBERTS (Mr.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

4785 ROBERTS (Revd. I.). Howe set. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

4786 ROBERTS (I. B.). Festoon Armorial. 25. 

4787 ROBERTS (Jane). Armorial Lozenge. 2s. 

4788 ROBERTS (John). Johnson sc. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 

25. 6d. 

4789 ROBERTS (Revd. Thos.), A.M. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial 

15. 6d, 

4790 ROBERTS (Thos.). Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

4791 ROBERTS (Sr. Thomas), of Glastenbury, in the County of Kent. 

Baronet. Early Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

4792 ROBERTS (Thomas). Festoon Armorial. 2s, 

4793 ROBERTS (William Lewis). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2$. 

Bookplates {Franks Collection). i6i 

4794 ROBERTS (Wilson Aylesbury), of Packwood. in the County of 

Warwick, Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon Annoiial. 35. 

4795 ROBERTSON (Eben.). Armorial. 55. 

See AlleKf American Bookplates, No. 735. 

4796 ROBERTSON (Henrici). Academiae Jacobi VI., Edinburgi, 

M.D. W, D. Lizars sculpt. Crest. 2s. 

4797 ROBERTSON (James), Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 


4798 ROBERTSON (William). Esqr., Advocate [son of the historian]. 

Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

4799 The Honble. William Robertson, one of the Senators of the 

College of Justice. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 25. 

4800 [ROBINSON] Thomas Philip. Earl de Grey, Wrest Park. Chip- 

pendale Armorial, modern. 35. 6d. 

4801 [ROBINSON] (George Frederick Samuel), Earl de Grey and 

Ripon. Seal Armorial. 25. 6d. 

4802 George Frederick Samuel, Earl de Grey and Ripon. 

Seal Armorial. 25. 

4803 ROBINSON (Beujn.), Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. 85. 6d, 

4804 ROBINSON (Chr*), LL.D., Doctors' Commons. Engraved label. 

2s, 6d, 

4805 ROBINSON (Francis). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

4806 ROBINSON (Geo.). Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

4807 ROBINSON (George). Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

4808 ROBINSON (Henry Crabb) [diarist]. ArmoriaL 15. 6d. 

4809 ROBINSON. E bibliotheca Reverendi admodum in Christo 

Patris ac Domini Dni. Johannis Robinson Episcopi Londinensis^ 
quam mihi inter alios quinquepartitam moriens legavit, April 1 1, 
1723. Early Armorial. 125. 6d. 

4810 ROBINSON (John), Queen's College. Cambridge. Chippendale 

Armorial, with books. 75. 6d, 

48 1 1 ROBINSON (Peter). Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

4812 [ROBINSON (Richard, Archbishop of Armagh).] Wreath and 

Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

4813 ROBINSON (Richard), Jacobean Armorial. A reprint. 2s.6d. 

4814 ROBINSON (Robert), M.D., 1742. Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

4815 ROBINSON (Robt.), Chesterton. T. HoUoway fecit. Pictorial 

Armorial. Ss. 6d. , 

4816 ROBINSON (The Honble. Sr. Thos.), of Rookby Park, in the 

County of York, Bart., one of ye Commissioners of his M'sties 
Revenue of Excise and F.R.S., etc. [Governor of Barbados]. 
Jacobean Armorial, with figures, gs. 6d. 

4817 ROBINSON (William), e Coll. Jes. Soc. Com. Jacobean Ar- 

morial. 7$, 6d, 

4818 ROBINSON (Tho.). Coll. Mert. Socius. Hulett sculp. Jacobean 

Bookcase Armorial. 7s. 6d. 

4819 ROBINSON (Sr. William), Baronet t of Newby in the North 

Riding of the County of Yorke, 1762. Early Armorial, los. Cd. 

4820 ROBINSON (WilUam). 3herhorn, 1889 Pictorial. 10?. 6d. 

i62 EUis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

4821 ROBSON. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

4822 ROCHE (Stephen). Festoon Armorial. 3«- 6ei. 
RCX:HF0RD (Earl of). See Nassau. 

4823 ROCHFORT (David). E, Lyons Exc. Armorial Spade Shield. 


ROCKINGHAM (Earl of). See Watson. 

4824 RODD. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

4825 RQDDAM (Robert). Jacobean Armorial. 4*. ^^ 
RODEN (Earl of ). 5^e Jocelyn. 

4826 RODES (CorneUus Heathcote). Coloured, defective. 25. 6rf. 

4827 RODWELL. ELibrisGeorgiiFarrerRodwell. Vesica Armonal. 
3s. 6d, 

4828 ROE (Charles). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

4829 ROGERS, of Dowdeswell, co. Gloucester. (Entslie.) Armonal. 
15. 6d. 

4830 ROGERS (Daniel), Esqr. Wreath Armorial. 25. 

4831 ROGERS ([Sir] F. Leman). Wreath and Ribbon Armonal. 

25. 6ef. 

4832 ROGERS (Hugh). Chippendale Axme^l- ^^' 
4833 The same plate, a chevron added to^tljj arms. 35. 

4834 ROGERS (Revd. John), M.A. Festoon ArmolS^- ^^' ^* 

4835 ROGERS (John). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 

4836 ROGERS (Dr. Nathaniel). Armorial. 15. 

4837 ROGERS (Revd. Robert Roe). Armorial. 25. 6d, 

4838 ROGERS (Samuel), [the poet]. Wreath Armorial. 45. 6< 

Reproduced in Castle, p. 109. 

4839 ROGERS (T. E.). Festoon Armorial. 15. 6d, 

4840 ROGERS (Thos.). Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

4841 ROGET (Peter M.), M.D. Armorial. 15. 

4842 ROKEBY (Thos.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial, ^s, 6d. 

€ 4843 ROLFE (E.), Heacham, Norfolk. Hughes Fecit, Armorial 

Spade Shield. 15. 

(— — 4844 ROLFE (Robert Monsey), [Lord Chancellor]. Armorial. 15. 

4845 ROLLESTON. Ex Ubris Joseph! Rolleston. Festoon Armorial. 

25. 6d. 

4846 [ROLLO ?] Jacobean Armorial. 7s, 6d, 

4847 ROLLO (The Honble. Henry), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. Col^ 

cured, js, 

4S48 r:0MILLY (peter). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 15. 6d. 

4849 ROMILLY ([Sir] Samuel) [Law reformer]. Armorial. 35. 6d, 

4850 RONALDS. Ex Ubris G. Ronalds. Ale^eis David gravy, Paris, 

Vesica Armorial. 25. 6d, I 

4851 ROOKE ([Col. Geo.] George), Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon Ar- j 

morial., 25. j 

4852 ROOKE (Setonius P.), e Coll. Oriel. O. Jewiit, del et sc. Seal ! 

Crest. 35. y 

Bookplates {Franks Collection), 163 

ROOS (Lord). See Manners. 

4853 ROPER (John), Esqr., 1707. Jacobean Armorial. 125. 6d, 

4854 ROPER (WilHam Oliver), C. W. S{herhorn\, Crest, and inter- 
laced initials. 105. 6d, 

4855 ROSE (The Right Honorable George), Old Palace Yard [states- 
man]. Armorial. 15. 6d, 

Rose, who married Theodora, daughter of John Dues, of the Island of Antigua, possessed 
estates in the West Indies. 

4856 ROSE (James Anderson). H. Holbein del, C, W, Slherbarn] 
sculpt. Decorated Armorial, los. 6d. 

4857 ROSE (John), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial, ^s, 6d, 

4858 ROSE (Joseph). Chippendale Armorial. $s, 

4859 ROSE (WiUiam Stewart) [poet and translator]. Crest in a garter. 


4860 ROSEINGRAVE [(John)]. Festoon Armorial. 15. 6d. 

4861 [ROSS (David)], Lord Ankerville [Lord of Session], Chippendale 
Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

4862 ROSS of Craigie and Innemethie. Late Jacobean Armorial, 
25. 6d. 

4863 ROSS (James), Esqr., of Pitcalnie. Armorial, with supporters. 
25. 6d. 

4864 ROSS (Sir John), C.B., K.C.S., K.S.A. etc., etc.. Rear- Admiral in 
the Royal Navy. [Arctic navigator]. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

4865 ROSS (Thomas). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 25, 6d, 

■4866 ROSSE of Craigie and Innernethie. Late Jacobean Armorial. 
2S. 6d, 
ROTHES (Earl of). See Leslie, 

4867 ROTHSCHILD (Lionel Walter), 1886. C, W, Sherborn. Decor- 
ated Crest. 12s. 6d, 

4868 ROTTON (John). Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

4869 R[OUGEMONT ?] (J. H.). Festoon Armorial. 35. 

4870 ROUND (Anna Christiana). Chippendale Armorial Lozenge. 
7s. 6d, 

4871 ROUNDELL (H.). Late Chippendale Armorial. 2S, 6d, 

4872 ROUNDELL (R.), University College, Oxford. Chippendale Ar- 
morial. 55. 6d. 

4873 ROUTH (WiUiam), Gray's Inn. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

4874 Lincoln's Inn. Festoon Armorial. Injured, 2s. 

4875 ROW (Wm.), Junr. Festoon Armorial. 25. 

4876 ROWE (John). Chippendale Armorial, within an oval. 3s. 6d, 

4877 ROWE (Mil ward). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

4878 ROWNEY(Edw.) ^d. Christi Alumnus. Early Armorial. I05. 

4879 ROWNEY (Tho.), of the City of Oxford, Esqr., 1713. Early 
Armorial. 12s. 6d, 

ROXBURGHE (Earl of). See Ker. 

4880 [RUCKER (Daniel Henry), Esqr.]. Festoon Armorial. Inscrip- 
tion wanting, is. 6d, 

4881 RUDD (Barthw.), Esqr., LL.B., Barrister-at-Law. Armorial 
Spade Shield. 2s. 

4882 RUDDIMAN (Tho.). A.M., Fac. Jurid. Edinb. BibUothecarius. 
I Chippendale Engraved Label. 2s. 6d, 

f Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 13, p. 164. 

4883 RUDING (Rogers) [author of the " Annals of the Coinage "]. 
' Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d, 

i 1884 RUGGE (Willm.), Esqr. Chippendale Armoriai. 4$. 



164 Ellisy 29 New Bond Street, W, 

4885 RUMSEY. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

4886 RUSH (William Beaumaurice). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d 

4887 [RUSHOUT.] Lord Northwick. Armorial, is. 6d. 

4888 [RUSHOUT (Rebecca). Lady .Northwick.] Wreath and Ribbon 

Cypher and Coronet. 3s. 6d, 

K 4889 RUSHOUT (Sr. John), Bart. Jacobean Armorial, on shadeJ 

background. 45. 6d. 

4890 [RUSSELL.] The Most Noble Wriothesley Duke bf Bedford. 

Knight of ye Most Noble Order of the Garter, 1703. Early 
Armorial Shield in a garter, ids. 

4891 [RUSSELL.] The most Noble John, Duke of Bedford, 1736 

Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

4892 [RUSSELIJ, John Duke of Bedford. Armorial, arms on a mantle. 


4893 [RUSSELL], Francis, Duke of Bedford, Cople. Armorial Shield 

with supporters. 3s. 

4894 [RUSSELL], Arma ducis de bedford. Seal Armorial, ^s, 6d. 

4895 [RUSSELL], William, Duke of Bedford, Woburn Abbey, 1865 

Armorial, with supporters. $s. 

^ 4896 [RUSSELL], Francis Charles Hastings, Duke of Bedford. Sea 

Armorial, ss. 6d. 
4897 [RUSSELL], Hastings, Duke of Bedford, Woburn Abbey. Harry 
Soane del. Armorial. 2s. 
t . 4898 [RUSSELL] (Georgiana), [Duchess of] Bedford. Armorial Shield 

on a mantle. 25. 6^. 
i 4899 RUSSELL. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

f^ __ 4900 RUSSELL (Alexr.), M.D. Chippendale Armorial. 7s. 6d. 

4901 RUSSELL (Revd. Bartholomew Thos.), O.S.D. Donovan, Cork. 

Pictorial Armorial with ruins. 8s. 6i. 

4902 RUSSELL (Fredk). Engraved Label, name on an escallop. 2s. 

t. 4903 RUSSELL (James). /. and J. Johnstone sc. Festoon Armorial. 

IS. 6d. 

4904 RUSSELL (Jesse Watts), Esqr., Ham Hall, co. Stafford. Ar- 

morial. 2S. 

4905 RUSSELL (John Scott). Pictorial Armorial, is. 6d. 

4906 [RUSSELL]. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

., 4907 RUTHVEN (James Lord). Chippendale Armorial. $s, 6d, 

4908 The same, the arms trickt, 5s. 

RUTLAND (Duke of). See Manners. 
' 4909 RUTTER (J.), M.D. Pictorial, a cromlech in the foreground. 

4910 [RYDER.] Earl of Harrowby. Armorial, with supporters. is,6d» 

49 11 RYE (W. Beauchamp), ex .^Ed. Xti. Alum. Jacobean Armorial. 

js. 6d. 

4912 RYLANDS (J. Paul), F.S.A., Highfields. Thelwall, Cheshire. 

Early Armorial style, is. 6d, 

4913 RYLANDS (J. Paul), of Highfields, Thelwall, Co. Chester, 1871. 

Jacobean Armorial style, is. 6d. 

J 4914 RYLANDS (John Paul), 1877. Early Armorial style. 2s. 6d, 

4915 RYLEY (PhiUp), of Great Hockham, in the Coifnty of Norfolk, 

Esqr. Early Armorial. 12s. 6d. 

4916 RYVES (Geo. Fred.), Esqr., [of Shooton House, co. Dorset]. 

Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 6d. 

4917 RYVES (Thomas), of Ranston, [co. Dorset]. Chippendale Ar- 

OMirial. 3s. 6d. 

Bookplates {Franks Colledion)z 165 

4918 SABATIER. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

4919 SABINE (John), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 3s, 

4920 [SACKVILLE]. The Right Honble. Charles, Earl of Dorset 

and Middlesex, Knght of the most Noble Order of the Garter. 
Large Early Armorial. 2/. 25. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., vol. 3, p. 87. 

4921 The Right Honble. Charles Earl of Dorset and Middlesex, 

Knight of the most Noble Order of ye Garter. Early Armorial. 
I2S. 6d, 

Charles, sixth Earl of Dorset, 1638-1703, was the patron of Dryden, Prior, etc., and the 
protector of Nell Gwyn. He w& the author of the poem " To all you Ladies." 

4922 SADLER (The Rev. James Hayes), Ke5msham Bury, co. 

Gloucester. Armorial. 2s. 

4923 SAINSBURY (John). Chippendale Armorial. 65. 

4924 [ST. ALBYN.] Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

4925 ST. AUBYN (Sr. John), Bart. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

4926 ST. AUBYN (Sir John) [M.P. for Truro, Provincial Grand-master 

of the Freemasons in Cornwall]. Lockington sc. Wreath and 
Ribbon Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

. 4927 ST. CLAIR of Herdmanston. Chippendale Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

4928 ST. CLAIR (The Rev. Mr. Pat). Jacobean Armorial, ^s. 

4929 SAINTHILL (Pet. [of Wandsworth]). Chippendale Armorial. 


4930 ST. JOHN (Henry, Viscount). Jacobean Armorial. The in- 

scription in a Chippendale frame. 105. 6d. 

The bookplate of the father of Lord Bolingbroke. 

4931 ST. JOHN (The Right Honble. John, Lord), Barron St. John of 

Bletsoe in the County of Bedford. Jacobean Armorial, with 
supporters. 55. 

4932 ST. JOHN (Rev. Edwd. Beauchamp). N. Whittock sc. Armorial. 

(A large plate with 60 quarterings. ) 4s. 

4933 ST. JOHN (Pawlet), Esqr. F. Gardner Sc. Jacobean Pictorial 

Armorial, with huntsmen. 105. 6d. 

4934 ST. QUINTIN ([Rev.] George Darby). Armorial Shield in a 

Garter, is. 6d. 

4935 SAINT QUINTIN [(Sir William)], Bart. Armorial Spade Shield. 

15. 6d. 

4936 SALE (W^m. Michel). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

4937 SALISBURY RUG. Armorial Spade Shield. 25. 6d. 

4938 SALKELD (Wm.), Esqr. Festoon ArmoriaL 35. 

4939 SALT (Titus), Esq. [manufacturer, of Bradford]. Armorial. 

25. 6d» 

4940 SALTER (Philip), M.A. Pictorial Armorial. 75. 6d, 

4941 SALTER (Philip). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, zs. 6d, 

4942 SALTER (Richd.), Esq., Barbados. Jacobean ArmoriaL i/. 55. 

See Allen, American Bookplates, No. 754. 

4943 SALTER (William). Jacobean ArmoriaL 6s, — 

A-)4.4 SALTMARSH (PhiUp), Esqr., York. Wreath and Ribbon Ar- 
morial on shaded background. 45. 

i66 EUis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

4945 SALTMARSHE (Arthur) [of Bill HiU, Wokingham]. Armorial. 

IS. 6d 

4946 SALTREN (William). Armorial Spade Shield in a beaded oval. 

15. 6d. 

4947 SALVADOR (Revd. I. L.). Crest and Cypher. 25. 6d. 

4948 SALVIN (Francis Henry) of Sutton Place. Seal Armorial. 

35. 6d. 

4949 SALWEY (Thomas), LL.D., of Richard's Castle, Salop. Ja/cobean 

Armorial. 3s. 

4950 SALWEY (Thomas). LL.D., of Richard's Castle, Salop. Chip- 

pendale Armorial. 35. 6d, 

4951 [SAMBROOKE (Judith Vanacker), of Bush Hill, Enfield.] Chip- 

pendale Armorial Lozenge. Cut round, inscription wanting, 55. 

4952 SAMWELL (T. S. W.), Esqr., Upton Hall, Northamptonshire. 

Burnell sc. Bristol. Literary Armorial. 7s. 6d, 
ReproduQ^ in CasUt, English Bookplates, p. Z03. 

4953 [SANDERS.] Lambert, Armorial, with mantling. 2s, 6d, 

4954 SANDERSON (Richard BurdonJ, Esq., West Jesmond, 

Northumberland. [Baker.] Armorial. 15. 6d. 

4955 SANDERSON (Thos.), A.M. Coslavit Gul, Stephens, Wreath 

and Ribbon Armorial. 6s. 

4956 SANDFORD (D. K.), Esqr. [Professor of Greek at Glasgow Uni- 

versity]. Swan. Armorial. 35. 

4957 SANDFORD (Daniel) [Bishop of Edinburgh]. Armorial Spade 

Shield. 25. 6d. 

4958 SANDFORD (Rev. John) [Archdeacon of Coventry]. Swan sc. 

Armorial. 15. 6d. 

4959 SANDFORD (Thomas), of Sandford. Armorial. 25. 6d. 
SANDHURST (Baron). See Mansfield. 

4960 [SANDILANDS (Walter), Baron Torpichen.] Chippendale Ar- 

morial, with supporters. 6s. 

SANDWICH (Countess of) See Montagu. 

4961 SANDYS (I.). Mordecai sculp. Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

4962 SANDYS (Lord). Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

4963 SANDYS (Charles). Warwick sc. Armorial with 1 2 quarterings. 


4964 SANDYS (E. H.). Mordecai sculp. Chippendale Armorial. 

7s. 6d. 

4965 [SANDYS (Revd. Richard), of Northbome Court, co. Kent.] A/. 

Mordecai 6* /. Levy scu. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. Two 
oval shields accol6. 55. 6^. 

4966 [SANDYS (WiUiam).] J K. Pictorial Armorial 45. 

4967 SANKEY (Fredk. H.), Wingham. Engraved label. 25. 6d. 

4968 SARGOOD (Augustine), Gray's Inn. Crest in a Garter. 15. 6d. 

4969 SATTERTHWAITE (Mary). Armorial Lozenge in a frame. 

25. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Librit Jl., v. 6, p. x8o. 

4970 SAUNDERS. Armorial. 25. 

4971 SAUNDERS (John), Wanstead, Essex. Crest. 25. 

Bookplates (Franks CoUeciian). 167 

4972 SAUNDERS (Joshua). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

49^3 SAUNDERS, Arma Thomae Gage, Baronetti. Seal Armorial. 
25. 6d, 

4974 SAVAGE (Henry). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d, 

4975 SA VERNE (E. Van Cruyce). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 

4976 [SAVILL (John).] Bookcase Armorial. Inscription erased, 45. 

4977 SAWLE (Sir Joseph Sawle Graves), Bt., Penrice, co. Cornwall and 

Barley House, co. Devon. [Becker,'] Armorial, is. 6d, 

4978 SAWYER (Charles), Esq., Heywood, Berks. [Becker,] Ar- 

morial. IS. 6d, 

4979 SAYER (John), of Hownslow in the County of Middx., Esqr. 170a 

Early Armorial. 125. 6d. 

4980 SAYER (Josephus), Chirurgus, Londinensis. Early Armorial. 

Slightly injured, 7s. 6d, 

4981 [SAYER?] Chippendale Armorial Lozenge. 7s, 6d, 

4982 SAYERS (F.). Armorial. 25. 

4983 SCAFE (W.) Int. TempU Sodalis. Armorial Spade Shield, is. 

4984 SCALE (Berd.). Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 6d, 

4985 SCAWEN (James), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

4986 SCAWEN (James), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

4987 SCHARF (George). Armorial, is. 6d, 

4988 SCHAW (Sr. John), of Greenoak, Baronet. Early Armorial, with 

supporters. i2s. 6d, 

4989 SCHIMMELPENNINCK (L. and M. A.), Bristol. Printed label. 

3s. 6d, 

4990 SCHREIBER (Lady Charlotte). Armorial. 5s. 

Reproduced in Miu Laboucker^s Ladiss* BookplaieSf p. 71. 

4991 [SCLATER], Hoddington House. Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

4992 SCOT (Walter), Ash. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

4993 SCOT (Mr. William). Advocat. Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

4994 [SCOTT] Duke of Buccleugh. Chippendale Armorial, with sup- 

porters. 3s. 6d, 

, 4995 SCOTT, of Balcomie. Chippendale Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

4996 SCOTT, of Harden. D, Lizars sculpsit. Festoon Armorial, with 

supporters, s^, 6d, 

4997 [SCOTT (A. J.).] Armorial, is. 6d. 

4998 SCOTT (Benjamin). Chippendale Armorial. 145. 

See AUtn, American Bookplates, No. 764. 

4999 SCOTT (Claude Edward). Durrani. Seal Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

5000 SCOTT (Lady Frances). Chippendale Armorial Lozenge. los. 

5001 SCOTT (Sir Francis E.), Great Barr Hall. Seal Armorial. 2s. 

5002 SCOTT (George), Esqr., of Wools ton Hall, in the County of Essex. 

Chippendale Armorial. $s, 6d. 

5003 SCOTT (Hew), A.M. [Annalist of the Scottish Church]. Bookpile 

Crest, ys, 6d, 

Reproduced in Ex Libris.Ji., v. a, p. .105. 

i68 EUtSy 29 New Bond Streety W. 

5004 SCOTT (Margaret), 1882. C. W. S[herborn]. Armorial Lozenge. 

125. 6d. 

5005 [SCOTT (Mrs.), of Bellevue.] Festoon Armorial. $s. 6d. 

$006 SCOTT (Patrick), of Rossier, Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 
$s. 6d. 

5007 SCOTT (R.), Surgeon, Norwich. Chippendale engraved label, ys. 

5008 SCOTT (Sir Robt.), M.D. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

5009 [SCOTT (Robert).] Jacobean Armorial, ys. 6d. 

5010 SCOTT (Robt.). Pictorial Crest. 35. 6d. 

501 1 SCOTT (T.) [of Gt. Barr, Staffordshire]. Chippendale Armorial. 

4s. 6d. 

5012 SCOTT (WilHam B[ell]). Pictorial Crest, by himself. 5s. 

5013 [SCOTT.] Chippendale Armorial. . ^s- ^d, 

5014 SCRIVEN (Wm. Barclay). Chippendale Armorial. 65. 

5015 SCROPE (Josha.), Esqr., of Long Sutton, Lincolnshire. C. &> A. 

Paas sculpt. Bookcase Armorial. los. 

5016 SCROPE (Simon Thomai), 1881. /. H, M[etcalfe] fecit. Ar- 

morial. Coloured. 2s. 6d. 

5017 SCRUTON (Richd.). Chippendz^le Armorial. 5s. 6d. 

5018 SCUDAMORE ([Frances]), The ^Right Honble. ye Viscountess. 

Jacobean Armorial, with supporters. 8s. 6d. 
Reproduced in Ex Libtis Jl., v. 7, p. 63. 

5019 SEABRIGHT (Sr. Thos.), Bart. Chippendale Armorial, ss. 6d 

5020 SEAGRAVE. Chippendale Armorial.- 4s.' 

5021 SEALY (Ben). Pictorial Armorial, with name in Chippendale 

frame. 65. 6d. 

5022 SEAMAN. R. C[aldecott\ Pictorial. 8s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Castie, English Bookplates, p. 150. 

5023 SEARE (Jno.). Chippendale Armorial. Printed in red. 4s. 6d. 

5024 SECKER (George). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

5025 SECKER (George), D.D. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

5026 SEDGWICK (Joseph). 172-. Jacobean Armorial. los. 

5027 [SEDGWICK (Joseph).] Jacobean Armorial, shield on a mantle. 

ys. 6d. 

5028 SEDGWICK (Joseph). The same plate as above, with name added. 

3s. 6d. 

5029 SEDGWICK (Leonard). Crest, is. 

5030 SEGAR (Edward), Gent. Chippendale Armorial. A reprint. 2s. 

5031 SELBY (C), Esqr. Festoon Armorial, ^s. 

5032 SELBY (Charles Baron de). Armorial supporters and coronet. 


5033 SELBY (Chris.), Aul. Pemb. Cant. Jacobean engraved label. 

9s. 6d. 

5034 SELBY (James), Sergeant at Law, 1703. Early Armorial, i/. is. 

503s SELBY (Walter), Esq., Riddles ton, co. Northumberland. [Becker], 
Armorial, is. 6d. 

5036 [SELLING.] Chippendale Pictorial Armorial, i/. is. 

Bookplates {Franks CoUeciion)t 169 

5037 SELLON (I. L.). Chippendale Armorial. Defective. 3s. 

5038 SELWYN. Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 6d, 

5039 SELWYN (Anna Maria). Chippendale Armorial Lozenge, ^s. 6d, 

5040 SELWYN (Revd. Chas. Jasper), Blockley, Worcestershire. Chip- 

pendale Armorial. 25. 6d, 

5041 SELWYN (Charles Jasper), [Lord Justice]. Chippendale Ar- 

morial Modem. 2s. 

5042 SELWYN (Jno.), Esq. Jacobean Armorial. 35. 

5043 SELWYN (Johannes Henricus Augustus), Armiger Aulae de 

Clare Commensalis. Jacobean Armorial. Injured. $s. 

5044 SELWYN (Revd. John), Ludgarshall, Wilts. Festoon Armorial. 

35. 6d, 

5045 SENIOR (As. William), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 35. 

5046 SETON (Alexander) Esqr., Mounie, co. Aberdeen [Commander of 

troops, drowned in S.S. Birkenhead, 1852]. Armorial, ^s. 6d. 

5047 SETON (Alfred). Seal Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

5048 S[ETON] (Sir H[enry]). Jacobean Armorial, with supporters. 

85. 6d. 

5049 SETON (Major R. S.). Chippendale Armorial Modem. 15. 6d. 

5050 SEVERN (John Cheesment), Esqr., Penybont Hall, co. Radnor. 

Armorial. 25. 

5051 SEVERNE (Lt.-Genl.). Chippendale Engraved Label. 7s. 6d. 

5052 SEVERNE (Genl.). Chippendale Engraved Label. 95. 6d. 

5053 SEWELL (Stepn. John), Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, ss. 

5054 [SEYMOUR, Duke of] Somerset. Armorial with supporters. 2s.6d. 

5055 [SEYMOUR] (M[argaret) Duchess of] Somerset. Engraved 

Label. 45. 6d. 

5056 SEYMOUR. Gravi par Honori Vidal. Armorial, ^s. 6d. 

5057 SEYMOUR (Berkeley) A.M., Coll. Regal. Cant. Soc. Jacobean 

Armorial. 65. 6d. 

5058 SEYMOUR (George Hamilton), [Diplomatist]. Crest. 3s. 

5059 SEYMOUR (H. D.), Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon Crest. 15. 

5060 "SEYMOUR (Henry) Esqr. [lover of Madame Du Barry]. Wreath 

and Ribbon Crest. 3s. 6d. 

5061 SEYMOUR (Maria). Armorial Lozenge. 3s. 6d. 

5062 SEYMOUR (William). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

5063 SHACKLETON (Richard), Griese-bank, 1820. Engraved Label. 

35. 6d. 

5064 SHAD WELL (Lancelot), Esqr., Lincolns Inn [Vice-Chancellor]. 

Festoon Armorial. Printed in blue. 55. 

5065 SHADWELL (Thomas). B. Cole sculp. Chippendale Armorial. 


5066 SHAFTO (Robt.), Esqr., Benwell. Chippendale Armorial. 

Defective. 35. 6d. 

5067 SHAFTO (Thos.), of Dunston. Chippendale Armorial. Cut 

round. 55. 

5068 SHARD (Jacob), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 7s. 6d. 

Rqiroduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. zo, p. 37. 

170 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W; 

5069 SHARP (Chas.), of Hoddom, Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 25. 

5070 SHARP (Sir Cuthbert), [Antiquary, of Sunderland]. Armorial. 

15. / 

5071 SHARP (Jud.). Lozenge in a frame. 5s. 

Reproduced in Ex Ltbris //., v. 7, p. 31. 

5072 SHARP (Thomas), M.D. Festoon Armorial. 35. 

5073 SHARP (Samuel), [antiquary, of Northampton]. Festoon 

Armorial, with rhyme beneath, is. 

5074 [SHARP (Thomas), antiquary, of Coventry]. Literary Pictorial. 

3s. 6d, 

5075 SHARP (T.), D.D., Preb. of Durham, Arch Deacon of North. 

Armorial Shield Pendant from a Ribbon, ^s. 6d. 

5076 SHARP (E Libris Tho.), Bambrough. Chippendale Armorial. 

gs, 6d. 

5077 SHARPE (Fane WilHam), Student of Ch. Ch. Chippendale 

Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

5078 SHARPE (Hercules), Esq., Oaklands, co. Sussex. Armorial. 25. 

5079 SHAW (John). Chippendale Armorial. 55. 
5080 A modem re-impression. 25. 

5081 SHARPE (Sutton), Lincoln's Inn. Crest in a Garter, is. 

5082 SHAW (B.). Chippendale Armorial Pictorial, with books, etc. 

5 s. 6d, 

5083 SHAW (Bernard), Esqr. Lyons ex. Armorial Spade Shield. 

2s. 6d, 

5084 SHAW (Rt. Honble. F.), [M.P. for Dublin]. Armorial, is. 

5085 SHAW (Sir John). Armorial Spade Shield, is. 

5086 SHAW (John). Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

5087 SHAW (Josephus). Armorial, is. 

5088 SHAW (T. A.). Armorial, is. 6d, 

5089 SHAW (Will.), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

5090 SHEAFE (Saml.). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

5091 SHEARMAN. Sigillum R. D. Johannis Francisci Shearman 

Kilkenniensis Probit Dubliniensis. Seal Armorial. 4s. 

5092 SHEEPSHANKS (T.). Armorial, is. 

5093 SHEFFIELD (John), Duke of Buckingham and Normanby. 

Armorial with supporters. 8s. 6d. 

SHEFFIELD (Lord). See Hokoyd. 
SHELBURNE (Baron and Earl of). See Petty. 
SHELBURNE, Earl of. See FitzMaurice. 

5094 SHELDON (John). Festoon Armorial, is. 6d, 

5095 SHELLEY (Frances Lady). Armorial Lozenge, js. 6<f. 

5096 SHELLEY (Percy Florence), [son of the poet]. Armorial. 5s. 

5097 SHELLEY (Sam.). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 6d, 

5098 SHELLY (John). Cr«st. is. 6d. 

5099 SHEPHARD (John). Armorial Shield in a Garter, is. 

5100 SHEPHEARD (Georgius), Coll. Trin. Oxon. Soc. Jacobean 

Armorial. Cut, 6s. 6d 

Bookplates (Franks Collection). 171 

5101 SHEPHEARD (Thomas). Early Jacobean Armorial. 7s. 

5102 SHEPHERD (James). Festoon Armorial, is. 

5103 SHEPHERD (Rev. W.). G. C, B, fecit Octr. 1808. Pictorial, 

vdth book, lyre, etc. 2s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Hamilton, Dated BookplaUs, p. zx8. 

5104 SHEPLEY. Armorial, is. 6d. 

5105 SHEPPARD (Edwd.). Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. 4s, 6i. 

5106 SHEPPARD (John George). Armorial, is. 

5107 SHERARD (The Honble. John), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 

2s. 6d. 

5108 SHERARD (The Honble. Robt.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 

5109 [SHERARD (Sir Richard).] Jacobean Armorial, ^s, 6d. 

5 1 10 SHERBORN. Ex libris Carolus Gulielmus Sherbom. Ano Dal. 

l^DCCCLXXVIII. C. W. Slhetborn] ft. Pictorial Armorial. 
I2S. 6d, 

5 1 1 1 SHERBURNE (John). Armorial Spade Shield in a beaded oval, 

IS. 6d. 

51 12 Another plate, is. 6d, 

5 1 13 SHERIDAN (Richard Brinsley). Armorial. 2s. 

51 14 Another plate, is. 6d. 

51 15 SHERMAN (James), [minister at Bristol and at the Surrey 

Chapel]. Armorial, is. 6d, 

5 1 16 SHERMAN (Thomas) [Ordnance Storekeeper, Isle of Man]. 

Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

5 1 17 SHERRIFF (Alexander Clunes). Armorial, is. 

51 18 SHERSTON (Peter), Esq. Armorial Spade Shield, is. 

5 1 19 SHERWEN (John), M.D., Member of the Royal College of 

Physicians, also of the Royal College of Surgeons and Correspond- 
ing Member of the Medical Society, London [of Enfield and Bath]. 
Crest, s^. 6d. 

5120 SHERWOOD (T.). [By Bewick.] Pictorial Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

5 1 21 SHIEL (James), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

5122 SHIFFNER (Henry). Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

5123 SHIPDEM (George). Crest, is. 6d. 

5124 SHIPLEY (J.), [Bishop of Llandaff and St. Asaph.] Name and 

mitre in oval. 5 s. 
Bp. Shipley was a friend of Benjamin Franklin ; he also strongly sympathised with the 
Amencan Colonies, and spoke in the House of Lords, and elsewhere, against the 
Government measures which led to the War of Independence. 

5125 SHIPLEY (W. D.) [Dean of St. Asaph]. W. H[enshawl Chip- 

pendale Armorial. 9s. 6d. 

5126 SHIPPERDSON (Edward). Armorial, is. 

5x27 SHIPTON (Revd. John), A.M. Johnson sc. Armorial Shield in 
a Garter, is. 

5128 [SHIRLEY, Baron Ferrers. of Chartley]. Early Armorial. The 

large plate. A reprint ? ys. 6d. 

5129 SHIRLEY. E Lib. Ev. Phil. Shirley Ar. Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

172 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W, 

5130 SHIRLEY (Walter Augustus) [Bishop of Sodor and Man]. Crest 
in a Garter. 35. 6d. 

5 1 31 SHIRLEY (Walter W.) [Professor of Ecclesiastical History. 
Oxford]. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

5132 [SHIRLEY], Lough Fea. Armorial Shield on a Mantle. 3s. 6d. 

5133 [SHIRLEY (E. P.).] Seal Armorial. 25. 6d, 

5134 SHOPPEE (Chas. Ino.). Decorated Monogram. 5s. 

5135 SHOPPEE (Charles John), Citizen and Armourer of London. 

Armorial, is. 

5136 SHORT (Catherine). Festoon Armorial Lozenge. 45. 6d. 
SHREWSBURY (Earl of). See Talbot. 

5137 SHRIMPTON (Thomas). Armorial Spade Shield. 25. 

5138 SHRUBB (Revd. Charles). M.A. W. Alexander sculpt, is. 6d. 

. ... 5139 SHUCKBURGH (Sir George), Bart, [mathematician, of Shuck- 
burgh, Warwickshire]. Armorial, is. 

5140 SHUCKBURGH (I.). Armorial Spade Shield. Slightly injured. 


5 141 SHUCKBURGH (Stewkley). Stuart, Chester. Festoon Armorial. 

3s. 6d. 

5 142 SHULDHAM (WilUam), Esq., Marlesford Hall, co. Suffolk. Seal 

Armorial. 2s. 

5143 SHUTE (Thomas). Johnson sculpt. Armorial within border. 2s. 
J. 5144 [SHUTE (W. H.).] Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

5145 SHUTT( William), Middle Temple. Suffield sculpt. Armorial, is. 

5146 SHUTTE (Revd. Richard J.). Armorial, is. 

5147 SHUTTLEWORTH (Nicholas), Esqr., Durham. Jacobean 

Armorial, ^s. 6d. 

5148 SHUTTLEWORTH (PhiUp Nicholas) [Bishop of Chichester], 

Jacobean Armorial. Torn. $s. 

5149 5IBBALD (Sir James) (Ambassador to the Court of Hyder Ali 

Khan]. Armorial. 2s. 

5150 SIBTHORP (Humphry). Festoon Armorial, is. 6d. 

5151 SIBTHORP (Maria Waldo). Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

5152 SIDNEY (Richard Chase). Armorial, is. 

5153 SILK (George), Doctors Commons. Armorial, is. 6d. 

5154 [SILL (John P.)]. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

5155 SILVESTER (John), Esqr., of the middle Temple. Terry fecit, 

St. Paul's. Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

C. . . 5 1 56 SILVESTER (John), of the Middle Temple. G. Terry Spt., Pater 
Noster Row, St. Paul's, London. Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. 
4s. 6d. 

5157 SILVESTER (John), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 
c 5158 SILVESTER (Sir John). Chippendale Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

5159 SIM (Adam), Coulter. Seal Armorial. 2s. 

5160 SIMEON (E.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

t . 5 161 SIMEON ([Sir] John), Master in Chancery. Armorial Spade 
Shield. IS. . 

BookpiaUs {Franks Collection), 


162 SIMEON (Richard). Festoon ArmoriaL $s. 

163 SIMMONS. Pictorial (an open book). 25. 

164 SIMMONS (Allyn). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d, 

165 SIMMONS (Richard). Armorial, is. 

166 SIMMONS (Samuel Foart). Mordecai sctdp. Pictorial ArmoriaU 

167 SIMONS (Nicolas). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

168 SIMPSON (Edward), LL.D., Doctors Commons. Jacobean 

Armorial, within a border. 35. 

169 SIMPSON (John). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s, 6d» 

170 SIMPSON (John), Esqr., Fair Lawn. Armorial. 2s. 

171 SIMPSON (John Hopley). Wreath and Ribbon Cypher, is. 6d. 

172 S[IMPSON] (S.). Festoon Armorial, is. 6d, 

173 SIMPSON (William), Esq. Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 6d. . 

174 SIMSON (Stephen). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

175 SINCLAIR (Robert). Seal Armorial. 2s. 

176 [SINCLAIR.] Early Armorial. los. 6d. 

177 [SINCLAIR, CO. Bewick.] Chippendale Armorial. Cut. 3s. 

178 SINCLAIRE (Thos.). Chippendale Armorial Trophy. 105. 6d. 

179 SINGLETON (Willm.), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

180 SIRR (Rev. J. D., and Elizabeth). Armorial. 25. 6d. * 

181 SITWELL (Francis), Esq. Armorial Shield on a mantle. 3s. 

182 SITWELL (Sitwell), Esqr. Renishaw Hall. Armorial. 2s. 

183 SKARDON (John Humphrey). Armorial, is. 

184 [SKEET (Denham)]. Name cut off. Chippendale Armorial. 

2s. 6d. 

185 SKEFFINGTON ([Sir] WiUm. Chas. Farrell). Armorial Spade 

Shield. 2s. 

186 [- 

-] A different plate with baronet's helmet. 2s. 6d. 

187 S[KELTON] (C. P.). Chippendale Crest and Cypher. 4s. 6d. 

188 SKENE (John). Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

189 SKEY (Col.), Hedge Grove, Herts. Festoon Armorial. 25. 

190 [SKINNER.] Armorial, is. 

191 SKINNER (Joannes), A.M., Camerton. Armorial, is. 

192 SKINNER (Mr.), of Lincoln's Inn. 171 3. Early Armorial. 

l/. IS. 

193 SKINNER (Math.), Esqr., Sergt. at Law, 1729. Early Armorial. 

The large plate. Margin repaired, il. los. 

194 SKINNER (Math.), Esqr., Sergt. at Law, 1729. Early Aj^ 

morial. 12s. 6d. 

195 SKINNER (Russell). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

196 SKINNER (William). Wreath Armorial, is. 6d. 

197 SKINNER (Wm.), Esqr. Pictorial Armorial, ij:. is. 


174 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

5198 SKIPP (John), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

5199 The same plate. Name cut off. 2s. 6d. 

5200 A different plate. Name cut off. 2s. 6d. 

5201 SKIPP (John), Ledbury. Armorial Shield on a mantle. 25. 

* 5202 SKIPWITH (Sr. Fulwar). of Newbold Hall, in the County of 
Warwick, Baronet, 1704. Early Armorial, i/. los. 

5203 SKIRROW (Walker). Crest, is. 

5204 SKIRVING (William). Chippendale Armorial. 12s. 6d. 

5205 SKOTTOWE (Britiffe). Pictorial Armorial. 25. 6d. 

5206 [SKRIMSHIRE.] Pictorial Armorial, with books. 155. 

5207 [SKUTT.] Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

5208 SLACKE (John). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

5209 S[LADE ?1 (C. P.). Cypher. Wreath and Ribbon. 2s, 6d. 

5210 SLADEN (Douglas Brooke), 1881. Moring sc. Armorial. 

25. 6d. 

521 1 SLADEN (Edward Henry Mainwaring). Seal Armorial. 2s. 6d, 
5212 A different plate. 35. 

5213 SLANEY (More ton Aglionby). Chippendale ( ? ) Armorial. 

3Si 6d. 

5214 SLANEY (Richard). Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

5215 SLANEY (Robert), Hatton Grange. Festoon. Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

5216 [SL.\TER.] Festoon Armorial. Name cut off. is. 6d. 

5217 SLATER (G.). Festoon Armorial, ^s. 6d. 

5218 SLATER (Gill). Festoon Armorial. 4s 6d. 

5219 SLATER. E libris Gualterii Brindley Slater. E. J. Wheeler del. 

et inv. Pictorial. 5s. 

5220 SLEIGH. Seal Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

5221 SI^EIGH (Doctr.). /. Kirk sc. Chippendale Armorial. 9s. 6d. 
SI^IGO, Marquess of. See Browne. 

5222 SLOANE (Hans), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield. 3s. 6d. 

5223 SLODDEN (William). Festoon Armorial, ^s. 6d, 

5224 SMALBONE (Wm.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. De- 

fective. 2s. 

5225 SM ALLEY (Cornwall). Crest in a Garter. 2s. 

5226 SMALLPEICE (John). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

5227 SMART (Benjamin Humphrey) [Writer on Elocution]. ArmoriaL 


5228 • Another plate. Armorial. 15. 

5229 S[MART] (H[arry)]. Hys Boke. Decorative engraved label, 

2s. 6d. 

5230 SMART (John). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

5231 SMART (Robert). Armorial, is. 

5232 SMELT (Leond.), Esqr., 1747. Jacobean>Armorial. 7s. 6d, 

plain, Royal En^eers, who made a surv 
•ecrge III. appointed him deputy governor to 

Probably the plate of Leonard Smelt, Captain, Royal En^eers, who made a survey of 
Newfoundland in-i7sx. In later life George III. appomted him dq 

the Prince of Wales and Duke of York. 

Bookplates (Franks CoUeciion). 175 

5233 SMIRKE ([Sir] Edward) [Lawyer, wrote on history of Mining ia 

Cornwall]. Seal Crest. 25. 6d, 

5234 SMIRKE (Mary) [By Sir Robert Smirke, R,A, ?], Pictorial. 

125. 6d. 

5235 SMIRKE (Sydney). Jarrett, London. Crest. 25. 
j3j6 The same plate with name above, 2S. 

5237 SMITH. Armorial Spade Shield, is. 

5238 SMITH. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

5239 SMITH. Codlinf^ sc, L'poo}. Pictorial Armorial. los. 

5240 SMITH. Pye set., Manchester. Pictorial Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

5241 SMITH. Festoon Armorial, within beaded oval. 2s. 6d. 
5242 The same plate, printed in sepia. 3s. 

5243 SMITH (Adam). Printed Label. 5s. 

5244 SMITH (Alfred), Queen's College. Armorial, is. 

5245 [SMITH (C. Roach), Antiquary.] Armorial. 2s. 

5246 SMITH (Charles Manley), Middle Temple. Crest. 25. 

5247 SMITH (Culling), Esqre. Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d, 

5248 SMITH (D. W.) [Sir D. W. Smith, Bart., of Pickering, Upper 

Canada]. Armorial. 5 s. 

5249 SMITH (Digby). Armorial Spade Shield, in an oval frame 

pendant from a ribbon. 2s. 

5250 SMITH (Sir Drummond), Bart. Armorial, is. 

5251 SMITH (Edwd.), Esqr., St. Stephens, near St. Albans, Herts. 

Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

5252 SMITH (Edward), of Edmonthorpe, in Leicestershire, Esqr. 

Jacobean Armorial, ^s. 6d. 

5253 SMITH (Edward Grose). Armorial, is. 

5254 SMITH (Revd. Edward Orlebar). Armorial, is. 

5255 SMITH (Elizabeth). Cliippendale Pictorial Armorial Lozenge. 

ys. 6d, 

Reproduced in Miss Labouchere's Ladies' Bookplates, p. iix. 

5256 SMITH (George). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

5257 [SMITH (George)], Bishop of Victoria. Armorial. 5s. 

5258 SMITH (George), F.S.A., Mercers Hall, London. Crest. 2s. 

5259 SMITH (Henry). Johnson sc, Bristol. Armorial Shield in a 

garter, is. 

5260 SMITH (Henry). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

5261 SMI ru (Henry), Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

5262 SMini (Henry Porter). Armorial, is, 

5263 SMITH (J. Bernhard). Armorial on a mantle. 3s. 6d. 

5264 SMITH (]. Finch), M.A., R.D., F.S.A., Rector of Aldridge, 

Staffordsliire. Armorial. 2 s. 

5265 SMITH { abez). Pictorial Chippendale ArmoriaU $$. 

5266 SMITH (James), of Jordanhill. Late Chippendale ArmoriaU 

3s. 6d, 

► 5267 SMITH (James Bogle). Armorial, is. 

C --, 

r.^-- . 

X76 EHiSf 29 New Band Street, W. 

5268 SMITH (Jno.)> Esqr., Durham, 1744. Jacobean Armorial. 55* 

5269 SMITH (Sir John), Bart., F.R.S., Sydling St. Nicholas, Dorset. 

Hughes fecit. Library Interior Armorial. 12s. 6d, 

5270 [SMITH (Sir John), Sydling House, Dorset.] Pictorial Armorial. 

Defective. 6s, 

5271 SMITH (John), Esqr. [of Exeter]. Chippendale Armorial, 4s,6d% 

5272 SMITH (John), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield, is, 

5273 SMITH (John). Chippendale Armorial, ys, 6d. 
5274 A later state, with altered motto, js. 6d* 

5275 SMITH (John Chaloner). Crest in a garter. .35. 6d, 

5276 SMITH (John James). Festoon Armorial. 35. 

5277 SMITH (Jos.), LL.D., Doctors Commons. Jacobean Armorial. 

3s. 6d, 

5278 SMITH (Joseph) British Consul at Venice. Chippendale Pictorial 

Armorial. The large plate, 55. 

5279 The small plate, ^s, 6d, 

5280 A plate similar to the large plate tvith inscription 

'* Joseph Smith " only, $s, 

5281 SMITH (Joshua). Festoon Armorial. 25. 

5282 SMITH (Joshua), Stoke Park. Armorial Spade Shield. 15. 

5283 [SMITH (Mrs.), Halesowen Grange.] Afmorial Lozenge. 35. 6rf. 

5284 SMITH (Michael), Esq. W, Esdall delt, et Sculpt, Pictorial 

Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

5285 S[MITH] (N[ewenham]). Kirk F. Bookpile Armorial. 15s. 

5286 SMITH (Nat.), Surgeon, London. Jacobean Armorial, ys, 6d, 

5287 SMITH (Mr. R.). Armorial Shield on a Mantle. 25, 

5288 SMITH (Rdus.), Coll. Jesu Cantabr. Gus, Stephens Sculpt, 

Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 

5289 SMITH (Richard). Crest and Cypher in a Garter. 2s, 

5290 Bristol. The same plate, with inscription altered. 2s,6<L 

5291 SMITH (Robert), Magd. Coll., Oxon. Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

5292 SMITH (Robert). Armorial Spade Shield. 6s. 

5293 SMITH (Robert). Jacobean Armorial, ys, 6d, 

5294 SMITH (Roger). Cocker sc, Cambridge, Crest in a Garter. 2s. 

^295 SMITH (Tho. Bonham),^of Southwick, Hants. Jacobean Ar- 
morial. I OS. 6d. 

5296 SMITH (Thomas), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

5297 SMITH (Thomas). Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 6d, 

5298 SMITH (Thomas Eustace). Armorial, is. 

5299 SMITH (Thomas Sharpe). Armorial, is. 

^300 SMITH (W.), Surgeon, N. Castle. Chippendale Armorial. S$.6d. 

5301 SMITH (W. I. Bernhard). H, Busk fecit. Seal Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

5302 [SMITH (Sir William), 3rd Bart.], Eardiston. Armorial, is. 6d. 

5303 SMITH (William), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial, ss, 6d. 

5304 SMITH (William). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

Bookplates {Franks CoUecRon)% 177 

5305 SMITH (William), Eaq., LL.D. Festoon Armorial. 25. 
5506 SMITH (William), Ha&fax. Armorial. 25. 

5307 SMITH (William), Hanghton Castle. Crest. 25. 6d. 

5308 SMITHE, of Exeter. Chippendale Armorial, Modem. 25. 

5J09 SMITHEMAN (Jobs.), Armr.. A.M., Com. Salopae. W. Bowley 
Sep. Armorial Spade Shield. 35. 

53x0 SMYTH (Christopher). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, is. 6d, 

^i I SMYTH (David), of Methven, Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. Def0C'' 
tive. 35. 

5312 SMIJTH (Sr. Edward), of Hill Hall in Essex, Bart. Jacobean 

Armorial. 75. 6d. 

5313 SMIJTH (Edw.), of Hill Hall Essex. Jacobean Armorial. 7s. 6d. 

5314 SMYTH (Sir James Carmichael), Bart. [Governor of the Bahamas 

and British Guiana]. Armorial, with Supporters. 65. 6d, 

5315 SMYTH (James Carmichael). Silvester sc. Armorial. 25. 6d, 

5316 SMYTH (John Vere).' Armorial, is. 

5317 SMYTH (Ui). Crest. 2s. 6d, 

5318 [SMYTH (Mark), M.D.] Chippendale Armorial. Defective, 3s. 

5319 SMYTH (Nicholas). Chippendale Armorial. Defective, 45. 

5320 SMYTH (Sr. Robt.), Bart. Jacobean Armorial. Mended, $s, 

5321 SMYTH (Sr. Robt.), Bart. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 25. 

5322 SMYTH (Roberti), Baronetti. Jacobean Armorial on a Bracket. 

45. 6d, 

5323 The same plate, printed in green, js. 6d. 

5324 A different plate. 4$. 

5325 SMYTH (Robert Hamilton), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 6s, 

$326 SMYTH (The Rev. Dr. Thos.), Archdeacon of Glendaloch. 
Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d. 

5327 SMYTH (Revd. Thomas), D.D. Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

5328 SMYTH (Rev. W.), [of Annables, Rector of Great Linford]. Ar- 

morial. 2S. 
$329 SMYTH (Admiral W. H.), [son of J. B. P. Smyth, of New Jersey]. 
Armorial. 25. 6d. 

5330 Captain William Henry Smyth, R.N. Armorial. 25. 

5331 SMIJTH (Sir WUUam), of Hill HaU, in Essex. Bart. Jacobean 

Armorial. 6s. 6d. 

5332 SMYTH (Wyville), M.D. Chippendale Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

5333 SMYTHE [Viscount Strangford]. Wreath and Ribbon Crest. 

3s. 6d. 

5334 SMYTHE (Right Honourable Lord Chief Baron). Wreath and 

Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

5335 SMYTHE (Sr. Edwd.) Bart. Chippendale Pictorial ArmoriaJ. 

85. 6d. 

5336 [SMYTHE-(OWEN), of Condover]. Armorial. 2s. 

5337 SMYTTAN (George Hunt). Armorial, is. 

5338 S[NELGROVE] (A. G.), [London Hospital] his Book. PictoriaL 

25. 6d. 

178 EUiSt 29 New Bond Street. W; 

5339 SNELL (Powell). Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6rf. 

5340 SNEYD (Edward), Esqr. Festoon Armorial, zs, 

5341 SNEYD (Ralph). Shilfox ft. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

5342 SNODGRASS (Thomas). Armorial, is. 

5343 SNOW (Robert). Armorial, is. 

5344 SOAME (Stephen), Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

5345 SOAN (The Revd. Mr.), Rochester. Chippendale Armorial. 35.6^. 

5346 SOBER (John). Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

5347 SOLLY (Edward), F.R.S., F.S.A. Armorial, is. 

5348 SOLLY (Saml. Reynolds). Crests, is. 6d, 

i^^ 5349 [SOMERSET]. Elizabeth, Duchess of Beaufort. Armorial, with 
Supporters. 5s. 

5350 SOMERSET (The Rt. Honble. Lord Charles), Second Son to ye 

Late Marquess of Worcester, 1703. Early Armorial. i8s. 

5351 [SOMERSET]. The Most Noble Henry, Duke of Beaufort. 1703. 

Early Armorial. Inscription defective. 12s. 6d. 

( ^ 5352 SOMERSET (Lord Granville). Armorial, with supporters. 2s. 

SOMERSET (Duke of). See Seymour. 

5353 SOMERVELL. The Armorial Bearing of the Right Honourable 

James Lord Somervell. Tho, Colder fecit. Jacobean Armorial, 
with supporters. £1 los. 

5354 SOMERVILLE. Huntley sc. Armorial, with supporters. 2s. 6d» 

5355 SOMERVILLE (J. Somerville), Esq., Dinder House, co. Somerset. 

[Emsliel, Armorial. 2s. 

5356 S[OMERVILLF.] (T.), {Royal Navy]. Crest and Cypher, is. 

5357 SOMERVILLE (W.). Crest, is. 6d, 

5358' SOMMERS (John Lord), Baron of Evesham. Early ArmoriaL 
js. 6d. 

SONDES (Lord). See Watson. 

5359 SOPWITH(Tho.),M.A.,F.R.S..andF.G.S. Ill Jan.,M.D.CCCin. 

Lamberts, Seal Armorial. 2s. 

5360 [SORSBIE (Robert).J Chippendale Armorial. Inscription want 

ing. 3s. 6d, 

5361 SOTHEBY (Thomas), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d. 

5362 SOULSBY (Christopher Percy). Armorial. 2s. 

5363 SOUTH ([Sir] James). F.R.S. Armorial, is. 6d. 
SOUTHAMPTON (Duchess of). See FitzRoy. 
(Lord). See FitzRoy. 

I . 5364 SOUTHCOTE (Philip), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

SOUTHESQUE (Eari of). See Carnegie. 

5365 [SOUTHEY (Robert).] Pictorial. [By T. Bewick,] Cut round, 5s. 

Reproduced in Hardy's E^okptaUs^ p. 81. 

5366 SOUTHOUSE. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

5367 [SOUTHWELL.] CaroUan Armorial. £1 is. 

5368 [SOUTHWELL.] Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 

Bookplates (Franks Collection). 


5369 SOUTHWELL (Edwd.), Esqr. F. Gardin Sc. Jacobean Ar- 
morial, ss. 

370 SOUTHWELL (John). Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

371 SOUTHWELL (Sr. Robert), Knight, one of the Clerkes attending 
his Majesty King Charles the Second in his most Honourable 
Privy Councell, etc. Early Armorial Shield on a mantle, i/. 105. 

372 SOUTHWELL (Honble. Robert Heny.). Lieut, ist Regt. of 
Horse, 1767. Chippendale Armorial Trophy. 105. 

373 SOYRES (John de). Armorial, with supporters. 25. 6d. 

374 SPARKES (Joseph). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

375 [SPARKES (Robert).] Festoon .\rmorial. 35. 

376 SPARLING (Willm.), Esqr., Petton Park, Co. Salop. Armorial. 


377 SPAROWE (J.). Jacobean Armorial. Cut round. 45. 

378 S[PARROW] (C[harlotte]). Bishton. Cypher. 35. 

379 SPARROW (R. B.). Brampton, Huntingdonshire. Armorial. 
IS. 6d. 

380 SPARROW (William Wynne). Armorial, is. 

381 SPEARMAN (Robert), of Oldacres Esqr., Durham. Chippendale 
Armorial. 35. 6d, 

382 SPENCE (Robt.), No. Shields. Wreath and ribbon engraved 
''label. 3s. 6d. 

383 [SPENCE (Luke?).] Chippendale Armorial, ys. 6d. 

384 SPENCE (Robert). Armorial, is. 

385 [SPENCER (Earl).] Armorial Spade Shield, with supporters. 
2s. 6d. 

386 [SPENCER (Countess).] Armorial Lozenge, with supporters. 6s. 

387 [SPENCER (Earl), Wimbledon.] Festoon Crest and Coronet. 
25. 6d. 

388 SPENCER (George Trevor), [Bishop of Madras]. Armorial. 
25. 6d, 

389 SPENCER (Charles Robert). Armorial, is. 

390 SPENCER (Harry Foche). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

391 SPENCER (PuUein), Middle Temple. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

392 SPENCER (William). Armorial Shield on an Imperial Eagle. 15. 

393 SPERLING (John Hanson), A.M., Coll. S. S. Trin. Cantab. 
Dolby Engraver. Armorial, is. 6d. 

394 SPIERS (Richard James), Oxford. Armorial, is. 

395 SPOKES. Ex-Libris Arthur H. Spokes, B.A., LL.B , B.Sc. Re- 
corder of Newbury, Berks. C. W. S[hfirborn]. Pictorial Ar- 
morial. 125. 6d. 

396 SPOONER (Charles), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. $s. 6d. 

397 SPOTTISWOODE. 17—. Pictorial Armorial. 8s. 6^ 

398 SPOTTISWOODE (WUUam). Crest in a Garter, is. 

399 SPRANGER (John), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 25. 

400 SPRAT (Thomas), Arch Deacon of Rochester. Early Armorial. 

i8o EUis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

5401 SPRY. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 6d, 

5402 SPRY (Dr. £.). Chippendale Armorial. $$. 6d. 

5403 SPRY (John Hume)» M.A. Armorial, is, 

5404 SPRY (J. H.). [By CUghorn,] Armorial, with decorated initial. 


5405 SPURDENS (Revd. W. T.). Armorial, is. 

5406 SPURGEON (Rev. J. G.)* Armorial Spade Shield. 2S. 6d. 

5407 SPURGEON (J. G.). Pictorial Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

5408 SPURGEON (John). Armorial Spade Shield. 25. 6d, 

5409 SPURGEON (R.). Pictorial. 65. 

5410 SPURR (Strafford). Crest, is. 

541 1 SPURRELL (George), Barking, Essex. Armorial Spade Shield. 


5412 SPURRELL (Joseph). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

5413 [SPYERS.] Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

5414 SQUIRE. Early Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 6d, 

5415 SQUIRE (Charles), Lynn, A.M. Early Jacobean Armorial. 

ys. 6d. 

5416 SQUIRE (S.). Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d, 

5417 SQUIRE (Tho.). MDCCXVI. Early Jacobean Armorial. ^ 14s. 

5418 STACKHOUSE (John) [botanist]. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 


5419 STACPOOLE (Revd. William C), A.B., ex-Scholar T.C.D. 

Armorial Shield in a garter. 2s. 

5420 STAINBANK (Jas.). Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d, 

5421 STAINFORTH. Armorial, is. 
STAMFORD (Earl of). See Grey. 

5422 [STANDISH.] Jacobean. 4s. 6d, 

5423 STANDISH (Charles), Esq., M.P., Standish, co. Lancaster. 

Armorial. 2s. 

5424 STANDISH (Edwd.), Esqr., Standish Hall. Armorial, is. 6d, 

5425 STANDISH (Henry), Esqr. Armorial, is. 

5426 STANDISH (Wm. Standish). Armorial, is. 

5427 STANE (Revd. I. Bramston), Forest Hall, Essex. Armorial. 2s. 

5428 STANFORD (Bedel). Armorial, is. 6d. 

5429 STANFORD (John Frederick), M.A.. F.R.S., Foley House, Port- 

land Place. Armorial, is. 6d. 

5430 ST ANGER (James). Armorial, is. 

5431 [STANHOPE]. Henry Edwyn Chandos, Earl of Chesterfield. 

Armorial, with supporters. 4s. 6d. 

5432 [STANHOPE, Earl of Chesterfield.] Armorial Shield in a garter 

on a mantle. 4s. 

5433 [STANHOPE, Earl of Chesterfield.] Armorial Arms in a garter 

on a mantle. [By Picart ?] 3s. 6rf. 

5434 STANHOPE (Philip, Earl). Jacobean Armorial, ^s- 6rf. 

Bookpiaies {Franks CollecHQn)i i8i 

435 [STANHOPE (Philip Earl).] Jacobean Armorial. The snudler 

plate. 45. 6d. 

436 STANHOPE (Sir Edwyn Eras. Scudamore), Bart.. Holme Lacy. 

Armorial, with supporters. 25. 6d. 

437 STANHOPE (George),^D.D., Dean of Canterbury. Early Ar- 

morial. 55. 

438 STANHOPE (HenricusjA.). Armorial Shield Pendant from a 

ribbon. 2s. 6d. 

439 STANHOPE (James Banks). Armorial, is. 

440 STANHOPE (The Honourable James Hamilton). Armorial, is. 

441 STANHOPE (Philip). Chippendale Armorial. 55. 6d. 

442 [STANHOPE.] Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

443 STANIFORTH, Damall, Yorkshire. Armorial. 25. 6d. 

444 STANIFORTH (Thomas), of Damall Hall, Yorksiire. Armorial. 

15. 6d. 

445 [STANLEY, Earl of Derby.] Crest and'Coronet. 2s. 6d. 

446 STANLEY, of Alderley (Lord). Crest and Coronet. 2s. 6d. 

447 STANLEY (Edward). Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6i. 

448 STANLEY (James). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. Slightly 

defective. 2s. 

449 STANLEY (Joseph). Seal Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

450 STANLEY (Law), Esqre., Ashenhurst. Chippendale Armorial. 

45. 6d. 

451 [STANLEY ( ), Baronet.] Hooton Library. Armorial Spade 

Shield in a frame. 3s. 6d, 

452 STANNARD (Philip), Norwich. Chippendale Armorial. $s. 

453 STANNUS ([Sir] E. G.) [Lieutenant-governor of East India 

College, Addiscombe]. Armorial, is. 

454 STANTON. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

455 STANTON (John). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

456 STAPILTON (Henry), Esq., Wighill. Chippendale Armorial. 

3s. 6d. 

457 STAPLES (Alexander), his Book, 1761. Chippendale printed 

label. 85. 6d. 

458 STAPLES (John). Armorial. 25. 6d. 

459 STAPYLTON (Henry) Esqre. Rohson sculpt. Armorial, is. 6d. 

460 STAPYLTON (Martin), Esqr., of My ton in the County of York, 

A.D. 1817. Early Armorial. Large size. 55. 

461 STAPYLTON (Martin), Esqre., of Myton in the County of York. 

Early Armorial. Small size. 8s. 6d. 

462 STARKEY, of Wakefield, of TJiomton Lodge, Springwood and 

Heaton Lodge, co. York. Armorial. 2s. 

463 STARKIE (William). Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

464 STAUNTON (Sir George). Bart, [writer on China]. Armorial. 

with supporters- 25. 6d. 

5465 Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 6d. 

i82 Ellis, 29 ffew Bend Street^ W. 

5466 STAUNTON (WiUiam), of Longbridge in Warwickshire, Esqr. 
Jacobean Armorial modem. 45. 6d. 

5467 [STAVELEY.] Chippendale Armorial. A reprint. 3s. 

5468 STEARNE. Ex Libris Johi Stearne, S.T.D. Epi. Clogherensis. 
1717. Jacobean Armorial, i/. is. 

5469 STEBBING (Henricus), Grayensis Anno 1769. Armorial in a 
circle. $s. 6d. 

5470 STEDMAN (John). Chippendale Armorial. $3. 

5471 STEDMAN (John), M.D. Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

5472 STEEL (Thomas Henry). J. &' J. Johnstone sc. Armorial. is.6d. 

5473 STEER (Charles). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, 2s. 

5474 STEEVENS (Geoe.) [editor of Shakespeare]. Chippendale Ar- 
morial. 45. 6d. 

5475 STEPHEW (Sir George), Bart. [Lord Mount-Stephen.] C. W. 

S[herhorn'\, Decorated Armorial. £1 ^^s. 

5476 STEPHEN (Jas.), Junr. [Sir James Stephen, K.C.B., Colonial 

Under-Secretary], Wreath and ribbon Armorial. 2s, 6d. 

5477 STEPHEN (James Fitzjames) [Judge]. Crest. 15. 6d. 

5478 STEPHENS, of Tregenna Castle. Huntly sc. Armorial Shield 

in a garter. 25. 6d. 

5479 STEPHENS. Armorial. 15. 

5480 STEPHENS (Charles Lyne). Armorial. 2s. 

5481 STEPHENS (James), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield, is. 

— 5482 STEPHENS (James). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, is. 6^^. 

5483 STEPHENS (Samuel), Esqr. Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. 

4s. 6d, 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 10, p. 8. 

5484 STEPHENS (WiUiam), M.D., F.R.S. Jacobean Armorial. 7s. 6d. 

5485 STEPHENSON (Edward), Fariey Hill. Armorial, is. 6d. 

5486 STEPHENSON (Jno.), Gent. Armorial Shield pendant from a 

Ribbon. 3s. 

5487 STEPHENSON (Mary). Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

5488 STEPNEY (Georgius) [poet and envoy]. Early Jacobean Ar- 

morial. 6s, 

5489 George Stepney, Esqr., one of the Councill of Trade. Early 

Armorial. los. 6d. 

S490 [STEPNEY (Sir John).] Armorial Shield with supporters. 2s. 

, 5491 STERLING (Parsons), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

5492 STERNE (W.). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

-^ 5493 STERRY (Wasey). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

— 5494 STEUART, of AUanton. Armorial Spade Shield, with sup- 

porters, on a mantle. 3s. 

— - 5495 Armorial Spade Shield, with supporters. 2s. 

5496 STEUART (David), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 

5497 STEUART [(Sir James)], of Coltness, Bart. Armorial {circa 

1780}. 2S. 

bookplates {Franks Collection)* 183 

5498 STEUART (Wm. McAdam), Esq.. Glenonqiston, co. Peebles. 

[Emslie,] ArmoriaL 2s, 

5499 STEVENS (Edward T.), Salisbury. Crest. 25. 

5500 STEVENS (Henry), Trin. Coll. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d.. 

5501 STEVENS (John), of Badgmore, Oxon. Armorial. 45. 6d. 

5502 STEVENS <Robt.), of Broadland. F, Garden sculp. Chippen- 

dale Armorial. 10s. 6d. 

5503 STEVENS (Robert Stephen). Armorial, is. 

5504 [STEVENS (Thomas), of the Inner Temple.] Jacobean Armorial. 

Mutilated. 35. 6d. 

5505 STEVENS (Thomas), of Bradfield, Berks. Armorial. 2s. 

5506 STEVENSON (James), Esq., Uffington, co. Lincoln. Armorial. 


5507 STEVENSON (John Hall), of Skelton Castle in Yorkshire. [Friend 

of Laurence Sterne, and original of Eugenius]. Jacobean Ar- 
morial. Slightly defective. Ss. 6d. 

5508 STEWARD (Charles), Esqr., Blundeston. Crest in a Garter, is. 

5509 STEWARD (John), Esq., Binny, co. Linlithgow. Armorial. 25. 

5510 STEWARD (Timothy), Esq., Heigham Lodge, co. Norwich. 

Armorial. 15. 6d. 

55 1 1 [STEWARTfJ. Anne, Countess Dowager of Galloway. Armorial 

Lozenge aiAi supporters on a mantle. 4s. 6d. 

5512 STEWART, of Glassertoun. Armorial Shield on a mantle. 25, 

5513 STEWART (Sir George), of Grandtully, Bart. Armorial Spade 

Shield, with supporters. 25. 6d. 

5514 [STEWART (H. D.).] Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

5515 STEWART (Horatio Granville Murray). Armorial. 15. 6d. 

5516 STEWART (I. Leveson Douglas), GlenogiL Armorial. 2s, 6d. 

5517 STEWART ( Jas. ), Esqr. , Killymoon. Crest in an oval frame, 2*. 

5518 STEWART (Hon. John), Esqr. /. Jones sc. Quebec. Ar- 

morial. Inscription faint. 95. 6d. 

AlUn, Ho. S26. 

5519 STEWART (Patrick Maxwell), Ardgowan. Armorial. 15. 6d. 

5520 STILLINGFLEET (The Rev. Henry Anthony), How Caple, co. 

Hereford. Armorial. 25. 

5521 STINTON (Thomas). Festoon Armorial. 35. 6d. 

5522 STITT (James). Engraved label in a decorated frame, ^s. 6d. 

5523 STITT (James Carlton). Armorial, is. 6d. 

5524 STOCK (J. S.). Seal Crest. 25. 

5525 STOCKER (Charles William). Armorial. 15. 

5526 S[TOCKTON] (H.). Crest and Cypher. 15. 6d. 

5527 STODDART (Sir John) [Chief Justice in Malta]. Armorial. 2s# 

5528 STOKES (Charles William). Armorigil. is. 

5529 STOKES (Nicholas), of the Inner Temple, Esqr. Festoon Ar- 

morial. 2S. 6d. 

5530 STONARD (Jonathan). Festoon Armorial. 2s' 

z84 Ellis, 29 N^w Bond Street, Wi 

5531 [STONE.] H, Abraham sc, Taunton, Armorial. 2s, 

5532 STONE (Arthur), of the Inner Temple, Gent. Jacobean Armorial. 
55. 6d, 

5533 STONE (John). Jacobean Armorial. 6s, 

5534 STONESTREET (The Reverend G. S. G.), LL.B.. Chaplain to 
H.R.H. the Duke of York. Armorial. 35. 6d, 

5535 STONESTREET (George Griffin). Armorial. is,.6d, 

5536 Another plate, impaling his wife's arms. 2s, 

5537 STONESTREET (The Rev. George S. Griffin), Halton. co. Sussex, 
and Stondon HaU, co. Essex. Armorial. 15. 6d. 

5538 STONHOUSE (James). Berkshire. Jacobean Armorial. Mottc^ 
" Sublimiora Petanras." 6s, 

5539 Motto, ** Famam extendere factis." 8s. 

5540 Motto, " Cura ut Valeas." Injured. 

ys, 6d, 

5541 Motto defaced. 6s, 

5542 [STONOR.] Armorial, is. 

5543 STONOR (Thomas), Esqr., 17 — . Jacobean Armorial. 7s, 6d. 

5544 STOPFORD (The Honble. Sir Robert) [Admiral, served in West 

Indies, etc.]. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

5545 STORER, M.D. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

5546 STORRS. Armorial, is. 

^547 STOUGHTON (John Clarke), Wymondham," Norfolk. Armorial 
Spade Shield, in a garter. 2s. 

5548 STOVIN (James), Doncaster, Yorkshire. Chippendale engraved 

label. 8s. 6d. 

5549 STOW (Benjn.). Armorial, is. 6d, 

5550 STOW (William). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

5551 STOWELL (Hugh Ashworth). Armorial. 2s. 

5552 STRACEY (George). Armorial, is. 

5553 STRACHAN (James M.). Armorial, is. 

<'- - 5554 STRACHAN (Sir Wm.), Bart. Chippendale Armorial, with sup- 
porters. 4s. 6d, 

5555 STRACHEY (Richard). Armorial, is. 6d, 

5556 STRADLING (Thos.), of St. Donatts Castle, Esqr. Jacobean 

Armorial. 9s. 6d, 

5557 STRADLING (Wm.). Armorial (motto in Welsh). 2s. 
STRAFFORD (Earl and Countess of). See Wentworth. 

5558 STRAHAN (Will.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

5559 STRAKER (John), Point Pleasant. Lambert sculpt. Armorial. 


5560 Jarrow Lodge. Lambert sculpt. Armorial. 2s. 

5561 STRANGE (Ann). Armorial, arms in a garter. 3s. 6d, 

5562 STRANGE (Thos. Andw.), of Lincolns Inn. Pictorial Armorial. 

- 5563 STRANGE ([Sir] Thomas Lumisden) [Chief Justice of Madras]. 
Armorial.' 2s. 

Bookplates {Franks Collection)^ 185 

5564 STRANGWAYES. Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

5565 [STRANG WAYS, Earl of] Ilchester. Armorial with . supporters. 


5566 STRANGWAYS (Henry Edward Fox). Earl of Ilchester. Seal 

Armorial. 3s. 6i. 

5567 [STRATFORD, Earl of Aldborough]. Polack Sculp, Chippen- 

dale Armorial, two shields accoU, with supporters, on a mantle. 

5568 [STRATFORD (Edward), Earl of Aldborough]. Armorial. Two 

Shields accol6, with supporters. 35. 6d, 

5569 [STRATFORD.] Edward Augustus, Earl of Aldborough. 

SkeUon sc. Armorial Spade Shield, with supporters, on a mantle. 
Printed in red, 55. 

5570 STRATFORD. Ex Libris Honorabilis Edvardi Stratford, 

Chippendale Pictorial Armorial, tw(^ shields accol6 with 
supporters, ids. 

5571 STRATFORD (Fran.), Esq. Jacobean Armorial. 55. 
STRATHMORE (Eari of). See Lyon. 

5572 STRATON (John). Festoon Armorial, with supporters. 25. 6d, 

5573 STRATON (John), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 6d, 

5574 [STREATFEILD.] Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

5575 [STREATFEILD.] Jacobean Armorial. 45. ed, 

5576 STREATFEILD (Thomas), of Chart's Edge. Clk, F.S.A. (historian 

of Kent]. Armorial. 35. 6d, 

5577 STREET (Joh), Med. Tempi. Jacobean Armorial. Defective, 4s. 

5578 STREET (Messrs. John and Joseph). Chippendale (?) Armorial. 

55. 6d, 

5579 STRETTON. Festoon Armorial. 25. 6i. 

5580 STRETTON (Sempronius). Lenton Priory. Armorial. 2s. 

5581 STRETTON (William), Lenton Priory. 2s. 
- 5582 STRICKLAND (Eustachius). Armorial. 15. 

5583 STRICKLAND (Sr. George), Bart. Wreath and Ribbon 

Armorial. 25. 6i. 

5584 STRICKLAND (George) [of Chesnut Grove, co. York]. Armorial. 


5585 STRICKLAND (George). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

5586 STRICKLAND (Jarrard Edw.). Architectural Armorial. 85. 6d. 

5587 STRODE (Saml), 1723. Jacobean Armorial. 7s, 6d, 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 5, p. 303. 

5588 STRODE (Saml.), 1741. Jacobean Armorial. 45. 6d, 

5589 STRODE (Willm.). 1741. Jacobean Armorial. 6s, 

Reproduced in HamHton, Dated BookpUUet List, p. 44. 

5590 STRONG (Alexander). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

5591 STRONG (C. S.) [of Limpsfield, co. Surrey]. Armorial Spade 
Shield. 15. 6d^ 

5592 STRONG (Sydney Gore Robert). Armorial Spade Shield, i*. 

5593 STRONG (Thomas), Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s, 

i86 EUiSi 2g New Bend Street, W. 

5594 STRONG (Wm.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, is, 6d. 

5595 STRUTT (Josh.). Engraved Label. 3s. 6d. , 

5596 STRUTT (Joseph) [of Derby]. Armorial, i.^. 

5597 STRUTT (Saml.), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield in a beaded 
oval. 2s. (id. 

5598 [STUART, Marquess of Bute]. Luton Library. Armorial. 25.6^. 

5599 [STUART, Marquess of Bute]. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 
56bb [STUART], James Earl of Bute, & cet. Early Armorial. Ts, 6d, 
5601 James, Earl of Bute, etc. Jacobean Armorial. 45. 6d. 

5602 [STUART], John, Earl of i3ute, etc. Early Jacobean Armolrial. 

Ss. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl.f v. 11, p. 70. 

5603 [STUART], The Right Honble. John, Earl of Bute, etc. Jacobean 
Armorial. 2^. 6d. 

5604 [STUART], John, Earl of Bute, etc. Jacobean Armorial, ^s, 6d, 

5605 [STUART], Crossmount. Kirkwood and Son, Pictorial Armorial. 
4-S, 6d. 

5606 STUART of Dunnaim, Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. $s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. xx, p. xo2. 

5607 A later state of same plate. 25. 6d, 

5608 STUART (Alexander), of Edinglassie. Jacobean Annorial. 5s. 

5609 STUART (Lord Dudley Coutts). Armorial with supporters. 
25. 6d. 

5610 STUART (Sr. John), of AUanbank, Bart. Jacobean ArmoriaL 
2s. 6d. 

561 1 STUART (John), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 6d. 

5612 STUART (John). Festoon Armorial. 25. 6i. 

5613 STUBS (Joseph). Armorial, is. 

5614 STUDDY (Henry). Armorial, is. 

^ 5615 STURGEON (R.), Bury. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

5616 STURGES (John).^i?. M[o«fi/aiwe] sc«//>. Chippendale Armorial. 

I OS. 6d, 

5617 STURMER (Heaton Edward von). Armorial, is. 

5618 STURT (Charles), Gritchill House, Dorset, 1787. Crest. 4s. 6d, 

5619 [STYLE (Sir Charles), Bath.] Armorial Spade Shield, is. 

5620 [STYLEMAN.] Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

5621 [SUCKLING.] Jacobean Pictorial Armorial. 8s. 6d, 
SUFFOLK (Earl of). See Howard. 

5622 SUGER (2^ch.), i7[38]. Jacobean Armorial. 8s. 6d, 

^ 5C23 SULIVAN (Richard Joseph), Thames Ditton, Surry. ArmoriaL 


c — 5624 SULIVAN (Richard Joseph), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield. 15. 

5625 [SULIVAN.] Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

5626 SULLIVAN ([Sir] -Edward). Seal Crest. 25. 6d, 

5627 SULLIVAN (John), Richings Lodge, Bucks. Armorial. 15. 6i. 

Boohplates (Franks Collection). 187 

5628 SULLIVAN (Richard Joseph), Thames Ditton, Surry. Armorial. 


5629 SULLOW (C. j.). Chippendale Armorial, ss. 

5630 SUMNER (Geo.). Festoon Armorial. 85. 6rf, 

See AlUn, American Bookplates, No. 993. 

5631 SUMNER (George Holme), Armigr. Hatchlands. Festoon 

Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

5632 SUMNER (R.), Surgeon, Farnham. Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

5633 SUMNER (Mr. WiUm.), Lombard Street. Festoon ArmoriaU 

$s. 6d. 

5634 SUMNER (WilUam Brightwell), Hatchlands. Chippendale Ar- 

morial. ^s. 6d, 

5635 SURMAN (WiUiam Henry). Armorial, is. 

5636 [SURTEES.] Armorial, with supporters and mantUng. 5s. 6d. 

5637 SURTEES (Robt.), Mainsforth. R. Surtees FeciL Festoon 

Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

5638 SURTEES (Roht.) Mainsforth. R, Surtees delint. Neele^sculp. 

Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

5639 SURTEES (S. VilUers), Inner Temple. Crest, is. 

5640 SURTEES (WilUam Edward) [Tainfield House, co. Somerset]. 

Armorial, is. 6d. 

5641 SUTHERLAND (John), of Forss. Esq. Early Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

5642 SUTHERLAND (John), of Forse, Esq. Jacobean Armorial. 

2s. 6d. 

5643 [SUTTIE (George Grant)], Prestongrange. Armorial Spade 

Shield. 2s. 

5644 SUTTON (James). Armorial, is. 

5645 [SUTTON (The Rev. Mr. John), A.M.]. Jacobean Armorial. 

Inscription wanting, 4s. 

5646 SUTTON (R.), Arm. Com. Nottingh. Chippendale Armorial. 

6s. 6d. 

5647 SWABEY (Maurice). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6rf, 

5648 SWAIN (John Hadley). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

5649 SWAINE, Leverington. Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 6d, 

5650 SWAN (Joseph). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, is. 6d. 

5651 SWANN (Edward Bonsor). Johnson sc. Armorial, is. 6d, 

5652 SWANWICK (Thomas), M.D. ArmoriaL is. 

5653 [SWAYNE.] Seal Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

5654 SWAYNE (Benjamin). Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 6d. 

5655 SWEEDLAND (Charles), Esqr. Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

5656 SWEET (George), Inner Temple. Armorial, is. 6d. 

5657 SWEET (Samuel White). Armorial, is. 6d. 

5658 SWEETING (Henry), Huntingdon, Festoon Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

5659 SWEETMAN (Henry), Esq. Chippendale Armorial. 7s, 6d, 

Reproduced in CasUe, Efu^ith Bookplates, p. 77. 

5660 SWEETMAN (Walter). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 25. 6d 

igo ElUs, 29 New Band Street^ W. 

727 TALBOT (Colonel), Malahide Castle. Armorial Spade Shield. 
25. 6d. 

728 TALBOT (John Hyacinth), Esq., Talbot Hall, and Ballytrent, 
CO. Wexford. Seal Armorial. 2s. 

729 TALBOT (Mary). Jacobean Armorial, with supporters. 125. 
Reproduced in Miss Laboucker^s Ladies* BookfdaUs, p. 83. 

730 TALBOT (P. H.). Jacobean Armorial. Slightly defective. 4s. 

731 TALBOT (The Revd. Will.). Jacobean Armorial. 75. 6d. 

732 TALBOT (William), Lord Bishop of Oxford, 1702. Early Armo- 
rial. 1 55. 

733 [TALCOTT.] Chippendale Armorial. $$. 

734 TANDY. Trophy Armorial. 45. 6d. 

735 TANNER (Thomas Hawkes), M.D. Armorial, arms in a garter. 
15. 6d. 

736 TAPNER (John). Chippendale Cypher. 35. 6d. 

737 TARN (William and Frances), April i8th, 1868. Monogram and 
Crest. 35. 

738 TARPLEY (Kenneth). Armorial. 15. 

739 TASKER (Joseph), Middle ton Hall, Essex. Crest in a garter. 

15. 6d, 

740 TASWELL (W.). Festoon Armorial. 25. 6rf. 

741 TATE (Benjmn.), Swalwell. T. Jameson sculpt. Chippendale 

Cypher, js. 6d. 

742 TATE (Wm.). Literary (Tree and Books). 85. 6d. 

743 TATHAM (Edward), Esq., Summerfield House, co. Lancaster. 

Armorial. 25. 

744 TATHAM (Ra.). Chippendale Armorial. Mutilated. 35. 6d. 

745 TATNALL (WilUam). Armorial. 15. 

746 TATTERSALL. Armorial, is. 6d. 

747 TATUM (George Benson), of Christ Church, Oxford. Modem 

Jacobean Armorial. 25. 6d. 

748 [TATUM.] Jacobean Armorial in an oval. ys. 6d. 

749 TAWELL (Henry). Chippendale Armorial. 65. 

750 TAYLER (Joseph), M.B. Cantab. Jacobean Pictorial Armorial. 

45. 6d. 

751 TAYLER (Richard). M. Darby inut. et sc. Chippendale 

Armorial, with books. 45. 6d. 

752 TAYLER (Thomas John). Armorial, is. 

753 TAYLER (Willm.). Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d. 

754 TAYLOR (Edward). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

755 TAYLOR (Edward). Armorial. 15. 

756 [TAYLOR (Elizabeth, widow of Sir John Taylor of Lysson Hall. 

Jamaica)]. W. Darling feet. Festoon Armorial Lozenge, with 
supporters. 105. 6d. 

757 TAYLOR (Gawan), Trinity College, Cambridge. Mantle. 2s.6d. 

758 TAYLOR (James), Lieut. General, Mount Heaton. Wreath 
. and Ribbon Armorial. 25. 6d, 

Bookplates {Franks Collection). 191 

5759 TAYLOR (James), Esq., Clare Hall, Camb. Chippendale Armo- 

rial, with mantling. 35. 6d. 

5760 TAYLOR (James), Esq., Northumberland. Armorial, is. 

5761 TAYLOR (James), Esq., Todmorden Hall, Lancashire. Armo- 

rial. IS. 6d, 

5762 TAYLOR (James), of Todmorden Hall. Armorial, is. 

5763 [TAYLOR (Sir John), of Lysson Hall, Jamaica.] W. Darling 

feet. Festoon Armorial, with supporters. los. 6d, 

5764 TAYLOR (Jno. B.), F.S.A. Wreath Armorial. 2s. 

5765 TAYLOR (Joannes), Salopiensis, LL.D. Chippendale Armorial. 

Injured. 4s. 

5766 TAYLOR (John). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

5767 TAYLOR (John Noble). Crest within a ribbon. 3s. 6d, 

5768 TAYLOR (Philip). Printed Label. 3s. 

5769 TAYLOR (Philip). Landscape Pictorial. 6s. 

5770 TAYLOR (Robert Lewis). Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

5771 TAYLOR (Samuel). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

5772 TAYLOR (Sir Simon R. B.) Bart. Armorial, with supporters. 

IS. 6d. 

5773 [TAYLOR (Thos.).] Green, Cork. Armorial, is. 6d. 

5774 TAYLOR (Thos.) Arm. e Coll. Exon Oxon et de Denbury in 

Com. Devon. Chippendale Armorial. Slightly torn. $s. 6d, 

5775 TAYLOR (Revd. Thomas), LL.D. Armorial. 2s. 

5776 [TAYLOR (Watson).] Armorial, with supporters. 2s. 6d. 

^J77 TAYLOR (Wm.). [By Bewick.] Pictorial. 7s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 4, p. loa. 

5778 TAYLOR (Witti.), Interioris Templi Ar. Jacobean Armorial. 

Corners touched. 8s. 6d. 

5779 TEED (J. G.), Crest, is. 

5780 TEISSIER (Lewis), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

5781 TEKELL (I.). Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 6d. 

5782 [TEMPLE]. Viscount Palmerston. Armorial, with supporters, 

2s. 6d. 

5783 [TEMPLE] (Frederick) [Bishop], Exon. Armorial, with mitre. 


5784 TEMPLE (Frances). Armorial Lozenge. 2s. 6d. 

5785 TEMPLE (Sir Grenville Temple), Bart. Armorial, is. 

5786 [TEMPLE (William I.)]. Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 
S7S7 TEMPLEMAN (John). Armorial, is. 6d. 

5788 TEMPLER (John), Lindridge, Devon. Henshaw sculp. Chippen- 

dale Armorial. 5s. 

5789 TEMPEST (Jno.), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

5790 TEMPEST (Wight). Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

5791 TENISON (Edward), LL.B., Archdeacon of Carmarthen [after- 

wards Bp. of Ossory]. Early Armorial. 15s. 
Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 9j p. 15. 

192 EUis, 29 New Band Street, W: 

5792 TENISON (Edward King), Esq., Kilronan Castle, co. Ros- 

common. Armorial. 2s. 

5793 TENNANT. Armorial, is. 

5794 TENNANT (J. T. S.). Armorial. 15. 

5795 TENNANT (William), Aston Hall. Armorial Spade Shield in 

beaded oval, a states. 2s. 6d, 

5796 TENNENT (James), of Pool, Camwath, Lanarkshire. Armorial, 

with supporters. 2s, 

5797 TENNYSON (George). Armorial Spade Shield. 5s. 

5798 TERRITT (Wm.) LL.D. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

5799 [TERRY (Garden)]. Chippendale Armorial. Torn. 3s. 

5800 TEW (Edmund), D.D., Bolden. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

5801 TEW ART (E.). Armorial, is. 6d. 

5802 THACKERAY (Revd. Francis). M.A. [Uncle of the Novelist]. 

Armorial. 3s. 

5803 THACKERAY (F.). Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

5804 THACKERY (Martin). Crest. 2s. 6d. 

5805 THACKRAY (Thos.). Consitt. Chippendale Armorial. Printed 

in sepia, ys. 6d. 

5806 THAYER (Samuel), of the Inner-Temple, Esqr. Chippendale 

Armorial. 5 s. 

5807 THEAKSTON (F.). Armorial, is. 

5808 THEAKSTON (Marmaduke). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

5809 THEED (John). Festoon Armorial. 3s. dd. 

5810 THELLUSSON (Mr. [Peter]). Armorial Spade Shield, with 

supporters. 2s. 6d. 

581 1 [THELLUSSON (Peter Isaac)], Lord Rendlesham. 18 10. Armo- 

rial, with supporters. 3s. 

5812 [THELLUSSON] (WilUam), Lord Rendlesham, 1832. Warwisk 

sc. Armorial with supporters. 2s. 

5813 THEOBALD (James), of Belvidere, Esq. Jacobean Armorial. 

3s. 6d. 

5814 THIBAUDEAU(A.W.). 1887. C.W.Shefborn fecit. Decorative. 

I2S. 6d. 

5815 Another plate. 1887. C. W, S[herhorn'\. Decorated 

Armorial. 12s. 6d. 

5816 THICKNESSE (Philip), Esqr., Land-Guard Fort, 1755, [accom- 

panied Gen. Oglethorpe to Georgia]. Chippendale Armorial. 
8s. 6d. 

5817 THIEBAULD (James), 1883. [C. W. Sherborn.] Decorated 

Armorial. Inscription partly erased. 12s. 6d. 

5818 THISTLETHWAYTE (Alex.). Esqr. Jacobean Armorial, with 

cupids. 2s. 6d. 

5819 THISTLETHWAYTE (Alex.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 

2s. 6d. 

5820 THOMAS (David Morgan). The Temple, London. Armorial. 

IS. 6d. 

Bookplates (Franks Collection). 193 

5821 THOMAS (Sr. Edmd.), Bart. M, Skinner Exon sculp, Chip- 

pendale Armorial. Injured, ys. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris J I., v. 9, p. 55. 

5822 THOMAS (Edmond), Esq. F. Feninger sc, Chippendale Armo- 

rial. 8s. 6d, 

5823 THOMAS (Edward), JV.M., F.R.A.S. Chippendale Armorial. 

6s. 6d. 

5824 THOMAS (Edward David), Wellfield House, co. Radnor. Armo- 

rial. IS. 6d. 

5825 THOMAS (Sir G.). This book belongs to Sir G. Thomas's Library. 

Dale-Park, Sussex. Printed label. $s. 

5826 THOMAS (Geo.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

5827 THOMAS (Revd. J. G.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, as. 6d. 

5828 [THOMAS (John), LL.D., Rector of Blechingley]. Chippendale 

Armorial. Inscription wanting. 2s. 6d. 

5829 THOMAS (John), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

5830 THOMAS (John Deere) [D.D.]. Chippendale Armorial, ys. 6d, 

5831 THOMAS (Le Marchant). Armorial, is. 

5832 THOMAS (M.), A.M., Christ. Coll. Cant. Cliippendale Armorial. 

4s. 6d. 

5833 THOMAS (Morgan). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

5834 THOMAS (Wm.), A tty. at Law. Ross sculp. Wreath and Ribbon 

Armorial, ss. 6d. 

5835 THOMAS (Wm.), Chester. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

5836 THOMAS (William). Pictorial. 6s. 

5837 THOMLINSON of Blencogo and Allonby, co. Cumberland. 

Armorial, is. 6d. 

THOMOND, Marquis of. See O'Bryen. 

5838 THOMPSON (Alexander), Esqr., of Banchory. [By Becker.] 

Armorial, is. 6d. 

5839 THOMPSON (Anthony). Ex Libris D. Anthonii Thompson. 

Jacobean Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

5840 THOMPSON (Beilby), of Escrick. Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 

5841 THOMPSON (Honble. Caroline). Armorial. 3s. 

5842 THOMPSON (Chas. Jno.). Crest, is. 

5843 [THOMPSON (E.), 6 June, 1803]. Wreath and Ribbon Armo- 

rial. 2S. 6^. 

5844 THOMPSON (F. E.). T. Starling sc. Engraved label, name on 

a mantle. 3s. 6d. 

5845 THOMPSON (Francis), Sig. Francisci Thompson eccl. sci. egidii 

Dunelm. incubentis. Lamberts sculp. Vesica. 3s. 6d. 

5846 THOMPSON (Leo.). Chippendale Armorial. 7s. 6d. 

5847 THOMPSON (Sr. Peter), F.R.S. /. Mynde sculp. Chippendale 

Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

5848 THOMPSON (Robert), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 35. 6d. 

5849 THOMPSON (T.), Esqr., Bp. Wearmouth. Armorial. 2s. 


Elhs, 29 New Band Streefi W. 

850 THOMPSON (Thos.). S.A.S. Mercator & Nummal. Kingston 

snpra Hull. Wreath and Ribbon ArmoriaL Injured. 2s. 6d, 

851 THOMPSON (W. H.) [Professor of Greek at Cambridge]. Armo- 

rial. 2S. 6d. 

852 Another plaie. 2s. 6d. 

853 THOMPSON (William), of Humbleton in Yorkshire. Esqr., 1708. 

Early Armonal. 185. 

854 THOMPSON (William), of Humbleton in Yorkshire, Esqr.. 

175 1. Chippendale Armorial. 145. 

855 [THOMPSON.] Jacobean Armorial. A modem impression, is. 

856 [THOMPSON.] Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. A fine plate. 

55. 6d. 

SS7 THOMS (William J.). [Editor of Notes and Queries.] Portrait 
Armorial, Photograph, ys. 6d. 

858 THOMSON (Alexander), of Banchory, Esquire. Jacobean 

Armorial. A late impression. 2s. 6d. 

859 THOMSON (Jas.). Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

860 THOMSON (James). Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

861 THOMSON (John), R.N. Armorial, is. 6d. 

862 THOMSON (John Deas) Esqr., Commissioner of the Navy. 

Armorial. 25. 

863 THOMSON (John Deas). Armorial Spade Shield in a beaded 

oval. 25. 6a. 

864 THORLEY (Robert). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

86s THORNBROUGH (Edwd. L.), R.N. Armorial, is. 6d. 

866 THORNE (P. F.) K.H. Armorial. 2s. 

867 THORNHILL (Johannes) de Thornhill in Comitt. Dorset, Arm. 

Jacobean Armorial. $s. 

868 [THORNHILL.] Armorial, is. 6d. 

869 [THORNTON.] Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

870 THORNTON (Augusta) Presented by Mrs. Eliza Ford, of 

Clifton, 1848. Label, ss. 6d. 

871 THORNTON (E. N.). Armorial, is. 

872 THORNTON (John), London. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

873 THORNTON (Robert), Clapham. Chippendale Armorial. 65. 6d. 

874 THORNTON (Robert) [M.P., of Clapham]. Festoon Armorial. 

2s. 6d. 

87s THORNTON (Samuel). Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

876 THORNTON (Lieutenant General William), M.P., Grosvenor 

Gate. [Wounded at Bladensburg.] Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

877 THORNTON (WUliam). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

878 THORNTON (William Astell). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

879 [THOROLD, Bart.], Syston Park. Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

The bookplate of the celebrated Syitoa Park librarj. 

880 THOROTON (Robert) [Grenadier Guards]. ArmoriaL is. 

88} THOROTON (Thomas), of the Middle Temple, Esqr. 1703. 
Early Armorial. 15s. 

Bookpiaies {Franks Collection). 195 

5882 THORP (Carolus), Dunelm. Late Jacobean Armorial. 35. 

5883 THORPE (Revd. William), e CoU. Mert. Oxon. Crest, is. 6d. 

5884 THOYTS (Chas.). Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

5885 THROCKMORTON (Sr. Robt.), Bart. Jacobean Armorial. 6s, . 

5886 THROP. E. Libris Throp. Jacobean Armorial. 8s. 6d, 

5887 THRUPP (Mr. J. H.). No. 6. Spanish Place. Engraved Label. 

2s. 6d, 

5888 THRUPP (John) [historical writer]. Crest. 2s. 

5889 THURLOW (John) [Norwich]. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

5890 [THURLOW.] Armorial Spade Shield, within a wreath. 3s. 6d, 

5891 THURSBY (Geo. Aug.), A.M., F.R.S., F.L.S. Armorial, is. 6d. 

5892 THURSBY (Geo. Aug.), A.M.,F.R.S.,L.S.,H.S. Armorial. is.6d, 

5893 THYNNE. The Right Honble. Thomas Lord Viscount Wey- 

mouth, Baron Thynne of Warminster, 1704. Early Armorial. 

5894 [THYNNE], Lord Viscount Weymouth, Longleat, Wilts. Festoon 

Armorial, arms in a garter. 3s. 6d. 

5895 [THYNNE], John Alexander, Marquess of Bath. Engd, by E. 

Ortner. Seal Armorial. Cut round, ^s. 6d, 

5896 [THYNNE.] Arma Johannis Baronis Carteret de Hawnes. 

MDCCCXLI. Seal Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

5897 THYNNE (Johannes), D.D., Westmonast-Subdecan. 1838. Seal 

Armorial. 3s. 6d. « 

5898 THYNNE (Thomas), of Old Windsor, in the County of Berks. 

Esq. Early Armorial. 12s. 

5899 [THYNNE.] Bibliotheca Haynensis. MDCCCLXXIII. Seal 

Armorial. 3s. 

5900 TICHBORNE (Sir James Francis Doughty), Baronet. Armorial, 

with supporters. 2s. 6d. 

5901 TICKELL (J.). Jacobean Armorial. 7s. 6d. 

5902 TIDSWELL (Richard). Armorial, is. 

5903 TIERNEY (George), Lincoln's Inn. [Politician.] Armorial 

Spade Shield. 2s. 6d, 

5904 TILL (Laurence William). Armorial, is. 

5905 TILLARD [Stukeley Hall, Hunts]. Chippendale Armorial. 35.6^. 

5906 TIMSON (Willm.). Festoon Crest. 3s. 

5907 TINKER (J.). Crest. 2s. 

, 5908 TINKER (John Bladen), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

5909 TIPPER (Benjamin). Engraved Label, is. 

5910 [TISDALL.] Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

591 1 TISDALL (Kath. Maria). Pictorial Armorial. 6s, 

Repr(>duced in Miss Labouchtrt^s Ladits' BookplaUs, p, 32a. 

5912 TOBIN (Ja».) [of Nevis, in the West Indies], Pictorial Urn. 

3s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris JL, v. 9, p. 144. 

5913 TOBIN (Sir Thomas). Armorial. 2«. 6d, j 

5914 TOD (Archd,), Writer to the Signet. Festoon Crests 2s. 6d, 

*-^. — . 

196 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

5915 TOD (Henry). Festoon Crest. 2s. 6d, 

5916 TOD (John). Armorial. .15. 

5917 TODDERICK (George F.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s.6d. 
5918 A larger plate, 35. 

5919 TOKE (John), Esqr., of Godinton, Kent. Chippendale Armorial. 

Ss. 6d. 

5920 TOKE (N.), Coll. Om. Ani. Socius. 1763. Cole sc. Chippendale 

Armorial. 6s. 6d. 

5921 TOLLER (Thomas), V.D.M. Mynde sculp, Chippendale 

Armorial. Slightly injured, js. 6d. 

5922 TOLLET (George), Esq. Early Armorial. 45. 6d. 

5923 TOLLEY (Henry). Huntly sc. Armorial. 15. 6d. 

5924 [TOMKINS. Webly, co. Hereford.] Armorial. 2s. 

5925 TOMKINS (Fredk.), Univ. Coll. Oxon. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

5926 TOMKINS (Samuel). Armorial, is. 

5927 TOMKINS (Thomas) [Calligrapher]. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

5928 TOMKINS (Thomas). Pictorial. 3s. 

5929 TOMKYNS (John). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

5930 TOMKYNS (Pakington Geo.). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

5931 TOMLINE (William Edward), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield, is. 

5932 TOMLINS ([Sir] Thomas Edlyne) and Elizabeth. 1830. Ar- 

morial. 2s. 6d. 

5933 [TOMLINSON (George), Bishop of Gibraltar]. Armorial, with 

mitre. 3s. 

5934 TOMLINSON (Robt.). Armorial. 2s. 

5935 TOMMINS (Jean), Je suis k Jean Tommins. Cipriani Deltj 

J. Ford sculpt. Pictorial Armorial. 15s. 

Reproduced in Fincham, Arttsts and Engravers of Bookplates, p. 25. 

5936 TOMPSON (Carrier). Lake sculp. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

5937 TOMPSON (Edward). Armorial, is. 

5938 TONNIGES (Jacob Benjamin). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

5939 TONSON (William), Lord Riversdale. Armorial, with supporters. 

2s. 6d. 

5940 TOOKE (Thos.) [Economist]. Crest in a Garter. 2s. 

5941 TOOKE (William). F.R.S. [President of Society of Arts, and M.P. 

for Truro], Armorial. 2s. 

5942 TOOKEY (Ranceford). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

5943 TOONE (Francis Hastings). Armorial, is. 

5944 TOPHAM (John), Esq., F.R.S. and AS. Festoon Armorial^ 

2s. 6d. 

5445 TOPPING (James) Armorial, is. 

TORPICHEN (Baron). See Sandilands. 

5946 TORRE (James), Snydall. ArmQ::ial. 3s. 6d. 

5947 TORRE (Nicholas Lee). Johnson sc, Cheltn, ArmoriaL is. 6d. 

5948 TORRENS ([Sir] Henry) [Major-General, fought in South America, 

and the^Peninsula]. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

Bookplates (Franks CoUecHon). 197 

5949 TORRIANO (Major J. S.). Armorial Spade Shield. 15. 6d, 

5950 TORRIANO (William Harcourt). Home, Temple Bar. Annorial. 


5951 TORRIE (Thomas Jameson). Armorial. 15. 
TORRINGTON, Viscount. See Byng. 

5952 TOTTENHAM (J. H. Loftus) [of MacMurrough, co. Wexford], 

Armorial, is. 

5953 [TOUCHET], Lord Audley. Armorial. 2s, 

5954 TOWER (Captn.), Navy. Armorial. 25. 

5955 TOWER (Revd. Charles). Armorial, is. 

5956 TOWER (Christopher), ^sqr.. W^ald Hall. Armorial, is. 

5957 TOWNELEY. Ex libris Bibliothecae Domesticae Joannis 

Towneley, de Towneley, in Agro Lancastrensi Armigeri. Chip- 
pendale Armorial. 25. 6d. 

5958 TOWNELEY (John), of Corney House, Chiswick, in the County 

of Middlesex, Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

5959 TOWNELEY (John), Esq. Chippendale Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

5960 TOWNELEY (Richard). Ex libris BibUothecae Domesticae 

Richardi Towneley de Towneley in Agro Lancastrensi Armigeri, 

Aetatis 73. Anno Domini 1702. Early Armorial. 45? 6d. 
Reproduced as^frontispiece to Hardy's Bookplates. 

5961 TOWNLEY(Chas.),Esqr..WhitehaU. Pictorial Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

5962 TOWNLEY (Henry Ward). Askby sc. Wreath and Ribbon 

Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

5963 TOWNSEND (Edward). Armorial, Arms on a Mantle. 2s. 6d. 

5964 TOWNSEND (Edward). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 

5965 TOWNSEND (Edwd. R.), M.D. Chippendale Armorial. 3s, 6d. 

5966 TOWNSEND (Gilbert). Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 6d. 

5967 TOWNSHEND (Marquis). Armorial, with supporters. 2s. 6d. 

5968 TOWNSHEND (Anne Viscountess) Festoon Armorial. 4s, 6d, 

5969 TOWNSHEND (Marchioness). Festoon Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

5970 [TOWNSHEND], Viscount JSydney. Armorial, with supporters. 

4s. 6d. 

5971 [TOWNSHEND;(Charles)]. The Rt. Honble. the Lord Lynne, 

1734. Armorial, with^supporters. los. 6d. 

5972 [TOWNSHEND.] The Right Honble. George, Baron Ferrers, of 

Chartley. Armorial Shield and Supporters on a Mantle. 3s. 6d. 

5973 TOWNSHEND (The Honble. Augustus), Esqr. Jacobean 

Armorial, ids. 

5974 TOWNSHEND (Thel^Honble. Charles). 1734. Jacobean Ar- 

morial. Slightly injured, 5s. 

5975 TOWNSHEND (Chas.), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

5976 TOWNSHEND (The Honble. Dorothy). Jacobean Armorial 

Lozenge. 1 2s. 

5977 TOWNSHEND (The Honble. Edward), Esqr. Jacobean Ar- 

morial. 6s. 

5978 TOWNSHEND (The Honble. Geo.). Esq. [Rear- Admiral, served 
• as Commander-in-Chief at Jamaica.] Jacobean Armorial. los. 

198 Ellis, 29 New Bond Streeti Wi 

5979 TOWNSHEND (The Honble. Geo.). Chippendale Armorial. 5«. 

5980 TOWNSHEND (The Honble. H. G. P.). Armorial. 25. 6d. 

5981 TOWNSHEND (The Honble. Horo.). Armorial. 45. 6d. 

5982 TOWNSHEND (The Honble. Horatio George Powys). Armorial 

Spade Shield. 25. 6d. 

5983 TOWNSHEND (The Honble. J. T.). Chippendale Armorial. 

85. 6d. 

5984 TOWNSHEND (The Honble. John). Armorial Spade Shield 

on a mantle. 35. 6d, 

5985 TOWNSHEND (Honble. John Robert). Armorial, with sup- 

porters. 35. 6d. 

5986 TOWNSHEND (The Honble. Mary). Jacobean Armorial 

Lozenge. 14s. - 

5987 TOWNSHEND (Maurice Fitzgerald Stephens-), of Castle Towns- 

hend. Seal Armorial. 25. 6d. 

5988 [TRADESCANT.] Early Armorial! il. 55. 

5989 TRAHERNE (John M.). F.R.S. [Glamorganshire Antiquary]. 

Huntly sc, Bath. Crest. 25. 

5990 TRAIL (Henry). Armorial, is. 

5991 TRAIL(James)D.D., Lord Bishop of Down and Connor. Festoon 

Armorial. 5s. 6d. 

5992 TRAIL (Revd. Robert). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 25. 6d, 

5993 TRAILLE (Peter), of Saba, Esqr., Member of the Academy's of 

Rome and Florence, Capt. in the R. Regt. of Artilly. Festoon 
Armorial. 35. 

5994 TRANT (Dominick), of Dingle, Esqr. Bookpile Armorial, i/. 55. 

5995 TRAVELL (The Revd. F. T.), Swerford, Oxon. Wreath and 

Ribbon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

5996 TRAVERS (Benjamin), Mutlow sc. Armorial, is. 6d, 

59^7 TRAVERS (Benjamin) [President of Royal College of Surgeons]. 
Huntly sc. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

5998 TRAVERS (John), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

5999 TRAVERS (John Moore), Esq., T.C.D. Armorial Spade Shield. 

2s. 6d. 

6000 TREACHER (John). Armorial, is. 

6001 TREAD WAY (George), Esqr. Jacobean Pictorial Armorial. los. 
Probably by James Turner, who engraved the bookplate of John Franklin. See i4l/m, 

p. 155-6. 

6002 TREBY (Henry Hele). A, Angel, Engraver. Late Chippendale 

Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

6003 TREFUSIS (Robert), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 6s, 6d. 

6004 TREHERNE (Morgan). Armorial, two Shields accol6. is. 6d. 

6005 TRELAWNY (Charles), Esqr., of Coldrinnock. Jacobean 

Armorial. 7s. 6d. 

6006 TRELAWNY ([Lieut-Gen.] H.), [Governor of Landguard Fort.1 

Chippendale Armorial. 7s. 6d. 

6007 TREMAYNE ([Lieut.-Col. Arthur]), Carclew. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6008 TREMENHEERE (Lt.-GenL). Dolby engraver. Armorial. 2s. 

BopkplaUs {Franks Coll^ction)i 199 

6009 [TRENCH, Baron Ashtown.] Armorial. 25. 

6010 TRENCH (Frederick). Ex Libris Frederici Trench de Heywood 

comit. regin. Armorial Spade Shield. 23, 

6011 TRENCHARD (John Trenchard). Armorial. 15. 

6012 TREVALDWYN (Rev. B. W. J.), Rector of St. Martin by Looe, 

Cornwall. W, H. Foster del et scu,, Plymo. Decorated Armorial. 
45. 6d. 

6013 [TREVELYAN.] Festoon Armorial, with supporters. 25. 6d, 

6014 TREVELYAN ([Sir] John and Louisa). Armorial Spade Shield. 


601 5 TREVELYAN (Sir Walter Calverley), Bart. W. B. S[cott]. 

1857-8. Pictorial Landscape Armorial. 55. 

6016 TREVENEN (Jno.), Helstone. Festoon Armorial. 4s. 

6017 TREVENEN (Revd. T.), Cornwall. Wreath and Ribbon Ar- 

morial. 25. 6d, 

6018 TREVOR (George Alexander). Seal Armorial. 25. 

6019 [TREVOR (Hill-), Viscount Dungannon.] Brynkinalt Library. 

Crest and Coronet. Defective, 35. 

6020 TREVOR (The Right Honourable Thomas Lord). 1738. Jaco- 

bean Armorial. 105. 6d, 

6021 TREVOR (The Honble. John). Engraved label. 3s. 

6022 TREWEEKE (George). Armorial. 15. 6i. 

6023 TRISTRAM (Thomas), e Coll. Pemb. Oxon. Early Armorial. 


6024 TROLLOPE (Anthony), [the Novelist], Armorial 55. 

6025 TROLLOPE (T. Adolphus). Armorial Shield in a Garter. 25. 

6026 TROTT (Edmund), M.A., 1743. Chippendale Armorial. 85. f>d, 

6027 TROTTER (Alexr.), Esq. Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d, 

6028 TROTTER (Alexr.), Esqr., of Dreghom. Armorial. 25. 

6029 TROTTER (Alexander), Esqr. Armorial. 15. 

6030 TROTTER (Edward), A.M. Chippendale Armorial. 65. 6d, 

6031 TROTTER (John), Royal Artillery. Crest in a Garter. 25. 6d, 

6032 TROTTER (Margaret). Armorial Lozeago. 35. 6i, 

6033 TROWER (Hutches). Armorial. 15. 6J. 

6034 TROY (John Thomas), [Bishop of] Ossory. Bookpile Armorial. 


6035 TROY (John Thomas), [Archbishop of] Dublin. Bookpile Ar- 

morial. 1 05. 

6036 TRUEMAN (Charles). Armorial. 15. 

6037 TRUMBULL (William). Jacobean (?) Armorial, ^s. 6d. 

6038 TRUNDLEj(Thomas). Armorial Spade Shield on a Mantle. 2s, 6d^ 

6039 TRUSCOTT (Sir Francis Wyatt), Knt. Armorial. 25. 

6040 TRUSSON (Thos.). Kelsalo, Suffolk. MorJecai scu. Wreath 

and Ribbon Armorial. 45. 6d, 

6041 TRYE (William). Mutlow sc. Armorial Spade Shield. 25. 

6042 TUCKER (Rev. Andrew), LL.D. Festoon Armorial, ^s. 

200 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

6043 TUCKER (Martin), Esq. Chippendale Armorial. 5s 

6044 TUCKER (Marwood). J, Clements sc, Oxford, Armorial. is.6d. 

6045 TUCKER (W.), Esqr. Armorial. 15. 

6046 TUCKERMAN (Mary Perry). Armorial. 25. 6d, 

6047 TUCKETT (John). Armorial, is. 

604S TUDOR. Chippendale Armorial Ss. 6d. 

6049 TUDOR (Richard). /?. Hancock sculpt,, Worcester, Chippendale 

Pictorial. Injured, js, 6d. 

Reproduced in Fincham, p. 36. 

6050 TUITE (Hugh), Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 

6051 TUITE (Hugh Morgan), Sonna. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 

25. 6d, 

TULLAMORE (Lord). See Moore. 

6052 TUNNICLIFFE (H. C), Yarlet. Armorial. 2s. 

6053 TUNSTALL (Marmaducus) de Wycliff in Com. Ebor. Armigor. 

Chippendale Armorial. 7s, 6d, 

« 6054 TUPPER ([Dr.] Martin). [F.R.S.]. Armorial. 25. 6d. 

C 6055 TURNER (Charles). Norwich. Pictorial. 4s. 

6056 TURNER (Charles Henry) Armorial. 2s. 

6057 [TURNER (Dawson), Antiquary of Yarmouth.] Festoon Ar- 

morial. 55. 

6058 TURNER (Sir Gregory Page), Bart. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

6059 TURNER (John). Chippendale Armorial. 6s, 

6060 TURNER (Matthew). Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. 165. 

6061 TURNER ([Rev.] Richard), [Vicar of Great Yarmouth]. Festoon 

Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

6062 TURNER (Wm. Thomas Burgh), A.B. Wreath and Ribbon 

Armorial. 25. 6d. 

^ — ' 6063 TURNER (William Henry). Johnson sc. Armorial, is. 6d, 

6064 TURNOUR (Hon. Edwd.), Saint Mary HaU, Oxford. Armorial 


6065 TURTON (Sir Thos. E. M.), Bart. Armorial. 15. 6d, 

6066 TURVILE (Charles). Armorial. 15. 6d. 

6067 TURVILE (F. Fortescue). Festoon Armorial. 35. 6d, 
^ 6068 TUTET (Mark Cephas). Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

6069 T WELLS. Chippendale Armorial. Injured, 45. 6d, 

6070 TWEMLOW (J.), Esqre., Hatherton. Chippendale Armorial 

Modem. 2s. 6d, 

6071 TWEMLOW (John), Esq. Armorial, is. 

6072 TWEMLOW (WilUam), of Hatherton in Cheshire, Esqr., 1686. 

Armorial. (A XIX Century plate.) ss, 6d, 

. 6073 TWISDEN (Sr. Roger), Bart. Armorial Spade Shield. 15. 6d. 

6074 [TWISS.] Ovenden sculp,. Butcher Row, Armorial, Arms on a 

Mantle. 25. 6d, 

6075 [TWISS.] Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d, 4 

6076 TWGPENY.JArmorial Spade Shield. 25. 6d, 

. BookpUUes {Franks CoUecHan). 201 

6077 TWOPENY (WilUam). Seal ArmoriaL Printed in gold, 2s. 6d. 

6078 TWYNING (WilUam Henry), Esq. Bryn. co. Pembroke. Seal 

Armorial. 25. 

6079 TYERS (Jonan.), [Manager of Vauxhall Gardens]. Armorial. 

Arms on a Mantle, ss, 6d, 

6080 TYMEWELL (Edward). Early Jacobean Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

6081 TYNDALE (George). W, M[ilton] /. Chippendale Armorial. 

8s. 6d. 

6082 Another State. 5s. 

6083 TYNDALE (George Booth), Esqr. Armorial. Arms on a Mantle. 

2s. 6d, 

6084 TYNDALL (George). Armorial, is. 

6085 TYNTE (C. I. Kemeys), [of Halswell, co. Somerset]. Armorial. 


6086 TYNTE (James), Esqr. 1704. Early Armorial. 15s. 

Reproduced in Hamilton, Dated Bookplates, p. xo2. 

TYRAWLEY (Baron of). See O'Hara. 

6087 TYRRELL (Charles). Armorial, is. 1 

6088 [TYRRELL.] Johnson sc, Bristol. Armorial, is. 6d. 

6089 TYRWHITT (Edmund). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

6090 TYSON (Michael). Landscape Pictorial Armorial. 5 s. 

6091 TYSON (William), F.S.A., Bristol. Pictorial, with ruins. 3s. 6d, 

6092 TYSSEN (John Robert Daniel). Armorial, is. 
6093 A larger plate. 2s. 

6094 TYSSEN. Ex libris bibliothecae domesticae Johann.- Roberti 

Daniel Tyssen Armig. de Hackney Com. Midd Clegkorn. Ar- 
moriaL 2S. j ^ 

6095 TYSSEN (Samuel), Narborough. Armorial. 2s. 
6096 Another plate. Armorial. 2s. 

6097 TYSSEN (Samuel and Sophia) Narborough. Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

6098 TYZACK (Edwd.). Early Jacobean Armorial, ys. 6d. 

6099 UDNY (Alexander), Esq. 1726. Jacobean Armorial, with sup- 

porters. I OS. 6d, 

6100 UDNY (J. H.), of Udny. Armorial, with supporters. 3s. 6d. 

6101 UNETT (Rev. Thos.) A.M. Chippendale Armorial. $5, 6d. 

6102 UNWIN (Edward Wilberforcr ). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 

2s. 6d. 

6103 UPHAM (John). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 6d, 

6104 UPTON (Jas.). Armorial Spade Shield, is. 

6105 URQUHART (James Edward), Esqr. Armorial, is. 

6106 Armorial Trophy. 3s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 7, p. 85. 

6107 URQUHART (William), younger, of Meldrum, Advocat. 1724. 

Early Armorial. i8s. 

6108 URQUHART (WilUam), of Meldrum. Escr. Early Armorial. vniK 

supporters. 3s. " . . 

202 EUis, 29 New Bond Siteei, W: 

6109 URQUHART (William), of Craigston, Esqr. Chippendale Ar- 

morial. 35. 6d, 

6110 USBORNE (Henry). Armorial, is. 

6111 USBORNE (John). Armorial, is. 6d, 

61 12 USTICKE (Henry). Chippendale Armorial, "with Lyre, Lamp. 

Globe, etc 105. 6d. 

61 13 UTTERSON (Edward Vernon) [Literary Antiquary], Seal Ar- 

morial]. Printed in gold. 4s. 

61 14 UTTERSON (John), Esq., Milland Place, Sussex. Festoon Ar- 

morial. 35. 6d, 

61 1 5 VAILLANT (John), Esqr., Inner Temple. With Crest (a Sailor). 

Wreath Armorial. 25. 6d, 

61 16 VALE (John), Esq., Devonshire Place, Maida Hill. [Emslie.] 

Armorial. 15. 6d. 

VALENTIA, Viscount. See Annesley. 

61 17 VALLENTIN (James), Rectory Manor, Walthamstow, co. Essex. 

Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

61 18 VAN BERCKEL (P. J.), [of New York]. Maverick set. Ar- 

morial Spade Shield, with supporters, i/. 15. 
See Allen, American Bookplates, No. 878. 

61 19 VAN CRUYCE (Edmund). Armorial. 25. 6d. 

6120 VAN MILDERT (William), [Bishop of Durham]. Armorial, with 

Mitre. 3s. 6d. 

61 21 VAN NECK (Sr. Josa). Chippendale Armorial. $s. 6d. 

6122 V[AN] S[ITTART] (A[rthur]), [of Shottesbrook, Berkshire]. 

Early Jacobean Armorial. A fine plate, los. 

6123 Another smaller Plate. 15s. 

6124 VANSITTART (N[icholas]), [Baron Bexley, Chancellor of the 
Exchequer]. Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 6d. 

6125 Another Plate. Armorial, with his wife's arms. 

25. 6d. 

6126 VAN SWINDEN (PhiUp). Darling ft. Urn Armorial. 35. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 9, p. 144. 

6127; VASSALL (John), Esqr., [of Cambridge, Mass.]. [By Hurd.] 
Chippendale Armorial. 2/. 25. 
See AlJen, American Bookplates^ No. 888 ; reproduced at p. 1x4 of that work. 

6128 VASSALL (Spencer L. H.), Esqr., Royal Navy. Armorial 

Trophy. 55. 6d. 

6129 [VAUGHAN (Ernest Augustus), Earl of Lisbume]. Armorial. 

25. 6d. 

"6130 VAUGHAN. Chippendale Armorial. 5 s. 6d, 

61 3 1 VAUGHAN (Benjamin Kerr). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

6132 VAUGHAN (S.) Armorial, arms on an oval shield. 25. 

6133 VAUGHAN (Samuel), Esqr., [of Maine, U.S.A.]. Chippendale 

Armorial. 105. 
See AUen, American Bookplates, No. 890, and reproduction at p. 53 of that book. 

6134 VAUGHAN (Samuel), Junr. Armorial Spade Shield. los. 6d. 

See AUen, American Bookplates, No. 892. 

613s VAUGHAN (Rev. Walter Arnold). A.M.. Vicar of Chart Sutton, 
Kent. . Ajmctrial. 25. 

Bookplates {Franks Collection)! 203 

6136 VAUGHAN (WilUam). Armorial Spade Shield. 35, 

See Atten^ American Bookplates, No. 893. 

6137 [VAVAZOR.] Chippendale ArmoriaL 8s. 6d, 

6138 VEEL (Wm.). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6139 VEITCH (James), of Elliock. Chippendale Armorial. 5.?. 6d, 

6140 [VEITCH (James)], Lord Eliock, [Scottish Judge]. Chippendale 

Armorial. 35. 6d. 

6141 [VEITCH], Lord Eliock. Armorial Spade Shield, on a Mantle, ^s. 

6142 VEITCH (James), of Eliock. Armorial Spade Shield, on a Mantle. 

2s. 6d. 

6143 VENABLES (Charles John). Armorial. 1$, 

6144 VENABLES (JoRn), of Agden, in the County of Chester, Esq. 

Large Early Armorial. 2/. 185. 

6145 VENN (John), A.M., [Rector of] Clapham. Wreath and Ribbon 

Armorial. 3.9. 6d. 

6146 [VERDON (Sir G.).] Seal Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6147 VERITY (Charles Felix). /. Clements sc, Oxford. Armorial. 

15. 6d, 

6148 VERNEY [(Ralph, Earl), friend of Edmund Burke]. Darling 

fecit. Chippendale Armorial, with supporters. 35. 6d. 

6149 VERNEY (John Peyto), Ld. Willoughby de Broke. Early 

Armorial, ids. 

6150 VERNEY (Robert John), Lord Willoughby de Broke. Armorial, 

with supporters. 3s. 

61 5 1 VERNON (George Venables), Baron of Kinderton. Yates sculp. 

Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6152 VERNON (Bowates), of Hanbury Hall, in ye County of Worcester, 

Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 7s. 6d. 

6153 VERNON (John), Lincoln's Inn. Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d. 

6154 VERNON (Samuel). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

6155 VERNON (Thomas), of Hanbury, in the County of Worcester, 

Esqr. 1703. Early Armorial. i8s. 

6156 VERNON (TJiomas), M.D. Early Armorial. los. 6d. 

6157 V[ERNON] (W. W.) Interlaced initials in a frame, is. 6d. 

6158 VERNON (William). E libris Gulielmi Johannis Vernon. Seal 

Armorial. 3 s. 

6159 VERSTURME. Armorial, is. 

6160 VERSTURME (Ls.). Esqr., M.D. Armorial. 2s. 

6161 [VESEY] Viscount de Vesci. Armorial. 2S. 6d. 

6162 VEVERS (Richard). Chippendale Armorial. Printed in red, cut 

round. $s. 

6163 Printed in black. Cut round, 5s. 

6164 VICARS (Sir Arthur). Ex Bibliotheca Arthuri Vicars Ulster 
Regis Armorum Totius Hiberniae. A.D. MDCCCXCIV. C. 
W. S[herhorn\ Decorated Armorial. 15s. 

6165 . MDCCCXCVI. Another State, with altered in- 

scription and date. Decorated Armorial. 12s. 6d, 

204 EUiSf 29 New Bond Street, W. 

6166 VICARS. E Libris Arthur E. Vicars, F.S.A. Armorial. 2s. 

6167 VICARS. E Libris Arthuri E. Vicais^F.S.A. W. F[itzgerald], 
1892. Library Interior. 35. 6d. 

VICTORIA (Bishop of). See Smith (George). 

6168 VIGORS (Nicholas Aylward), [of Bellmont, co. Carlow]. Ar- 
morial. 15. 6d. 

6169 VILLETTES (Arthur), Esqr., His Majts. Minister to Switzerland, 
Chippendale Armorial. 25. 6d. 

6170 [VILLIERS, Earl of] Clarendon. Crest. 2s. 6d. 

61 71 [VILLIERS]. The Grove. Armorial, with supporters. 3s. 6d^ 
With the arms of Lady Charlotte Capel on an escutcheon. 

6172 [VILLIERS (George), Earl of Jersey]. • Middleton Park. Ar- 
morial Spade Shield, with supporters and coronet. 3s. 6d, 

6173 VILLIERS (H. Montagu) [Bishop of Durham]. Armorial Shield 
on an Imperial Eagle. 15. 6d. 

6174 [VILLIERS] (Sarah Sophia Child) [Countess of Jersey]. Armorial. 


6175 VILLIERS (Victor Albert George Child), Earl of Jersey, Middleton 

Park. Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

- -- 6176 VILLIERS (Victor Albert George Child), Earl of Jersey, Osterley 

Park. Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

6177 VILLIERS (Mrs.), Closebum. Cypher in a Floral wreath. 3s. 

6178 VINCE (H. C), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 35. 

6179 VINCENT (Frederick), Brazenose College, Oxford. Armorial. 2s. 

6180 VINCENT (Richard). Pictorial Chippendale Armorial. 7s. 6d. 
61 8 1 The same plate. Printed in red, 75. 6d. 

6182 VINER (Ellis). Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6183 [VIRTUE.] Ex libris Reverendissimi Domini Joannis Episcopi 

Portsmouthensis prirai. Vesica Armorial. 35. 6d. 

6184 VIRTUE (James S.). Armorial with cypher, etc. 25. 6d, 

6185 VIVIAN (John), Inner Temple. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6186 VULLIAMY (George John) [Architect]. Seal Armorial. 35. 6d, 

6187 VYNER (Robert), of Swakely, in the County of Middlesex, Esqr. 
•^. Large Early Armorial, i/. 15s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris //., v. 5, p. i. 

c 6 1 88 VYNER (Thomas), A.M. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

6189 VYSE (Richard). Kirkwoods, Armorial Spade Shield in a 

Wreath. 2s. 6d. 

6190 VYVYAN (Sr. Richard), Bart. J.G.F, Chippendale Armorial. 


6191 WACE (Francis). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

6192 WACE (John R.). Seal Armorial. 35. 

6193 WACKERBARTH. E libris Francisci Theoderici de Wacker- 

barth, A.B. Cor. Chris. Col. Cant. Armorial. 2s. 6rf. 

C 6194 WACKERBARTH (George). Armorial. Coloured by hand. 2s. 

-6195 WADDINGTON (Edw.), Episcopus Cicestren. et Coll. Eton. Socius 
173 1. Jacobean Armorial, ii. is. . 

p Bookplates (Fi 


6196 WADE rJ^^^HHIPSBMiS?^ \. 

6197 WADE (Grego^j^^Ufcan Armorial. 5s. 

6198 WADE (Robert), Esqr. Armorial with decoration. 

6199 WADE (Robert Watson). Pictorial Armorial. 55. 

6200 WAGGETT (William). Literary Bookpile. 25. 

6201 WAGNER (Henry). Seal Armorial. 25. 6d, 

6202 WAKE (Charles), Oriel Collie Oxon. Jacobean Armorial. 

95. 6d, ^. v^ 

6203 WAKE (Charles), Oriel College, Oxon. Chippendale Armorial. 

Injured. 3s. 6rf. 

6204 WAKE (Charles), East Knoyle, Wilts. Chippendale Armorial. 
•45. 6d. 

6205 WAKE (Edward). Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

6206 WAKE (Rev. H.), Over Wallop, Hants. Jacobean Armorial, 

^s. 6d. 

6207 WAKE (Robert). Armorial, is. 

6208 WAKEFIELD (Daniel), Lincoln's Inn. Armorial. 2s. 

6209 WAKEFIELD (Gilbert), B.A. Pictorial. 6s. 6d. 

6210 WAKEFIELD (Robert). Pictorial. 4s. 6d. 

62 1 1 WAKEHAM (Thos.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 25. 

6212 WAKEMAN (Henry). Armorial Spade Shield in a beaded 

oval. 2s. 

6213 [WAKEMAN.] Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

6214 WALCOTT (E.). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

t — , 62 IS [WALDEGRAVE, Baron] Radstock. Armorial, two shields 
accole with supporters and coronet. 2s. 6d, 

6216 WALDEGRAVE (Earl). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial with 

supporters. 2s. 

6217 WALDEGRAVE (Honble. Wm.). Michell. Bond SU Wreath 

and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6218 WALFORD. Terry sculp. Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. 7s.6d. 

6219 WAI,FORD (Arthur). Armorial. 2s. 

6220 WALFORD (Cornelius), F.S.S. Armorial. 2s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris J I., v. 8, p. 167. 

6221 WALFORD (Theops.). Festoon Armorial. 35. 6d. 

6222 WALFORD (Thos.), Esqr., F.A.S., and F.L.S., Birdbrook, Essex. 

Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

6223 WALKER. E libris Caroli Walker, Ecclesiae Anglicanae Sacerdotis, 

Seal Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6224 WALKER (M. General Sir Geo. Townshend), G.C.B. and K.C.T., 

and S. Armorial, two shields accol6 with supporters. 3s. 6d, 

^^ 6225 The same plate. Inscription altered to Lt.- 

General. 3s. 6d. 

6226 WALKER (George), Eastwood. Armorial. 2s. 

6227 WALKER (J.). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

6228 WALKER (Jas.). Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d, 

, 39 New Bond Street. W'.- 

;^,jo«ph Cooper). ^"!? «■ Chippendale ArmoriaL 
£, flirts /(., V. lo, p. ji. 
KEK (Maynaid Cham-)- Jacobean Armorial, gs. 6d. 
, vVAl- ^j Coa\es, Kt.. Heritable Ushet of the White 

* "^"^ Armorial ^th sup^rters. s^- 
WALKER (Thos-). Serjt. at Law. Amiorial Spade Shield. 2s, 
I.KER (Thomas), LL.D., Doctors Commons, London, 
yjbeaa Armorial. 3s. 6d. 
6137 WALKER (Thomas). Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 6d. 

6238 WALKER (Thomas), Queen's College, Cambridge. Thos. 

Walker fecit, 1760. Chippendale Engraved Label. 91. fid. 

6239 WALL (Adam). Chippendale Armorial. 6s, 6d. 

6240 WALL (Joseph), Esqr., Major in the Army. Festoon Armorial 

Trophy, los. 6rf. 

6241 WALL (Martin) [Professor of Clinical Medicine at Oxford], M. 

Wall, Coll. Nov. Oxon. Soc, I7[74l. Chippendale Crest. $s. 

6342 E Libs. M. Wall, M.B., Coll. Nov. Oxon. Soc. I7[76]. 

Chippendale Crest, ss, 

6243 M. Wall, M.D., Oxon. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6244 M. Wall, M.D., F.R.S. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6245 WALL (M. S.) [Chaplain in ordinary to the Prince Regent], E 

Lib. M.S. Wall, AedisChristiAliimn. Chippendale Crest. 3s. 6d 

6346 ELib.M.S.Wall,exaedeChristi. Chippendale Crest, ss. 

6247 The Revd. Martin Sandys Wall, M.A., Studnt. Ch. Ch. 

Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6248 WALL (Samuel). Armiger. Armorial. Printed in red. 3s. 6d. 

6249 WALLACE (William), Armorial, is, 

6250 WfALLER] (R.). Crest and Cypher. 2s, 6d. 

6251 WALLINGER (J. A.), Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 

2;. 'Qd. 

6252 WALLIS (James), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

6253 WALLIS (John), Esqr. M. Hanbury scul. Chippendale 

Armorial. $$. 
.. 6254 WALLIS (Thos.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

6255 WALLIS (Thomas), M.D. Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

6256 WALLIS (Thomas), M.D. Armorial Spade Shield on a mantle. 3s. 

6257 [WALLOP (John), First Earl of Portsmouth], The Right 

Honourable the Lord Viscount Lymington. Jacobean Armorial 
with supporters. 71. 6d. 

6258 WALLOP(HonbleandRevd. Barton). Festoon Armorial. 2!.6d 

Reptoducfd in £1 Ubris JI., voVt, p. 88. 

6i6; [WALPOLE (Horace)], HctoStMa view of Strawberry Hill). 
Reproduced m CaiUt, Engliik Boik. 

6268 WALPOLE (M[argaretJ). Armorial iSwenge. 

6269 WALPOLE (Richard Henry Vade), Esq.,' Armorial, is. 

6270 WALPOLE (Robert), of Lincolns Inn. Jabobean Armorial. 
. 627' 

6272 WALPOLE (Thomas). Chippendale Armorial." 33. ed. 

6273 [WALROND (Bethel), Dulford House, CuUumpton, Devon]. 

Armorial. 2s. 

6274 (WALSH, Baron] Ormatbwaite. Annorial with supporters. 

627s WALSH (James). Silvester sc. Armorial, with leaves, acorns, 

6276 WALSH (James). Seal Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6277 WALSH (John), Esqr. Chippendale Annorial. 5s. 64. 

6278 WALSHAM (Charles), M.A„ Mag. Coll., Camb. Armorial. 2s. 6if. 

6279 WALTER (The Honble. Mrs.), Chippendale Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

Reproduced m Ex Libris //., v. 6, p. [So. 

6280 WALTERS (Henry), Esq. Skinr. sculp. Bath. 1747. Chippen- 


dale Armorial. 

ReproducKl in Casllr, E 
WALTHER (Henry). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 

.. 6d. 

• 6282 WALWYN (James), Esqr., Longworth, Herefordshire. Armoria, 
Spade Shield. 2s. 6d. 

6283 Another plate. 2s. 

■ 6284 WALWYN (S. Richardi). de Com Hereford, Arm. W. H. Toms 
sc. Chippendale Pictorial Armorial, los. 
Reproduced in Finclmm, p. 98. 
6285 WARBURTON (George and Anna). Armorial Shield on clouds. 

Slightly torn. 2S. 6d. 
6236 WARD (Edmund GranvUle). De-orated Armorial. 21. 6d. 

Tip Bond Street, Wl, 



«^^ ' i^^^»Niitf'^» '^ ^alOl^^ «tooii Armorial. 

jj^ 1704. Xidrry^ «-ft 

25-0- y J 7T%ff sc, Chippendale Armorial. 

^ fl^ 70hn). Armorial Shield^" 

A^r (Joseph). Festoon Armorid»io, p. 51. 
*RD (Samuel).] Pictorial Arm»^Armorial. gs. 6d. 
, 6d. ^le Usher otth' ^^n-w- 

WARD (Thos. Reed), Dinsdale. Chip^ndale Armorial. 45. 6d. 
296 WARD (W.), D.D. Armorial, is^-^ 

6297 WARD (William). Wreath ,«arnd Ribbon Armorial Shield on 

clouds. 25. 6d. ^ 

6298 [WARD.] Jacobean /.fniorial. 45. 

6299 WARDEN (RobertJ^f Parkhill. Armorial. 25. 

6300 WARDROPER (Fvichd.). Chippendale Armorial. Torn, 35. 6d. 

6301 WARE (S. Hibbert) [Antiquary]. Armorial. 15. 

6302 W[ARINGE] (T.). Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6<i. 

6303 WARNER (Aaron), of Loughboro. Pictorial. 55. 

c 6304 WARNER (John), D.D. [Rector of Stourton, Wiltshire]. Festoon 

Armorial. 25. 

6305 WARNER [(Jos.) Eltham]. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6306 WARNER (Richard), of Woodford Row, Essex. Jacobean 

Armorial. 5s. 

6307 WARNER (Simeon). Chippendale Armorial. 55. (>d. 

6308 [WARREN.] The Right Honourable John Fleming, Baron De 

Tabley of Tabley House, in the County Palatine of Chester. 
Armorial with supporters, Large plate, 55. 6d. 

- 6309 WARREN (The Rt. Honble. Sir John). Baron de Tabley of 
Tabley, co. Chester. 1888. C. W, Sherborn in. et sculpt. 
Decorated Armorial, il. is. 

6310 WARREN (Georgius Leicester), Dominus de Tabley. Seal 

Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

63 1 1 WARREN ([Rev.] Dawson) [Vicar of Edmonton]. Armorial. 

15. 6d. 

6312 WARREN (Edwd. Townsend), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 25. 

6313 WARREN (Erasmus), A.M. Jacobean Armorial. 45. 6d. 

6314 WARREN (Sir George), K.B. Armorial with supporters. 45. 6d, 

6315 WARREN (The Hon. J. B. Leicester). W. B. S[cott]. Library 

Interior. 85. 6d. 

Reproduced in Castle^ English Bookf4ateSt p. 183. 

'- 6316 [WARREN (Sir John Borlace), K.C.B.]. Neele Sculpt. Armorial 

with supporters. 25. 6d. 

6317 W[ARREN] (R.), Castle Warren. Crest and Cypher. 25. 6d. 

6318 WARREN (Samuel). Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

. 62OTy 

Bool^pi^^s r ^^^_^^^ 

(Thomas), iio^ctcj^ 

R.] Jacobean Aj^^ Temple, [the Novelist]. 

^-^^^Ss^rtrii-.f-^B™*"- ■•■ 

6^6. WOtfiy/fidO '^i?HPT^««too^ Armorial. /^,„-^,,<^ 

V /r^°*4^«ai \l; ''P^°'*^'« Armorial. 4^. 6^. 
6.63 tWALjSj^, „, WSS:^- Jf - "' ""^""^ «^"' ^"•'''*'^«- 

6264 WALPOLSK^''^^^^;^ Vlonbie Sir G.), Baronet. Armorial 
^'•morial LoH^jjfj^^^ ^ 

6325 WAKTli;.v,xi7S!M^»|^j^Annorial. 7s. 6d. 

6326 WARTON (Mr. RobS«[||^, g^^j^ ^^ ^^^^^ 

6327 WARWICK (R. Huskins^HE^^-^^^^ n/r^^r.^ c .,_ 

morial. 2s. 64. '^tirgage Manor, Southwell. Ar- 

6328 WARWICK (T.). LL.B. Artnori^. Spade Shield is 6d 

6329 WASS (Revd. W.), Edmund HaU, Oi«ord. ArmoriaL r ^^ 

6330 WATERHOUSE (Henry). Armorial Spade Shield o 

2s. 6<f. ' ^' °° a mantle. 

6331 WATERHOUSE (John), HaUfax. Crest, "^s. 

See Auen, American Bookplates, No. 9x1^ 

6332 WATERHOUSE (Nich.). H. Hole Invent, Landscape. 8s 6d 

6333 WATERS (Matt.), Esq., Walls End. Chippendale Armorial' 

45. 6d. 

6334 WATERS (Robt. Edmond Chester). Armorial. 2s. 6d, 
633s WATERS (Robert). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 25. 

6336 WATERS (Thomas), Esqr., Samau, co. Carmarthen. Seal Ar- 

morial. 25. 6d. 

6337 WATERTON (Edmund), F.S.A., of Walton. Seal Armorial. 

25. 6d. 

6338 WATHEN (Joseph). Chippendale Crest. 45. 6d. 

6339 WATKIN (George), B.D., Lincoln Coll., Oxon. [Rector of Much 

Leigh, Essex]. Festoon Armorial. 35. 

6340 W[ATKIN (J. B.)]. Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d, 

6341 WATKIN (John). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 6d. 

6342 WATKINS (Fleetwood), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 12s. 

6343 WATKINS (The Rev. Henry), B.A., Vicar of Silkstone. co. 

York. Armorial. 25. 

6344 WATKINS (John). Armorial. 15. 

6345 WATKINS (Richard), of Shotton, Prescot, and Shrewsbury, 

Esqr. Rd. Watkins del, H, F. Hollingworth sculp, Chippen- 
dale Pictorial Armorial, i/. 55. 

6346 [WATSON, Earl of Rockingham.] Jacobean Armorial. 35. 6d, 

6347 [WATSON, Baron] Sondes. Armorial. 25. 6d, 

6348 WATSON (Arabella). Armorial Pendant from a ribbon. 3 

different sizes. 105. 6d. 

Reproduced in Miss Lt^nmcher^s Ladies* Bookplates, p. 80. 

6349 WATSON (The Honble. Edward), of Lees Court in Com. Kent, 

Esqr. Early Armorial, i/. is. 


EUis, ^9 


•JP Bond Street, W[, 
Vicars, FAA, 

6^Ko WATSON rFr^"'' aippendalr.^'^VoV 



., WATS^/c5eo.>'s Hospital ™ 

oj^^ ^^:??^^ f^- ^•^' ^''^''- ^°^^- O^^i 
^"'^■^ W^l'^^^ ^^' ^•^* Armorial Spad 




J -*in 



^-^// iVATSON (Joel), Clapham. Chif^^*' ^^*^on^^• 

//.6 WATSON (The Revd. John). M.A- festo^^ ^. ^^ 

pendale Armorial with cupid. ^- od. \^^ Ct«^^' ^^P* 

6357 WATSON (Joshua). Armorial Shield, in cA.^\ Sti^e^^'X 

6358 WATSON (Thos.). Esqr. [1763]. ChLppenda^ltrij r^»^.i^al r^ g^ 

6359 WATSON (Thomas James). Crest. 15. * 

6360 WATSON (Wenman Langb*m). Armorial Spade Shield 

6361 W[ATT] (P. B.). Fasten Crest and Cypher. 25. 6d, ^^* 
^362 WATTS (CommancJir), R.N. Crest. 2s. 6d. 

6363 WATTS (Edwd.)^^sq., Hanslop Park. Crest in a garter 

6364 WATTS (John). Festoon Armorial. 35 6d ' 

^^'^ TaS'^fi:^ Arok?.'t."'''^"*"'^""»'"^^-<^- Knight of 
^366 .: A smaller plate. 3s. 6d 

6367 WATTS (ilichard). Armorial Shield on clouds 15 

6368 WATTS (WUliam). Festoon Armorial. 2^ 6d 

6369 WAUCHOPE (George). Crest. 2^. 6d. 

6370 WAUD (Edward). Esq.. Chester Court co York re ,■ , 

Armorial. 2s. v,ourt, co. York. lEmslte.} 

6371 WAUGH (Al.), A.M. Festoon Armorial. 2s 6d 

6372 [WAUGH (Miss).] Jacobean Armorial, c, 

« J^^ I'"* ' ^ • "'"' '^ '"' °" '»'' *«^ ^^-^h '^t'^ « top. 
. 6373 WAY (Benjn.). Armr. Pictorial Armorial. 4s 6d 

^^^^ ^i^y ^'■'^°""' Ludovicus). Pictorial Armorial. ' First State. 

""'' ~^^lk~^6i''°'^ ^""'' "'^'^ ^^^'^'^ «^"P«°n and frame 

6376 WAY (Lewis). Esqr., Stansted. Armorial. 2s. 6d 

6377 WAY (M.). Armorial Lozenge. 4s. 6d 

6378 WAYMOUTH (Henry). Festoon Armorial. 2s 6d 

6379 WEALE (Robert). Armorial, is 

6380 [WEATHERSTON.] Wreath and Ribbon Armorial 25 6d 

6381 WEAVER. Chippendale Armorial Lozenge. ,8. " 

6382 WEBB (E. F.). Armorial Lozenge. 35. 

6383 WEBB (John). Chippendale Armorial. 3^ 6d 

6384 WEBB (John). Seal Armorial. 2s.' 6d. 

6385 WEBB (N.), Esqr., 24, Portland Place. Crest, i, 6d 

'''' T^^rlS'^^t^^'^'^*^^^-^-^^'^-'^'"-^-^"-^"^- J-obean 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. ii, p. 69. 




Bookplates {Franks Collection)^ 211 

6387 \VEBB (Thomas), Hoxton. Festoon Armorial. $s, 

6388 [WEBBER.] Jacobean Armorial. $$, 6d, 

6389 WEBBER (Revd. Charles). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

6390 WEBBER (James), Student of Ch. Ch. Oxford. Wreath and 
Ribbon Armorial. 25. 6d, 

6391 WEBBER (William), of Exeter. Cole sc. Jacobean Armorial. 

6392 [WEBSTER.] Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

6393 WEBSTER (Dan). Armorial, i/. 15. 
See AlUfit American BookplaieSt No. 9x8 ; and reproduction at p. 97 of that work. 

(^ •- 6394 WEBSTER (Edward). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

- 639 J WEBSTER (Sir Godfrey). Bart. Armorial, is. 6d. 

6396 WEBSTER (Joseph), Esq., Penns., co. Warwick. Armorial, 2s. 

6397 WEBSTER (William Bullock). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

6398 WEDDELL (Charles), of Waddow. Chippendale Armorial. 12s. 

^399 W^DD^.BURN, of Ballendean. Armorial with supporters. 
/*V ^M/. 5s. 

^00 [V v^^iRBURN.] Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

401 W>.^Sjj|vOOD (Josiah). Printed label. 5s. 

6402 WE£d6N (John). Festoon Crest. 3s. 

6403 WEETON (T. R.). Armorial, is. 

6404 WEGUELIN (Wm. Andw.). Armorial, is. 6d. 

6405 WEIR (The Honourable Charles Hope), of Craigiehall and Black- 
wood, Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 2s, 6d, 

6406 [WELBY.] Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

6407 W[ELBY] (I.). Jacobean Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

6408 WELBY (William Earle). Crests, is. 6d. 

6409 WELD (Isaac). Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

See Allen, American Bookplates, No. 920. 

6410 WELD (Thomas), Esqr., Brittwell, Oxon. Chippendale Ar- 
morial. 3s. 6d. 

— 641 1 WELD (Thomas), Esqr., Lulworth Castle [Dorset]. Festoon 
Armorial. 3s. ' 

6412 WELL. Crest in a garter. 2s. 

6413 WELL AND (Lawrence Palk). Armorial. 2s. 

6414 WELLES (Saml.), Boston. i8[o8]. Crest in a beaded oval. 15s. 

6415 [WELLESLEY (Richard CoUey), Earl of Momington, afterwards 
Marquess Wellesley, Governor-General of India]. Armorial, 
arms on a mantle. 6s. 

6416 WELLS (John), Esqr. Armorial, is. 

6417 WELLS (Samuel), Junr., Huntingdon. Crest. 2s. 

6418 WELLS (Wmiam), Holme Wood. Crest. 2s. 

6419 WELL WOOD (R.), Esqr. Festoon Armorial, with supporters. 
2s. 6d. 

6420 WEMYSS (WiUiam), Cuttle HUl. Armorial. Coloured. 2s. 6d. 

6421 WENHAM (John), Junr. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 6d, 


212 EUis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

• 6422 WENMAN (Lord). Chippendale Armorial, with supporters. 

6423 WENTWORTH (The Right Honourable Thomas), Baron of Raby 

f2?o 'J? , °! ^^ Maiesties Own Royall Regmt. of Dragoons, 
1698. Early Armorial. First State, il. 10s 

Reproduced in Castie, English Bookplates, p. 50. 

6424 1698 Inscription altered. Second State, il. 45. 

6425 [WENTWORTH] His Excellency the Right Honourable Thomas 

narl of Strafford . . . . 17 12. Jacobean Armorial, with 
long mscription. i/. 8s. 

6426 [WENTWORTH] The Rt. Honble. Ann, Countess of Strafford. 

Jacobean Armorial, two shields accole. Slightly injured, los. 6d. 
Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl,, v. 6, p. 120.. 

6427 WENTWORTH (G. W.) [of Woolley]. wWeath and Ribbon 

Armorial. 35. ^j -^ 

6428 WENTWORTH (Mrs. Juhana), Daughter of\ Thomas Horde 

Esqr., of Coat in Oxfordshire. 1707. Early Arm\rial. 2/. 105. 

6429 WENTWORTH (Thos.), Bretton Hall, Yorkshire l^nlyio, 1771. 

Pictorial Armorial, il. is. ' ^^ ^ 

6430 WERGE (John Ingall). Esq., Woodborough, Nott^ Armorial. 

2S. ^ 

t - 6431 [WEST] The Right Honble. John Ld. De la War^ Jacobean 
Armonal. 5 s. 
^nd^ew J^ ^** ^ ^^^^ appointed Captain General and Governor of New York 

t- -- 6432 [WEST] John Earl of Delawarr. Chippendale Armorial, with 
supporters. 45. 6d. 

6433 WEST (Charles John). Warwick sc. Armorial, is. 6d. 

6434 WEST (Henry). Pictorial Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

6435 WEST (J. Eldridge), Esq., Tonbridge Castle, . Kent. Armorial. 

2s. 6d. 

6436 WESTALL (Samuel). Armorial. 15. 

6437 WESTBY (Nicholas), Esqr., 181 1. Armorial Shield, on clouds. 


6438 WESTCOTT (Peter Thomas). Pictorial. 65. 

6439 WESTERN (Thos.). Aul. de Clare Cant. "Jacobean Armorial. 

Injured. 5 s. 

WESTMEATH (Eari of). See Nugent. 
WESTMORELAND (Eari of). See Fane. 

6440 WESTON. Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

6441 WESTON (Charles). Chippendale Armorial Modern. 3s. 6d. 

6442 WESTWOOD (Thomas). Armorial, is. 

-6443 WETHERALL (George Nugent Ross), Astley Hall. Armorial. 
2S. 6d. 

WEYMOUTH (Viscount). See Thynne. 

6444 WHALLEY (Thos. Sedgwick), Langford [Somersetshire]. Fes- 

toon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6445 Thos. Sedgwick Whalley, Mendip Lodge. Armorial Spade 

Shield. 2s, 

Bookplates {Franks Collection). 213 

6446 WHATELEY (John Welchman). Armorial. 15. 

6447 WHATELEY (William). Inner Temple. Armorial. 15. 6d. 

6448 WHATELY (Thos.). /. Kirk. Chippendale Armorial. Slightly 

injured, ys. 6d, 

6449 WHATLEY (Joseph), Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 7s. 6tt. 
6449a Another plate or state, ys. 6d. 

See Allen, American Bookplates, No. 927. 

6450 WHATMAN (James), Esq., F.R.S. Vinters, co. Kent. Ar- 

morial. 25. 

6451 WHATTON (Wilham). Jacobean Armorial. 9s. 6d. 

6452 WHEATE (Sir John Thos.), Bart. Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

6453 [WHEATLEY (Mr. Charles). Fellow of St. John Baptist's Coll. 

Oxon.] Early Armorial. A fragment. $s. 

6454 WHEATLEY (Edward Balme). Armorial, is. 6d. 

6455 WHEATLEY (M. Genl. Sir Henry). Armorial, with supporters. 

2S. 6d. 

6456 WHEATLEY (Henry B.). /. P. Emslie, 1889. Library In- 

terior, with portrait, ys. 6d. 

6457 WHEELER (Thomas), S.C.L., St. John's College, Cambridge. 

Armorial, is. 6d. 

6458 WHEELWRIGHT (Charles Apthorp). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6459 WHEELWRIGHT (Horatio William). Festoon Armorial. 

Coloured. 3s. 6d. 

6460 [WHEELWRIGHT.] Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6461 WHELER (Granville) [of Otterden Place, near Charing, Kent], 

1752. Jacobean Armorial. los. 6d. 

6462 WHELER (Mr. John). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

6463 WHELER (Sr. Wm.), Bart. Crest, is. 6d. 

6464 WHETENHALL. Ex libris Jac. Whetenhall de East Peckham 

in Com. Cant. Pres. Early Armorial. 15s. 

6465 WHETENHALL. Ex Libris Tho. Whetenhall de East Peckham 

in Com. Cant. Armigeri. Early Armorial. i8s. 

6466 WHEWELL (William) [master of Trinity College, Cambridge. 

Scientist and Philosopher]. Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

6467 WHIGHAM (Robert). Armorial, is. 

6468 WHINYATES (Captain). Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

6469 WHITAKER (Edward). Junior, of the Middle Temple, Esqr. 

Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 6d. 

6470 WHITBREAD (Jacob Wm. Carey), Esq., Loudham Park, Suffolk. 

Armorial. 2s. 

6471 [WHITBREAD (Saml.), Esqr.] Chippendale Armorial Pictorial. 

Defective. 4s. 

6472 WHITBY, of Creswell. Armorial. 2s. 

6473 WHITBY (Richard Vernon). Armorial, is. 

6474 WHITCOMBE. Early Armorial. A late plate, ss. 

6475 WHITCOMBE (Saml.). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

6476 WHITE. Lincoln's Inn. Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 6d. 


214 ^^is* 29 ^^v Band Streeif W. 

6477 WHITE (Benjamin), South Lambeth, 1777. ArmoriaL 55. 

6478 WHITE (Edward Arthur), F.S.A. Seal ArmoriaL 2s. 6d, 

6479 WHITE (Frans. Archer). Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d, 

6480 WHITE (George), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

6481 WHITE (Glyd), A.M. Armorial Spade Shield, is. 

6482 WHITE (Henry), Lichfield Close, [book-collector]. Wreath and 

Ribbon ArmoriaL 35. 6d. 

6483 WHITE (Henry), J.P., D.L., F.S.A. Seal ArmoriaL 3s. 6d. 

6484 WHITE (I.), New Coll., Ox. Wreath and Ribbon ArmoriaL 2s. 

6485 WHITE (J. W. Gleeson). KctoriaL 3s. 6d. 

6486 WHITE (John). Festoon ArmoriaL 25. 6d. 

6487 WHITE (John), Selbome. Armorial Spade Shield. $s. 

6488 WHITE (John), Esqr. Chippendale ArmoriaL 4s, 6d. 

6489 WHITE (Richard Samuel), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield in a 

garter. 3s. 6d. 

6490 WHITE (S.). W. Henshaw sc. Chippendale ArmoriaL Slightly 

injured. 8s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Fincham, p. 42. 

6491 WHITE (Snowden), M.D. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

6492 WHITE (Stephen), LL.D. Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 6d. 

6493 WHITE (Revd. T. P.), A.M. Armorial, is. 

6494 WHITE (Thomas). Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6495 WHITE (Willm.), Esqr. Jacobean ArmoriaL 5s. 

6496 WHITE (Wm. A. Armstrong), Lincoln's Inn. Armorial, is. 6d, 

6497 [WHITE.] Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

6498 WHITEFORD (Charles C). ArmoriaL is. 

6499 WHITEHEAD (George). Armorial Spade Shield in a garter, 

IS. 6d. 

6500 WHITEHEAD (John). ArmoriaL is. 6d. 

6501 WHITEHOUSE (Edward), of Aulcester. ArmoriaL 2s. 6d. 

6502 WHITEHURST (Thos.). Chippendale ArmoriaL 3s. 6d, 

6503 WHITELOCKE (John), Esqr. Crest. 2s. 6d, 

6504 WHITESTONE (James). Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d. 

6505 WHITFELD (Majr. Ralph), 17 — . Jacobean ArmoriaL i/. 4s. 

6506 WHITFELD (Temple), 1704. Early ArmoriaL Defective, 

Ss. 6d, 

6507 [WHITFIELD.] Chippendale ArmoriaL 4s. 6d, 

6508 WHITFIELD (H.), A.M. Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

6509 WHITFIELD (John). Chippendale ArmoriaL 6s. 6d, 

6510 WHITFIELD (John), Surgeon. Chippendale Pictorial ArmoriaL 

6s 1 1 WHITFIELD (R.), St. Thomas's, Sou thwark. ArmoriaL 2s, 6d. 
6512 WHITFELD (Henry). Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 6d, 

6^1$ Another state, 5s. 6d. 

6514 WHITING (Charles). Jacobean Armorial. $5. 6d, 

Bookplates (Franks CoUection). 215 

6515 WHITTAKER (G.). Armorial Arms on a mantle. 25. 6d. 

6516 WHITTINGHAM (John). Festoon Armorial. 45. 6d, 

6517 WICKES (The Revd. T. Croome), of Tetbury, Gloucestershire. 

Chippendale Armorial. 55. 6d. 

6518 WICKHAM (Frederic), M.A., New Coll. Crest. 15. 6d, 

6519 WICKHAM (John), CoU. Ball. Soc. Jacobean Armorial. 35. 6d» 

6520 W[ICKSTEED] (J. S.). Crest and Cypher. Printed in colours, 


6521 WICKSTEED (Wm.). Poos sculpt. Crest. 2s. 

6522 WIER (Daniel). Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

6523 [WIGHT (J.).] Bookpile Armorial. Defective, 6s, 

6524 WIGHTWICK (John). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

6525 WIGRAM (James). Armorial. 15. 

6526 WIGRAM (Sir Robert), Bart. Armorial, with supporters. 2s, 

6527 WIGRAM (Robert), Junr. Large Armorial. 4s. 6d, 
WIGTON (Eari of). See Fleming. 

6528 WILBERFORCE (Samuel) [Bishop of Oxford]. Armorial. 25. 6d' 

6529 WILBERFORCE (WilUam). Chippendale Armorial, zs. 6d. 

Reproduced in Castle, English Bookplates ^ p. 72. 

6530 The same plate, with autograph of Saml. Wilberforce, 

1832. 55. 6d, 

6531 Another plate, ^s. 6d, 

6532 ■ The same, with autograph of Saml. Wilberforce, 1832. 

55. 6d. 

6533 WILCOXON (Arthur). Armorial. 15. 

6534 [WILDE (James Plaisted)], Lord Penzance. Armorial, with 

supporters. 2s. 6d. 

6535 James Plaisted Wilde. Armorial, is. 

6536 WILDE ([Thomas, Lord Truro)], Lord Chief Justice. Armorial. 


6537 WILDE (John). Chippendale Armorial. 55. 6d, 

6538 W[ILDE] (S. F. T.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s, 6d. 

6539 W[ILDE] (T.). Festoon Armorial. 35. 

6540 WILDE (Thomas). Armorial. 1.9. 6d, 

6541 WILDMAN (Col.) Newstead Abbey, co. Notts. Armorial. 25. 

6542 WILKES (Heaton). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

6543 Another state, with motto added above Crest. Cut, 4s. 

6544 WILKES (John), Esqr. Chipi)endale Armorial. 55. 

Reinroduced in Ex Lthris Jl., v. ir, p. 27. 

654s WILKES (John), F.R.S. Wreath and lUbbon Armorial. 3s. 6d^ 

Reproduced in Ex Libris J I., v. 11, p. 27. 

6546 WILKES (John). Darly inv. et sculp, Chippendale Armorial. 


Reproduced in WarretCs Guide, p. 165. 

6547 A smaller size. 8s. 6d, 

6548 WILKIESON (Mr.). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

2i6 EUis, .29 New Bond Street, W. 

6549 WILKIESON (William). Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d. 

6550 WILKINS (John). Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 6d, 

6551 WILKINSON (Charles). Festoon Armorial. 35. 

6552 WILKINSON (Fra.). Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

6553 Same plate, inscription altered. 4s. 6d, 

6554 WILKINSON (Francis Henry). Armorial. Coloured. 25. 6d. 

655s WILKINSON (Geo.). Shipwright, Lynn. Chippendale Armorial. 
IDS. 6d. 

6556 WILKINSON (George Hutton), Esq., Harperley Park, co. 

Durham. Armorial. 2s. 

6557 WILKINSON (H. J.). Armorial. 15. 

6558 WILKINSON (J.). Chippendale Armorial Lozenge, gs. 6d. 

6559 WILKINSON (J.). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

6560 [WILKINSON.] Chippendale Armorial. 5^. 6i. 

6561 WII,KINSON (Thos.), Esqr., Scots House. Armorial. 25. 

6562 WILKS (Richard). Jacobean Armorial. los. 

6563 WILLAUME (Charles Dymoke). Armorial. 2s. 

6564 W[ILLEMENT] (T.) [Antiquary,] Seal Crest. 25. 6d. 

6565 WILLETT (Henry Ralph). Armorial, is. 

6566 WILLIAMS (Arthur), of Meillionydd, Esqr. Early Armorial. 

{}) A reprint. 4s. 6d. 

6567 W[ILLIAMS] (C), Greenfield, Kingswinford. Crest and initials. 

IS. 6d. 

6568 WILLIAMS (Charles). Festoon Armorial. Injured. 2s. 

6569 WILLIAMS (Charles White). Silvester sc. Armorial, is. 6d. 

6570 WILLIAMS (Charles Wye), Esqr. Armorial, is. 

6571 WILL YAMS (Revd. Cooper), A.M., Kingston, Kent. Armorial. 


6572 WILLIAMS (David). Armorial, is. 6i. 

6573 WILLIAMS (E. De Coetlogon). Armorial. 2s. 

6574 WILLIAMS (Edward), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 

6575 WILLIAMS (Geoe.), Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 

2s. 6d. 

6576 WILLIAMS (Revd. George). Crest in a garter, is. 

6577 WILLIAMS (James). Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 6d. 

6578 WILLIAMS (James Rice). Armorial, is. 

6579 WILLIAMS (Sir John), Bodlewyddan. Hunter Sculpt. Armorial 

Shield in a garter. 4s. 

6580 WILLIAMS (John), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

6581 WILLIAMS (John), ab Ithel. Armorial. 2s. 

6582 WILLIAMS (Sir John Bickerton). Knt., LL.D.. F.S.A. Armo- 

rial. IS. 6i. 

6583 WILLI.\M3 (Rev. John Chii.), M.A., F.R.A.S. /. Cross sc. 

Armorial. 2s. 

6584 WILLIAMS (Miss), Penpont. Armorial Lozenge, ss. 

Bookplates {Franks CoUeclion); 217 

6585 WILLIAMS (Lt. Colonel Molyneux), Penbedw HaM, Denbigh- 

shire. Knight of the Royal Hanoverian Guelphic Order. Armo- 
rial. 35. 6d. 

6586 WILLIAMS (Lt. Colonel Molyneux). Armorial. 2s, 

6587 WILLIAMS (Peckham), of Chichester in Sussex. Jacobean 

Armorial, ys. 6d, 

6588 WILLIAMS (Richard). Armorial. 15. 

6589 WILLIAMS (Sydney). Armorial Shield in a garter, is. 

6590 [WILLIAMS (Rev. T.), M.A., Brjmtirion.] Armorial. 15. 6d, 

6591 WILLIAMS (Watkin). Esqr., of Penbedw, in the County of 

Denbigh. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6592 WILLIAMS (GuUelmus), A.M. Chippendale Armorial. 65. 6d. 

6593 S.T.B. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 

6594 WILLIAMS (The Revd. Wm.). Armorial Spade Shield. 25. 6d, 

6595 WILLIAMS (William). Armorial. 2s. 

Reproduced in Ex Librii JL, v. 7, p. 100. 

6596 WILLIAMS (WilUam Henry), M.D., F.I^.S.. of Gonville and 

Caius College, Cambridge, and Fellow of the Royal College of 
Physicians, London. Armorial. 25. 

6597 WILLIAMSON (James), M.D. Stuart set. Festoon Armorial. 

6598 WILLIAMSON. E Libris Johannis Williamson. Jacobean 

Armorial. 45. 6d. 

6599 WILLIAMSON (The Rev. Robert Hopper), Hurworth, co 

Durham. Armorial. 25. 

6600 WILLIAMSON (Stephen). Pictorial. 35. 6d. 

6601 WILLINGTON, of KiUoskehane, and Castle WiUington, co. 

Tipperary. Armorial. 25. 

6662 WILLIS. 175 1. [By Mountaine.] Chippendale Armorial. 
8s. 6d. 
See AUerif American Bookplaies, No. 943, who has not noticed the secret date. 

6603 WILLIS (Benedict). Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 6d. 

6604 W[ILLIS] (R.). Cypher. 2s. 

6605 WILLIS (Sherlock), 1756. Chippendale Armorial. los. 6d. 

6606 The same plate, without date. 6s. 6d. 

6607 WILLIS (WilUam), M.A. Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 6d. 

6608 [WILLIS, CO. Worcester.] Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

6609 [WILLOUGHBY.] Armorial Spade Shield, is. 6d. 

6610 WILLS (James). Eraser sculpt. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

66 1 1 WILLS (Willm.). Chippendale Armorial. 7s. 6d, 

6612 WILMER (John). Jacobean Armorial. los. 6d. 

6613 WILMER (Jno.). Chippendale Armorial, with books, ys. 6d. 

6614 WILMER (William), of Sywell, Northamptonshire. Jacobean 

Armorial, ids. 6d. 

' 6615 WILMOT (Edwd.), Esqr., Lansdown Grove, Bath. Wreath and 
Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6616 WILMOT (Edward), Esq., of the Middle Temple. Armorial 
Spade Shield. 2s. 6d. 

2i8 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

6617 WILMOT (Edward). Armorial Spade Shield on a mantle. 
25. 6d. 

66 1 8 . WILMOT (John ). Chippendale Armorial. 35. 

6619 WILMOT (John Eardley), Esqr., of the Inner Temple, London. 

[Chief Justice.] Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 6d, 

6620 Sr. John Eardley Wilmot, Knt. The same plate, with 

altered inscription. 35. 6d. 

6621 WILMOT (Sr. Robt.), of Osmaston. Derbyshire. Chippendale 

Armorial. 6s, 6d. 

6622 WILSHERE (WiUiam), Hitchin. Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 6d. 

6623 WILSON (Chrir.). Armorial Spade Shield. 15. 6d, 

6624 — Armorial. 25. 

6625 WILSON (D.), Trin. CoU. Cant. Soc. Chippendale Armorial. 

5 s. 6d. 

6626 WILSON (Revd. Daniel) [Bishop of Calcutta]. Armorial. 25. 6d. 
6627 Daniel Wilson. Armorial, with mitre. 4s. 

6628 WILSON (E.), Hepscot. Armorial Shield Pendant from a ribbon. 


6629 WILSON (Francis). Chippendale Armorial. Slightly injured, 

45. 6d, 

6630 WILSON (George), Esqr., Kendal. Chippendale Armorial. 

35. 6d, 

6631 WILSON (Harry). Wreath and Ribbon Crest. 25 6d, 

6632 WILSON (Hens.), A.M., Trin. Coll. Cant. Soc. Chippendale 

Armorial. 45. 6d. 

6633 WILSON (Hill). Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. 65. 

6634 WILSON (J.), Trin. Coll. Soc. Jacobean Armorial. 65. 

663s WILSON (J.), Professor of Phrenology. Pictorial, with skulls. 
ys. 6d, 

Reinroduced in CeuUe, English Bookplates, p. 1x5. 

6636 WILSON (James Forsythe), Belfast. Crest. 15. 6d. 

6637 WILSON (John), M.A., Fellow and Bursar of Trin. Coll., Cam- 

bridge. Armorial Spade Shield. 25. 6d. 

6638 WILSON (Lestock Peach). Armorial. 15. 

6639 WILSON (Mathew). Armorial. 15. 

6640 WILSON ([Rev. Mr.]). Jacobean Armorial. 55. 6d. 

6641 WILSON (Revd. Mr.). Jacobean Armorial. 45. 6d. 

6642 WILSON (Richard), A.M. Festoon Armorial. 35. 

6643 [WILSON (Rev. Thomas), D.D.] Festoon Library Armorial. 

85. 6d. 

6644 WILSON (W. D.). Lizars. Armorial. 15. 6d, 

6645 WILSON (Walter). Engraved Label, name on a book. 25. 

6646 WILSON (Revd. Wm.). Armorial. 15. 

6647 WILSON (William). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 6d, 

6648 WILSON (Willm. Wilson Carus). Girtin set. Pictorial Armorial. 

35. 6d, 

6649 WILSONN. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 6d. 

Bookplates (Franks Colleaton). 219 

6650 WILSONN (Charles). Chippendale Armorial. 6$. 

6651 WILSONN (Chas. Edwd.). Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

6652 WILY (SamL Randall). Armorial. Printed in red. 25. 6d, 
WINCHELSEA (Earl of). See Finch. 

6653 WINCKWORTH. Armorial Spade Shield. A large plate. 6s. 

6654 WINDSOR (Herbert Lord Viscot.), and Baron Montjoy. Jaco- 

bean Armorial, with supporters. 105. 6d. 

665s Another plate. Chippendale Armorial, with supporters. 

I05. 6d. 

6656 WINDSOR (Honble. Mrs. Catherine). Chippendale Armorial 

Lozenge. Slightly defective. 12s. 6d. 

6657 WINDSOR (Edward Charles). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 6d. 

6658 WINDSOR (John), Gent.. Shrewsbury. Chippendale Armorial. 

9s. 6d, 

6659 WINEARLS (W. and M.) [Swaffham, Norfolk]. Jacobean 

Armorial. A reprint. 25. 

6660 WINFIELD. Pictorial. 35. 

6661 Pictorial Crest. Printed in red. 3s. 6d. 

6662 WINFIELD. Hunter Sc. Pictorial Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

666$ WINFORD (Sr. Thomas), Baronet, Second Prothonotary of ye 
Court of Comon Plesa, 1702. Early Armorial, i/. 105. 

6664 WINGFIELD (Honble. John). Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6665 WINGFIELD (T.), CoU. Di. Joh. Bapt. Oxon. Socius. Jacobean 

Armorial. • 7s. 6d. 

6666 WINGFIELD (Honble. and Revd. WiUiam). Armorial. 25. 

6667 WINGFIELD (William), Esqr., of Lincoln's Inn. Armorial. 

15. 6d. 

6668 WINN (Charles), Nostell Priory. Seal Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6669 WINNINGTON (Edward), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. Re- 

print. 3s. 6d. 

6670 WINNINGTON (Francis), of Lincoln's Inn, Esqr., 1732. Jaco- 

bean Armorial, gs. 6d. 

Reproduced in Warren, Bookplates, p. 73. 

6671 WINTERBOTHAM (J. B.). Armorial, is. 

6672 WINTHROP (B.). 1870. Crest. 3s. 6d. 

6673 WINTLE (Thomas). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6674 [WISE], Hillbank. Armorial, with clouds. 2s. 6d. 

667s WISE (John Ayshford), Esqr. [Clayton Hall, co. Stafford]. 
Armorial. 25. 6d. 

6676 WISE (Matthew), Esqr. Jacobean Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

6677 WISHART (Mr. G«orge), Minister of the Trone Church of Edin- 

burgh. Jacobean Armorial. 2/. 105. 

6678 [WITHER], Manydown Park. Crests. 2s. 

6679 WITHER (Mr. Eusebius). Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

6680 WITHERING (WilUam), M.R., M.S.E., F.L.S. [of Birmingham]. 

Armorial. 35. 6d. 

220 EUis, 29 New Bond Sired, W. 

668 r WITHERS (The Revd. J.), M.A., 1748. Jacobean Bookpile 
Armorial. Cut. 155. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 3, p. xo8. 

6682 WITHERS (Wm.) Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 3s. 

6683 WITHERSTON (J.). Jacobean Armorial. 55. 

6684 WITT (George). Armorial, is. 

6685 [WODEHOUSE, Baron Kimberly, 1838.] Crest and Coronet. 

25. 6d. 

6686 WODEHOUSE (Sir Armine), Bart. Jacobean Armorial, with 

supporters. 75. 6d. 

6687 WODEHOUSE (PhiUp). Crest. 15. ^d. 

6688 [WOLFE.] Chippendale Armorial. 65. 6d. 

6689 WOLFE (John). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, ss, 

6690 WOLLASCOTT (Wm.), Esq. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 6d, 

6691 WOLLASTON (Charlton). Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

6692 WOLLASTON (Charlton Byam). Armorial Spade Shield. 

15. 6d. 

* 6693 WOLLASTON (Francis). Jacobean Armorial. 35. 6d, 

6694 WOLLASTON (Frederick) LL.B. Chippendale Armorial. 

45. 6d. 

6695 WOLLASTON (George). Chippendale Armorial. 65. 

6696 WOLLASTON (Henry John). Armorial Spade Shield. I5. 6d, 

I , 6697 WOLLASTON (W.), Esqr., Finborough, Suffolk. Bickham sc. 

Armorial Arms in a ribbon. 25. 6d, 

6698 WOLLASTON (WilUam Monro). Armorial. 15. 6d, 

6699 WOLLEY (Adam). Armorial. 15. 6d. 

6700 WOLLEY (John). Armorial. Coloured. 35. 6d. 

6701 WOLSELEY (General Viscount), of Wolseley, County of Stafford, 

and Baron Wolseley of Cairo. C. W. S[herborn], 1885. 
Decorated Armorial. 145. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. i, p. 62. 

6702 WOLSELEY (Sir Charles), Bart. Armorial. 25. 6d. 

6703 WOLSELEY (Honble. Frances G.). Festoon Armorial Lozenge. 

C. W. Sherborn sc, 1891. 125. 6d. 

6704 WOMB WELL (Lady). Armorial Lozenge. 45. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 7, p. 63. 

6705 [WOMBWELL.] Armorial arms in a beaded oval. 35. 6d, 

6706 WOOD. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

6707 WOOD (John). Chippendale Armorial. 45. 

6708 WOOD (Revd. Manley), Middle Temple. Festoon Armorial. 

35. 6d. 

6709 WOOD (Mary). Chippendale Modern. 45. 6d, 

6710 WOOD (Richard Warner Kendall). Seal Armorial. 25. 6d, 

67 1 1 WOOD (Robert). Chippendale Armorial. 55. 6d. 

6712 WOOD (Thomas), Gent. Chippendale Armorial. 7s. 6dm 
f -— 6713 WOOD (Thomas). Jacobean Armorial. 45. 6d, 

Bookplates {Franks Collection). 221 

6714 [WOOD, CO. Lancaster.] Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. $s, 6d^ 

6715 [WOOD, CO. Devon.] Ezekiel sculp., Exon, Festoon ArmoriaU 

45. 6d, 

6716 [WOOD ?]. Crests and Monogram. 2s, 6d, 

6717 WOODBURN (Thomas). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

6718 WOODCOCK. Festoon ArmOTial. 3s. 6rf. 

6719 WOODCOCK (E.). Chippendale Pictorial Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

6720 WOODCOCK (Henry), [Canon of Christ Church]. Crest in a 

beaded oval. 3s. 

6721 WOODCOCK (John). Armorial, is. 

6722 WOODCOCK (Thomas). Armorial. 15. 6d. 

6723 WOODD (Basil Thomas), [Conyngham Hall, co. York]. Benjn. 

Warwick, Armorial, ^s. 

6724 [WOODESON (Leonard).] Jacobean Armorial. Inscription 

defective. 4s. 6d. 

6725 WOODFALL (Henry Sampson). [Printed Junius's Letters.) 

Festoon Armorial. 35. 6d. 

6726 WOODFORD (Sir Ralph), Bart. Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

6727 WOODHAM (Henricus Annesley), Legum Doctor, CoUegii Jesu 

nuper Socius Cantabrigiae, 1852. Armorial. 35. 6d. 

6728 WOODHOUSE (Francis), of Aramstone, Esqr. Early Jacobean 

Armorial, i/. 15. 

6729 WOODHOUSE (Revd. Gervas Harvey), Finningley Rectory, 

Notts. Armorial. 25. 

6730 WOODHOUSE (John), Esqr., Aramstone. Armorial Spade 

Shield. 2s. 

6731 WOODIFIELD (R. D.). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 
C 6732 WOODIFIELD (Robt.). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6733 WOODLEY(J.), Esqr. B.Cole sculp. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

6734 The same plate without engraver's name. Chippendale 

Armorial. Injured. 45. 6d. 

6735 WOODS (Albert W.), F.S.A., College of Arms. Armorial Shield 

on a Mantle. 55. 

6736 WOODS (Samuel). Armorial, is. 

c 6737 WOODTHORPE (H.), Junr. Armorial Spade Shield in a 

Garter. 2s. 6d, 

6738 WOODWARD (Charles). Literary. 5s. 

6739 Another plate. $s. 

6740 WOODWARD (Henry). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

6741 WOODWARD (Thos.). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 

6742 WOODWARD (Thos. J.). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 2s. 

6743 WOODYEARE, Crookhill, co. York. Baker sc. Armorial. 2s. 
^744 WOOLDRIDGE (Thos.), Esqr. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6745 WOOLLASTON (T. S.), Peterhouse. Engraved label. 3s. 6d. 

6746 [W00LLC0MB£. of Hemerdon.] Armorial. 2s. 6d. 
'6747 [WOOLLCOMBE (Thos.)] Armorial Shield on a Mantle. 3s. 


222 EUis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

6748 WOOLNOUGH (Joseph Chappel). Armorial, ts, 

6749 WOOLSEY (William), [of Castle Bellinghai^, co. Louth], Ar- 

morial. 2S. 

6750 WORDSWORTH (Christopher), [Master of Trinity College, Cam- 

bridge]. Crest. 35. 6d, 

6751 WORLEY (Henry T.). Festoon Armorial. 35. 

6752 WORMALD (Henry). Armorial. 2s. 

67 53 WORRALL (Henry). Festoon Armorial. 25. 

6754 WORSHIP (Francis). Armorial Spade Shield, is. 

6755 WORSLEY (Revd. Ralph). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s, 6d. 

6756 WORSLEY (Thomas), Surveyor-General of His Majesty's Works. 

Armorial Shield on a Mantle. 45. 6d, 

6757 WORTH (John), of Oakley, Suffolk. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6758 WORTH (John). Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 6d. 

6759 [WORTH.] Early Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

6760 WORTH AM (C. P.). Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 

6761 WORTHINGTON (Charles). Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

6762 WORTHINGTON (Will.), M.A., Vicar of Blodwell in Shropshire. 

Bookpile Armorial, il. 5 s. 

6763 WORTHINGTON (WUL), D.D. Bookpile Armorial. 7s, 6d. 

6764 WOTTON. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 

6765 WRAY (Cecil D.), A.M., F.C.C., Manchester. Fothergill sc, 2s. 

6766 WRAY (William). Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

6767 WREN (Anne), Wroxhall Abbey, Warwickshire. Armorial 

Lozenge. 5 s. 

6768 WREN (Christopher Roberts) Wroxhall House, Warwickshire. 

Armorial. 2s. 

6769 WRENCH (Jacob George), B.C.L., M.D.LXXVIII {date of grant 

of arms). Armorial, is. 6d. 

6770 WREY (Sr. Bourchier), Bart., of Tawstock, Devon. Armorial. 

Printed in hlus. 2s. 

6771 WRIGHT (Helen), Halston Library. Seal Armorial. 4s. 6d, 

6772 WRIGHT (J. F.), Esq., Kelvedon Hall, Essex. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6771 WRIGHT (Sir Ja.), Bart., [Governor of Georgia]. Chippendale 

Armorial. los. 6d. 

See AUen, American Bookplates^ No. 959. 

6774 WRIGHT (John). Esqr., Kelvedon Hall, Essex. Booker, Bond 

St. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6775 WRIGHT (Revd. Joseph). Jacobean Armorial, Modern. 3s. 

6776 WRIGHT (Joseph William). Armorial Shield on Clouds, is. 6d. 

6777 WRIGHT (Peter), M.D. Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

6778 Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

6779 WRIGHT (Rich.). M.D., Coll. Regal. Med. Lond. Soc. et S.R.S. 

Chippendale Armorial, with Bool^. 5 s. 

6780 WRIGHT (Thos.). Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

6781 WRIGHT (Thomas), Esq., of Santon, Downham, Suffolk, 17 — . 

Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

c - 

Bookplates (Franks Collection) i 223 

6782 WRIGHT (Thomas). Jacobean Armorial, ys. 6d. 

6783 WRIGHT (Thomas). Jacobean Armorial, within a border. 6s. 

6784 WRIGHT (Thomas), [of Durham, 171 1-85]. Armorial. 45. 

6785 WRIGHT (William), M.D., Ftfl.S. Jacobean Armorial, Modern. 

25. 6d. 

6786 [WRIGHT, of Essex.] Testoon Armorial. 3s. 

— • 6787 WROTTESLEY (Sr. Richd.), Baronet. Early Armorial, with 
supporters. 35. 6d, 

6788 WYATT. E libris Osmond Arthur Wyatt. Literary Armorial. 

35. 6rf. 

6789 WYCHE (Wm.). Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d, 

6790 WYCHE (Willm.). Festoon Armorial. 3s. 

6791 WYER (Sempronius). Crest on Clouds. 25. 6d. 

6792 WYKEHAM (Saml. Atkins). Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 

25. 6d, 

6793 WYLD (Revd. James), Blunsdon St. Andrew. Armorial. 25. 

6794 WYLDE (Gervas). Armorial Spade Shield on a Mantle. 35. 

6795 WYLIE, of Carswell. Armorial. 25. 6d. 

6796 WYLLY (William), Esqr. Festoon Armorial, ^s, 

6797 WYMER (Edw.). Pictorial Crest. 25. 6d. 

6798 WYNDHAM (General). Armorial. 15. 6d, 

6799 WYNDHAM (Thos.), of Hammersmith, Middlesex, Esqr. Jaco- 

bean Armorial. 55. 6d. 

— . 6800 WYNDHAM (Thomas), of Yately, Hampshire. Armorial on a 
shaded background. 2s. 6d. 

6801 WYNDHAM (Wadham). Jacobean Armorial. 3$. 6d, 

6802 WYNDHAM (Wadham), Esq. Library Interior Armorial. 35. 6d^ 

Reproduced ia CasUe^ English Bookplates^ p. loz. 

6803 WYNN (C. W. Williams). ^Edis Christi Alumnus. [M.P. for 
Montgomeryshire from 1 799-1 850. First President of Royal 
Asiatic Society.] Pictorial Armorial. 55. 6d, 

6804 WYNN (Sir Watkms Williams), Bart. Chippendale ArmoriaU 
105. 6d, 

6805 [WYNN (Sir Watkin Williams).] H. Hughes sculp. Armorial, 
two shields accol6 on an eagle. 55. 

6806 WYNNE (Owen), of Pengwern, Esq., Merionyddshire.- Stuart sc» 
Early Armorial Style. 55. 

6807 W[YNNE](R. W.). Garthewin Library. Hicks set. Wreath and 
Ribbon Crest. 25. 6d, 

6808 WYNNE (Ri.), [Serjeant-at-Law], Early Jacobean ArmoriaU 
Defective. 6s. 

6809 WYNNE (W. W. E.), [Welsh Antiquary]. Peniarth Library. 
Armorial. 35. 6d. 

63 10 WYNTER (Thomas), Staffordshire. Armorial. 25. 

6811 WYNTER (Philip). Festoon Crest. Cut round. 25.6^ 

6812 WYON (Thos.). H. F. Rose Del et sculp. Pictorial. I05. 6d, 

6813 W. (P.), Coll. Ball. Oxon. Soc. Festoon Crest and Cypher^ 
Printed in blue. 25. 6d, 


224 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

6814 W. (R.). Crest and Cypher. 2s, 

68 1 5 YALDWYN (WiUm.). Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 6d. 

6816 YARBOROUGH. Ex donatione Haeredum Dni. Francisci Yar- 

borough S.T;P. nuper Pqjikcipalis. Armorial Spade Shield. 
2s. 6d. 

6817 YARDLEY (Edvardus)^ A.M.. CoUegu Di. Johannis Cantab. 

Socius, 1 72 1. Early Armorial. 7s. 6d. 

68 1 8 YARDLEY (Edwd. ), B.D., Archdeacon of Cardigan, 1 739. Early 

Armorial. 105. 6d. 

6819 [YATE.] Chippendale Armorial. No inscription. 4s. 6d, 

6820 YATE (Henry Gorges Dobyns), St. John's College, Oxon. Festoon 

Armorial. Injured, 2s, 6d. 

6821 LL.B. Festoon Armorial. 35. 

6822 LL.D., Rector of Bromesberrow, Gloucestershire. 

Festoon Armorial. 25. 6d. 

6823 YATE (Revd. Henry Gorges Dobyns), D.C.L., Prebendary of 

Hereford. Festoon Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6824 YATE (Rt. Go. Dobyns), Esqr., of Bromesberrow Place. Chippen- 

dale Armorial. A late impression, 25. 6d. 

6825 YATES (C. Cooksey), Inner Temple. Armorial. 25. 

^ . , 6826 YATES (Edmund), [Novelist]. Vesica Armorial. 45. 6d, 

Reproduced in Castle, Ef^lish Bookplates, p. 136. 

6827 YATES (James), [Unitarian and Antiquary]. Allen set,, Birming' 

ham. Pictorial. 4s, 6d, 

6828 YATES (Joseph), Esqr. Armorial. 2s. 

6829 YEAMES (Henry Savage). Armorial Spade Shield. 25. 6d, 

6830 YE ATM AN (Charleton). Festoon Armorial. 35. 6d, 

^831 YELDHAM (John), Esqr., Saling, Essex. Chippendale Armorial 
Pictorial. 9s. 6d. 

6832 [YEOMAN.] Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

6833 YONGE (C[harlotte] M.), [Novelist]. Armorial Lozenge. 55. 

c^ ^834 YONGE (Charles). Armorial, on a shaded background. 15. 6d, 
683s YONGE (W. C). Crest, is. 

6836 YONGE (Wm. Crawley), Otterbourn, Hants. Axmocval, 2s, 

6837 YONGE (W. J.). Armorial Spade Shield in a beaded oval. is. 6d^ 

6838 [YORKE.] Philip Lord Hardwicke, Baron of Hardwicke, in 'ye 

County of Gloucester [Lord Chancellor]. Jacobean Armorial, 
with supporters. 3s. 6d, 

6839 YORKE (The Honble. Charles), [Lord Chancellor], Festoon 
Armorial. 35. 6d. 

6840 YORKE (Edmund), Esq. Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. 35. 

6841 YORKE (John), Esqr., Richmond. Wreath and Ribbon ArmoriaL 
Zs, 6d, 

6842 [YORKE (Philip), Lord Hardwicke.] Armorial, with supporters. 
A large plate, 7s. 6d. 

6843 YORKE (Philip James), [President of Chemical Society]. Ar- 
morial, arms beneath frame. 25. 6d, 

Bookplates {Franks Collection). 225 

6844 YORKE (Revd. T. H.). Armorial, is. 6d. 

6845 YOUNG (Adam), Junr,, Blackheath. Pictorial Armorial. 31. 6d. 
6S46 YOUNG (Alexander), [Unitarian Clergyman aod Historian of 

Boston], Armorial. $s. 

See AUn, Amtrican Bookflala, No. 97t. 
6847 YOUNG (Arthur), [Agricnlturist]. Chippendale Armorial. $s.6d. 

I 6S48 Armorial, is. 6d. 

t — 6849 YOUNG (Charles George). Armorial Shield on a mantle. 2s. 6d. 
6850 OMegt of Anns. Armorial, is. 

6851 YOUNG (Chaa. Geo.), York Herald. Armorial Shield in a Collar. 


6852 YOUNG (Charles George), Garter. ArmoriaL xs. 6d. 

6853 YOUNG (Sir Charles George), Garter. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

6854 [YOUNG (Sir George), K.B.] Armorial, with supporters, js. 

6855 YOUNG (Henry). Festoon Armorial. 31. 

6856 YOUNG (J.), Newcastle. Festoon Armorial, js. 6d. 
' — 6857 YOUNG (James Forbes). Crest, is, 

' — -6858 YOUNG (John). Seal Armorial. 2s. 

6859 YOUNG (John Augustine). Chippendale Armorial, Modern. 

6860 YOUNG (Matthew), B.D. Festoon Armorial, 3s. 

6861 D.D. Festoon Armorial. 31. 6d. 

6862 YOUNG (Robert), of Auldbar, Esqt. Chippendale Armorial, 

Defective. 4s. 6d. 
'-- - 6863 YOUNG (T. P.), D.D, Robson fecit. Chippendale Armorial. 
is. 6d. 

' 6864 YOUNG (William), Esqr, [? Governor of Dominica]. Jacobean 

Armorial. 9^. 6d. 
-6865 YOUNG (Sir Wm.), Bart. [? Governor of Tobago]. Crest. 41. 6d. 

6866 [YOUNG (Wm.)]. Jacobean Armorial. 51. 

6867 YOUNG (Admiral [Sir William]). Armorial, with shaded back- 

ground. 2S. 

6868 Sir William Young. Armorial, arms within a garter. 2S. 

6869 YOUNG (WiUiam). Festoon Armorial, with Mantling. 18*. 

S« AUm, Anuruat BoahplaUi, No. 977. 

6870 YOUNGER (J.). Chippendale Armorial. 31. 6d. 
6871 A different plate. 3s. 6d. 

6872 YVOUNET (John Paul), Esqr. Armorial Spade Shield on a 

mantle, shaded background, ss. 
6373 ZACHARY (John), S.S.A. Festoon Armorial. 31. 

6874 ZAHM (SamL H.), Lancaster, Penna. tS8t. Pictorial is. 64. 

6875 ZOBEL (Saml.), Esqr. Chippendale Armorial. 6». 

6876 ZORNLIN (J. J,). Chippendale Armoria'. 51.6'. 
6877 Printed in red. 6s. 

fRo^ai plates. 

6878 WILLIAM (Prince). Du tres-haut, trea pi^stant et tres-illustrr 
Prince Guillaume Fils de la Princesse Anne par le Prince George 
de Danemarc, etc. /. Slurl Sculp. Early Armorial, il. 10s 

226 Ellis i 29 New Bond Street, W; 

Royal PlAXes- continue J, 

6879 G[EORGE] R. III. Armorial Arms on a Mantle. 6s, 

6880 [GEORGE III.] {By Bartolozzi.) Pictorial Armorial. A large 

plate. 3/. 35. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 4, p. 162. 

6881 S[OPHIA CHARLOTTE, Queen Consort of George III.]. Cypher 

and Crown. 25. 6d. 

6882 [GEORGE], Prince of Wales, and the Bishop of Osnabrugh, 3rd 

May, 1 77 1. /. Kirk sculpt. Two Crests in a Ribbon. 55. 6d. 

6883 [CARLETON HOUSE LIBRARY.] Armorial Arms on a Mantle. 

6884 A smaller plate. 45. 

6885 LIBRARY of the Duchy of Cornwall, founded by his Royal 

Highness George Prince of Wales, 1783. Festoon Armorial. 
7s 6(i. 

6886 DUCHY OF LANCASTER. Armorial, Arms in a Garter. 35. 

6887 [H.R.H. Frederick, Duke of York and Albany, Bishop of Osna- 

burg]. G. B. Cipriani deliniat. F. Bartolozzi scupt. Pictorial 
A^rmorial 2/ 2s 

6888 D[UKE OF] Y[ORK]. Crest in a Garter. 55. 

6889 W[ILLIAM] F[REDERICK, Duke of Gloucester]. Cypher in a 

Garter. 2s. 6d. 

6890 [DUKE OF SUSSEX.] Armorial. Parkins and Heatk. 25. 6d, 

6891 A different plate, without engraver's name. 2s. 6d. 

6892 Crest in the Collar of the Order of the Garter. Parkins and 

Heath. 2s. 6d. 

6893 A similar plate, without engraver's name. 2s, 6d, 

6894 A different plate. 3s. 6d. 

6895 [DUKE OF GLOUCESTER.] Armorial, with supporters. 

^s. 6d. 
6896 A different plate. $s. 6d. 

6897 W[ILLIAM] H[ENRY, Duke of Clarence]. Initials in a Garter. 
2s. 6d. 

i. . 6898 W[ILLIAM] R. nil. Initials in a Garter. 55. 

6899 H.R.H. PRINCESS SOPHIA. Wreath and Ribbon, Engraved 

Label, "^s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Miss Laboucher^s Ladies* Bookplates, p. 3x8. 

6900 C[HARLOTTE] (P[rincess]), [daughter of George IV.]. Cypher 

and Coronet, js. 6d, 

6901 V[ICTORIA], R. Ex Bibliothec. Reg. in Castel Windsor. /. 

West, Mary By field, sc. Armorial, i/. is. 

Rei»:oduced as frontispiece, Castle, English Bookplates, 1892. 

6902 /. West. C. A. Ferrier, sc, A smaller plate, los, 6d, 

6903 [VICTORIA, Queen.] The Queen toher Army. Xmas, 1855. 

Engraved label. 125. 6d. 

6904 [EDWARD VII.] The Prince of Wales's Library. Armorial. 

with supporters. los. 

6gos Albert Edward, Prince of Wales. The Library of the 

Duchy of Cornwall. Armorial, with supporters, ids. 

6906 H.R.H. PRINCE LEOPOLD, K.G. Armorial, with supporters. 

Ss. 6d. * 

6907 M[ARY] A[DELAIDE, Duchess of Teck]. C. W. Sherbom, ft,, 

1890. Cjrpher and Coronet. 155. 

6908 THE ROYAL ARMS.^Armorial, Arms in a Garter. 5s. 

Bookplates (Franks Collection). 227 

CambrfDfiC Tllnfvcrstt^ an& (Collcfics. 

6909 [CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY.] Academiae Cantabrigiensis 

Liber. Jacobean Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

6910 [CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY.] Academiae Cantabrigiensis Liber. 

Jacobean Armorial. The small size. 6s. 

69 1 1 [CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY.] Munificentia Regia. 171 5. /. 

Pine sculp. Jacobean Pictorial Armorial. The largest size. 

Reproduced in Hamilton^ Dat^ BookplaUSt List^ p. 28. 
6912 A Modern Impression. 5s. 

6913 [CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY.] Munificentia Regia, 1715. The 

second size,FiAst state. J. Pline] sc. Pictorial Jacobean Armorial. 

i/. 5s. 

Reproduced in Warren, Bookplates^ p. 39. 

6914 The same plate. Second State. J. B^aldrey] sc. il. is. 

6915 CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY. Munificentia Regia, 171 5. The 
third size. First State. /. P[ine] sc. 15s. 
Reproduced in Hardy, Bookplates, p. 60. 

6916 Second Stat^. /. B[aldrey] sc. 14s. 

6917 -^ A Reprint. 2s. 6d. 

6918 [CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY.] Munificentia Regia, 17x5. /. 

Pine, sc. Jacobean Pictorial Armorial. Smallest size. ys. 6d, 

6919 [CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY.] Academiae Cantabrigiensis 

Liber. Armorial, Two Shields Accol6 on a Mantle. 2s. 6d. 

6920 [CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY.] Academiae Cantabrigiensis 

Liber. Armorial, is. 6d. 

6921 [CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY.] Academiae Cantabrigiensis 

Liber. Armorial Arms in a Garter on a Mantle, ^s. 6d. 

6922 [CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY.] Munificentia GuUelmi Worts, 

A.M. Seal Armorial. 2s. 

6923 CATHARINE. Collegium sive Aula D. Catharinae in Universi- 

tate Cantabrigiensi. Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

6924 CHRIST'-6. Cx)llegium Christi Acad. Cantabr., etc. ArmoriaL 

IS. 6d. 

6925 CLARE. Collegium sive Domus sive Aula de Clare in Universitate 

Cantabrigiensi. 17 — . Jacobean Armorial. los. 

6926 CORPUS CHRISTI. Collegium Corporis Christi & B. Virginis 

Mariae in Universitate Cantabrigiensi. 1701. Jacobean Ar- 
morial, i/. 4s. 

6927 Collegium Corporis Christi & B. Virginis Mariae in Universi- 
tate Cantabrigiensi. 17 — . Jacobean Armorial. 9s. 6d. 

6928 Coll. Corp. Christi et B. V. Mariae Cantabrigiae. Ar- 
morial Arms in a Garter. 2s. 

6929 EMMANUEL. Collegium Emmanuelis Cantabrigiae. W. 

Stephens coelavit, 1737. Jacobean Armorial. i8s. 

6930 CoUegii Emmanuelis Libei:. Armorial, is. 6^. 

6931 GONVILLE AND CAIUS. ColU Gony. et Caius. Jacobean, 

Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

-6932 A smaller size. 7s. 6d, 

6933 Coll. de Gonvile et Caius. Jacobean Armorial. 7s, 6d. 

228 EUiSi 29 New Bond Street, Wi 

Cambridge University and Colleges— <^<wf/<>r<^^. 

6934 JESUS. [Coll. Jesu Cantabrigiae.] Early Armorial. No 
inscription, %s, 

693 s Collegium Jesu Cantabrigiense. Armorial. 25. 6d, 

6936 Collegium Jesu Cantabrigiense, 18 — . Armorial. 3s. 6d, 

"6937 Liber. Coll. Jesu Cant. Armorial. 2s. 

6938 KING'S. Collegium Regale, Cantab. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

^39 Collegium Regale in Universitate Cantabriglensi. Jaco- 
bean Armorial, Modem. 25. 6d, 

6940 Collegium Regale Cantab. Chippendale Armorial, Modem. 

25. 6d, 
^941 — Liber collegii regalis be. Marie et sci Nicholai de Cantebr. 

Seal Armorial. 35. 6d, 

■6942 MAGDALENE. Collegium Magdalenae Acad. Cantabr. Jacobean 
Armorial, with supporters. 85. 6d. 

<5943 PEMBROKE. Collegium, Sive Aula Mariae de Valentift com- 
muniter nuncupata Pembroke Hall, in Academic Cantabriglensi, 
1700. Jacobean Armorial, i/. 15. 

•6944 Collegium sive Aula Mariae de Valentia communiter 

nuncupata Pembroke Coll. in Academia Cantabrigiensi, 1879. 
Jacobean Armorial, Modem. 3s. 

-^945 Ex dono Jacobi Brown, S.T.P. Aulae Pemb. Custodis. 

Printed Label. 45. 6d. 
^46 Ex dono Caroli F. J. de Coetlogon, 1833. Printed Label. 

2s. 6d, 
^947 QUEEN'S. Coll. Regin. Cant. Festoon Armorial. 55. 

6948 ST. JOHN'S. Collegium Sancti lohannis Evangelistae in 
Academia Cantabrigiensi, 1700. Early Armorial. lU is. 

•6949 Collegium Sancti lohannis Evangelistae in Academiae 

Cantabrigiensi, 1792. Early Armorial. 7s. 6d, 

6950 Collegium Sancti Johannis Evangelistae in Academia 

Cantabrigiensi. Jacobean Armorial, with supporters. 7s, 6d. 

695 1 Another plate, small size, js, 6d, 

■6952 Jacobean ArmorialT^odem. 25. 

6953 Another plate. Armorial, is. 6d. 

•6954 Gnlielmus Amald, S.T.P. Collegii olim socius, quinqua- 

ginta libras testamento legavit, in usum bibliothecae. 1802. 
Printed Label. 3s. 6d, 

•6955 Ex dono viri reverendi Thomae Baker, S.T.B., etc. 

Printed label. 2s. 6d. 

6956 Hunc librum, olim e libris viri reverendi Johannis Carr, 

S.T.B. hujus collegii quondam socii senioris, avi sui jam pridem 
vita defuncti, huic bibliothecae dono dedit Henricus Carr, 
A.D. 1874. Printed Label. 2s. 

6957 Hunc librum . .. . Coll. Div. Joh. Cantab, testamento 

legavit Thomas Catton, S.T.B., R. et Ast. S.S. . . . obiit 
Jan. 6, MDCCCXXXVIII. Printed Label. 2s. 6d, 

6gs^ Hunc cum CCCC fere aliis libris huic bibliothecae testa- 
mento legavit Ricardus Duffield, S.T.B., A.D. 1863. Printed 
Label. 2s. 

^959 Testamento legavit Thomas Gisbome, M.D. R. & A. 

S.S. Regis . . . Medicus. Printed Label. 3s. 6d. 

Bookplates {Franks Collection). 229 

Cambridge University and Gotlegits—coHtinuitl. 

6960 ST. JOHN'S. A.D. 1784. Reverendus . . . Joannes Green, 
S.T.P. Episcopus Lincolnlensis. . . . centum nobis libras testa- 
mento legavit. Printed Label. 55. 

6961 Ex dono Joseph! LittledaleEq.Aur . . . A.D. MDCCCXLII. 

Printed Label. 2s. 

6962 Joh. Mainwaring, S.T.B., anno 1807, testamento legavit 

libras CXV. Printed Label. 2s. 6d. 

6963 Hunc librum cum centum circiter aliis . . . legavit Joannes 

Palmer, S.T.B.,obiit 9 April, MDCCCXL. Printed Label. 2s.6d. 

6964 Hunc librum . . . testamento legavit Isaacus Penning- 
ton, 18 1 7. Printed Label. $s. 6d. 

6965 Dono dedit Reverendus Vir, Franciscus Roper, Obiit 12 

April, 1 7 19. Printed Label, js. 6d. 

6966 Hunc cum CCCC fere aliis libris testamento legavit 

Christophorus Stannard, 185 1. Printed Label. 2s. 6d, 

6967 Hunc librum testamento CoUegio legavit Josephus Taylor, 

S.T.B. Socius. A.D. MDCCCXXXVI. Printed Label. 25. 

6968 Ex dono Thomae Thurlin. A.D. 17 14. Printed Label. 

8s. 6d. 
6969 Hunc cum LX fere aliis lectissimis libris huic bibliothecae 

legavit Henricus Walter, A.D. 1859. Printed Label. 25. 

6970 E Libris . . . huic bibUothecae legavit Jacobus Wood, 

Decanus Eliensis. A.D. 1839. Printed Label. 2s. 6d. 

6971 Thomas Whytehead, A.M., CoUegii Socius, idem Reverendi 

in Christo Patris Georgii Augusti Primi Nov. Zealand Episcopi 
a sacris domesticis, testamento legavit. MDCCCXLIIL Printed 
Label. 3s. 

6972 PETERHOUSE. Collegium Sti. Petri Acad. Cantabr., etc. 
Jacobean Armorial. los. 6d. 

6973 Coll. Div. Pet. Acad. Cantabr. Armorial. 2s. 

6974 SIDNEY SUSSEX. Collegium Dnae. Franciscae Sidney Sussex 
in Academic Cantabrigiense, 1701. Jacobean Armorial, ids. 

6975 With " Mathematical Library " printed beneath. 

{A modern copy of preceding plate.) 5s. 

6976 TRINITY. Collegium S.S. et Individuae Trinitatis in Academid 
Cantabrigiensi. Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

6977 The small size. 5s. 6d. 

6978 Coll. Trin. Cantab. Stephens sculp. Chippendale Armorial. 


^979 Coll. Trin. Cant. W. Stephens sculp. Jacobean Armorial 

45. 6d. 

Reproduced in Fincham, p. 96. 

6980 Coll. Trin. Cant. Chippendale Armorial. 6s. 

6981 Coll. Trin. Cant. Jacobean Armorial Modern. 2s. 

6982 Coll. S.S. et Indiv. Trin. Cant. Armorial with festoon, 

etc. 2s. 
6983 Bibliothecae Coll. S.S. Trin. Cant, legavit Petrus Paulus 

Dobree A.M. Graecarum Literarum Professor Regius. 1826. 

R. Roe. Pictorial. 4s. 6d. 

6984 Bibliothecae Coll. S.S. Trin. Cant, legavit Robertus Hole, 

A.M., Socius Senior, 1826. Engraved Label. 3s. 6d. 


230 Ellis, 29 New Bond Stred, W. 

Cambridge Universily and Ooll ag e a com t tmitiL 

6985 TRINITY. BibUothecae CoU. SS. et indiv. Trin. Cantab. 

legavit Jonathan Raine. A.M. . . . Matthaeus Raine. 
S.T.P., MDCCCXXXI. Printed Label 35. 6d. 

6986 BibUothecae Coll. SS. et indiv. Trin. Cantab, donaverunt 

. . . GuUehno Henrico Waddington. MDCCCLXXVII. Printed 
Label. 3s. 

6987 BibUothecae CoUegii Sanct. et Indiv. Trinitatis Cant. 

legavit GuUehnus Whewell. MDCCCLXVI. Armorial. 35. 6d. 

6988 BibUothecae CoU. S. S. Trin. Cantab, donavit Franciscus 

Wrangham, A.M., 1842. Armorial. 3s. 

6989 TRINITY HALL. Collegium sive Aula S. St. Trinitatis in 

Academia Cantabrigiensi, 1700. Jacobean Armorial, i/. 15. 

6990 — TRINITY HALL, CAMBRIDGE. Armorial, with mant- 

lincf. "is. 


15. 6d. 

®yfor& Tllnivcreit^ anD Collcfice* 

6992 [OXFORD UNIVERSITY.] Ex Ubris CaroU Thomae Newton, 

LCD., Ord. Balnei Kq. Com. Academiae Oxoniensi in usum 
archaeologiae studentium. MDCCCXCV. Printed Label. 25. 6d. 

6993 ALL SOULS. Liber CoU. Omn. Anim. Fidel. Defunct, in Oxon. 

/. Green fecit. Chippendale Armorial Trophy. los. 6d, 

6gg4 Liber Coll. Omn. Anim. Fidel. Defunct, in Oxon. Chip. 

pendale Armorial Trophy. 8s. 6d. 

Refx-oduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 9, p. 19. 

6995 BibUotheca Chichleio-Codringtoniana. M, Burg[hers] 

sculp. Literary Trophy Armorial. Large plate. 2/. 25. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris J I., v. 9, p. 17. 

6996 BibUotheca Chichleio-Codringtoniana. M B[urghers]s. 

Literary Trophy Armorial. Small plate. 105. 

6997 BALLIOL. Liber CoU. Ball. Oxon. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 6d 

6998 BRASENOSE. Collegium TEnei Nasiapud Oxonienses. Clements 

sc, Oxford. Seal Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

6999 CHRIST CHURCH. iEdes Christi in Academia Oxoniensi 

Early Armorial. 65. 

7000 Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

7001 A different plate. $s. 6d. 

7002 Chippendale Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

7003 A different plate. 3s. 6d. 

7004 A similar plate, ^s. 

7005 CORPUS. CoUegium Corporis Christi in Academic Oxon. 

Jacobean Armorial, ids. 6d. 

7006 EXETER. CoUegium Exoniense in Academia Oxon. Jacobean 

Armorial. $s. 

7007 CoUegium Exoniense in Academia Oxon. Armorial. is.6rf. 

7008 JESUS. Coll. Jesu Oxon. Jacobean Armorial. A late state, 

45. 6d. 

7009 LINCOLN. Collegium Lincolniense in Universitate Oxon., 1703. 

Early Armorial, i/. 4s. 
7010 1703* Early Armorial. A later impression. 12s. 

701 1 Coll. Lincoln. Bibl. Armorial, is. 6d. 

7012 Coll. Lincoln, in usum Rectoris legavit J. Radford, S.T.P. 

Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

Bookplates (Franks Collection). 231 

Oxford University and OoWe^e^-^coniittutd. 

7013 MAGDALEN. Collegium Stae Mariae Magdalenae apud Oxoni- 

enses. Jacobean Armorial. 65. 
7014 A later plate, similar. $s. 

7015 MERTON. Collegium Mertonense in Universitate Oxon^ 
Jacobean Armorial. 6s. 

7016 Collegium Mertonense in Academia Oxon. Jacobean 

Armorial Modem. 2s. 6d. 

7017 NEW COLLEGE. Collegium Novum Oxon. 1702. Early- 

Armorial. 15 s. 

Reproduced in Ex Ltbris Jl., v. 12, p. 71. 

7018 Collegium Novum Oxon. Early Armorial. 75. 6d. 

7019 [New College ?] Badge (a crowned rose), ^s. 6d. 

7020 ORIEL. Bibliotheca Orielensis. Seal Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

7021 QUEEN'S. Coll. Reg. Oxon. Armorial. 55. 

7022 Coll. Reg. Oxon. Munificentia. Armorial Shield in a 

Garter. 2s. 

7023 RADCLIFFE LIBRARY^ E. Bibl. Radcl. Seal Armorial. 2s, 6d. 

7024 ST. EDMUND'S HALL. Aula Sti. Edmundi in Universitate 

Oxon. Jacobean Armorial, ^s. 6d. 

7025 ST. JOHN'S. Collegii Di Joannis Baptistae Bibliotheca. Seal 

Armorial. 2s. 

7026 TRINITY. Collegium Sanctae Trinitatis in Universitate Oxon, 

Jacobean Armorial. los. 6d. 

7027 Liber Collegii Sanctae et Individuae Trinitlitis in Academia 

Oxon. Mutlow sculp. Armorial, is. 6d. 

7028 UNIVERSITY. Collegium Universitatis in Academic Oxon. 
Jacobean Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

-^029 Bibliotheca Collegii Universitatis in Acad. Oxon. Seal 

Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

7030 WADHAM. Liber Collegii Wadhami in Academia Oxoniensi. 

Armorial, s^. 

7031 WORCESTER. Collegium Vigorniense in Universitate Oxoni- 

ensi. Jacobean Armorial. Ss. 

7032 E Libris Coll. Vigom. Oxon. Seal Armorial, ^s. 6d. 

7033 Wor. Coll. Library. Festoon Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

7034 SOCIETAS Archaeol. et Herald Univ. Oxon. MDCCCXXXV. 

Armorial. 3s. 

703s OXFORD UNION SOCIETY. Armorial. 3s. 

7036 OXFORD UNIVERSITY GALLERIES, Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

Qtbtv ISinivevsitice anb Scboole* 

7037 ABERDEEN, University of. Armorial, is. 6d. 

7038 ATHENS, British School at. Pictorial. 3s. 6d. 

7039 BRAMHAM COLLEGE, YORKSHIRE. Library. /. Y. Knight 

6- Co., Leeds. Pictorial. 5s. 

7040 [BRIGHTON]. Collegium Brightoniense. T. G. /[ackson]^ 

Pictorial Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

7041 [CHARTERHOUSE.] iEdes Carthusianae. Armorial, is. 6d. 

232 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street^ W. 

Other Universities and Schooi^^^coniimitd. 

7042 [CHARTERHOUSE.] In usum puerorum. MDCCCLXXX. 

Armorial. 25. 6d. 

7043 CHELTENHAM COLLEGE. In the Year of Grace, 1841. Seal 

Armorial. 25. 6d. 

7044 Cheltenham College Library. Printed LabeL is. 

7045 CORK. The Library of Queen's College, Cork. Armorial. is.6d. 

7046 CUMBER'S (C.) School Library. Fothergill sculpt. Pictorial. 55. 

7047 DOWNSIDE. Ex Libris Mon. S. Greg. Mag. de Downside. Seal. 

15. 6d. 

7048 DUBLIN, Feinaiglian Library. Luxembourg. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

7049 DULWICH COLLEGE. Armorial Spade Shield. 2s. 6d, 

7050 DURHAM. Liber Univ. Dunelm. Seal. 2s. 

7051 EASTMAN'S Royal Navy Academy. Engraved Label. 25. 6d. 

7052 ETON COLLEGE. Early Jacobean Armorial, with supporters. 

7053 A similar plate, ys. 6d. 

7054 A similar plaie. los. 

7055 Collegium Beatae Marias De Etona. Jacobean Armorial. 



torial. 2s. 6d. 

7057 GALWAY. The Library of Queen's College, Galway. Armorial. 

IS. 6d. 
7058 [Queen's College, Galway]. Armorial. 2s. 

7059 GLASGOW. BibUotheca Universitatis Glasguensis. Armorial, 

with supporters. 2s. 
7060 Glasgow University Library. Euing Collection. 1875. 

Printed Label. 2s. 6d. 

7061 HARROW SCHOOL LIBRARY. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

7062 HARVARD COLLEGE. Sigill. Coll. Harvard Cantab. Nov. 

Angl. 1650. N, Hurd sc. Boston. Armorial, with festoons, 
curtain, etc. il. is. 

See Allen, American Bookplates, No. 351. 

7063 [EAST INDIA COLLEGE LIBRARY.] Armorial. 2s. 

7064 LONDON COLLEGE OF DIVINITY (The). Armorial. 2s. 

7065 [KING'S COLLEGE, LONDON.] Armorial, with supporters. 


7066 MANCHESTER. Hunc Librum BibUothecae Coll. Owens Mane. 

Legavit J. Prince Lee, S.T.P., Episc. Mane. 1869. Vesica 
Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

7067 OWEN'S COLLEGE, MANCHESTER. Vesica Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

7068 SAINT ANDREW'S HOUSE. Mells. 1847. Pictorial. 6s. 

7069 NORTH WALSHAM SCHOOL. Armorial. 2s.* 

7070 OSCOTT. Ex Libris CoUegii Sanctae Mariae de Oscott. Vesica 

Armorial. 2s. 6d. 
•joy\ Ex libris Collegii vSanctae Mariae de Oscott. Pictorial. 2s. 

7072 PRESBYTERIAN College of England, Library of the. Pictorial. 

3s. 6d. 

7073 [READING SCHOOL]. In usum Scholae Readingensis. C. N. f. 

[1760]. Pictorial Armorial. i8s. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris J I., v. 5, p. 53. 

Bookplates {Franks Collection). 233 

Other Universities and Schools — continued. 

7074 ROYAL MILITARY COLLEGE. Vincent Brooks, Day and Son, 

Lith. Armorial. 2s. 

7075 RUGBY. Schol. Rugbiens. Biblioth. O. Jicwiti]. Armorial. 

35. 6d, 

7076 Scholae Rugbeiensis alumno studiis feliciter coeptis 

MDCCCLXX. Pictorial. 3s. 6rf. 

7077 ST. ALBAN'S. Armorial. 3s. 

7078 UPPINGHAM. Sig. Com. Gubem. Scholar et Hospiciorum in 

Okeham et Uppingham in Com. Rutl. Seal Armorial. '2s.6d. 

7079 WELLINGTON COLLEGE, Boys Library. Armorial. 2s. 

7080 WELLS DIOCESAN COLLEGE. Coll. Theol. Wellens. A.D. 

1 840. Armorial Arms in a garter surmounted by a mitre. 2s. 6d. 

7081 WINCHESTER. CoUegium B. Mariae prope Winton. Chippen- 

dale Armorial, los. 


7082 ASSOCIATION Incorporated for discountenancing Vice and 

Promoting the Knowledge and Practice of the Christian Religion 
adjudged this Premium. 182 -. Pictorial. 75. 6d. 

7083 [CHARTERHOUSE SCHOOL.] Praemium in Memoriam Edvardi 

Elder, Scholae Carthusianae olim Archididascali qui obiit April 
A.D. MDCCCLVIII. Armorial. 35. 6d. 

7084 Hoc praemium ex legato Martini Benson Carthusianis 

propositum reportavit. Vesica Armorial, ^s. 6d, 

7085 [DUBLIN. TRINITY COLLEGE.] Praemium hoc Literariuni 

dederunt Praepositus & Socii Seaiores CoUegii Sacrosancta^ 
& Individuje Trinitatis juxta Dublin. Jacobean Armorial. 5s. 

7086 A different plate. 4s. 6d. 

7087 [17 S3] A different plate. 35. 6d. 

7088 A different plate. 4.?. 

7089 17 — . Chippendale Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

7090 17 — . Chippendale Armorial. • A different plate. 

35. 6d. 

7091 18 — . Chippendale Armorial. A different plate. 

4s. 6d. 

7092 17 — . M'Kemie Printer. Festoon Armorial. 

35. 6d. 

7093 18 — . Mercier 6^ Co. Printers. Festoon Armorial. 

7094 18 — . Pictorial Armorial. 75. 6d. 

709; 18 — . Wreath and Ribbon Armorial, ^s. 

7096 18 — . Wreath and Ribbon Armorial. A later 

impression. 2s. 6d. 

7097 DUBLIN. Hibernian Academy [1773]. B. Delin. Drew sculpt. 

Chippendale Pictorial. i8s. 

7098 [DUBLIN.] Luxemburgi, in Instituto Feinaigliano. Festoon 

Armorial, ^s. 6d. 

7099 DUBLIN. The English Grammar School No. 75, Grafton Street, 

17 — . Pictorial, ys. 6d. 

7100 [LIMERICK.] Schola I-imericenci, 17 — . Jos. Vivian set. 

Jacobean Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

234 EUis, 29 New Bond Street^ W. 

Prem lums— continued. 

7101 PLATANUS SCHOOL. [1797.] Pictorial. Ss, 6d. ' 

7102 PRiEMIUM hocce diligentiae et laudabilis progressus in Studio 

Theologiae R.R. Nicholas Foster Episcopus Rapotensis dono 
dedit. Engraved Label in a frame.' 55. 

7103 [WESTMINSTER.] Hunc libnim e munificentia Sladiana 

praemuim dedit Collegii Sancti Petri Westmonasteriensis Archi* 
didascalus. [1862.] Printed Label, ^s. 

ficclcsiastical Xibrartce. 

7104 BARNSTAPLE CLERICAL LIBRARY. 1826. Seal Armorial. 

35. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 12, p. 77. 

7105 CANTERBURY, Christ Church. Jacobean Armorial. 7s, 6rf. 

7106 CHESTER. The Dean and Chapter of Chester. Seal Armorial. 

2s. 6d. 

7107 CHICHESTER. Decan et Cap. Cicest. Chippendale Armorial. 55. 

7108 COLTON. Ex Libris Coenobii Sancti Wilfrid de Colton. Seal. 

3s. 6d. 

7 log DUBLIN. The Dean and Chapter of the Holy Trinity, Dublin. 
Jacobean Pictorial Armorial. 12s. 

71 10 [DURHAM.] Jacobean Armorial. 8s. 6d. 

71 1 1 Eccles. Dunelm. Jacobean Armorial. $s, 

71 12 Bibl. Episc. Dunelm. Lamhart. Seal Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

71 13 EXETER. The Cathedral Library at Exeter, Anno Domni. 1749. 

Vesica. 7s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris JL, v. 12, p. 55. 

7 1 14 The Cathedral Library at Exeter, An. Dom. 1822. 

Vesica. 35. 

Reproduced in Ex Libris Jl., v. 12, p. 56. 

71 15 HUGHENDEN. St. Michael. Pictorial. 4s. 6d. 

71 16 LICHFIELD. E libris Decani et Capituli Ecclesia Cathed. 

Lichfield. Vesica Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

7117 LLANDAFF CATHEDRAL LIBRARY. Engraved Label. 25. 

71 18 NORWICH. The Dean and Chapter's Library. Norwich. Ar- 

morial Spade Shield. 35. 6d. 

7 1 19 [ST. PAUL'S.] Liber Ecclesiae Cathedralis Sancti Pauli Londin- 

ensis. Pictorial. 4s. 

7120 SAVOY. Chapel Royal. Seal Armorial. 3s. 6d. 

7 12 1 SANCTI SPIRITI, Bibliothecje Societatis. Seal. 3s. 


7123 TRURO THEOLOGICAL LIBRARY, Presented to the. Printed 

Label. 3 s. 

7124 [WESTMINSTER, Deanery of.] Armorial. 2s. 6d, 

7125 WINDSOR. Libera Capella Regia Sti. Georgii infra Castrum de 

Windsor. Early Armorial. 105. 

7126 YORK. Bibliothecae ecclesie S. Petri Eboracensis. Seal Armorial. 

25. 6d, 

Bookplates {Franks CoUection)^ 235 

librariee, parocbtal anb IPublic 

7127 FERSFIELD. This Book belongeth to the Parish Church of St. 

Andrew in Fersfield, Anno Dom. 1736. Francis Blomefield, 
Rector. Mr. Timothy Coleman, Mr. Robert Algar, jun., Ch. 
Wardens. Fersfield, Printed 1836. Printed Label with decorated 
border, i/. is. 

7128 [HENLEY.] This Book belongs to the Parochial Library of 

[Henley], in the County of [Warwick]. S.G[ribelin]. Literary 
Pictorial. 12s. 6d. 
7129 Literary Pictorial. A different plate. 10s, 

7130 PAROCHIAL LIBRARY, This Book belongs to the, of in 

the county of . 5. G[rihelin]. Pictorial Armorial, ids. 

7 1 31 STOURBRIDGE LIBRARY. Instituted 1790. Howe set. 

Pictorial. 55. 

7132 SWAFFHAM LIBRARY. J. Dal ton. F. Rayner, Church- 

wardens, 1737. Jacobean Armorial, ys. 6d. 

7133 CHESTER PUBLIC LIBRARY. Festoon Armorial, is/ state. 

4s. 6d. 
7134 2nd state. 3s. 6d. 

7135 EDINBURGH. Insignia Civitatis Edenburgensis. Jacobean 

Armorial. 5s. 6d. 

7136 Insignia Civitatis Edinburgensis. Chippendale Armorial, 

ys. 6d. 

7137 Festoon Armorial. 5s. 6d. 

7138 KING'S LYNN, Stanley Library, Founded Anno Domini 1854, 
Armorial, is. 6d. 

7 J 39 LIVERPOOL LIBRARY. Chippendale Literar>' Crest, ys. 6d. 

7140 LONDON. Library of the Corporation of the City of London, 

Presented by . Engraved Isabel Armorial, is. 6d. 

7 141 LONDON. Salomon's Bequest, 1873. Library'- of the Corporation 

of the City of London. 1876. Armorial Printed Label. 2s. 


4s. 6d. 

7143 MANCHESTER LIBRARY. Chippendale Armorial. 5s. 6d. 

7144 MANCHESTER. Chatham's Library. Langton sc. Armorial. 

2s. 6d. 

7145 NORWICH PUBLIC LIBRARY. Printed Label. In red. is.6d. 


7147 SLIGO LIBRARY, Established 1832. Wallers sc, Dublin. 

Pictorial. $s. 

7148 WHITECHAPEL Free Public Library and Museum. 1890. 

[Walter Crane.] Pictorial. $s. 6d. 

Socictlce aiib Jnetltutlona^ 

7149 [SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES.] Sigillum Societatis Antiqua- 

riorum Londinensis. Seal Armorial, is. 6d. 

7150 The Gift of George Edward Cokayne, F.S.A., 1894. 

Printed Label Armorial, is. 

7 1 5 1 Soc. Ant. Lond. From the Fund given by Hugh 0\ven, 

F.S.A., 1894. Portrait. 3s. 

236 Ellis, 29 New Bond Street, W. 

Societies und InsXhutionS'-continufd. 












5 2 INSTITUTE of British Architects. Anno salutis MDCCCXXXIV. 

Seal. 35. 


Library by . Mitchell sc. Pictorial. 35. 6d. 


1805. /. Gordon scul-b. Pictorial. 4s. 6d. 

Reproduced in Ex Ltbris Jl., v. 8, p. 123. 



Amiorial. 4s. 6d. 


Armorial, is. 


Pictorial. 2s. 6d. 

59 LANCASTER, Penna. The Historical Society of the Reformed 

Church in the United States, 1881. Armorial. 2s. 


MDCCCLV. O. Jewitt. Seal Armorial, ^s. 6d. 

61 MAINE HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Library of the. Stauffet del, 

Patf'ic sc. Armorial. 35. 6d. 


Fund bequeathed by James Savage. Portrait. 6s. 6d. 


garter. 2s. 6d. 


garter. 2s. 6d. 

65 NEW YORK SOCIETY LIBRARY. E, Gallaudet set. Chippen- 

dale Armorial Pictorial. 2/. 2s. 

Reproduced in AUeity American Bookplates, p. 74. 

66 NUMISMATIC AL SOCIETY. Bibliotheca Societatis Numis- 

maticae Londoninensis. Pictorial. 2s. 6d. 

67 PARKER SOCIETY (The). Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

68 PEMBROKE SOCIETY. Fougeron sculp. Pictorial. 15s. 



71 [ROYAL SOCIETY.] /. Mynde sc. Early Armorial. 15s. 
Chippendale Amiorial with supporters. 2s. 6d. 

Established by 

INSTITUTION. Wreath and Ribbon Cypher. 



Charter 1S25. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

74 SOCIETY for propagating the Gospell in Foreign parts, The 

Gift of the, 1 704. Pictorial. Date faintly impressed, il. 5s. 
Reproduced in Allen, American Bookplates, p. 66. 

75 SPALDING. Soc. Gen. Spalding. lustituta. MDCCX. M. 

J[ohnson], inv. G. Vertue /., 1746. Pictorial Armorial, i/. 15s. 

76 SWEDENBORG SOCIETY, Presented by the. Instituted in 

London, 18 10. Portrait. 3s. 6d. 

Bookplates {Franks Collection). 237 

7177 ATHENiEUM. W, Wyon. Pictorial. 25. 6d. 

7178 This Book was presented to the Athenaeum, 18 — . W. 

Wyon, 5 s. 

7179 1 87-. W. Wyon. Freebairn set. 2s. 6d. 

7180 Library of the Athenaeum. Purchased under the Bequest 

of the Revd. Charles Turner, M.A.. F.R.S., F.S.A., of Stoke 
Rochford, in the County of Lincoln, 1853. Armorial. 4s. 6d. 

7181 CLARENCE CLUB. Badge. 25. 6d, 

7182 EAST INDIA UNITED SERVICE CLUB. Crest in a Garter. 

35. 6d. 

7183 EYE Working-Men's Club, 1876. Seal. 2s. 6d. 

7184 GARRICK CLUB.. 18—. Pictorial Globe in a garter. 3s. 

7185 JUNIOR ATHENiEUM LIBRARY. Wreath and Ribbon 

Pictorial. 2s. 

7186 JUNIOR UNITED SERVICE CLUB, 1827. Wreath and Ribbon. 


7187 NAVAL AND MILITARY CLUB. Trophy, is. 

7188 ORIENTAL CLUB. Durrani. Engraved Label, an elephant in 

a garter. 25. 

7189 PARTHENON CLUB. G. Barclay sc. Pictorial. 5s. 

7190 REFORM CLUB, The. Wreath and Ribbon. 25. 6d. 

7 19 1 REFORM CLUB LIBRARY. C. W. Sherhorn ft. Pictorial. 

125. 6d. 

7192 ROYAL THAMES YACHT CLUB. Brettell. Trophy. 3s. 

nDtUtari?, legal, HDeMcaL 

7193 WAR OFFICE. Secretary of State's Library. Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

7194 IV QUEEN'S OWN LT. DRAGS. Trophy. 3s. 6d. 

Boddy and Son sculp. Armorial with cannon below. 3s. 

7196 XXV KINGS OWN BORDERERS. Regimental Library. 

Royal Crown and Cypher and regimental badges. 2s. 6d. 

7197 CAMERONIAN OFFICERS LIBRARY. Regimental Badge. 55. 

7198 ROYAL STAFF CORPS. Badge. 25. 6d. 

7199 ROYAL MILITARY COLLEGE. Neele sc. Armorial. 3s. 

7200 BARNARD'S INN. Armorial. 3s. 

7201 GRAYS INN LIBRARY. [/. Pine.] Chippendale Library 

Interior Armorial. 35. 6d. 

Reproduced in Castle, English Bookplates, p. 104. 
7202 Another impression, with margin. 5s. 6d. 


Arcubus. Londini. Printed Label. 25. 6d. 

7204 INNER TEMPLE LIBRARY. Jas. Kirk del et sc. Festoon 

Armorial, ys. 6d. 

Reproduced in Fincham, p. 48. 

7205 A late impression on blue paper. 2s. 

7206 — . Armorial. 2s. 

238 EUis^ 29 New Bond Street, Wi 

Military, Legal, ^A^^xctX-— continued, 

7207 LINCOLN'S INN LIBRARY. Armorial. 25. 6rf. 

7208 Presented to Lincoln's Inn Library by . Armorial. 

25. 6d, 

7209 NEW INN, Honourable Society of. Armorial. 2s. 6i. 


with supporters. 35. 6d. 

721 1 EDINBURGH. Sigillum Nosocomij Regii Edinburgensis. 

Armorial Spaide Shield. 25. 6rf. 


Pictorial. 3s. 

7213 ST. THOMAS'S HOSPITAL LIBRARY. Jacobean Pictorial 

Armorial. 85. 6rf. 

Q\V^ of Xont>on, Official. 

7214 [LONDON, City of.] Early Armorial. 105. 

7215 MERCHANT TAYLOR'S COMPANY. Societatis Mercatorum- 

Scissorum apud Londinates Insignia. Jacobean Armorial. 12s. 
Reproduced in Ex Libris J I., v. 5, p. 52. 

7216 A similar plate. Jacobean Armorial. 75. 6d, 

7217 [TRINITY HOUSE.] Early Armorial. los. 6d. 

7218 Armorial. 2s. 6d. 

7219 HOUSE OF LORDS LIBRARY. Crest in a garter. 35. 6d. 

7220 HOUSE OF COMMONS LIBRARY. PortculUs in a Garter. 35. 

7221 RECORD OFFICE. Ex Libris Tabularii PubUci in Turre Londi- 

nensi. /. Mynde sculpt. Pictorial. 2/. 25. 
Reproduced in Hardy* s Bookplates^ p. 76. 

7222 PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE. Royal C>T)her and Crown. 55. 

BooftdcUere anb Circulating Xibrariea. 

7223 ADOLPHE, Art Photographer and Miniature Painter, 75, Grafton 

St., Dublin. Engraved Label Pictorial. 3s. 

7224 ANDREWS'S (John) Circulating Library. Calcutta, 1774. 

Shepperd sc. Library Interior. 125. 6d. 

7225 BLISS (R.), Bookseller, Stationer, and Circulating Librarian, 

Oxford. Wreath and Ribbon. Printed Label. 45. 


7226 BONNYRIGG Subscription Library, instituted May 13th, 1825. 

Printed Label. 3s. 6d. • 

7227 BRIGHTWELL AND SON'S Library, Barnstaple. Printed 

Label. 2s. 


pendale Pictorial. 7s. 6d. 

7229 COMRAGH LENDING LIBRARY, 1849. Printed Label. 2s.6d, 

7230 COWTAN AND COLEGATE'S Kentish Library, Parade, Canter- 

bury. Printed Label. Defective. 25. 6d. 


Pictorial. 5 s. 

7232 CROKATT (I.). Bought of I. Crokatt at the Golden Key near 

ye Inner-Temple-Gate, Fleet-Street. Engraved Label. . 35. 6d. 

. Bookplates (Franks Coliedion). 239 

Bockidlart knd Circulating Libraries— ronAntrfi/. 
7233 DUNOYER. Sold by Peter Donoyer. Book, Map, and Print- 

Seller at ye sign of Erasmus's Head near the Fountain Tavern in 

tlie Strand. Portrait of Erasmus. 8s. 

723s FLACK (M.), Music Binder, No. 40, Maiden Lane, Covt. Gardn, 
Engraved Label, 3s. 

7236 GAMIDGE (S.), Bookseller, at Prior's Head. Worcester. Printed 

7237 GRANT, BOLTON & CO., 4, Dame Street, Dublin. Sandys 

sculpt. Pictorial. 35- 6rf. 

7238 GREGORY'S Extensive and Increasing Circulating Library on 

the Steyne, Brighthelmstone. Pictorial. Injured. ;s. 
7J39 GRISDALE (W.)& CO.. Booksellers. Whiteiiaven. Hctorial. 6s. 

7241 HENDERSON, Bookseller at his Circulating Library, 14. Tavi- 

stock Street, Covent Garden. Literary Engraved Label. De- 
tective. 2S. 6d. 

7242 MILLIKEN, Bookseller to his Majesty, the Lord Lieutenant and 

the University, 104, Graiton Strett, Dubhn. Pictorial Armorial. 

724s STRAIGHT AND SKILLERN, Music Stampers, Engravers and 
Printers, (from the late Mr. Walsh's) in St. Martin's L^ne. Chip- 
pendale Pictorial. 8s. 6d. 

7246 SWINNEY, Printer, Bookseller, and Stationer, No. 75, High 

Street, Birmingham. Literary Pictorial, is. 6d. 

7247 THOMAS, Bookbinder, Bookseller and Stationer, 14, Boscawen 

Street, Tniro. Pictorial. 4s. 

7348 VAILLANT. This book is to be had at Paul and Isaac Vaillant's 

at the Ship in the Strand, London, Pictorial, i/. ss. 
Rvpcoduced in Ek Libra //., v, 7. p. 165. 

7349 VANDERHOECK. This Book is to be sold at the Simp ,,i 

Abraham Vandenhoeck and George Richmond, the Sign of 
Virgili's Head, opposite Exeter Exchange in the Strand. Pic- 
torial. 4;. 6d. 

7250 VARENNE. This Book and all sorts are to be had al Math. 

Varenne's at the Senecas head near Sommerset ho'jsf in ye 
Strand. H. Hutsbergk sc. Portrait of Seneca. 8s. 6d. 

7251 WARD (Cesar) and Richd. Chandler, Booksellers, at the Ship, 

without Temple-Barr, London, over against the Black Sivan in 
Coney Street, York, and at the Comer of the Long Room Strttt 
at Scarbrough. J. Haynes sculpt., York. Jacobean Engraved 
Label, iw. 6d. 

246 EUis, 29 New Bond Street, W: 

Booksellers and Circulating Libraries -^^m^VftMst/. ' - 

7252 WESTLEY (R. H.), Bookseller and Stationer, No. 159, opposite 

the New Church, Strand. Engraved Label. 2s. 6d. 

7253 WITHERS (Edw.), Bookseller at the Seven Stars over agst. 

Chancery Lane, Fleet Street. Jacobean. 6s. 

tTrabe Car^0. 

7254 ADAMS (J.), Hatter and Sword Cutler, at the Hat and Beaver, 

No. 146, Fleet Street, London. Chippendale Pictorial. 15s. 

7255 ATWICK & SON, Mercers, Coventry Cross, Bond Street, near 

Bruton Street, London, Pictorial, with festoon. los. 6d. 

7256 BARBAROUX (William), Nephew and Successor to the late 

Mr. John Hutton at the Golden Lion, fronting the South Door 
in St. Pauls Church Yd., London. Makes and sells all sorts of 
Gilt Leather. Chippendale Pictorial. 125. 

7257 BAYLIFF (Willm.), Silk Dyer, at the Clothworkers Arms, in 

Green Street, Leicester Square, London. Chippendale Pictorial, 
with masonic emblems. 125. 

7258 BRANDER (William), Gun Maker, in the Minories near Tower 

Hill, London. Chippendale Pictorial. 12s. 

7259 BRUNTON, FORBES & HUNTER, Nursery and Seedsmen, 

No. 25. High Street, Birmingham. Howe set. Pictorial. los. 

7260 CHALMERS ^ ROBINSON, Jewellers and Goldsmiths, at the 

Golden Spectacles, in Sidneys Alley, Leicester Fields. Chippen- 
dale Pictorial, los. 6d. 

7261 CHAPMAN (J.), Land Surveyor, and Engraver, Royal Academy, 

Pall Mall. Pictorial. Cut round. 6s. 

7262 CLARK, at his Millinery, Hat, Bonnet, Cloak, Glove and Petti- 

coat Warehouse, No. 17, Cranbourn Street, Leicester Fields, 
London. Skelton sc. Pictorial. 7s. 6d. 

7263 COE (Thomas), Shoemaker, the Comer of St. Martin's Le-Grand 

near Newgate Street, London. Chippendale Pictorial. 125. 

7264 DAWSON (Elizabeth), at the Rising Sun, Little Tower-Hill, 

London, sells all Sorts of Haberdashery, etc. Chippendale 
Pictorial, ids. 

7265 DUESBURY <S: CO., Manufacturers of Derby and Chelsea 

Porcelain, at No. 8 Bedford Street, Covent Garden. Pictorial. 
I OS. 6d. 

7266 EAGLETON & CO.'s Original Established Tea Warehouse, The 

Grashopper, No. 42, Cheapside, London. Pictorial, pagoda, 
etc. 6s. 6d. 

7267 ERSKINE'S (Mr.) Concert. Pictorial, with musical instruments. 

Barber delin., Howe set. ys. 6d. 


8s. 6d. 

7269 FISHER (F.), 41 Duke Street, West Smithfield, London, Working 

Jeweller in General. Pictorial. 8s. 6d. 

7270 FLIGHT & BARR, Royal China Manufactory, No. 45, High 

Street, Worcester. L. Ross sculpt. Pictorial. 6s. 6d. 

7271 FLUDE (John), Pawnbroker and Silversmith, No. 2, Grace 

Church Street, London. Pictorial. 12s. 

Bookplates (Franks Collection). 241 

Trade Czrds^ continued. 

7272 FORREST (R.), Writing made Easy, in a new design'd Copy 

Book, sold at the Plume of Feathers in Windmill Street, St. 
James's, 1744. C, Mosley sc. Chippendale Pictorial. 125. 6d. 

7273 FRY (Wm. Storrs), Grocer and Tea Dealer, at Churchman's 

Patent Chocolate Warehouse, No. 159 in Fleet Street, London. 
Chippendale Pictorial. 12s. 6d. 

7274 GEOGHEGAN, Letterpress and Copper Plate Printer, Kent 

Street, Borough. Pictorial. 65. 

7275 GLADMAN & RANDALL, Trunk and Plate Case Makers, No. 

55, the Comer of Talbot Court, Grace Church Street, London. 
W. I fines sculp. Chippendale, ids. 

7276 GRAINGER, Engraver and Printer, May's Buildings, St. Martin's 

Lane, Strand, London, W. Grainger sculpt. Pictorial, ys. 6d. 

7277 HALL (Nathaniel), Linen Draper at the Unicom in ParHament 

Street, Westminster. Pictorial. 85. 6d. 

7278 HARDY (Heny), Printing in General by, at No. 7 in the Old 

Bailey, Ludgate Hill, London. Pictorial. 7s. 

7279 HASTINGS (Henry), Nightman and Poleman for the City and 

Suburbs in Ewers Street near the two Brewers, Gravel Lane. 
Southwark. Chippendale Pictorial. 105. 6d. 

7280 Henry Hastings, Nightman to His Majesties Offices. 

Sherwin fecit. Pictorial Armorial. 12s. 6d. 

7281 HATCHER & RAWLINSON, File-Cutters, at the Rose and Crown 

in the Minories, London. Chippendale, with Royal badge. 105. 

7282 HAZARD cS: DELEGAL, at their State Lottery Office. Delegal 

sculp. Pictorial, with festoons. 8s. 6d. 

7283 HEMING (Thomas), Goldsmith to His Majesty at the King's 

Arms in Bond Street facing Clifford Street. Chippendale 
Pictorial Armorial. i6s. 

7284 HENSHAW (William), Gun-maker, Strand, London. Pictorial, 

two sportsmen with guns, dogs, etc. 15s. 

7285 HILL (James), Fancy Worker to the Comte d'Artois, No. 9, 

Ball Alley, Lombard Street, London. Festoon frame, with amis 
of Comte d'Artois. 8s. 6d. 

7286 HIS MAJESTY'S PACKET, the Dartmouth, Capt. Hartwell, 

between Dublin and Holyhead. Pictorial. los. 

7287 HUGHES (E.) At the Hand and Slipper in Norris Street, near 

St. James's, Hay Market, London, makes and sells Boots and 
Shoes. 7s. 6d. 

7288 JACOB (John), at his Glass Warehouse in Mary Le Bone Street, 

Golden Square, London, sells all sorts of Cut and Plain Glass 
Chippendale Pictorial. 12s. 

7289 JARVIS (Thomas), Watch-Maker and Goldsmith, at the Dial, 

Wapping Old Stairs, London. Chippendale. los. 6d. 

7290 JEFFREYS (Thomas), Engraver, Geographer to His Royal 

Highness the Prince of Wales. Pictorial. 15 s. 

7291 JOHNSTON <S: GEDDES at the Golden Ball in Panton Street, 

near Leicester Square, London, make and sell all Sorts of 
Jewellers work. Chippendale. 8s. 6d. 

244 Ellis y 29 New Bond Street, W. 

Trade Cards cmtinued. 

7334 SMYTH, Apothecary and Man-Midwife, No. 7, Tavistock Street. 

Pictorial. 85. 

7335 SOTHEBY, Carver, Gilder, Picture frame Maker and Printseller, 

No. 13, opposite Hungerford Market, Strand. Pictorial, with 
festoons. 75. 6d. 

7336 STORR (Wm.), Watch and Clock maker, Jermyn Street, St. 

James's, London. Pictorial. 85. 

7337 SURR'S Glass and China Warehouse, Peter-gate, York. Pic- 

torial. 9s. 

7338 TATE (Alexder.), Boot and Shoemaker, in Bear Street, facing 

Castle Street, near Leicester Fields, London. Chippendale 
Pictorial. I OS. 6d. 

7339 TAYLER (Richd.), Hosier, Hat-Maker and Glover, at the three 

Pidgeons, next door but one to Northumberland House, Charing 
Cross, London. Chippendale Pictorial. 75. 6d, 

7340 TAYLOR, Silk Dyer, at the Peacock in Swallow Street, the 

comer of Maddox Street near Hanover Square. Pictorial. 125. 

7341 [TAYLOR, Statuary Mason, etc.. Upper End of Shug Lane next 

the Haymarket.] Frame, with mermaids. 5s. 6d. 

7342 THOMPSON'S, Seal Engravers, No. ^7, Cheapside. Label. 

25. 6^. 

7343 TOWNSHEND (Thos.), Chymist in Ordinary to his Majesty, at 

the King's Arms and Golden Head near Panton Street in the 
Haymarket. Child sculp. Pictorial. 15s. 

7344 VERNON, Upholder, Cabinet Maker, Appraiser and Auctioneer, 

near Air Street, Piccadilly, London. ^Barnes feet. Festoon 
Pictorial. 85. 6d. 

7345 WARNER (Thos.). Hat-Maker, opposite Campden House 

Boarding School, Kensington. Chippendale. Injured. 85. 6d, 

7346 WATSON (Benjamin), Chimney Sweeper and Nightman, in 

Woodstock Court, Woodstock Street, near New Bond Street, 
Oxford Street. Pictorial, with festoons. Corners torn. los. 6d. 

7347 WESTBROOK (Wm.), Cabinet Maker and Upholder, in Market 

Street, Plymouth. Chippendale Pictorial. 125. 

7348 WETENHALL (Rd.), at his Vaults, No. 8, Charies Street, 

Westminster. Pictorial, los. 

7349 WETTEN, Confectioner, Bruton Street, Berkeley Square. 

/. Caldwall fecit. Pictorial. 8.9. 6d. 

7350 WHITTON (Benjamin), Copper and Brassplate Maker, at the 

Crown in New Street, Shoe Lane, London. Chippendale. 
125. 6d. 

7351 WILD (Jacob), Hat Maker, at the Spread Eagle in Brewer Street, 

opposite Windmill Street, Golden Square. Longmate sculp. 
Chippendale. 65. 

7352 WIMBLE (W.) & CO., opposite to Rood Lane, Fenchurch Street. 

London. Pictorial. 65. 

7353 WOLF (John), Copper plate Printer (Nephew and Successor to 

the late Mr. Jno. Kitchin), Cross Court, Beauford Buildings in 
the Strand. Inscription in oval. 55. 

7354 YOUNG (George), Worcester. Surveying in its various branches 

/. Taylor, Junr. sculpt. Pictorial. 95. 6d. 


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